Emmylou Harris - Wrecking Ball Lyrics

My life's an open book, you read it on the radio
We've got no where to hide, we got no where to go
But' if you still decide you want to take a ride

Meet me at the Wrecking ball
Wrecking Ball, I'll wear something pretty and white
And we'll go dancing tonight
Meet me at the Wrecking Ball
Wrecking Ball, I'll wear something pretty and white
And we'll go dancing tonight

I see smokey eyes right across the bar
I've seen that look before shining from star to star
Though I can't take that change
If you've got time for one dance

The restless line of cars goes stretching down the road
But I won't telephone cause you might say hello
What is it makes me feel this way
What is it makes me want to say

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Emmylou Harris Wrecking Ball Comments
  1. ML 19

    i come back to this every 6 months or so.. beautiful song, mum use to listen to this when i was in high school

  2. Musicalmusic

    The thought that you are here is damn powerful- greatest of the singers from whatever genre you are!

  3. Easts101

    This album is the one I would take on the desert island.

  4. Keith Keller

    Sharing and love this. "so sad it makes you happy" song........Thanks!

  5. w0mbles

    This is just beautiful.

  6. Lukelegs

    Her best work.

  7. Wayne Iredale

    I've always thought she is such a beautiful woman, then and now as well. Oh and her voice!!!

  8. Glen Downs

    Emmylou, did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?

    Bruno Foucher

    love ur comment Glen, so beautiful "picture"

    R G

    it hurts me from laughing at your insanity ya nutjob.
    Top it off with a capital H in heaven = priceless.
    I have a bridge in Brooklyn, NY for sale, ya' want in?

    R G

    Are you one of those Downs' children? That explains it. Fucktards
    That whole Downs clan is crazy. You learn from your environment is all.

  9. robert christensen

    Beautiful ...but sad...and maybe just a little bit spooky.

    Marc Vanbuylen

    Top album, produced by Daniel Lanois -

    robert christensen

    Wonder if Brigg's influenced Mr. Lanois ?