Eno, Brian - Over Lyrics

Into the road and ten women
They are the rose of, oh, living
They're over...
Paling over.

Say all the words that are memory
Enter the ways of all the pain
Send over...
All is over.

Hitherto rode and wherebefore
Given the rules we had to call
All over...
All and over.

Into the ways of forgiving
Into the silver source renew
Big over.

Into the world he was approved
Came to the world a year too soon
And over.

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Eno, Brian Over Comments
  1. Harold InDelicato

    Here is my guess: Passing over has two meanings, death and the literal meaning of the attack helicopters passing over, dark blades, sheering the horizon. I think the crumbled dogma is religion and the crumbled fingers are statues.

    AAH Replies

    near death?............. out of body?....................... levitation? .........................

    Jan Martin Ulvåg

    Don't guess. Just find your interpretation and know its not his.

  2. Harold InDelicato


  3. Harold InDelicato

    "Every missile guidance system consists of an attitude control system and a flight ... magnetic field, " PALESTINE?

    AAH Replies

    magnetic fields ------------------------ http://www.allaboutheaven.org/overload/332/107/transcranial-magnetic-stimulation

  4. Harold InDelicato


  5. Alex Zambra

    Excellent as usual.

  6. Forest Of Love

    Incredible !

  7. david nuñez

    Eno es Brillante !!!

  8. youfilin

    magnetic thing! the thing!

  9. Vega Saga

    Odd Nerdrum is the artist of this painting.

  10. Arend Raifsnider

    Can someone identify the painting for me?