Emotions, The - Key To My Heart Lyrics

Mmm, mmm
Mmm, mmm
Mmm, mmm, mmm

If you should go away, I'll hurt today
Won't you stay?
You're the one with the key to my heart
You taught me many things while living here
When we were near-ear-ear
The one with the key to my heart

Never could be (Never could be)
Someone like you to understand (To understand)
All the hurt and pain, you're my only man
My love is yours at your command

Listen, at night I think of you, how we grew
Now I'm blue-ue-ue
The one with the key to my heart
Together we shared the world, a string of pearls
I was your girl
You're the one with the key of my heart

You unlocked the door (Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)
To all of the things that were part of me
I hope you'll see that you made me free
Now that you're gone (Now that you're gone)
I'm all alone, you left me

You're the key
(Won't you help me, baby)
To my heart
You're the key-ey
To my heart
(Baby, hey baby)

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, you're a part of me
I hope you see that you made me free
Now that you're gone (Now that you're gone)
I'm all alone, you left, you left (Ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...)
Ooh, ooh you left me alone, baby, baby
Ooh, you don't have to leave, baby, oh
Oh, ho, oh, oh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Baby, what am I gonna do so empty baby (Ooh...)
You filled my life (Ooh...)
Oh, whoa, oh, oh, baby

You're the key
To my heart
You're the key-ey
To my heart

You're the key
To my heart
You're the key-ey
To my heart

You're the key (You're the key)
To my heart (To my heart)
You're the key-ey (You're the key)
To my heart

You're the key (You're the key)
To my heart (To my heart)
You're the key-ey (You're the key)
To my heart

You leave me abandoned, baby, baby
You'll ever forgive me, baby
Will you ever forgive me, baby, ooh
You're the key (Ooh, ooh, ooh)
To my heart (Ooh, ooh)
You're the key-ey
To my heart (I'm beggin' you, baby)
You're the key
To my heart
You're the key-ey
To my heart

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh,ooh, hoo, oh, oh
Oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, baby, baby
Where did you go, baby?
Your home is ready, baby, ah, hey-ey-ey, hey
Ooh, wee, baby, your things are still here, baby
You reminded me of all the times
Baby, when we spent together, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

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Emotions, The Key To My Heart Comments
  1. Deborah Yuille

    It's still a bad piece, still playing it to death, and its 2020

  2. Marvin King

    Exquisite harmony, just like the Jones Girls.

  3. EcClair Mayo

    Honestly the smoothest sing ever recorded and vocals are righteous..I could listen to this all day.

  4. Tranquilty onthemind

    Songs by the Emotions, a bottle of wine, 🥂 two glasses and my husband.... chillin and relaxin on the back deck going back to the 70’s where you’ll find the best music!

  5. Lydia Dixon

    Best female vocalist ever!! Share the world string of pearls I was your girl!!

  6. 张雨霖

    the voice is the key to my heart

    EcClair Mayo

    Agreed. These vocals are so smooth like butter

  7. Jhamel Wade

    This is before me when there was soul music and the creativity of the old sounds!

  8. Paul Campbell

    So unrated they need to honored in the Hall OF Fame!!!

  9. Doreen Weinman

    Love this song I did the waltz to it a long time ago

  10. Jhamel Wade

    This song!!

  11. Philippe Meunier

    Ladies , Reconforte Mon Esprit Merci The Emotions

  12. Ty Justo

    When I'm gone girl I miss ya

  13. Spice Ts

    When I tell you this here song was soooo danged perfectly right.....
    With EMOTION😍😍😍😍😍😍🎤🎼🎵🎺🎶🙌

  14. David Alexander

    Sheila Hutchinson vocals are amazing.

  15. Philippe Meunier

    I Like Style , I Like Charme

  16. Bonnie Cann

    Damn love these women

  17. gatrics perine

    2018!!!! first heard 1977!!!!! 41yr. old song is STILLLLL THE BOMB!!!

  18. Gilbert Washington

    This record is so sweet and sexy I became a locksmith

  19. Kenny Jones

    Quality soul😌

  20. lady Blue

    Always have my tissue ready for at the end when Shelia snap oh what a classic

  21. farid abdulali

    Maurice White did his thing with the production on all of it ,however it was their sweet sounds that made it all work these ladies got the chops. nuff said

  22. Duane Goin

    I love this melodic emotions track . Very relaxing.

  23. yvettenichols73


  24. Terence Buie

    jeff brown the orginal quite storm 96.3 wash dc

  25. Terence Buie

    jeff brown the orginal quite storm 96.3 wash dc

  26. ToneyT

    This is the things there are four sisters Jeanette, Wanda, Sheila and Pam. With the four voice the harmonious voices are tight, and Jeanette is singing on this LP but not in the picture. The low part is the key Jeanette does not get enough credit, love their sound.

  27. Luck Luchi

    50 Cent - Part Time Lover

  28. Pamela Whitten

    Pamela Whitten and Anthony Eugene Campbell😘😘😘I will always love you for ever!!!!#

  29. DD LUMP


  30. Zena Parker

    This one right here!!!

  31. Martha Harris

    Great music

  32. yvettenichols73

    Lord knows that this Album was My Heart I was Always the 1 who introduced Music to My Community Played it So LOUD, SO YOU HAD TO LOVE IT. YEARS LATER I NEVER THOUGHT I'D FEEL WHAT I FEEL TODAY, BURIED MY ONLY SON AT THE AGE OF 11 YRS. SO I DEDICATE THIS SONG TO HIM😢💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  33. Michael Bostic

    Excellent duo that really made this song

  34. terrell phillips

    This is when music was REAL

    Reginald Styles


  35. Anthony Choyce

    Classic. I first had this on album in 1977 as a teen-ager.

  36. Louis Ross

    This is a classic .The Emotions and their band Earth wind & fire.

  37. Johnny Chambers

    How many time we had the key to someone heart female or male are they one that had the key to our heart and how many time that key had been broke and we always went back to get other key that why she said you the key to my heart Johnny from pgh and Los Angeles 🐺🐺🐺🐺

  38. raj neesh


  39. Helene Wortham

    My first love i high school

  40. Denee Lee

    my first album

  41. Robert House

    Thank you for this great post. I've listened to this song for over 45 days. Yep, the Emotions have captured my thoughts on a love lost. Thanks once more!


    Thankyou!!! :p

  42. Tyrone Williams

    These gals gave you church, with their harmonious sounds!!! sang y'all sang

  43. Cynthia Scranton

    🔑 to my 💗

  44. Kajache

    mind blowing harmony, seamless. who out there today compares, i'd like to know cause I'm behind the times

    Shelly J

    No one.




    Very few. The 90s were the last of the greats. And even they can't fully compare with one exception being Boyz II Men.

    Anita Hatcher

    l will always treasure music and Groups like the forever Emotions and Earth Wind & Fire...

    Ruby Ingram

    None of whom I've heard since the Emotions came on the scene comes close to them and Jean Carne, who is very hot and gets no air time. For the younger people, En Vogue are really harmonious and great. They should've done like the Temptations and got someone whose vocals were very similar to the one who left the group. That's how you do that there, not that the new lady can't sing bc she can.

  45. Gio Dim

    This is the decade.This is music

  46. michael driver

    A wonderful piece!!

  47. eric anderson

    3:50 on, GIRLS are BANGING it out

  48. Ronald Walker

    My Mothers Duce and a quarter on crenshaw cruising to the total experience to see the Dramatics

  49. Melody Sanger


  50. Elliott Teasley

    50 Cent - Part Time Lover

  51. jesusneverexisted300

    I was 11 when this album came out (77). My mom bought this album as well as other great artists albums. I learned every lyric for every song on this album and Flowers album (76) as well. I love the Emotions.


    I was the same age and did the same thing!  Too coincidental.  :)


    @Sheshe661972 Wow! I bet your a music connoisseur too.


    LOL! I guess you could say so.

  52. LEXE71

    this is one of the classic albums of the late 20th century. all the songs are excellent.


    Every last one! My table is playing this album a lot as of now.

  53. DJ Mouse Trap Music

    50 cent

  54. DJ Mouse Trap Music

    50 cent

  55. Ron Rossmore

    Cool memories. I remember playing this song as loud as my home made box speakers would let me in my mom's 1967 Chevy Impala cruising down Whittier Blvd. in Los Angeles in 1977, '78. I also remember playing this song to death in the confines of same car during my graveyard lunch break at 3:00AM in the Dixie Cup parking lot on those cold nights thinking about my cute and sexy co-worker's bulge that swatch-buckled back and forth in his loose blue work pants eating a cold ham sandwich my mother had made for me at 10:00 the night before. I would sneak a peek whenever he would turn away to fix some knob on the printer he ran. Ahhh, I was 18 and he was an older 23. The night he finally invited me to a party with him...oh I'm getting ahead of myself again.

    No Diana Ross references in this, other than this was in 1978, and happened way before age let me come out (see Let's Stay Together)... . He he he... .

  56. DiDi72

    I still have the album!

    Kevin Stewart Strwart

    Jasmin72 Verdine White wrote this song.

  57. Janet Shaw

    Such a beautiful song !

  58. David Alexander

    Chicago s  Finest.

    JC Nash JCNash PR

    David Alexander Exactly! Chicago has everything!!!💖

  59. David Alexander

    Saw them  in  Largo,  Maryland  in late 70s . They were outstanding.

  60. frakenfish1


  61. Kayanda Eddings

    Are IP to Maurice White who produced this song and the whole album that year. And if I'm not mistaken, he is doing a partial duet with the emotions on this song.

    Larry Wallace

    +Kayanda Eddings HE IS.

    YaniYani TV

    Kayanda Eddings no you're not mistaken


    No, Kayanda Eddings, you are not mistaken. That's Maurice with Sheila on vocals.


    Kayanda Eddings. U RITE!!!😎

    EcClair Mayo

    He did his thing on this album. It's so smooth

  62. Belinda Peoples

    I use to play this album day and nite. This was the Era Of GOOD Music!


    *yes! Love those 70s 😙🖤😚*


    You betta say that!!

    Aziyha Brown

    Belinda Peoples preach

  63. Melody Sanger


  64. Leonard Gadley

    Beautiful song from Beautiful ladies. When I want to reminisce of the good times from the past I always play this song. One of my all time favorites.


    angels in heaven

  66. Tammy Toon

    The 70's music Will Always Have the Key to my heart!


    +Tammy Toon ditto

    Oliver Nevels

    +Tammy Toon Amen !!!!


    Right on!



  67. Nathaniel Brunson

    Oh Sheila, you were just feeling it @4:30-4:38

    EcClair Mayo

    She started crying these lyrics out


    She always sang with such tender emotion.

  68. Adlissa Terry

    my husband hold that key

  69. N. Judge

    You girls brought the house down the summer of 1977 @ the Municipal Auditorium in Charleston, SC with that Rejoice album that went Platinum! I was on the front row and Wanda gave me that carnation from her hair. It stayed in my freezer for about a month. I wish you all can return soon. We love you!

  70. Mayme Clayton

    The fabulous Hutchinson sisters!

  71. Mr King2791

    Mr Maurice White and. The Ladies

  72. wena941

    Back in the days kutts

  73. Roy Watley

    Oh My God do you know the key to my heart? TRUST!

  74. sirresebethea


  75. Fredricka Glenn

    Awesome Group one of a kind.

  76. Beauty Magic

    Maurice White is tight on those vocals in the beginning of this song. Best female group ever!

    Ethel Stevens Love

    Yes, Maurice had a solo career for a while, I have his album....  Most people don't know that...
    The "Emotions" harmony is nice....  November 27th 2014

    Reginald Styles


    EcClair Mayo

    I totally agree these are the best vocalists for me

  77. Brian Gary

    My most all time female trio, they're awesome. I bought every album they recorded. High school memories 77-79

    Brian Gary

    Most favorite female trio


    Flowers is pretty good, but this one and Sunbeam are their best.

    James Willson

    They could give goose bumps.and make you feel warm all over at the same time

    EcClair Mayo

    Agreed, they are the best of all time

  78. simone barlow

    What can I say!  This group has/had the most harmonious voices ever.  There are absolutely no others to come even close.  Memories.....

    Shelly J

    Yea, the Emotions were good but let's not forget the Jones girls too!

    Xulu Xac

    Who were HEAVILY influenced by the Emotions! theyll be the first to tell you,lol....

    Kemery Wright

    Jones Girls, sorry, couldn't touch the Hutchisons Sisters, no way! It's no wonder they weren't as big as they were.


    The Jones Girls, maybe???

    Reginald Styles

    Best Sister Singers EVER 💓😇

  79. Tammy Renee


  80. mkbell2003

    Harmony is tight!

  81. dwalace41

    The most unappreciated song on the album. I played it to death.



    Spice Ts

    She said oooh wee babAE.. YOUR THINGS ARE STILL HERE😊😊💋💋😛💕


    dwalace41 FOR REAL!


    Spice Ts OH!!

    Deborah Yuille

    I'm still playing it to death and its 2020, its a bad piece!

  82. Sudan ThaGod


  83. pam ligon

    This song literally brings me to tears. The lead vocals are superb! The Emotions definitely had the right name. They were the best female group out there. What talent! Just wish they could have stayed on top since they were the best. I would go to see them today if they came to my town.

  84. Donald Nelson

    50cent "Part Time Lover"

    Ty Justo

    When I'm gone girl I miss ya

  85. Sanjae Gooden

    Best soul group evvvaaa!!! These songs let me go mmm,,,!!

  86. nikki high

    Such a bitter sweet song! #memories

  87. A. robinson

    Such a pretty song!

  88. Tracye Davis


  89. enmaxus

    thank you

  90. bmdumas49

    This album brings back fond memories. Beautiful song about a woman's devotion to her man, and yet sad at the same time. Thanks for posting.

  91. nunile18

    Maurice White is a musical genius he really turned the Emotions out if you know what I mean

  92. Felicia Dixon

    ...and the greatest of these is Love.

  93. Tasty Love53

    After 36 Years This Song Is So Beautiful. The 70's Great Music. this Is True Love!

  94. Tyrone Warfield

    angels from heaven

  95. Norman Scott

    This album is a masterpiece...............

  96. msscott73

    I was so in love with this song. The lead's voice is superb.

  97. castortroykrb

    This played on the "Time Tunnel" Washington Dc's own Howard University Radio 96.3 Whur Saturday morning 9/22/12 This brought back some Memories of the Late 70's ! Man I really wish we could travel to that time for a week in our lifetime !