Emotions, The - Don't Ask My Neighbors Lyrics

You're wondering if
I care about you
Is there some cause
That I should doubt you

Oh, I can see, boy
That you don't know me very well
Uh uh, you're so unsure

And you run here and there
To ask my feelings
Friends only guess
They can't say really, oh

Don't ask my neighbors
Don't ask the friends I hang around
(Never ask the friends I hang around)
Uh uh, don't be afraid
To come to me (come to me)
Don't ask my neighbors

Come to me (come to me)
Don't be afraid of
What you'll see (what you'll see)
You'll find I love you (ooh, I love you)
Come to me (come to me)
Don't be afraid

You ask all my friends
If I'm the same, boy
You don't understand
You think I'm changing, ohh

Don't ask my neighbors
(Don't ask my neighbor)
Don't ask the friends I hang around

(Never ask the friends I hang around)
Uh uh (no) don't be afraid
(Never) to come to me (come on)

Don't ask my neighbors (ooh, ooh)
Come to me (come on, come on)
Don't be afraid of what you'll see
(I'll make you feel at ease, baby)
You'll find I love you (ooh, hoo)
Come to me (come on)
Don't be afraid

I, I will, ooh.....

Don't ask my neighbors
Come to me (come on)
Don't be afraid of what you'll see
You'll find I love you
Come to me (baby)
Don't be afraid

Hurry, come to me
Come to me, come to me

Don't ask my neighbors
(I'll be real) come to me
Don't be afraid of what you'll see
You'll find I love you
Come to me, don't be afraid

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Emotions, The Don't Ask My Neighbors Comments
  1. Eric B

    Summer '77...I was on 7 years old, but songs like this were ingrained in my heart and will always remain there. OLD SCHOOL FOREVER!!!

  2. The Observant One

    Coming up in the 80s born in 77! These po ass bastards don't know nothing about good times💪🏿Take me the fuck back neowww dammit😂😂🏃🏿🏃🏿🏃🏿🏃🏿🏃🏿🏃🏿

  3. Peaches Cream

    she’s gotta have it, the recent series, brought this song back into my life 😌💕❤️

  4. sergio ricardo lage de castro castro


  5. Eboni King

    If you come to me you’ll stop believing the worst.

  6. Frederick Dennis

    This song is evil 👿

  7. Brandy Hill

    Timeless YOUR listening TO greatness.❤❤❤❤

  8. Lashaun Turner

    Lobe this my mama listens to this

  9. Tommy Hill

    Don't ask my neighbor ask me😌😌

  10. Mikethegreatone killjill

    Pure soulful man did she go in a take over the song she is singing with all her feelings str8 from church they all sound wonderful

  11. jamie lunes

    Speak to me!


    Silky smooth cut, as It takes me back down memory lane when I was going to UNLV back in 77, 78, and I would play this jam all the time. By the way if you guys Didn't know ...............Gary Taylor, The Compassion C.D. does ( Don't ask My Neighbor )in the "Brothers Version" and it is Very Nicely Done. Trust Me..........

  13. Dr. Dee

    Man-oh-man, I love this one. It goes to show you that communication is what's most important in a relationship, and that we should not be afraid to ask our special someone any question that may be troubling us regarding our relationship, and not to pursue the oppinions of others.They might lead us down the wrong path.

  14. Levi Miller

    Before social media and cellular phones,there were great meaningful songs playing on the radio. Sexless meaningful songs.

  15. Robert Phillips

    This is my era. What y`all know bout that?

  16. Chrystal Herron

    A whole mood and vibe💫💚🌹




  18. LGKids

    Soft and warm, the Majic 108 Quiet Storm, oh my bad, I was just thinking back to when they used to drop jams like this and the night was filled with the mood and the love! Peace!

  19. Lena Rocky Mountain

    I'm Listening!

  20. dooney montana

    2019 from a 80s baby I remember pops playin this when I was a lil boy

  21. Michelle Martin


  22. Albert Ibarra

    Richie C ! Man ain't that THAT THE TRUTH!!

  23. g p

    This song been in my head for the last 48 hours and I just played it now for the first time.

  24. Razor - Jersey!

    Who Here From Battle Truth Faceoff? 🤑🍭

  25. Nesha Britwood

    Love this song. ❤

  26. Chenelle Craig

    Their harmony I've always loved..real talent

  27. R King

    I Met these Ladies in Houston Texas, In 1973 I Remember It Like it was Yesterday. I Cherish the Day.

  28. Mr Heavy Chevy

    1977 this song is very meaningful

  29. Joao Amaro

    Just opened the time tunnel...

  30. Kenneth Clark

    The best , that 70s music

  31. Ronnie Davis

    Me. Wow. Where’s she @ ?

  32. BigDawg Homie

    Beautiful Melodies, Quality Music, Soul Soothing Sounds

  33. Ashley Bynum

    I love this Rocking this in 2019 and will Rock it til the end of time.

  34. Beauty Luv

    I grew up on this song! Wow!

  35. Teaira Eaton Curry

    I do a great rendition of this with my band and background vocals. I’m not a belter but I sure can smooth it out.

  36. James Brannon

    One of my favorites groups and song

  37. Sabrina Butler

    Don't ask nobody but me,,, about me,,,ask me


    Great song writing, Music, singing. Where has it all gone?

  39. Sergio Rivera

    The Emotions
    "Don't Ask My Neighbors"

  40. sonand sanford

    This song always take me back to high school, "class of 79".
    Flying back to NC next month (09/27/19) for 40th reunion.

  41. Charmaine Lane

    Forever LISTENING

  42. Farrel Franchini Hütt

    Sheila is Jehova's Witness

  43. Elizabeth Commons

    Clearly ..spoken

  44. Doniel Green

    I'm so emotional right now

  45. Maximilian AmeriCorps

    Real talent & beauty right here. Love them 🖤

  46. VOA Comittee

    I love this song. I'm an 80's baby so I heard the Jade version first. I was always shocked to learn that so many songs I loved were remakes. But I always love the originals just as much. Beautiful song... no wonder everybody wants to have a part in it.


    This song brings back so many memories. I luv it.

  48. Carlos Hundley

    This song is still rocking for me this evening, as I sit and listen. What happened to good singing musical groups such as the Emotions? SMH!

  49. Lynne Ralston

    I was in 7th grade when this came out...first song I slow danced to. This, and "Always and Forever" from Heatwave.....I'm here still listening in 2019 <3

  50. Nene Moe

    34 yrs old and here in 2019 and beyond 😍😍🎵🎶🎙

  51. Patina Tubbs

    The harmony of Angels.....yesssssss

  52. Nique Nique

    Who would 👎🏼 this classic? 🤔🤔




  54. MzPami72

    I absolutely love this song. I always say so glad I was born in '72. We had the best music growing up.

    Robert Phillips

    I was born in `75. My parents play this music that`s why I`m old school.

  55. Faty Suleiman

    I Just Love My Husband! This makes me think of him & his right by me watching TV...lol :)

    Sharee Mincey

    Nice 💕

  56. Demond Burgess

    Chicago's very Own! South Side Natives, Stand Up!!!! 💯

    gwendolyn smith

    And you know it Chi-town in the house.

  57. naoisha postell

    My grandmother played this in the house. She introduced me to all the food music, I miss my frieda ❤️ Love you maw 😢

  58. Brian Nelson

    Thanks, Skip

  59. Bobby Wims

    Don't ask nobody about her, ask her yourself and you just might find out she feels the same way about you!!! hit that like button if you still listening in 2019

  60. keith ferrell

    I still listening to this song.

  61. Linda Michelle

    How can people turn a thumb down on THIS SONG???? Seek medical help!!!

  62. Jason Yates

    Grandparents raised me on this. It's a shame music will never be this good again. I love good 🎶

  63. gerald surratt

    They're just simply saying come to me if you need to know something about me. This Could Be Love at work somebody who whoever goes behind your back and get information about you from somebody else who don't even know your ass. Come to me don't ask my neighbor

  64. aieshah bray

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️💃🏾Timeless music

  65. Yadda Yadda

    She’s gotta to have it; brought me here!! ❤️ this song

  66. Jarvis Wright

    shes gotta have it brought me here..

  67. Lala Johnson


  68. Jana M.

    2019. ❤️

  69. Veronica 425

    I’m a old soul I love this type of music I was born in the wrong generation

    Robert Phillips

    Learn from me I`m from the 70`s I grew on this type of music.

  70. Mimi’s jiggly puff

    Mariah Carey brought me here 🥰

  71. Latonya Lee

    Good music

  72. My Baby Daddy

    Skip wrote it, Maurice produced it. Another classic.

  73. Renee Bryant

    Yaaaas ..

  74. Bad Baby

    I’m only 13 but listen to a lot of old school music n hip hop

  75. Joe Marshall

    Such a classicly beautiful song .... The summer of 1977

  76. Tracy Love

    Deep sigh......💙

  77. Eitan Eitan

    So clean, so pure
    I wish there were more quality
    In music today

  78. BassByTheBay

    Timelessly beautiful song. The Emotions had so many great songs -- I never get tired of this one and "I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love". Thanks for all the great music, ladies!

  79. Judith Rhice

    2019. Still listening.

  80. Goddess Free Spirit

    Lovely while I use my cbd 🤗🤗

  81. Musiqtruth

    Matchless voices 💜

  82. Cynthia Kirkland


  83. Leticia nicole Avelino


  84. Craig Allen


  85. MsLola5555 Huing

    2019 have to come back to my oldies the real music we don't hear anymore

  86. Ms MChell

    LUVVVVVV IT!!!!!!!

  87. jcole307

    Beautiful song. Mature soulful voices full of nuance and understanding. Music of substance that you can truly feel.

  88. Raising Queens Of the DMV

    Still the song in 2019

  89. Ben Rayonez

    Summer 1978

  90. A Estrella

    Love this song. Used to listen all the time when I was in Jr High

    Clarence Davis

    I too love this song brings back memories of the past i believe that you are a believer that love the Lord i too love the Lord with all my heart sister God blessed you and take good care of yourself in Jesus name AMEN AMEN peace

    A Estrella

    @Clarence Davis I'm 55 now so it's been a minute lol

    Clarence Davis

    @A Estrella how are you i hope all is well with you how's your Sunday my Sunday mostly in church all day and it's ok because psalms 118:24 ms A Estrella i see you are not ashamed of your age many women wouldn't tell their age but I see it as a blessing to be blessed by God to see another birthday if you don't mines me asking I'm not asking your neighbor😊 what age are you on this picture i guess i have said or ask enough question again sister good to hear from you God blessed you and your family Amen with the love of Jesus

    A Estrella

    @Clarence Davis I was 51 in this pic

    Clarence Davis

    @A Estrellai hope I'm not of places and i don't won't offend you but that's a beautiful picture and i believe that you are still beautiful after 4 years 😊😊😊

  91. Larry Williams

    Don't be afraid

  92. AlvinVan JohnsonSr.

    I don’t believe human beings can have voices can sound this beautiful. Hmmm maybe some birds took some faces of some very pretty females and just started singing.
    I was MC’n at Club Classic right here in Houston Texas in 1985. That’s when I met Jeanette, Wanda and Shelia. Mmmmm
    Delicious Females , All 3 of them.

  93. Jennifer Baby

    Thank you so much for uploading!!! ❤❤ REAL DAMN MUSIC!!!! 👊🏽😍😍

    Dzejna Lukovic

    Exactly. Real damn music.

  94. Benjamin Carter

    "Don't ask my neighbor" ask The Emotions... They'll tell you the truth

    Ebony Mckinney

    That's right!!!🤣🤣🤣

  95. Phat T

    Never let ya friends hang around....

  96. Annabelle

    At Western Michigan playing this song in our dorm room and crying over this song

    William Carter

    Enjoy this song Annabelle. I'm hitting 60 & this is one of my favorite songs.... Cry & enjoy

  97. essenceofco

    Whose listening in 2019?

    Abet Basmayor

    I do!!!

    Kevin Mitchell

    I sure am!!!

    Judith Geater

    Right now!

    Marilyn Ferrell

    I definitely am!

  98. Liota Rose

    24 years old and this touches me always loved it even when I was younger

    William Carter

    @Liota Rose I have a big collection of old school songs, etc.

    Liota Rose

    @William Carter i listened to your recommended songs and added them to my list

    William Carter

    @Liota Rose Add to your list Key To My Heart & A Feeling Is By The Emotions

    William Carter

    @Liota Rose Oh, cool

    William Carter

    Oh, The Best Of My Love also

  99. Darlene Johnson

    They may be the Best Female Group in contemporary times...,oh? Reese hands on them, Denise, Jennifer, Jessica, and oh well...,many more. GOD is in Control! THANKS LORD!!!