Empire Cast - Ibiza Lyrics

Top down
Feel the breeze
Chillin' with the homies in the beez
Right now, catch me
Linen shorts with the sandals on my feet
Calm down, it's just me
You may thought that I make it look easy
Oh, wow, I might be
'Bout the flyest one that you ever seen

I only do it for the couture
Just come a little closer
Mabe we can do the [?]
Right now, right now, right now, right now

Real money, I ain't hood rich
If you ain't a dummy, go stupid
I got the check, baby
You can make it run up, run up, run up, run up
(Come on in)

Oh, what we got now
Whole team shut down
Things burn to the ground
Burn up, burn up, burn up, burn up

Top down
Feel the breeze
Chillin' with the homies in the beez
Pipe down
Girl, please
Don't you see the camera say cheese?
Whine down, on me
Shake it like some new car keys
Cause right now, I might be
'Bout the flyest one that you ever seen

Oh, what we got now
Whole team checked out
Things burn to the ground
Burn up burn up burn up burn up

Top down
Feel the breeze
Chillin' with the homies overseas
I might move, I don't never wanna leave from the beast
Watch the wind through the palm trees
Goin' wild in Iziba
Only come around if you can keep her
Turn this up loud in your speaker
[?] never going down, might catch a fever
Tryna be a participant in anything that we dealing with
Ain't no point in considering it
Girl, I know that you feelin' it
Say it loud, scream it loud
Every night we going down, it's going down, yeah

You the man, you the sosa (sosa)
Make all the girls go loco (loco)
Run again like we post up
Right now, right now, right now, right now

Real money, I ain't hood rich
If you ain't a dummy, go stupid
I got the check, baby
You can make it run up, run up, run up, run up

Oh, what we got now
Whole team shut down
Things burn to the ground
Burn up, burn up, burn up, burn up

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Empire Cast Ibiza Comments
  1. Crystal Russell

    My fav are tiana Hakeem and Jamal Lucis cookie and treasure

  2. Rocky The Rocket.

    favorite song

  3. Skylar Finney

    I am in love with this song!

  4. Grayce Melas

    This the music of black lightning

  5. beauty is pain

    such a bop!

  6. stop motion studios

    Heard this on the show had to look it up

  7. Anaya Q

    And for the people that are saying Tiana was forcing him he wasnt it's this thing and word called ENCOURAGING him.

  8. MDR

    Best moment : 1,26

  9. Lensa Ali

    this song is a BANGER 🔥🔥

  10. CaLyena_troy_offical

    Killin it 💣💥

  11. Richie Rich


  12. Sharia Barr

    🔥🔥🔥🔥song and beat is a beast.

  13. Brandon Paulk

    Tiana Spinoff or nahh💯🔥🔥🙏🙏

  14. Billionaire 09


    Alexandra DeLeon-Alballeros

    empire *

    D WILL

    Run up Run up Run up

  15. Amaya Short

    I feel so sad for Hakeem because he got shot and I thought it was going to hit Tiana but Hakeem put her behind him and Blake got the shot gun for him

  16. godwin bright

    I can't stop listening to this song bcos of blake awesome voice

  17. Crystal Dee

    Blake's entrance just takes the air off

  18. lerato mofokeng

    Hi is Cookie going to die😱😱😱😱

  19. Ru Ari

    Top dooooown
    Feel the breeze
    Chilling wit my homie over seas🤙🏽✊🏽

  20. beauty is pain

    when they say im gonna beat yo a** b**
    run up run up run up

  21. William Scott

    Tiana my boo bay

  22. William Scott

    My baby T

  23. Landiwe Jele

    Blake's voice♡♡♡

  24. חי טבגה צדק הגנה אלהים אברהם יהוה עשיר

    tiana queen victor honey gold i love you

  25. Dee KingArgus

    I was trying for the longest to remember the name off this song I finally found it... TBH though all of Hakeems music is 🔥

  26. HarlemzFinest1086 KaOz

    Love song fan

  27. girlsixdiva

    This song sounds sampled... Can anyone verify?

  28. Jayzz Jasoon

    The 3rd voice is Blake. I'm sure... I think.. I don't know

  29. Lady Tarianna

    WHO DIED?!?

  30. Malachi Reid

    As of date this song has 147k views. I probably watched 25k of it

    Maayane Gracchus

    😂😂me too

  31. Malachi Reid

    My favorite song

  32. חי טבגה צדק הגנה אלהים אברהם יהוה עשיר


  33. Megan Park

    I love Hakeem but Blake's part is my fave in this song ^^"

  34. Femarie Clinkscales

    Lord please don't let Tiana fall for blake

  35. Neisha Starr

    Loving this song! Blake, Hakeem and Tiana did their thing!

  36. Legends Never Die Danish Zehen


  37. jennifer ruiz

    Another banger for me to twerk too. Damnit empire.😊

  38. cecille nahimana

    This song is so fire 🔥❤️

  39. Laura T

    Is cookie really going to die?

  40. Bella Dixia

    Le son de Hakeem c'est l'âme de Empire

  41. Shania Wright

    love this song

  42. IamThePineapple

    I enjoy Empire so much i can't wait when they get Empire back

    Who's you favorite character?

  43. Vegetassj9k Blue

    I knew it

  44. Jonnie Rice

    This song go hard

  45. Brooklyn Dent


  46. ya_Fav_Pisces N

    I like this song 💌💌

  47. Vegetassj9k Blue


  48. Vegetassj9k Blue

    Why do I have this weird feeling the Blake and Tiana will cheat on Hakeem

  49. Pierre Worldly

    Kanye vibes

  50. Kitty Clark

    What is your number hakeem

  51. medowlyn jones

    Blake deep voice killed it its what you need in this song

  52. Zamazulu Ntombela

    The beat is🔥,actually the whole song is fire, the way Blake enters💆😍


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  53. Mrs. Pitt

    Blake is Tom Hanks son in real life and Tori is Demi Moore & Bruce Willis daughter 😱😱😱

  54. Potato ._.

    I loved her dress in this 1

  55. Dymon Webster

    great song

  56. Asli Hassan

    This is the best squad ever
    Takeem and blake all together

  57. Celeste Maxwell

    Straight up I think we'll eventually find out that luscious is Simones father and star and empire will mash together

  58. Litty Carolina

    New music from Empire is always straight flames. 💙👏🙌

  59. Michael Drake

    ooooh My Takeem✌✌✌..Season 5 is gonna be 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  60. Let's Chat with Thapelo

    My new fav ♥️

  61. Jayden Bridges

    I want to see more of Rhonda 👻

  62. Angela Love

    Love this song

  63. June Clemons

    Can someone please tell me who was in the coffin last Wednesday on the show. I was in the hospital because of a car accident where my daughter and i were almost killed and I missed my Empire.

    Angela Love

    Think anika

  64. cassie luv

    My favourite song😍


    I love this song😍🤗

  66. Heath Ledger

    I still can't believe that that is Tom hanks's son in this show wow he can act and sing and the way he looked out for Hakeem when he got shot like he didn't hesitate he took that gun and Bam he shot that gun I hope they keep him around

  67. Nadia Sinanovic

    It has a little bit of Balkan tune into it

  68. Lillie Clark

    I'm on the phone with him rn

  69. Darnell Waugh

    I seriously hope Hakeem gets a lung transplant, he really needs it not just to rap again but to breathe better again too

  70. Edison James

    Hakeem’s part goes dumb stupid 🔥🔥🔥

  71. Giselle Khan

    Libiza Empire thanks love you 💋❤️💕👑 ok 5 Lol 😋😎😍😃😄

  72. Niyaz_Gamez Gamerz

    So Happy Hakeems Alive But Am I The Only One Wondering Whos In The Coffin ( Hope Its Not Hakeem )

    Tj Murchison

    No your not the only one I feel like it's out of Jamal, Cookie, Andre or Bella

  73. Its Taniyah

    I wanna know who in the casket so bad


    Its Taniyah I think it’s Lucius’s Mother.

    kymani spier

    Its Taniyah I think it's cookie bc in a interview she said she is leaving empire in season 5


    I think it prob princess

  74. Mia Simone

    Who was surprised by the time skip

  75. amanda08

    The other guy sound sooooooo better

  76. Joanna Colin

    This song is good asf I’m sad Hakeem can’t sing 😭

  77. Jonai Holland

    So mad hakeem was shot in his back and he has trouble performing because he has half a lung

  78. Basani Maphophe

    When I see the begin of episode 1 I thought Hakeem died I nearly cried

  79. Brianna Marshall


  80. kat mat

    Release this song on ITunes!!! It’s so good ❤️👌🏾

  81. Park YN

    Poor Hakeem he didn’t finish the song that’s why Blake came in the song cause Hakeem lost air in his lungs 😢😢😢😢

    Park YN

    MrDavidKen77 Um sorry I was just saying that just in case some didn’t see it DUMMY forget you nobody asked you to comment

    medowlyn jones

    Blake sound hot cuz his deep voice is just what you need


    You are the perfect reason why children SHOULD NOT be allowed on YouTube.

    Chris Deleon

    Tiana was forcing him to do it and shes the reason why he got hurt and she doesn't even care


    im sorry but you said it incase people didnt see it? thats called spoiling lol

  82. Desmond Mitchum


  83. Deiandria Barnes

    I love blake

  84. bam what


  85. K Jenae

    this song give me so many different country vibes

    queen trin

    I can't stop listening to it fr

  86. Yolanda Newcombe

    Who is in the coffin??? Its going g to be an omg moment...

    Ask Jafar

    Kaden Pope Eddie was cremated I remember that episode I think it was Andre

    Mandala Ishrani

    Yolanda Newcombe its kingsley lucious lost son Or first son i am not sure but its safe kingsley

    MYA Hedrington

    my mom is raging about that

    EyrinMarie O

    Nicole Robinson nah he got cremated

  87. Sanai Stewart

    I love tiana part♥️✨🤩

  88. Zhoria Cook

    This is my favorite song on season 5 on season empire

  89. Zhoria Cook

    Poor Hakeem but I am so glad that Hakeem is still alive woo

  90. Jayden Bridges

    I watch the episode thier alive Blake didn't get shot Hakeem did

    Tj Murchison

    @Jayden Bridges obviously you didn't watch the episode... you should go watch it

    Jayden Bridges

    @Tj Murchison I did

    Tj Murchison

    @Jayden Bridges then yk what happened and idk if his father died most likely he did

    Jayden Bridges

    @Tj Murchison aright I give you that win you win this argument

    Tj Murchison

    @Jayden Bridges lol..it was more of a discussion but w.e. you say

  91. Ιωαννα Δροσου

    THE BEAT🔥🔥🔥🔥

  92. Ceylon

    Let Go! Hakeem & Tiana!

  93. D Austin

    Wait, what if Hakeem's baby got shot???
    That trailer showed it breaking the window to that car

    D Austin

    @bvby. givenchy who died??? 😐

    bvby. givenchy

    no one but eddie did

    D Austin

    @bvby. givenchy thx

    bvby. givenchy

    Ur welcome

    queen trin

    @bvby. givenchy 😊😊😊😊

  94. George Njimoluh

    BRUH i almost had a heart atack if hakeem died. Bruh i was freaking out. But nice song.

  95. Jay Hardy

    Wow in that picture they really cut him out ... I’m literally crying tears lol