Emotions, The - Walking The Line Lyrics

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo
Ba Dee Ah Dee Ah Dee Ah
Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo
Ba Dee Ah Dee Ah Dee Ah
Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo
Ba Dee Ah Dee Ah Dee Ah

You're walking the line
You turned my life around
Say you will and then you won't
Say you do and then you don't
Take my love
Take my love

Cherish your love (you know I do)
In you it can be found
Say you will and then you won't
Say you do and then you don't
Take my love Take my love

Oh Ooh Oh Oh
Walking the line with my love
Oh...Say you will; then you won't
Say you do; then you don't
Take my love
Take my love

Just to pass the time
Fill these arms of mine
Say you will this time
To prepare for you
Love and kisses seems to do
Say you will this time
This time...

The sunshine is you
The brightest light around
Say you will and then you won't
Say you do and then you don't
Take my love Take my love

Oh Ooh Oh Oh
Walking the line with my love
Oh, Say you will; then you won't
Say you do; then you don't
Take my love Take my love

Walking the line
Say you will; then you won't
Say you do; then you don't
Love, love...

Walking, walking, walking
Walking the line
Walking, walking, walking

Oh, Say you will then you won't
Say you do and then you don't

I will take you, baby, if I really want your love...

Walking, walking, walking
Walking the line
Walking, walking, walking

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Emotions, The Walking The Line Comments
  1. Jeffrey Thompson

    If you don’t like this song, you probably voted for Donald Trump!

  2. Mauirce Payne

    Anybody with thumbs down. On the emotions don't know a Dam thing about music..this was my pre.teen years the best of soul and funk afro picks afro sheen and soul before they watered us down with drugs and cheap booz

  3. MsJoanne2008

    2019 and still listening. Golden Oldies forever!

  4. Linda Thomas

    My Absolute favorite of all time ❤❤❤❤👑👑👑👑 Pamela,shelia,wanda,Jeanette.

  5. Trina S

    Love this album!!

  6. Dr. killpatient

    A really underestimated recording from the pop-princess'. Beautiful recording.

  7. Lecia Elam

    Thank you ladies, such perfect harmony, I thank you for such a timeless classic, I appreciate your music soooooo much, walk on ladies into music history 😀

  8. thanddi

    Favorite Emotions cut. Heavenly harmony. TFS <3

  9. A. Chicboy Smith

    We miss you Mr. Maurice White. God bless. 🙏

  10. CeCe Av

    This is for the real female players and female macks

  11. Moe Den

    Black Angels!!!

  12. gwendolyn smith

    Step on Chi-town!🤷🏽‍♀️🔥🎶🎶🎶Go Emotions❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾Thank you Emotions, for walking the line!!!! I have always love their harmonies!!! Steppers song!👠This was my favorite from them a stepping good time💃!🌞Blended harmonies!!!Love that!❤️The Best of my love!

  13. Lecia Elam

    Walking, the line .....yasssss, beautiful song class

  14. jameskerry41

    the genius of Maurice White, pupil of Charles Stephany, the brilliance of the musicians of EWF and the sweet voices of the Emotions and you have an unbeatable combination-

  15. edinrussell

    Loved the Emotions! Saw them in concert with EWF back in the day. Oustanding!!

  16. Bernard Hendricks

    The young ladies made there mark, in R&B hits!  Every single recording was amazing!  The first hit was So I can Love You!The title made sense!  We are in 21st century now!  Give it tothese ladies, all there props!Bernard Hendricks

  17. Michael Stokes

    Client gent and ronny Paul discovered them when they left from hanging out with Richard pregue.. They were good friend with the late herb Kent the cool gent... My family knows a lot of stars.. And I'm only 29.. Had an aunt that own the road runner lounge an and cousin who own the burn spire lounge

  18. Frances Rush

    Classic Emotions! My Jam here! Played the grooves off of this Album! One of my Favs by them! Say you will, then you won't, say you do then you don't, take my love. . . Takes me back to High School! Love the Emotions(Sheila, Wanda, Jeanette)! Those instruments are fire! Much Love!

  19. pips first

    paradise's voices

  20. PositiVybz2

    Who's listening to this amazing song in 2019?🎶❣️💯

    Lecia Elam

    Very classy ladies, so glad this was my era. along with the other groups, Dramatics, The Elements, never will there ever be a time like that

  21. Mzz. Luvv chandlier Joyy

    OMG I Used to play this got me through sum cr cr men and their GAMES....

  22. SILKTEEN46

    Maurice White's subtle voice in the background is EVERYTHING! They were the best girls group of the 70"s. I keep rewinding this. A MASTERPIECE.

    B Black

    Me to..lol


    That is Joe Hutchinson Jr. their brother.

  23. Steve Anderson


  24. Geminisixtyfour

    The Emotions . . . I'll always be "Walking The Line" with them forever. Where has all the great singers and the music gone? All you hear nowadays is garbage.

  25. Gregory Moore

    High Frequency

  26. Mister Jack

    The lyrics with this harmony, showed some real musicmanship.😃

  27. A. Chicboy Smith

    This song never been played on radio back in the day for anyone to notice. When I bought it 13 years ago, my sister played it all the way through the CD. That's the first time I'd heard this song. But why was it not recognized?

  28. Mike Johnson

    all you need to remember on this great hit by maurice white is -SUNSHINE IS YOU THE BRIGHTEST LIGHT AROUND .

  29. gametoo2

    Glad I found this good tune , thanks you tube.

  30. William Carter

    Yes, This is how earth angels sound

  31. love goddess

    So this is how earth angels sound? Beautiful beyond words 🌻💐🌷

  32. A J

    The truth..........

  33. Darlene Johnson

    Best Female Group in our time...,courtesy of Reese and of course the LORD!!! I became an AF Officer in next few years after this song.

  34. Karlann Herndon

    SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL! 🎵🎤🎤🎤🎶🎻🎹🎸❤💕

  35. Carla Potter

    These sista's SANG!!! I loved them in the 70s and today (2019)


    2018💋- When my 12 year old son start dancing and then grab my hand 🤗...We will never forget how SOFT this song is for us. Awesome Groove

  37. LUCKY 472

    voices heavensent (-_-)

  38. Ann Clarke

    These are type tunes that were played on Jamaican Fm radio stations, more music less talk.

  39. Willard Perry

    My favorite all times female group ! They can serenade me anytime.

  40. Cat Perez

    2018 💋

  41. Kia Massado

    One of the BEST songs of all time!!!❤

  42. Ms Sybil

    I simply love this song, and sound and everything it represents

  43. BEMarty Three

    In the right mood, you can listen to this all evening.

  44. Tyree Dangerfield

    always loved the emotions...like for real...!!!!

  45. Diana Howard

    I played this song over and over.
    I love The Emotions!
    Mr. Maurice White (Rest in Heaven), was truly a musical genius, and knew these angelic voices would produce beautiful music 🎶🎼.

    kathy williams

    Diane Howard, Maurice White discovered the Emotions?...his musical contribution is endless, theirs no words to describe this man; Rest peacefully & musically Mr. White.

    David Hall

    Knew Maurice White was a Musical Genius back in the Mid 70s. Even my Caucasian colleagues acknowledged this fact.

  46. Charles Bullock

    Sheer PERFECTION - POWER and PERCISSION - The Emotions are Eternal!!

  47. Albert Fischer

    They ARE the best ever.


    Only the grown & sexy know about this!

  49. Meunier Philippe

    Good Charm

  50. Brandon family

    timeless music love it

  51. Necie Buford

    real music a message in the songs

    Theresa Davis

    Necie Buford

  52. Fatimah Suber

    me and my 2 cousins used to go on the steps of this empty house and sing these songs . i learned the words to their songs and sings to them then we would sing them... i love the Emotions

  53. lynn bond

    Give me chills cause im walking 🙄😑🤔

  54. Rudolph Watson

    seen them perform with EARTH WIND AND FIRE, LTD, The Brother's Johnson all on the same ticket. they brought the house down! !!!!☺❤❤❤❤

    kathy williams

    Rudolph Watson, Wow!, wish I could have been there...Earth Wind & Fire, Emotions, LTD, & Brother's Johnson are the best that music has to offer; God bless them all.

  55. Gary Watson

    I discovered this song during a ping pong tournament, I haven't looked back since .Beautiful music.

  56. Trenisha Jackson

    This. song. remind me of my sister. Patricia. grreen yhis was one of her favorite. songs...to u sis from your son kent....gbless. u...

  57. Noodleydoo

    One of the most beautiful songs ever recorded...

  58. Barbara Johnson

    so right !

  59. Tammy Strozier

    My fav by these beautiful ladies!

  60. diane derrick

    time stands still when i hear this song''''.

  61. Germaine Mensah

    Me and my cousin use to blow all there songs. My favorite female group of all time. Love all

  62. Sniper GangT7

    Emotion was the beast back in the days.miss yall so much.but music still lives on.

  63. Brodoc Betty

    I think only Labelle could match them vocally.

  64. Jaye Love

    The first ladies of harmony and melody....simply the best....I adore The Emotions....they have the right name because they've always given me best kind of emotions!!😄

  65. Niqui H


    gwendolyn smith

    Yes On the 3, for the nations!!! their music is timeless!🔥❤️

  66. D. C.

    This is what we call "chirpin"!! Yeah, the entire '70s saw so much talent--- but there is something really special about the music of the latter '70s...as disco was waning and the '80s approached. I think it lasted until about '83 and then electronic/computerized music started taking over and R&B shifted....not for the better.

    Delondia Cobbs

    The Emotions love them love them all time Favorite ladies group three Beautiful Sisters ❤

  67. Dorene Yelvie

    Beautiful! One of those songs you just put on repeat...

    kathy williams

    Yes!... over & over again, just heavenly!!!

  68. Shardell Blunt

    I love the emotions

  69. James Loftin

    this my song right here love you shirl

    Dennis Gardner

    My first concert I the Emotions an Teddy Pendergrass in Raleigh, NC. I had never heard 3 girls sound so clear, sweet and pure as Shelia, Wanda and Jeanette. Your were always will the Best female group of all time. God Bless each of you. Much Love Always. Dennis Gardner 1/1/18

  70. Simply Tlk

    Simply beautiful.
    Where did the music of this caliber go?

  71. Patricia Kelly

    i want to purchase Song Walking the line, by the Emotions or the album on CD.

  72. A'Doris A

    @ 1:52  Man at that moment, the 70's re-appear, the music makes it come back to life.

  73. Ann-marie Clarke

    J.B.C fm Stereo, more music less talk.

  74. D'Artenya Granger

    The Emotions - Walking The Line 1978

  75. Elson2Entertainment

    Love this song, love The Emotions!

  76. Therone Dawson

    I thank God that I was blessed to be born in a time when music like these ladies are singing had so much feeling and I could really appreciate. They are true artists. To you ladies may I say I am EMOTIONALLY yours. God bless you.

    Laurie Kaufman

    Therone Dawson . True harmony at its best

  77. Germaine Mensah

    Love those girls Me and my cousin Iris use to Grove those songs all the time

  78. Michael Mitchell

    love this song it's banging

  79. Tynisha Hill

    I love this song....Wow my mom has embedded the oldies in me. Good music from back in the day. Thanks mom...

  80. Sean Gunn

    this. shit. is. fukkin. fire. !!!!!!!!!!!!! D.C. shit. 96.3 FM WHUR

  81. Tara Quinch

    Ok, now you playing with my emotions. This song feels so deep. Wow, just Wow. Love me some Emotions, Those are my girls!

  82. Mayme Clayton

    Their most underrated song!


    just keep rewinding 3:13 my favorite part of the song

    A'Doris A

    Mine is at 1:52

    Laurie Kaufman

    BERNIE HOLMES . Me too

    Joni Jacques

    Give you chills everytime!

  84. Tiara Chanel

    Say you will and then you won't , say you do then you don't .

  85. Ben Floyd

    Wow, you guys were one of my favs! Graduated in 78! What memories!!!!!!!

    Brenda Hicks

    my favorites i marched in '79 hey!

    kathy williams

    Ben Floyd, the Emotions are truly God Given.....also graduated 78 from Berkeley High School in CA & what a time to be alive!

  86. Robbin Goldston

    These ladies had it going on!

  87. Rome' Miller

    The harmony on this tune is only 2nd to their other unbelievable classic " Flowers " !!!.... a killer one - two punch .

  88. Sharr Pracier

    And their will never be another Maurice White!!!
    Yeah..l said it!!👊👊👊

    Kelvin Brooks

    Sharr Pracier never ever ever will be! never!!!

    Patricia Davis

    Harmonies surpassed by no others. Tight! Love them.


    Sharr Pracier never!!!!


    @Patricia Davis Yes. Pure perfection. Heavenly.

  89. Sharr Pracier

    Sounds like Maurice, clear and precise...he sound as if he toned his powerful voice down just enough to bring what only he could....PERFECTION and that...to everything he did.
    l love the way he would never try to out shine another artist or musicians.
    he didn't have too..he was the Shine💕 effortlessly

    Michael Harper

    You are right, that is Maurice.......he's also playing drums on this track.....

    Basstribes mag

    For clarity to Michael Harper & fans who love this song. I'm the bassist on this song. by the name of Charlie Chuckaluck Hosch. Maurice White of coarse is the Producer on this song ,but Maurice is not playing drums on this song. The drummer on this song is from Chicago like me by the name Donzell Davis.We had awesome moments working with Maurice White on the sunbeam album in the studio and the great world tours we did with The Emotions. Which I still perform with from time to time. Cheers!


    You can definitely hear Maurice's touch on this. EWF and the Emotions were great together.


    @Basstribes mag Sweet bro! What other tracks did you play on the album?

  90. 1goldbaby

    don't quite remember this one....

  91. Sneaker Nate

    Loved this growing up, is that Maurice White singing behind the lead in the first couple of verses?

    Leonard Bailey

    Sneaker Nate Brother Joe Hutchinson jr

    Kemery Wright

    Woe! Just got educated...all these years I could have sworn that was Maurice

    David Hall

    Yes it is- He has a very distinctive singing voice.

  92. Edward Myles


  93. nowatout

    3517 S . Federal Stateway gradens.....Chicago, IL....good times I'll always remember

    Andre Jackson

    Stateway Gardens

    Henry Johnson

    Bro I was right across the Dan Ryan in Wentworth Gardens 36th and Wentworth. Right down the street was the Phillips 76 gas station and the old Comiskey park.Memooorrrrieees!


    Good Times....the 70's Woodlawn & Chatam

    Antonio Johnson

    3739 S. FEDERAL

    John Anders

    nowatout aaTh

  94. Tony T

    My 1st year in college and I was digging on this bad boy! Played the 8 track all the time as I cruised through Forest Park in St. Louis.

    Shunda Ray




  95. Kenny Jones

    always love this back in my high school days in Chi Town south side steppers

    Kenny Jones

    71st Woodlawn, went to Hyde Park

    ce hayes

    Kenny Jones 114 & Normal Fenger High School

    Kenny Jones

    Yeah I remember Fenger

    gwendolyn smith

    Shout out step on!🤷🏽‍♀️🔥🔥🔥My High School!

  96. monekia morris

    i love the emotions they know youre emotions!

  97. Lorna Christian

    Beautiful, talent at its best. We don't hear singing like this anymore. I loved the seventies.

    A'Doris A

    Me too!  The 70's were the best!

  98. Debra Watson

    I love the Emotions! They sparked mine!