Enemy, The - Keep Losing Lyrics

Tired of the same old places
Cold conversations and heartless faces
It's hard when you're young
It's too late when you're old
You give all you've got
Then your leave in a box
You make mistakes along the way
And you'll pay and you'll pay
You might make somebody smile
You might meet somebody worthwhile
Tired of the same old lines
And chords then never quite sit right
Another line on the road
Another string to te bow
Another twenty regrets
Another night to forget
You've made mistakes along the way
And the band begins to play
They might make somebody smile
They might sing something worthwhile

Keep losing
Keep boozing
Keep living
Keep forgetting
Keep learning
Never stop burning
Keep earning
It never stops hurting

Keep losing
Keep boozing
Keep living
Keep forgetting
Keep learning
Never stop burning
Keep earning
It never stops hurting

Keep losing
Keep on boozing
The places we go and the people we know
Keep living
Carry on forgiving
All that we've seen everything we believe
Keep learning
Never stops burning
Ones that we lost but we never forget
Keep earning
It never stops hurting
The child in your soul
That never grows old

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Enemy, The Keep Losing Comments
  1. James

    To say this is from a band I don't rate or listen to much. This song is absoulely genius & one of the best written songs i've heard.

  2. gogolplex74

    The Enemy of Music For The People

  3. Mike Giannotti

    @TheStandofTheLastGuy actually, they took more time recording this album than their first.

  4. Robbie Wood

    this album is no where near as good as we'll live & die in these towns

  5. Joseph McCormick

    Even if they do sound like somthing else, is a good thing! If you feel like you've heard a song before you instantly recognise it..... Rather listen to this than 200 other "indie" character bands from Psychedelia Smith to whoevers new on NMEs Radar. Everyone plagerises, some are just better at hiding it whilst others incorperate it.

  6. Erica MacLeod

    these guys are gonna be HUGE

  7. Jake Purdom

    Absolute class!

  8. Steven Stewart

    this song is brilliant, imo the greatest song the band have wrote, it's a masterpiece.

  9. Senhor Retarda

    i completely agree with you man...i love the song but i feel as though i ve heard it before

  10. Joel Farrelly

    its catchy but i got to say it sounds like another song i know not sure what though
    but fuckin good song

  11. LEBOBSKI25

    why do people always wana compare shit.

  12. gav1989

    Its really nit pickin when you compare this song to wild horses. its nothing like it at all.

    Why dont people stop jumping on the bandwagon and stop claiming every song they have written is a rip off, of another song. Enjoy it for what it is, if you dont like it, bolt.Their influenced by the likes of the jam. so what?

  13. Static_Ian

    The chord progression at the start is a little like wild horses, wouldnt of picked it out tho if you hadnt of mentioned it.
    Good tune tho!
    Just hit the chorus here now lol, yeah it is Wild horses there too!

  14. luke holland

    I loike the overlal concept of this song, yes very entertaining indeed. bravo.

  15. Billy Madison

    really like this yeah, but is it just me or does it sound like wild horses by the rolling stones......