Enigma - The Voice Of Enigma Lyrics

Good evening
This is the voice of Enigma

In the next hour
we will take you with us
into another world,
into the world of music, spirit and meditation

Turn off the light,
take a deep breath
and relax

start to move slowly,
very slowly
Let the rhythm be your
guiding light

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Enigma The Voice Of Enigma Comments
  1. heaventree ofstars

    Oksana Baiul used the first song for her ice dancing routine in the 1994 Olympics. It was beautiful.

  2. Mago Rocha


  3. Kirk Hermary

    Wow I love crappy ads interrupting a song 🤬 #IHateAds

  4. Eric Rodriguez

    I thought it said no ads,

  5. Charles Keefer

    these shorts. South americans kneed a vine while poor need loved ones forget uh.

  6. ЮРА Жданкевич

    У нас красивая планета под названием Земля давайте же жить красиво суважением

  7. Kelly

    I read people here and I am surprised that all comes for memories of a lot of years ago, and here I am, with the same intentions.
    Im 19 , I was born in 2000 (a little late), but I grew up with this music thanks to my uncles and father. I really like this, and it makes me feel so nostalgic; to be honest, the tears came out since the first part... because this album exactly is the one I remember, from the begining to the end, and I didnt knot that it was so beautiful and so valued for me until the time started to pass.
    I still remember those days when my youngest uncle put the disc in his stereo, and while the music flowed, we were doing our homeworks or I helped him with his mockups. Golden memories, no doubt.

  8. C Powers

    Music opens floodgates of memories and I re-feel it all over again.

  9. Yuriy Lutayenko

    1990-й- мне15, прошло 30 лет, Они вечны.

  10. SovereignMan Bryan Trent Turner

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  11. Terence Drabble

    I remember getting this from Woolworths and thinking 🤔 wow and I was in my 30s and still loving enigma 20 years later 🌹🌹🌹🌹💒

  12. Jennifer Ramirez

    I love this album. It brings peace and calmness to me. I worship Enigma. Thanks for uploading it. I can hear it all day.

  13. Carlos Ruiz padilla

    Me gustaban cuando era joven,para reflexiónar🇦🇹🇦🇹

  14. Cristina Coro


  15. kollam003

    I'm feeling so much calm like I listen to it years ago..........Still, this is able to calm me down to the core of my being.

  16. Mark Enright

    who's here listening with a open mind in 2020

  17. Yaseen Wagan

    I love this music
    On my childhood

  18. sebas hess


  19. юра леонов

    Красиво играит мае детства проста клас

  20. Seb

    43 and it was my first album ever on cassette. Good time being a teenager back then ....

  21. Bernard Omogbo

    MCMXC aD is a Masterpiece!

  22. samgraham666

    Helps me to visualise a good place, when I'm not in one

  23. Ali Naderzad

    Fifth Column (DC).. Enigma was THE artist the most played in that venue, which I knew by heart (the venue AND the artist)

  24. Yalçın Akağaç

    Firsts are always good

  25. Yalçın Akağaç

    Best albüm one

  26. Hai Hua

    Smoking yesca music

  27. ronopperman

    I'm 58 and this is still heaven on earth

  28. Juan Carlos Vargas

    Gran recuerdo lo escuché el 2003 en Santiago venia de Europa traído por mi amigo pesante ,,era inédito en 🇨🇱 y hoy vuelve a encontrarse conmigo y con todos sus discos posteriores,,,grande Enigma ,,sigan y ayuden con su música astral.

  29. Jaay Mun

    I remember listening to this whole album while I was high....it sounded very insane and bizarre. The songs kept getting weirder and weirder as the music played on. Nonetheless it was quite the experience!

  30. celtphoto

    Bloody adverts !

  31. Scribonius Thursday

    Hey, Irene Pappas!

  32. Rosemary Arbogast

    Thank you. Brandy Ledbetter ! Big grin 2 ya enigma is very good for movement dance relax etc whatever you wish it 2 b 4 peace !

  33. David Dobeš

    Still listening in MMXX a.D.?

  34. Rene Davila

    Those that dislike this album were probably created with this in the background. Those that like this are using this to make the the future generation!

  35. Francisco Garcia Rodriguez

    Es mi respirar más fabuloso este , este aire qué me llena de pasión los pulmones , el corazón .
    Es mi ilusión , desde que nació ENIGMA , descubrirlo

  36. CUERVO BLANCO Jiménez

    Enigma is such geat peace of art,for the ones loves to work, loves their familly,the planet the trees the animals that are extincting,helps the poor,ENIGMA HATES WAR ENIGMA UNDERSTANDS PEACEFULL PEOPLE, I LOVE ENIGMA DO YOU?

  37. Brandon Ortega

    This truly is meditation music. I was 16 when my friends and I were put under for the first time. Well it was mine anyways, it was my friends mother who was the spiritual one. She has opened my mind to far more then I thought possible at the time. Im 43 now and still listen to this. Just to be close to her, as we lost her shortly after listening. Wasn't the music that did it. It was what was through the doors it opened. I'm still trying to close doors. But they don't have locks anymore.

  38. Brandon Ortega

    I looked a full album of Enigma and found it butchered with ads. I mean after the very first track which is just a short intro, BAM!!! commercial?!?! Wtf? Are you insane! That's not a question. I sure would like to know the pattern of which how it is decided when commercials are fit in. I use to think if I watched full commercial it might spare me the frequency of them. Wrong again. Insight would be nice. Thanks I think...


    I've been listening enigma from my childhood.But even now at the middle age I feel like diving in my dreams whenever I here this.It motivates my life and soul....

  40. Tihana Matesic

    ENIGMA 2020!!!

  41. Andrew Hodgkins

    What a deep album ! Sleep perfect sleep 🤫😴

  42. eduardo helio


  43. Vellayyan ayappan Ayappan

    Vellayyan AYAPPAN MY best sacks

  44. Светлана Рамазанова

    ENIGMA SUPER !!! 👍👏👏👏💖😊🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🔮2020.

  45. dazee b

    Enigma music is GREAT Love making music ;)

  46. Alexander Bondarchuk

    Самый первый альбом. "ENIGMA" MCMXC a D. Сразу влюбился в ету музыку. 1990 года.

  47. Tommy Le

    2:26 Tropic Thunder's Satan's Alley anyone?

  48. Bruno Suric

    777 people got way too relaxed before attempting to press like button

  49. jan kirchhofer

    i owned a catering business and this is the music I put on when we cooked as a team. My employees had never listened to this kind of music before, but they never complained. Sometimes we would cook straight through 24 hours a day for a week, using timers to waken us with this music going. We made so much money and we had harmony in our team work to cook around the clock. It was great. This album was our inspiration. Forever grateful and Bon Appetit.

  50. Janaina Baraldo

    Nossa faz eu pensar em muita coisas e essa canção me trás coragem para a ação. Fixo naquilo que vem na mente . Vontade de fazer uma loucura!

  51. Sabrina Porter

    I would listen to this CD while taking a bath. I would have a few candles going and the lights off. I would drift off to another time and place. I always felt I was born in the wrong century, out of place, an old soul...

  52. Ryszard Wisniewski

    super przywołuje wspomnienia

  53. Enigmatica Gata

    Yo sigo escuchándola siempre que puedo,me fascina

  54. indomitusEvehementis

    Perfect album to be naughty

  55. Любовь Илюшина


  56. Sinful Tugboat

    Big Jay oakerson

  57. Katarzyna Kochanowska

    koham enigme lagodzi wszystko co boli i jest jakims swiatlem to muzyka aniola

  58. Katarzyna Kochanowska

    odpocznijmy a to jest to co pomoze

  59. Didier Satar

    Pas une ride...je jouis....et je danse....merci...c est géant..😌🙏

  60. MA Ahad

    I was 3 year old when this album launch and iam listening in 2020

  61. Abra Hadabra

    This is one of the best albums in the world !

  62. Yannick Hecquet

    Very ^^slowly ^

  63. Дмитрий Коржаков

    кто из 2100 ставь лайк!

  64. 888Industries 640015

    MCMXC 💙

  65. WorldEscape

    Who's listening inn MM? ;)

  66. maor malik

    not 60 minutes album?

  67. Mohamed Mansouri

    I just stumbled upon Enigma 2 years ago. Ever since that day, if I could tell you one thing, it is that their music gets way better the more you listen to it

  68. Antonio Clemente

    Listening to Enigma since MCMXC a.D.

  69. Osvaldo Rojas

    Buenos temas saludos desde la fria sierra de la Rumorosa Baja California México.

  70. Knut Haugen

    First time you listen to Enigma, You touch God and God touches you....

  71. Айгерим Ахметова

    2020 пиво в машине за рулем и просто едишь едишь наслаждаюсь

  72. Niilesh Shahh



    for all people from here michael cretu the owner of enigma and the husband of sandra is from romania its romanian

  74. Rx Hx

    One of the earliest memories I have of my life, is back in 1993 or 1994, Return To Innocence. Music makes me connect way way back in time <3

  75. Loz D

    Hey. If you're up for something completely different and modern from Enigma, try giving their recent album ("Fall Of A Rebel Angel") a listen. DISCLAIMER: It's really is nothing like what you just heard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8xme5Y9gyE

  76. donny fusselman

    This album is my sleeping music! Its not bad for sex either

  77. Dan Dona

    Billions of people and I can't be with 1

  78. Dan Dona

    It takes me away from all this hate and madness

  79. Team Cyborg

    I always listen to this to help me sleep. 10/10

  80. rich paladino

    I’m 25 pretty young. Heard enigma growing up late 90s. This music isn’t just music. This is a movement of emotion and spiritual aspect. Unbelievable rhythm. It’s like you feel every culture in your dna. Beautiful. Root of the human.

  81. Fredy Barrero

    Las canciones de este álbum me siguen fascinando desde que las escuché en los 90's, siento que me relajo, que mis sentidos se afinan, que puedo teletransportarme a un lugar remoto y sin nombre del universo. Gracias por compartirlo.

  82. Moises Barron

    Damn this is gold 2 your ears!...

  83. Sergiy Fun

    Эх где мои 16 лет?

  84. Jodi A

    True music. It touches your senses in the most beautiful and relaxing way.
    Not like nowadays where jerks call themselves artists and drug lords are glorified.

    Culiaos Culiaos

    Ok boomer

  85. Antonio Oliveira Wolski

    Now MMXX.

  86. Chase Patterson

    Wowzers...big Jay oakerson brought me here. Chillin now.....

  87. Geovanny Romero

    Ascolto Enigma da quando ero bambina. sono sesso di canzoni

  88. Nikola Balaš

    14:50 - oddly similar to the Mike and the Mechanics song Par Avion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-u03QnXGdE

  89. Victor Mendoza


  90. Hamlet Araqelyan


  91. Ermias75 Ermis

    Welcome MMXX
    Born in MCMLXXV first listened in MCMXCI and still remains unsurpassed..

  92. 윤혜련


  93. Jovan Lozanac

    MMXX anyone?

  94. Or Shefer

    I still remember I heard Sadeness on a bus to school, went to the driver to hear better, and have been hooked since.
    But all albums, all tracks, Enigma's or others', new age or chill out, Sadeness by itself (as a Principles of Lust part 1) is still the best, and by a margin.

  95. Baltazar Vieira

    O que é bom é eterno

  96. Serap Metin

    Enıgma ❤

  97. Lora J

    Люблю тебя - ты самая лучшая Энигма ))