Enemy, The - It's Not OK Lyrics

Stop living your life for the alarm
that wakes you up every day at eight
leave your Peugeot on the forecourt
it's all too much for you to take
your girlfriend don't love you but still she slaves
to make a home for you to stay
the people above you they keep you held down
the boys, the boys you'd love to make

leaning on your fence when you told me
you were gonna make lots of money
be a princess, diamonds and cigarettes
rolling out the carpet to regrets
now you're not so young it's too easy
to be a dreamer, wake up and be free
your clock is ticking fast friend, believe me
you only get one chance, can you hear me

it's not OK to be this way
it's not OK to be a slave

stop living your life for a man in a tie
he's just a fool the same as you
his daughter don't love him but still he slaves
to make a way for her to choose
her teenage dreams are here today
but in the morning they'll be gone
washed away by the minimum wage
the same, the same as everyone

leaning on your fence when you told me
you were gonna make lots of money
be a princess, diamonds and cigarettes
rolling out the carpet to regrets
now you're not so young it's too easy
to be a dreamer, wake up and be free
your clock is ticking fast friend, believe me
you only get one chance, can you hear me

it's not OK to be this way
it's not OK to be a slave

leaning on your fence when you told me
you were gonna make lots of money
be a princess, diamonds and cigarettes
rolling out the carpet to regrets
now you're not so young it's too easy
to be a dreamer, wake up and be free
your clock is ticking fast friend, believe me
you only get one chance, can you hear me

it's not OK to be this way
not OK to be this way
not OK to be this way
not OK to be a slave
to be a slave
to be a slave

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Enemy, The It's Not OK Comments
  1. Matthew Quinn

    I’m a massive Oasis fan and this sounds to me like a modern day rock n roll star

  2. filzzy

    Hair and trousers

  3. C M

    Teenage dreams are here today
    But in the morning they'll be gone
    Washed away by the minimum wage

  4. december hotel

    these guy are are pretty darn good. Can't believe I have never heard of them before.

  5. Ecordiolex -

    We are asleep But you can't blame these guys It's the politics that has shut down the voice in the music industry and they're the one's that can go f them self's Because the streets are ran down and sleeping real bad

  6. Ants Productions

    They had balls (Oasis, The Jam, The Smiths, The Enemy) - The Horrors were jealous of them because they wrote better songs, plus Faris is still ugly and pretentious. Working class bands will always rule over little wimps like the Horrors.


    +Fabrizio Federico Do ya just read the nme article ?
    Faris was a bit stupid... but i still like both bands... i don't wanna choose one or another... + there's many other great UK bands around... it's not just those two

  7. Obvious Bambi

    Really sad news that the Enemy are retiring. They were a fantastic band and an antidote to the likes of Rihanna.

    Guilherme Ferreira

    punk is dead ......

    Guilherme Ferreira

    No it isnt dipshit, its alive till ya keep listenin to it fuck face

  8. AsianPanda32

    Okay, it not okay

  9. Lee Golder

    These guys are pretty f***ing special, totally underrated in my humble opinion.

  10. tatsuyatwothree

    Let's get this up to a million views

  11. MarilynY1635

    These guys are effing awesome.  Reminds me of The Clash, and from me that's a HUGE compliment!

    Daniela Rodríguez

    +MarilynY1635 I know! They're really good and they remind me of The Clash too. :D

  12. Stephen Meighan

    Seen them 3 times fucking quality best rock band since the clash. Now that's some fuckin compliment

  13. neknarf1973

    Love the accent.

    Obvious Bambi

    You love the Coventry accent then.


    @Obvious Bicycle Ooohh....thanks ! Great to know. 

  14. neknarf1973

    Love love love love this song !!!!!

  15. cutterscut

    fantastic fresh sound in to my brain *****

  16. The Sherlocks

    Supporting The Enemy in November

  17. Matías Navarro

    No, we don't feel you. Go away.

  18. Clemsonfan1212

    No you obviously aren't here for the right reason.

  19. OhThatLouie



    Fuck off

  20. The Sherlocks

    Check out our new teaser.. Big upcoming Sheffield band, young indie rock!!

  21. John Murray

    I saw these guys at Bournemouth and it was amazing. I love that song! By the way lads, if you like that song, you would probably like that new one too:
    "Drift Disorder - Haven't You Ever Been Here?". Check it out lads, you could be surprised!

  22. drew morris

    these guys are going to osfest!! YES!

  23. PunkyHipHopDude

    These guys are great. Too bad they got coma'd on.

  24. DogsandDiamonds

    Class band, of you like this you might like Yorkshire rock band Dogs & Diamonds, have a listen and let us know what you think!

  25. shaun bew

    Seriously if you like The Enemy you NEED to listen to THE BLUE COLLARS. There 100% the next big indie band, absolute quality, trust me!!

  26. Mariusz Kaleta

    Coventry is ok !!!

  27. Sissons CM

    I just got referred to this band from a teacher at some business intervention today... He was correct, these guys are good! :L

  28. Aditya Chatterjee

    Rock 'n' Roll, she's out for lunch,
    But man she'll be back hungry.

  29. Andy Laws

    SAw them at Elland Road in 08 supporting the Kaisers and saw them again on Wednesday in Oxford, great night. One of, if not the best live band I have seen.

  30. Matthew Brook

    Me tooo, going to be sweet as.

  31. Chas D

    Me too. Can't wait!

  32. Laura Shaw

    Seeing these guys on Wednesday at the o2 Oxford :D

  33. Opiate Holidays

    IF you're going to check out a band check out "tales of george" if anything. These comments are almost competitive.

  34. Chris Martin

    love it also check out The Blue Collars!

  35. dopey115

    buddy holly for prime minister

  36. Alexander V J Routledge

    love the intro!!!!

  37. Pine Tree Village

    Class tune.

  38. TheGTAboys11

    Haha. No problem mate. Yeah, it's nice to see people who are passionate about music.
    I agree that the 70s-80s were the best era for music. Im only 16, but i still love the who & the jam. I've seen Quadrophenia a million times. My iPod even has 3 Glen Miller songs from the 40's! haha.

    I recently bought a 25 yr old stack system, and i have queen, the jam, small faces, rolling stones and Adam and the ants on vinyl. Tbh, i'd love to see others in the world like me! (Not being big headed mate)

  39. t0mme1981

    Thanks for the banter mate. It's great to see people are still passioniate about their music. I'm just a bitter and twisted old dude who thinks my era was the best!

    I did redeem myself a few years ago when I took my son and his mates to the Reading Festival and I did 're-engage' with today's popular music!

    Bizarrely my music tastes are going back in time as I try and find something new; rock-a-billy, northern soul, motown etc. Keep on rocking!

  40. TheGTAboys11

    Ahhh, Cheers for explaining that mate.

    I agree with you. But music has changed. Its just the odd band that sound like others. The Enemy sound like the The Jam, but that's only because they are influenced by them.

    Glen Miller didn't really influence the music of the 70's.

    I agree with you, But music has definitely changed. look at the chart music of 2012. Nothing is really the same as each other, other than ones that are remix's by bad DJs, who then earn thousands from someone else's songs.

  41. t0mme1981

    My argument is like travelling in Dr Who's Tardis. Set the time dial to 1942. Step out of The Tardis and listen to the popular music being played,Glen Miller's Big Band etc

    Get back in and set the dial 35 yrs and step out into 1977 and hear The Jam, Pistols etc. It would be like hearing music from another planet to 1942. A completely different species of musician!

    Now set the dial to 2012 and step out of The Tardis and listen to The Enemy. The music would be no different to 1977. No progress!

  42. TheGTAboys11

    I'm not really seeing your argument tbh mate. I think its just me not being able to fully understand what you're saying. Nothing bad on your behalf. My mind seems to think that you're saying that Glen Miller, sounds like The Jam. I doubt that's what you're saying, but that's how i see it.

    And btw, The Enemy started in 2006. So its 29 year old music ;) Meaning that 29 years from '77, was 1948. Not making an argument of it, just like pointing things out haha

  43. t0mme1981

    Do the maths mate. 1977 (The Jam) to 2012 (The Enemy) is a difference of 35 yrs.

    Now go back 35 yrs from 1977. The year? 1942 and War time Britain. Now listen to the 'choons' being played in 1942 and compare them to The Jam, Police, Pistols etc. being played in 1977. So Glen Miller circa '42 sounds like The Jam circa '77. See my argument? That's why New Wave + Punk were so innovative and exciting in the 70s.

    The Enemy are plagarising 35 yr old music and add nothing new to music.

  44. TheGTAboys11

    What are you on about? He said they sound like 'My Chemical Romance'
    You replied to his comment talking about being a 70's child, The Jam's first performance, and saying that you are disappointed that music hasn't changed.
    What does your comment have to do about The Enemy sounding like My Chemical Romance?
    The Enemy are influenced by The Jam, and music has changed immensely! The enemy sound abit like The Jam, because thats their inspiration. That doens't mean that music hasn't changed mate.

  45. BlaXeon

    Proud to be a Coventrian!

  46. t0mme1981

    Chemical Romance. As a 70's child, brought up on The Who, Dr Feelgood, Pistols, Damned etc. I have just watched a May 1977 edition of Top of The Pops and The Jam's first performance.

    I suggest you search it out and watch The Jam, and tell me what's original or great about the Enemy 35 odd yrs later.

    To say I am disappointed that music has not progressed in 35 yrs is a huge understatement.

  47. Kieran

    cant wait till friday getting my ticket for 02 leeds going to br amazing

  48. Tom Carter

    what album is this from?

  49. DragonMasterThlayli

    In a really weird way, they sound like My Chemical Romance...

  50. mayra garcia


  51. modmat ecr

    fuking proper british rock n roll music

  52. nick atkins

    Soley Mourning, give them a try. Prefer bands with no agenda. Its why I stopped listening to Simple Minds in the 90s.

  53. MrHushnow

    wtf just because his dad was made redundant from peugeot? there not all cov boys aswell lol kenilworth isnt cov is it ? but i do like the tune btw

  54. The Cheap Thrills

    Brilliant lads,
    search Face book / TheCheapThrills

    Massively inspired by you, we are an upcoming band from liverpool!

  55. mumbojumbo766

    ugly people write the best songs

  56. fulton

    "....rolling out the carpet to regrets..."

    Great line.

  57. Deniz


  58. BunnyProle

    This song makes me so insanely happy to be alive!!!

  59. BunnyProle

    This is the GREATEST song I have ever heard!!

  60. Anna Lavery

    Officially the greatest band ever!

  61. SeeEmilyPlay1366

    A lot of The Enemy videos are not available in my country :(

  62. Mesimarch


  63. Anthony Sandhu

    this faggot band took time off cause the climate for indie guitar bands wasn't right... the fuck... spoiled it for me before i could even get into em.

  64. Mitchell Kaminskas

    @GoddessOfTomorrow i know i seems like rock is dead. but think about it, pop will always be more popular than real music, hence it's name. rock and roll will always endure

  65. MaFlodder

    My good friend 240P we meet again! :)

  66. Homity Pie

    @yougottaloveit100 if this is brit pop fuck it

  67. euanrocks

    Do people not realise that the mention of a peugeot was not a product placement, it was a sign of solidarity to the workers of the peugeot factory in Coventry which was shut which resulted in many redundancies in a all ready poverty stricken area of the UK! Well said boys!

  68. GoddessOfTomorrow

    Hollywood Rap and pop rules here
    I am sick of voice modulated songs!

  69. Wanderer Named Guy

    euro indie rock is the best come down.

  70. Tom Cahill

    Listening to this song hungover as fuck... feels like my mum having a moan at me!

  71. sfsf96

    the lyrics are so true, the music is awesome, WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK??!!

  72. sfsf96

    Cool Music!

  73. shakermaker2009

    Just awesome, try searching "Spiders - Where does this leave us now"

  74. Vick Oi.


  75. louis grinsted

    its not ok...its fuckin amazing!!!

  76. friedfeedback

    i wonder how much money they got for placing that TNT truck there at 2:35, product placement FTW! lol...not my style of music tho. but plenty of talent.

  77. Blackestkidyounknow

    @ThePrideofscotland Not to stifle your flare, mate, but don't give advice if you can't notice your own mistakes too.
    "You're English is terrible" is like saying "You are English is terrible"
    Not exactly correct. Although, this isn't English class, I suppose.

  78. Robert Procter

    @WalkingDeadProducts people

  79. S. A. Crawford

    @pr0ct3r I'm not usually one for this, but we encourage trolls in youtube comment threads by giving them a reaction hence "don't feed the trolls", also please don't lecture poeple about spelling when your grammer is horrendous.

  80. Robert Procter

    @ThePrideofscotland It was one year ago, I've learnt a lot since haha apologies!

  81. flyingwiththefish

    @loveisonthedole really? your eyes and ears seem to be good enough to type... maybe if you don't like it then you should just shut up and listen to something you like!

  82. Analogische

    likelikelike! :D

  83. Lastof Englishroses

    Elle est superbe mais je préfère, BE SOMEBODY !!!

  84. Tu Madre

    Thease lot be my lads from Cov!

  85. Obvious Bambi

    Coventry is a good town to live in. AND die in.

  86. Obvious Bambi

    This is a brilliant song. Absolutely mint.

  87. Helder Anselmo

    God job mates!! Keep up the good work!

  88. Alex Hobbs

    @ShadeDracos haha like your comment what a fucking putdown!!!!!

  89. LEBOBSKI25

    it is ok to be a slave. the moment your born the bank owns you, hence a birth cirtificate

  90. limamusicuk


  91. Lewis Monaghan

    look who cares who they are and arent like they are a shithot band and thats all that matters!

  92. lozzybozzy234

    @jash2345 the enemy are more like the jam than oasis you idiot. Do you actually listen to music or do u just like watching the moving pictures on the screen?

  93. Nick G

    thats awesome they have adidas allstars i think

  94. Damian Magna

    tu mama

  95. neknarf1973

    I love this song so much, wish I could see them in concert one day.

  96. Charliecr85

    Sorry but "They're" should be they are

  97. Anna Barber

    cool hope you have a nice time!

  98. Anna Barber

    it was at sheffield!

  99. Anna Barber

    a week today until i see them for the third time :)