Enigma - Age Of Loneliness Lyrics

Tosonguyn Oroygoor Toosrood
Carly don't be sad
Life is crazy
Life is mad
Don't be afraid
Carly Don't be sad
That's your destiny
The only chance
Take it, take it in your hands

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Enigma Age Of Loneliness Comments
  1. guna Karna

    Raguvaran baasha bgm

  2. Ali Bülbül

    31.12.2019 👋✌️

  3. Voltigeur07

    2020 in three days.... But Come through 90's.

  4. Khalid Chaudhry

    Tosonguyn Oroygoor Toosrood
    Carly don't be sad
    Life is crazy
    Life is mad
    Don't be afraid
    Carly Don't be sad
    That's your destiny
    The only chance
    Take it, take it in your hands
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  5. SOMAN_ Jr

    🇮🇳💓🇮🇳💓Love from India 💓🇮🇳💓🇮🇳

  6. Everything Gucci

    anyone here after darbar

  7. Most Passionate One

    It's so much easier to say (Don't be sad) when you're Rich and can buy your Friends to kill loneliness or to at least fill the void of not having the affection or socialization you need to know someone might care about your beliefs or thoughts. Be real and don't say it's not

  8. Shania Simzel

    Bollywood song Tum Miley dil khile is inspired from this

  9. Дмитрий Беринец

    Америка это единственная страна которая УБИЛА себя как страна.

  10. Дмитрий Беринец

    Молчу как КРУТО.

  11. Bunny Paul

    it was copied into bollywood.... song is tum mile dil khile

  12. Дмитрий Абрамов

    Идея клипа ,я так понял - показаны души умерших ,которые парят в больших городах ?

  13. Chandra Lowtan

    You are to talk but your skuntsxz sad again still eating foods you lifted it back to one day you Sao you stay na na melissaxz sad eehhm was you nuecesxz gone in fifty gambino eehhmmn go then but you licked her down sad eehhmmn food he buggering you'll sa Sam I hmm food you fast over too send a still burgeoning mea sad sa eehhm razz sad eehhm no no no still still go go gambino and Danita fightsxz he fuckxzher assholesxz sad sa. Eehhmmn gambino no pay al na Amanda ahalia you fucksxz my wivesxz gone gambino no ha ha has you heated them sad sa

  14. Max R

    Diciembre ★★★★★ 2019 Colombia ♥♥♥♥♥ 2020

  15. Ameer Baloch

    End of 2019 still listening anyone ?

    Fawad Ahmed

    Yo mann

    Alex Leonov

    2020 is upon us - still here!

    A Parks

    Sliver is playing on Comcast and this song plays at the beginning. Took me back to the 90's

    Ian McCausland

    yup still love this

    Mayur Rushi

    Listening right now too...

  16. British Ants

    Anyone in 2020?

  17. Sathyajith Shankar

    Any Basha Antony fans?

  18. Sapna Kumari

    This bollywood song music seems to be copy from Enigma. https://youtu.be/KfJIfDUNa9k

  19. Morgel666

    Child of the world ...
    Child that makes the world turn ...
    Child with eyes like windows as our age turns ...
    Open your eyes ... Life's a gift ... Enjoy it while you can ...

    Enigma Thank You ...

  20. Stanyzlovas Mataitis

    Vale kaip galmetu su tavim pasimatyti o žinau kur daugiausia būni

  21. ๏ tꪮꪑ ᥴꪶꪖꪀᥴꪗᜰ꙰ꦿ

    End of 2019 .....Anybody here ???

    Such a genius Music composer and underrated too...... i listened tons of composers but Nobody ever come close to him......it remember me of my teen age now i'm 29 still in my top list :-)

  22. Saptak Dutta

    "Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains" - Rousseau.

    Most Passionate One

    Therefore he is not really born free unless he is born with a Silver spoon in his mouth to buy his freedom to choose his destiny

  23. Ufaq Arslan

    *Tum* *Mile*

  24. Harrison Ford

    Lonely like that guy that was turned into a book

  25. Mona Saidi


  26. trevel j. hill

    my fave!!!

  27. Tihana Matesic


    raj sekar

    I dnt know..y I'm hearing this song frequently......my brain was addicted

  28. Kai Puschmann

    Meine liblingsplatte von Euch!!!

  29. Muhammad Abdullah

    Anyone in Oct 2019

  30. Ernő Porpáczy

    I always loved Enigma as a little child. For me it was like a secret language I can unbderstand only. My classmates labeld me weird when I tried to explain them my spritual perceptions and beliefs. Nothing has changed since then maybe now I know why I found Enigma so interesting and meaningful. "There is no teacher who can teach anything new he can just help us remember the things we always knew...."

  31. Vugar

    Anyone in 2020 ?

  32. SamuelSays

    Enigma and Deep Forest were very similar. I remember discovering their music watching MTv Chillout zone back in the nineties. Good times.

  33. Henrique Ramos

    "Age Of Loneliness (Carly's Song)"

    Tosonguyn Oroygoor Toosrood

    Carly don't be sad
    Life is crazy
    Life is mad
    Don't be afraid

    Carly don't be sad
    That's your destiny
    The only chance
    Take it, take it in your hands

    Tosonguyn Oroygoor Toosrood

    Carly don't be sad

    Life is crazy
    Life is mad

    Tosonguyn Oroygoor Toosrood
    Tosonguyn Oroygoor Toosrood

  34. INFINITISH Bhati

    if ill give forever hell to 7.5 billions of you! and 24×7 play this song and feed you all on this song! imagine what life can meant to be and take in your damn head or hand wateva. 😂 acceptance! have?
    lets play some destiny destiny? 😏

  35. mateo ito

    I tripped out on this as a child biiiiig time

  36. Sonika Kunwar

    Just realized that tum mile dil khile music is stolen from this song.

  37. Manifest Excellence Courier Systems

    This is good vibes

  38. Saif Khan

    Anyone here in 2k19

  39. X W

    2019 age of Loneliness, for real.

  40. kimmyfreak200

    carly don't be sad... Sliver was a good movie!!

  41. Theofilos Argyriadis

    Carly don't be sad
    Life is crazy
    Life is mad
    Don't be afraid
    Carly Don't be sad
    That's your destiny
    The only chance
    Take it, take it in your hands

  42. margot2720

    love it,

  43. Riad Mahmud

    Listening this song in a dark room,, aha...a journey to another dimension...

  44. Chunchun Xu

    I am sorry that I hardly think to build a Yangtze river New York city is my holy mission to live till now.

  45. DogandWoo

    I love this wonderful song

  46. kanki

    you copycat Keeravani..


    These music makes me hypnotise❤❤❤❤

  48. Haxan Alee

    2019 anyone? 🙌🏻

  49. Blood Frenzy

    Gives me gosebumps every time i listen

  50. cj sridhar

    Life with ENIGMA - yes its a life
    life without ENIGMA - no not at all a life

  51. Abel da Silva

    Sorry I still prefer the original Mongolian version made by D.Nadmid vocals are way more intense in the original.

  52. theo rex

    Anthony.....Mark Anthony!!

  53. Mabel Salopree

    Always loved this song.

  54. Harshil Nisarta

    Tum mile dil khile or jineko kya chahiye..........

  55. Jam Spoon

    Great for all times!

  56. old is gold English moves 90s to 2000

    I like this album and song anyone like

  57. Kinza Raza

    My mother used to play this song while doing work around the house. I used to be so afraid of this song as a little kid. Yet, in some weird way, I found it to be creepy and relaxing. But I'd always stay by my mother's side while she would hum along with the music and I'd silently help her out. I formed a lot of silent memories like that. They aren't significant but whenever I hear this song, it reminds me of being beside my mother and helping her.
    Now, as a 15 year old, this song is no longer creepy to me. Just purely relaxing.

  58. BUBBLE Gum

    Loved this epic.
    Please don't mention here Indian version of it.
    Both are best.

  59. Тимур Гаранин Научная Критика

    Who is carly?

  60. Vivek Pal

    It's feels something inside my 💓

  61. Lee Areum

    Tum mile hindi song has same music...

  62. Антон Черничкин

    Vodka pivo derevna detsvo tvou mat

  63. Антон Черничкин

    Russian people have this song abobe 20 s years ago on tape.it's fucking amazing love michael crety and Sandra.one word amazing

  64. Антон Черничкин

    Ups...2019'we gotchta insane soul.music

  65. Linda Schallschmidt


  66. Gan Tuul

    'Tosongiin oroi' song by Mongolian singer Nadmid

  67. lahtipelican



    Anyone 2031

  69. Mike Chavis

    This song was on a movie with Willam Baldwin and Sharon Stone in it.

    Ather Ahmed

    Mike Chavis yes, it’s sliver (1993)

  70. Gerald

    Timelessly good! Love Enigma! So unique

  71. n c

    Ah man nostalgic bliss

  72. Md.Mahbub Hossain


  73. Gaurav Gupta

    This song is haunted

  74. Max R

    Hola buenos días ENIGMA ★★★★★gracias por guerra tu música es una melodía sonidos agradable ♥♥♥♥♥♥a los hoidos del público mundial gracias at gr COLOMBIA 2019

  75. Federico Emerson

    Carly's Song "Sliver"

  76. Sara Kirk

    Anybody listening in 2019?



  78. Netoloco Mejia

    Porque las personas de este milenio no les importa nada solo sus egos este milenio terminará acabando este mundo es triste pero es una verdad 😥

  79. madari samuel paul

    Songs of ENIGMA are marvellous and remind me of my childhood memories.

  80. Joseph Cirilo V Vergara

    2019 everyone listening of this music😊🎧

  81. Małgorzata Zapert

    Who else "Sliver" movie brought here?


    No words to describe this song, listening this song I don't know where am i been.
    Mindblowing music
    Never forget this song in my life

  83. Haris gos

    Memory and 90's(saron stone).

  84. Google User

    This music and indica weed go hand in hand.

  85. Rockhopper29

    I know not of Mongolian songs, but I do know of the many wonderful love making sessions I have enjoyed to Enigmas music. Thank you Michael Cretu.

  86. Akshay m

    Strong dejavu

  87. Samson Vardanyan

    2019 may??

  88. Hufli

    The chap at 2:28 looks quite a bit like Jason Statham.

  89. Manoj Prashanth

    Enaku Piditha paadal ....! Superb

  90. Ana Vzco90

    I miss how experimental were the 90's fuck! I hate this generation, everyone just follow tendencies, i wish people try to be original.! A buffet of different artists...

  91. Amelia S

    I’m 13 and I would prefer to listen to this than songs made today, idk what that says about me

  92. Ero Glez

    Imagenes de una epoca que no volvera.

  93. Blue Dragonfly

    Who is Carly?

  94. Sergio Tortiglione

    Never Challenge The Light

  95. Kim Wetteland

    2019 and still waking up those good memories.


    my childhood was a lie.. even "tum miley dil khiley was copied"... lol

  97. myriam Delgado

    Zestás muy original ese vídeo me encanta la música que paisaje puedo