Emotions, The - Rejoice Lyrics

If the things you do are not pleasing you
It's time to take another point of view
You take the things you've learned
All that you know are real
And what you feel is your first concern
Oh, then sacrifice and make it right
Rejoice in the things you know are right
You can rejoice
Make you feel real good inside

There may be times, oh, when you're in doubt
About the way, and just how to work it all out
You'll find the things you seek are within your reach
Your mind conceived it, your heart will believe it
Now that you've sacrificed and you've paid the price to make a better way in your life today
You can see the light, yes you can
Ah Yeah
Ahh Yeah, yeah

There may be times, oh, when you're in doubt
About the way, and just how to work it all out
You'll find the things you seek are within your reach
Your mind conceived it, your heart will believe it
Now that you've sacrificed and you've paid the price to make a better way in your life today

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Emotions, The Rejoice Comments
  1. Deborah Yuille

    This song is so bad, especially in the 70's l used to play it to death! The music or the instruments are SICK!

  2. Jeffrey Thompson

    Who is feeling this bass line? Damn!!

  3. Lenard Shaw

    Ewf boys marching in the background totally killing it as always 💢💥💫🌟🔥

  4. Neosoulgroovydude

    Chaka went for that groove in what you gonna do for me

  5. Huggy Bear

    The BEST female group of ALL TIME !!!

    Ronald Mondrey

    No, that would be The Supremes

  6. Tjuana B

    Love this song! Written by The legendary Kieth Henderson CHICAGO!!!!

  7. Ms Alison

    Bish yesssss🔥

  8. nino Brown6550

    Underrated chooon!

  9. Don Ansell

    Sampled by Nate Dogg

  10. Cas82958

    The groove is so tight. The EWF musicians are all over this one.

  11. Tyjah Khan

    Sang That Thang Wanda!!!

  12. A. Chicboy Smith

    I like listening to this song when I'm on the road.

  13. Seth Tanner

    Stay Strong! Great song. Thanks for uploading. Check out my "Positive Music Vibes Radio" channel. Subscribe, shuffle, and enjoy! The message is in the music.

  14. Joyce Freeman

    a feeling is

  15. Juanita Martin

    I grew up on this!! Yasss!

  16. Tyrone Ford

    If ya didn't know...NOW you KNOW!!!

  17. Kenny Jones


  18. Melissa Galaviz

    I aint mad at this beat tho damn

  19. Ronny D' Mattos

    Que sincronização vocal desse trio

  20. MsB Cheet

    Hot classic groove

  21. Kenyetta Jones


  22. Mo Love

    When I was a teen everybody had the Rejoice album on the floor leaning against the stereo if they didn't you was in the wrong house

  23. Vanessa D. Wright

    Legendary Emotions! My Old School! I love you guys soooo much!!!!

  24. Angela Molette

    Thank you for posting this uplifting song. Its just what we need right now. Bless you and The Emotions. I must share.

  25. Roquel Shipley

    Happy days, this is a CLASSIC.......ageless

  26. really rell


  27. Robert House

    Take a listen to this music. It just works today as it did years ago. I'm hooked on these vocals. I see the light!

  28. Steven Rice

    One of the greatest songs...ever! #AllTime #AnyEra #AnyGenre

  29. gerlsus1

    As I look back over my life, I smile to have been blessed to grow up listening to great artists such as The Emotions. I was about nine(9) years old when I first heard The Emotions. Boy I miss the '70s!

  30. Mardric Lance


  31. Derek Carter

    don't start no mess won't be none slow and easy it's the music nothing but the music so help me music Brother Derek Carter Muncie Indiana keep dancing laughing living peacefully lots of love love love

  32. Tyree McKelton

    How did this get past me??!!

  33. Jeffery Mizell

    Wow! many compliments, and all deserving for the Emotions and this wonderful (nostalgic) song. REJOICE!!! Motivates me @ the beginning of my day.

  34. C Sanders

    LAWD this is fonky


    love this song!!!!

  36. Ben Floyd

    Thank God for music! The best way to go back in time!!!!!!

  37. Bryan Payton

    I can't believe that it's taken me all of these years to discover this gem. Maurice White could do no wrong, with his production efforts. This entire album has stood the test of time, and I really enjoy listening to it.  Every track is organic, which is what's missing from today's music scene.  These girls can really sang!

  38. Supreme Ali

    Loved growing up with beautiful soul music.  Nowadays too much nigga/bitch music.  :(

  39. Donna Crosby


  40. Melanie Perry

    This was another one of my favorite songs!!!! These are sisters with the real voices.....

  41. Kent Jackson

    yes rejoice

  42. Tracie Rivera

    I swear this is one of my FAVORITE groups of all-time! These were the songs in the '70's. I miss those times so dog-gone much.

    Mayme Clayton

    You wanna buy a mood ring? 50 dollars a ring right here. just kidding...lol

  43. polyprinz

    One of my favorites by these real life sisters!!!

    Tracie Rivera

    I feel you! :)

  44. MegaeffinGarchomp17

    these sistas killed it!

    A. Chicboy Smith

    Killed it? These ladies singed beautifully.

  45. Soulphilly Skates Krew

    nate dogg, snoop dogg & warren g (213) sampled from this song on their song "gotta find a way"

  46. charles turner

    I am stuck in time now!!!

  47. Lester Jordan

    10 th grade music man o man miss the great music of the GREAT EMOTIONS

  48. seshta

    Verdine did his thang on that bass tho


    +seshta That's not Verdine.


    Correction, David Sheilds, bass on Rejoice....wow

    Tracie Rivera

    You are so right! That bass is hittin' on almost all of the songs by the Emotions! Heeeeyy! Lol! :)

  49. Kevin Knighton

    This song is my joint and Wanda drives the vocals ALL the way home. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Emotions!!!


    +Kevin Knighton

    And U know this!!

    Tracie Rivera

    I'm with you on that! :)

    Mandino Rock

    Kevin Knighton : A powerful vocal piece. Very uplifting.

  50. Mary Kaye

    Love this song,always loved the emotions.

  51. Ben Floyd

    YYYYYep!!  ;)

  52. Daff

    R.I.P PEACE Nate Dogg

  53. Joyce Phillips

    One  of my favorite old school Albums. Special memories goes out to the Old Dollar Mill rd. crew South West Atl. Rejoice for the things God gas done for us all.

  54. DiDi72

    I still have this album and this was one of my favorite songs!!

  55. Bruce Young

    SWeet music 2 ur ears yes sir

  56. Earl Daniels

    Thees sisters now they had some spunk REJOICE!!!

  57. Tanya Beyah

    This song says it all

  58. KalimbaKid

    The fabulous Hutchinson Sisters. Wanda went off on this one. And the backing music is bumpin' (produced by Maurice White).

  59. kittielala

    Unsung brought me here. I love it!

  60. obvioustruths

    Nice! A landmark, pillar, in my personal journey to rejoicing.

  61. simoneXperience

    I just got a moment to look at an episode of Unsung on my DVR.  Thank you unsung and thank you for uploading this song.  The Emotions were and are incredible!!!  Rejoice!!!

  62. Cocoa Sugar

    This song is my personal mantra, the lyrics are so true and so applicable. Rejoice was recorded the year I was born... timeless message, LOVE IT.

  63. theholladay

    I thought this was the Jones Girls.

  64. Pamela E.

    Really enjoyed Unsung last night. The late 70s was The Bomb. These ladies right here were awesome. 

  65. Gunter Butler

    Saw them do it Live,@ Bayfront center,with Commodores,Washington Jam Band,Trainrobbers,Child of Friendship,St.pete Fl 8/77

    erik dennard

    Gunter Butler
    RIP Tyrone ( tiny ) Johnson, shout out to Gina Boy ,Tim, Speck and the rest of the Childs of Frienship Train Robber's Band and also Big shout outs to King and Ray Butler, Hiram Hazely and one of my closet friends lil Charles Davis ( a bass player - bass player ) and the rest of The Washington Jam Band.

  66. Fran Me

    This music is KICKIN'!!!

  67. michael chappel

    This is truly old school at its best- I personally Rejoice for LIFE, MY FAMILY and TRUE FRIENDS. Oh by the way for those of you that might not know it- Earth, Wind  & Fire are playing the music on this great track (Rejoice) by the Emotions... 



  69. Lakeisha C

    Love The Intro,Nothing can substitute THE EMOTIONS

  70. geesus carlton

    my  forever girls ....i hope that respects  these women

  71. Candi Young

    Nope, not one. As a result, if an album did not have at least three cuts I really liked, it stayed in the store.

  72. Candi Young

    Gotta apologize to Pacific Street off 21st and Erie in Philly. I blasted this album until I could no longer play it.

  73. gerald deyounge

    Rejoice ladies. You are truly amazing.

  74. Anthony Bridges


  75. Eziyah Cudjo

    This album was truly anointed by the gods. Beautiful from beginning to end. Everyone n the hood knew every song

  76. BenjaminGessel

    If I'm not mistaken, Rejoice goes something like this harmonically: G Maj7 - C-Maj7 - G Maj7 - C-Maj7 - B Aug - E-9 (stays here for a bit, nice and funky in the intro) - G/A - (verse): D Maj7 - G/A - D Maj7 - G/A - G Maj7 - C-Maj7 - G Maj7 - C/D - B/C# - (chorus): E-9 - G/A - (back to verse, repeat 2x, etc.) (There is just a bit of variation later, but that's pretty much the harmonic structure of the song. E minor 9 is the the BIG chord here in the chorus.)

  77. Bloodsport1

    Nate Dogg Find a way

  78. kirkspencermusic

    The thing about this EWF produced album....There was not a bad track. You could play tRejoice from beginning to end. EWF worked it out. Not the same now with the artists of today.

  79. Gerard Williams

    You are SO right! Remember the group "Pockets?"

    Sib Family

    Gerard Williams. Yes indeed!. Come go with me. :)

  80. B777X

    brings back some of most fond memories of childhood

  81. Donnie Mrkacek

    your right to correct any inconsistancies regarding information no matter if people notice or not because if is seems like a small detail to others there must be other reasons that dave, jim and louis are seldom mentioned regarding these wonderful recordings thanks for remembering them

  82. Luevernon Cross

    Now this is real R&B. I had the album as a child and wore it out. It's wonderful to hear this tune again. Thanks for posting.

  83. NikkiPerri31

    this was my jam finding this brought me to tears!!!! ty for posting

  84. Moltenfiya

    Sweet stuff right here! I love conscious music!

  85. Blacko2000

    wow !!!!!

    213 - gotta find a way

  86. Michael Julius

    This is not EWF backing the Emotions. It's David Shields on bass, James Gadson on Drums and others. Verdine very seldom played on EWF sessions. When Louis Satterdfield was alive and playing with the Phoenix Horns "He" played bass on EWF sessions.

  87. r8rfantilidie

    Nigga gotta find a way... Find a way to make some money!!!

  88. Ya Boi James

    yea three years ago.....naw naw jk lol

  89. employme09


    Pervis Staples of the Staples Singers discovered them after they released a record titled Somebody New in

    Chicago. He took them to Stax Records and the rest is history.

  90. isaac jackson

    saw them perform this on soul train this morning....had to bump this!!!!

  91. mochafrap2006

    This helped me through the hard times then and it still does it today....because "You find the thing you seek, within your reach, your mind conceives it, your heart believes. No matter what the world tries to take from you or this crazy economy and society....What God has for you it is for you....they cannot take anything without God's permission...and if he is permitting it, it must be for the greater good or for a reason to protect you. I say this because I am unemployed but not for long.

  92. Saint Midas!❥⁹

    I love the wah-wah guitar at 2:02

  93. Saint Midas!❥⁹

    Oh my God!! great song!! another product of Earth, Wind & Fire..

  94. msdonna2008


  95. nowatout

    This song was a B- SIDE, could have been worthy of an A-SIDE

  96. bucketfiscotland

    quality....so want to see them in uk/europe,,does anyone know where they will be playing nxt? x

  97. Merchantsmith Images

    This album is the bomb!

  98. baj7557