Emotions, The - Smile Lyrics

Hey, if you really wanna come along with me
(Baby, baby, baby won't you smile with me, smile with me)
If you really wanna stay a while with me
(Smile with me, hey yeah)
(Smile, baby, baby, won't you smile with me)

Won't you come along with me
Shining faces we will see
Greet with you a smile
Making all our time worthwhile

Let's participate
In the love our smiling face
I guess we will arrange
New vibrations we'll exchange

Smile with me, come drive with me
The time will fly as we pass by
Won't you smile with me
Together we give in our hearts to love

If you really wanna come along with me
(Baby, baby won't you smile with me)

I'll share with you a song
We'll erase the right and wrong
Music that we give
Smiling faces learn to live

Smile with me, come drive with me
The time will fly as we pass by
Won't you smile with me
Together we give in our hearts to love

Come one
I wanna know if the smile is in you

If you wanna come along with me
(Baby, baby, baby won't you smile with me, smile with me)
If you think you really wanna stay a while with me
(Smile with me, hey yeah)
(Smile, baby, baby, won't you smile, hey yeah)

(Hey yeah, hey yeah, hey, hey)
(Hey yeah, hey yeah, hey, hey)
(Hey yeah, hey yeah, hey, hey)
(Hey yeah, hey yeah, hey)

Smile with me, come drive with me
The time will fly as we pass by
Won't you smile with me
Together we give in our hearts to love

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Emotions, The Smile Comments
  1. jamie lunes

    Da add is white 😅

  2. Willie BOWEN

    Pamela Hutchinson is my one in the Emotions

  3. The Underdog

    A time when MOST folks were NOT too cool to get their groove on!

  4. albert Forlini

    :-) :-) :-)

  5. The Underdog

    OMG, Family! I TOTALLY forgot about this jam! Woooo, bring it back y'all! Heeeeey!

  6. tubagee

    We will walk away hand in hand and look back.

  7. Debbah Abdelhak

    magnifique de magnifique

  8. Debbah Abdelhak

    magnifique ils sont dans une autre planète c'est du lourd

  9. Vincent Jones

    Obviously 19 ppl have NEVER smiled. Moving on from them......................THIS SONG IS TIGHT!!! There are no female trios out today who sound anything CLOSE to the Hutchinson sisters (the Emotions for the uninitiated) I heard this on a radio station somewhere between GA and NC the other day and it brought back fond memories of basketball season this time of year in Fayetteville, NC when I attended FTS ("78) with the crew: Donald, Skip, Greg, Joe, Maurice, Tony & Abraham and sometimes Mike E. This music made you feel good regardless of what was happening in life. EWF provided the best backing more than any other band could have. Now we have mortgages, insurance, car notes, IRAs, KIDS, 2nd mortgages, all kinds of electronic devices, email, texting, IG, FB, Twitter etc, etc. With that being said, talent then and talent now are worlds apart. The closest group in recent history who could come close would have been En Vogue, but the market wasnt primed for a classy, covered up talented girl group, so we get TLC, Destiny's Child and the rest of the no talent hacks out there. Be that as it may, Emotions and EWF rule!!!

  10. loveld Lu

    So thank you you like my poetry well I hope you have a great and wonderful holiday and all the best to the new year coming up and your dreams are filled and you achieve and accomplish what you need in personal and professional

  11. Anthony Taylor

    y'all recognize that earth wind and fire vibe


    that unmistakeable Al McKay rhythm guitar blazing

    Reginald Styles


  12. loveld Lu

    , I struggle to find who I am I never accomplished anything cannot move mountains I cannot create canyons and great fields from this I stand before you one in a million and still I cannot do what I accomplish a great singer the publisher a writer in artist you never see my Works in museums you never seen it written in newspapers I will not be on the cover of magazines because I have not moved I'm still where I am and who I am you don't know I speak of words I tell you this you will not forget yet you do not remember me not by who I am my smile my eyes my beauty it's just still in me I know one special I could have been a great artist biggest Picasa brightest fan go stunning as money in my work my passion my vision I give to you moves you in everywhere and still your heart your mind open your vision into a new frontier my work would have been showing from every continent every area I've been published on the covers of magazines on talk shows I will be interview speaking off my talent yet you still don't know who I am I stand still before you you moved around and you left.😭😥 I could become the greatest designer to change the world how they see their self Bible the fields of those who wants and don't challenge those who do not believe open up the doors Tear Down the Walls clear the fields and rebuild as high as the highest peak brightest and brightest Beauty in style I would have made a name for myself it'll be a household you will know me just buy one and yet you still do not see me

  13. loveld Lu

    I stand here before you a blank slate nothing developing nothing deceiving UC I am this one thing you cannot catch you cannot hold you cannot change how many times you try
    Again we go through this emotional race confusion battering twisting in the Wind heads up you do not know yet you want
    What's what you cannot control you manipulate lie and cheat make the excuses for your what you do and what you claim
    Published have no regrets I do not apologize 🙏 Now or Never I see only one thing it is no substitute no denial no tribulations coming forward so I move on do the next thing.
    From this I grow further as the sea rooms the ocean Ross Crystal's enlight

  14. loveld Lu

    From the fields ,and she going across as far with my eyes can see mystery comes before me ' from my imagination 🏃 clearance pleaser , me I had to Claire. The beginning to ends, I speak no more because I'm Mourning night🌚 tonight as 🔆 bright as the Moon deep 🌝 Aspen spare so I move slowly building up to this moment I am sure now it is expectation

  15. Edward Smart

    Real music

  16. loveld Lu

    It's come to my attention that China is interested in Jamaica for what reason I ask it could be for their own agenda and that's not good in some ways you have to look at the whole picture Jamaican people be careful about someone who brings gifts to your eye on it do not cause your eyes to anything be aware of their agenda and why they're doing it because let me tell you something else they cannot buy Jamaican people because we're not for sale and if they don't know anything about Jamaica it's not the island is the people that makes Jamaica they don't care about history I want to make this about their own interest in one thing and what they can get out of it and that is a damn shame again China don't tick Jamaica for granted and what we are and what we stand for so think twice and how you are approaching an island is rich in culture love and Rich tradition and you cannot put a price on that no matter what you do I think you can come to the island and try to change it into what you think they should be and how they should act and think that you can do it any better

  17. Reginald Styles

    Funky Music From Emotions and Earth Wind and Fire ALL TIMES LEGENDARY CLASSIC ❤️😇😎😁

  18. Johnny Chambers

    One of my favorite female group doing the time when I was in the Marine Corp and when I came back to Los Angeles those lady can sang there ass of I got love for the Emotion Johnnie from LosAngles and Pittsburgh

  19. Owen Brown

    This is a major tuuuune!! Produced by Maurice White and the EWF gang. Mr Verdine White taring up the bass and phoenix horns are ultra tight. The only fault with this track...is that it's too damn short :-) Awesome production!!

  20. sandesh ps

    0:38 - 0:51. What a rhythm :)

  21. tubagee

    Can someone relk me how todays music gives young people the high that music luke this did back in the day .?????

  22. tubagee

    I would love to be at the dinner table with EWF The Emotions Deniece Williams and Pockets . What a feast of Joy .

    Reginald Styles

    tubagee I would be there Also 😧😧😧

    Terry Harris

    tubagee yes

    ce hayes

    tubagee Now that would truly be feast, the musical knowledge I would absorbing !!!

  23. tubagee

    Take the journey .

  24. tubagee

    Maurice White wants us to take the jkurney . This music got me through life as it still does. .

  25. Stephanie Carr

    if THIS one doesn't get you moving..you might wanna check your pulse.. love it!!!!


    Baby Baby Baby Smile wit me

  26. kgmaj

    Does anyone know the lyrics? I've been looking everywhere.

    Nelson Castillo


  27. Patricia Bradley

    This song makes me smile. I was so young when this one hit the charts.

  28. Melody Sanger


  29. Queen Bilquis



    Queen Bilquis are you the same Queen Bilquis for Harlem?

    Reginald Styles

    Yes Yes ❤️💓

  30. Melody Sanger


  31. Below Average Joe

    Verdine White is killing on bass!

    Anthony Durham

    For real!

    Reginald Styles

    Yes For REAL 😯😯😯

  32. Veiwer Discretion

    Good times.

  33. Nadine x

    Reminds of a pure time

  34. Joan Rogers

    I was looking for that song!

  35. José Juan domínguez

    This sound reminds me of Kool and the Gang very much