Emotions, The - Heart Association Lyrics

Nothing in the world could ever change what I feel
'Cause boy I know that it's real
You're my heart association
Nothing in the world (Nothing in this world)
Could ever change what I feel (Could ever change what I feel)
'Cause boy I know that it's real (Ha ha, ha ha)
You're my heart association

Falling in, I was full of anxiety
Because of people in society
I had nothing in the world
I started just to fall 'way
And the sound of your voice said "Don't go away"
You're gonna find a love someday, boy

Now baby you're my heart association
When I first saw you I was physically [?] pain
You should have seen how I acted my heart
The center of my reason
I don't care if it's in or out of season
You promised to pray
Slipped and passed too long to feel, to notice me
I'm yours to will for strength and love
For mind and soul, as we go on
Your heart is the scene of my emotions
And it didn't get there without a notion
'Cause now you're my heart association

You're mine to crave, to sympathize
To love, to feel
To know it's real
I'm yours to will for strength and love
For mind and soul, as we go on
Your heart is the scene of my emotions
And it didn't get there without a notion
Uh-hoo, uh-hoo

Your baby you're my heart association
Heart association
Heart association
(Baby you're my) Heart association
(Baby you're my) Heart association
Heart association
(Baby you're my) Heart association
Heart association
Heart association
Heart association
(Baby you're my) Heart association

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Emotions, The Heart Association Comments
  1. gwendolyn smith

    My ❤️ association!!!

  2. Denise Gray

    This is one of the songs the Emotions performed at our school ( Parker HS ) during assembly. The were so great and what was really great they attended the school and I had class with one of them. I really love the music they created and it still sounds good.

  3. Denise Gray

    This is one of the song the Emt

  4. loveblind

    You’re heart is the seed of my emotions but it didn’t get there without a notion..... you’re mine to claim to sacrifice to love to feel.. so unreal.. I’m yours to claim to sympathize in mind and soul as we go on...

  5. sabrina brown

    🖤💛🎹🍷👍🏽😁 The HEART ASSOCIATION!!! This is the jam! Used to play on my record player as a child!

  6. loveblind

    Your heart is the seed of my emotion and it didn’t get there without a notion

    Love this record!

  7. Wood Jeannie

    my aunt used 2 play this song out whn i was growin up, it brings back memories of a time whn things were much more serine n real!!

  8. Wil Hart of the original Delfonics

    Great music.

  9. Deborah Wiley

    Saw them Mother's Day weekend two years ago and they still sound great!

  10. Darren Cork

    The REAL SWV (Sisters With Voices)

    Aziyha Brown

    Darren Cork #YUSAIDTHAT👍🏾👍🏾



  11. patricia russell

    I was so in love when this first hit the air waves, the first of many by these bad sisters. You girls rocked a many ones of us. Maybe, it's just me, but growing up in Chicago, as teens, kissing in the hallways, playing around as teens do, music than was soooo good then. Oh what a priviledge.

  12. hollidayevery

    While STAX was a wonderful company for strict R&B artists, they kind of missed the boat with The Emotions. Their music was lightly promoted, not much thought was put into their image, and not much variety was put into their productions. Their albums were canceled as if they weren't marketable to a mass audience. Only Pervis Staples and I guess maybe Isaac Hayes or David Porter put any energy into them.

    But the Maurice White and Charles Stepney changed that, and these ladies emerged as serious contenders, and even won a Grammy, something none of the Motown girl groups never did.

    Heart Association, Show Me How, and I Could Never Be Happy are my favorite songs that they recorded for Stax. But I think Stax could have done better by them.

    Theresa Davis


  13. jo22338601

    Yes this was the hit the summer of 1970 the year I graduated from high school, going into college the time was magic.

  14. Princess Grace

    My first introduction to the Emotions in 1970! Forgot this gem.

  15. Lee Price

    This brings back so many memories...

  16. alvin jones


  17. Gene Zanders

    The sound and flavor of the 1960's has a way of stirring the fun of days gone by like magic.

  18. Ms. Sylvia G.

    This was my song back in the day!!!

  19. Judith J Jones

    If were any words ever to be spoken ,It would be these's and in the order.of this song.

  20. Adrian Orion

    quien puede platicar la letra en español

  21. windjammer777

    Yes, rare and beautiful song - a definite addition to my I-Pod!

  22. Adrian Orion

    alguien tiene la letra de esta cancion ???????????????? en español

  23. yoshluv7

    my mom has this 45 somewhere in her garage and on the other side of it was a song called touch of your lips, if you have that one I would love for you to post it. Me and my cousin used to sing that song!!!!

  24. windjammer777

    I heard this rare soul jewel on a Chicago Radio Station today. First time I ever heard this song. Experimented to see if it showed up on You Tube and "abra ca dabrah!!" It's on You Tube! Thanks jonesyl15 for sharing this.

  25. AliNewma123

    Never mind, I just saw the entire description field. Thanks!

  26. AliNewma123

    Is this on any of their albums? which one?

  27. curtain1100

    thx jonesl15 i needed this1

  28. Adrian Orion


  29. TheCatgirl6

    Your dedication to M. Morrow--that would be Michael you're referring to, yes? He's my best friend--we've known each other since Kozminski school in the late sixties, shortly before his aunt Theresa joined the Emotions. I remember when we lived across the hall from each other on Woodlawn Street in the '70s. I would sometimes peek into their living room to watch Vince and his band jam. Sweet yesterdays, jonesyl15. :-) Thanks for posting!

    Theresa Davis


  30. toicannon

    I love these ladies, they can sang (LOL) and they are beautiful too

  31. vicarpeggio

    This is an amazing song. Thanks