Engineers - Searched For Answers Lyrics

Sounds like a chance to me
To rewrite your history
If I can plant the seed
Lost on the summer breeze
Content to walk behind
I never knew my mind
Now we can finally
Follow the runner

On that breeze till you found me
Lost is something that I used to be
Honesty, that's all I need
I searched for answers and they came to me

And now it's time for me
To realize the chemistry
Is all we are you see
I never did succeed
In multiplied extremes
Rationalised beliefs
If I'm allowed to speak
I'll talk for the summer

On that breeze till you found me
Lost is something that I used to be
Honesty, that's all I need
I searched for answers and they came to me

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Engineers Searched For Answers Comments
  1. alyssa

    would love to see google assistant answer this with the Google voice

  2. allwyn joseph

    Question: Are Google employee bad at lying?
    Google employee: no no no nope nope nope no nooo no no

  3. jay cee

    Fun Fact: Google will only activate voice recording everytime we use google assistant. But, they will soon add feature that will help you to stop accidental popup of google assistance in your phone and delete the recorded conversation by saying "hey google, it wasn't for you!"

  4. YouTubeModerationTaskForce

    Can google see your emails: nope nope nope

    Can google see your photos: nope nope nope

    Can you explain: nope nope nope

  5. Sam C Maliyakel

    Plot twist: half of the answers are just lies 😕😕

  6. CJ jain

    Every nope nope nope is a yep!

  7. Pedro Martinez

    You can google search audio in fact the Pixel phone lets you know what song is playing around you but we would never listen in on yoyr conversations just listening to recommend music

  8. nishita patil

    You guys are doing a great job!

  9. Matthew Williams

    Why is the guy to the right so attractive... like handsome brains he has it all...

  10. ASDF Keyboard

    LOL, one of the questions should be
    Can google search see what I'm doing in incognito mode? 😂

  11. ASDF Keyboard

    Can google listen to my conversations?

    10 seconds later google ad appears about how google can't listen to your conversations

  12. edwardelric10001

    Can you explain why Google suggests "death" when I search for the best ab exercises?

  13. Sanjay Kumar

    2:01 When Google employees turn into a Pokemon.

  14. Benjamin Noble

    When the questions “can google employees see your emails/see your photos” why did they say “no no no no no no nope, definitely not, no” like there was someone behind the camera with a gun who was telling them to say “no”

  15. who I am makes a difference #lighttheworld

    How do I recover my email if I have lost access to my email and recovery email because I changed my phone number?

  16. Hari Haran

    Does Google employees lie..???

  17. dallaskyd

    2:00 🤔🤔🤔 “NO NO NO NO”

  18. honest review telugu

    Do Google employees use iphone instead of pixel

  19. Gee Emmy

    Doth protest too much

  20. Hangmerin Rai

    Q: Does google company employee good at lying?
    Them: No, no, no, no no Nope.
    Viewers: Tht explains much 2:08.😒

  21. Ashish Tripathi

    Why this Indian guy has American name...even Christian Indians doesn't have these kind of names

  22. Varun Patro

    @2:38 Dark Web be like-Lmao Noobs

    Omfg!!1 like thanks a lottt guys!!

  23. Your Hater

    "Speak to us like a human"
    Me: *ALIENS*

  24. xøttic

    Does Google employees can see my photos?

  25. Bangtan kookie

    Person: does google search .....
    Google employees: NOPE NOOOO NO NOPE NOOOOOO

  26. Natifa Duran Campos

    What do you everything you can see? Where's the rest of the internet?

  27. Robert Gable

    If{question about the spying}

  28. Estrella Casias


  29. Estrella Casias

    This is amazing

  30. Wolfsburg GTI

    “Sir is there anything illegal in the car?”
    - no, no NOPE no no no NOpE

  31. Joker_GX

    Can u see what I'm doi- "no no nope no no"

  32. Gregory, josh peck's cousin

    This is how many nopes we got

  33. Starcrunch Aly

    2:08 NEEDS to be a memeeeeee

  34. Abigail Stone

    2:01-2:11 😂😂😂 v convincing thank you

  35. Pink Wing

    They know what we search as it shows up in Facebook in adds.

  36. Kiana Ramos

    They’re so nice

  37. Blogger Boy

    Chris is so cute<3

  38. Kaylee Robinson

    3:18 um no he isn’t

  39. Gerry Gerry

    2:35 Girl in her early collage life.

  40. R G

    🙏 Sir you are doing great job God bless you all.

  41. StraightOuttaQueens

    3:41 that was the most sus answer ever lmfao

  42. Rege Agun

    Mr Bean.

  43. Hashtag Lan Fbx

    4:42 He sounded like an alien tryna fit it. "Speak to us like a human O_O "

  44. Abhilash R J

    I think guy on the left is wearing an IWC

  45. joonie joonie

    why do i think they're robots? most of the questions are answered with "yea yea yea yea yea yea" and "no no no no no no"

  46. Nur Iskandar

    My goole assistant was activated many times thru this video lol

  47. EyeLean5280

    These guys are so cute and fun.

  48. Limitless Type

    Why do the right guy have vibe like derek sheperd ugh

  49. thabs

    His "nope" didn't convinced me

  50. le ciel

    They look exactly how you’d imagine google employees to look.

  51. Pushan Pore

    which phones google employees use

  52. R4G1NG D3M0N D3M0N

    Does Google recommends this to YouTube and recommend this to me..?

  53. pohmakas33

    "can google employees read my email?"
    of course they can, if they wanted to...

  54. Sub to me right now

    3:07 Thought he was gonna say Blue WAFFLE

  55. Pallabi Nandi

    Ben Gomes talks like the creepy old neighbor uncle who eavesdrop on every conversation and straight goes to "Nopeville" when you confront them about it lol

  56. zauru192

    these guys are so bad at lying lmfao

  57. Shanan Kamlaskar

    They do listen to conversations

  58. Buckeye Believer

    Every time they said no felt like they were trying not to make eye contact with an NSA/CIA assassin staring them down lol yeah I bet you guys can’t read my gmail

  59. NikoR

    The guy on the right is looking into my soul

  60. Deepak Waghmare

    Please just get christopher nolan sir

  61. Dark Seid

    Am i the only one who thinks they seem like a robot

  62. Kringe Inamsu

    what utter g's man

  63. Sora Shiro Kuhaku

    Does google spy on me ?
    Google Team : *sweats intensifies*

  64. Twinkiess

    The people who are suspicious of their no's are way too paranoid.

  65. Renan Nogueira

    The tallest one is so cute.

  66. Soumya Jha

    My doctor: do you get enough sleep or exercise ?
    Me: 2:03

  67. INS Whisky

    Lol Google helped build the prism system that was disclosed by Edward Snowden. Google works with the CIA and indeed they know everything about every person that uses their services or has an Android device.
    These two people are dishonest.

  68. Jorge A. Carrazana García

    " Do you like (my crush's name)?"
    Me: *No, no no, no, nope, no, uh-uh, no*

  69. Ameena Ahmad

    Nope nope nope yup yup yup

  70. Geneva Doll

    People think that anytime you define black or white it means you’re racist. Even if you don’t have bad feelings towards one or the other and don’t act on any of your personal opinions or prejudices, if you say black when you’re explaining what a person looks like or talk about general subjects that pertain more to one race, then you’re racist. Smh. So stupid. It’s literally just a defining term to help people understand what you’re talking about. If you use it in hate speech or physically enact any preconceived notions you have towards a different race, then yea that’s racism lol. People just throw “racist” and “racism” around way too much.

  71. Ananya Narayan

    The whole video is just yup yup yup yup yup nope nope nope nope yep yup yep

  72. Timothy McSwain

    0:28 Actually, the reason I use Google to test Internet connections is because the main page is ridiculously simple. If Google won’t load, you bet not much else will. (I mostly use Ookla’s Speedtest for real testing, but Google remains the simplest way to see if you have a working Internet connection at all)

    Nan Wijanarko

    Yup same.

  73. Elizabeth Cordill

    Do Google employees get free food: Yes!
    Do Google employees get healthcare: Nope nope nope nope nope

  74. Carl Rundle

    They talked suspiciously much about being human

  75. Girish V S

    2:03 oh, sure, we believe you

  76. Piyush Garg

    People are really uneducated in this comment section

  77. Dull Bananas

    how come google employees get to have nap time and students don't 😭

  78. Vic

    Lol google employees are called googlers 😂

  79. A Rawat

    We need Sundar Pichai in on this action

  80. 08スターリン

    Does FBI spy me using Google?

  81. Lemon Flavoured Bleach

    Fam thats an American Cristiano Ronaldo

  82. The Back Channel

    Liars! No credibility! No honor!


    2:08 thats What a person would say if they do

  84. leege re tzon

    Google sounds so nice i think its hella shady

  85. Let’s Unbox

    (weird) nope no no no no

  86. games eleven

    1 out of 2 googelians are indians lol

  87. El dias

    Thanks to all ppl in Google. Make the Internet useful for us. The guy on the left looks like a indian Bill Gates.

  88. redknight

    All their No No answers are actually Yes Yes in reality

  89. Ollyss

    I've never seen two people be more sketchy in my life

    music guy

    Ollyss 😂😂😂🤣

  90. Lucid Leech

    Johnny johnny are your lying?
    Johnny: No no nope no no nope

  91. Mohit Mohit

    Good guys of Google

  92. Random Person

    “Our job here at google is to *sway popular opinion to fit our views you worthless SHEEP”*

    -google Hey google, guess what?


  93. Mrf55 B11

    Question: Does Google search spy on us?
    Answer: Yes it do

  94. Frendxhy

    'Does Google ever make sense to demonitizing videos.'

  95. Ephraim • 69 years ago • Updated

    Their NOs sound hella suspicious

  96. Mev Cilbox

    Does google like me
    Them :no no nope no nope nope

    *sad me noises*

  97. zoomzoombabe

    ...and Bob’s your uncle is such a British thing to say 😂 wonder how he knows it!?

  98. Dizziedee18

    Just spent 5 mins liking every comment about the fast No no nope given in response to the security questions. The security questions got no elaborate explanations like the others. hmmmm...seems legit.