Emmylou Harris - Sweet Dreams Lyrics

Sweet dreams of you
Every night I go through
Why can't I forget you and start my life anew
Instead of having sweet dreams about you

You don't love me, it's plain
I should know I'll never wear your ring
I should hate you the whole night through
Instead of having sweet dreams about you

Sweet dreams of you
Things I know can't come true
Why can't I forget the past, start loving someone new
Instead of having sweet dreams about you

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Emmylou Harris Sweet Dreams Comments
  1. Sheila Greasley-Rush

    She can certainly sing beautiful

  2. James Bertrand

    Only an angel could have a voice as sweet as hers


    Stellar rendition, voice of an angel.

  4. anthony belcher

    Beautiful song 65

  5. Zdenek Bartoš

    Krásná píseň,procítěně zaspívaná,Emmylou je zkvělá!!!!!!!

  6. Donald Rose

    Steve good patterns

  7. Yvonne Stoppels

    so sweet Catman...thx for uploading tgis beautiful song

  8. Dan Nájera

    The great Don Gibson penned it, the legendary Patsy Cline delivered it, and Emmylou does it justice

  9. Sahondra Rey-Vignau


  10. nat tachu

    Emmylou sing with her love in thy heart to someone that she really loved, and i have no doubt that she express all her feelings in this one.Years after Years ,she still expressing that she lost someone so special.

  11. Giovanni Bellini

    She's like the Joan Baez of country

  12. Rick Salleng

    saw her a time ago in portland oregon. fell in love.love her still. what an angel!

  13. Jakarta Design Guy


  14. Steven Liniak

    This is the standard. Sorry Patsy Cline, your song is a classic, but Emmy Lou is the best!!!

    Edward Peterson

    Steven Liniak .Yes Emmylou is the best.

  15. Cole G.

    Joe Pesci not being able to even set foot in the parking lot brought me here.


    You and me both, Cole G.

    Kevin Miller

    What does Joe Pesci have to do with this song?

    Johnnyboy Mena

    It was in the movie Casino 1995

    Kevin Miller

    What does a song by Emmylou Harris have to do with Joe Pesci? Too bad she turned herself into a platinum blonde; she looks better as a brunette.

  16. Cherryll Cooke

    I love this version of hers

  17. Bonnie Hangan

    Who says getting older is no fun? She is gorgeous ;0)


    She has aged quite well.

  18. Bonnie Hangan

    Who says getting older is no fun? She is gorgeous ;0)

  19. Ingrid Sjöberg

    Best femail country singer-EVER-- VILHELMINA.SWEDEN

  20. Fonda Venable

    her voice makes mecry with happiness

    Meade Vlog channel

    not me.

  21. F T

    Fuck em!

  22. JEXO_09 jexo

    je la dore elle a une voix sublime elle me fait rever sur mon enfance merci emmylou

  23. Conor Smith

    Who is on steel here?


    Hank DeVito.

  24. cripplehawk

    First heard this in the movie Casino when Ace (Robert Deniro) and Nicky (Joe Pesci) meet outside of Vegas at a diner (After Nicky got banned from Las Vegas Casino's)
    to discuss Nicky's predicament. Sam basically told Nicky he is screwed. Nicky then says his famous lines at 1:40-1:46
    "I'm staying here...fuck'em.......fuck'em"

    Joseph Sullivan

    They had it made, but they couldn't stop being themselves.

    Joseph Sullivan

    Nicky didn't enjoy the baseball game.

    F T

    Haha same here

    Nate Hester

    " Well their not getting rid of me I'm staying. Fuck em. FUCK EM."
    Nicky Santoro

  25. Frederick Pledge

    I just love this ladies voice. Just superb she is.

    Meade Vlog channel

    I don't . Sounds kind of nasal and high pitched.

  26. James Cowan

    I agree.  It's first class.  She did a magnificent job!

  27. Bob P

    Emmylou, you still make me crazy after ALL these years. Thank you for all you've done to entertain us.

  28. Labaron26

    When I'm all stressed out.....I just put my earphones on, close my eyes, and listen to Emmylou Harris.......Favorite Female Country Western Vocalist......

  29. Adán Reinaldo Garcés Gallardo

    Extraordinaria voz y magnífica canción (Temuco, CHILE 2017)

  30. Jacki Baker


  31. csaoc123

    Definitely the best version.


    Listen to Roy Buchannon's.....

  32. Spanky McFarland

    Very early in my life, I dated Emmylou (I took her to the movies twice and to our school picnic.)  I was too immature to be dating anyone,  and we parted company .  She started going out with a guy who was around 3 or 4 years older than us who worked in a bowling alley.  I  Never had any contact with her since, except for the time I saw her in concert about 20 years ago.  A friend of mine named Scott Arkin gave me free tickets to the concert.  He was a local DJ at an oldie station.  They were Freakin' FRONT  Row tickets.  I can't remember who opened the show but I was anxious to see Emmylou.  Finally the lights dimmed as they announced her name,  as she came onstage in a spectacular black laced  dress.  I was mesmerized for the next 90 minutes.  At the concerts end, Emmylou sang SWEET DREAMS.   Tears began rolling uncontrollably down my face.  She was no more than 20 feet from me as I drooped over the railing gazing at her, while she was looking at me..  My mind was wondering what might have been.  At the show's end, I picked up the flowers I had brought, and held them in my outstretched arms so Emmylou could take them.  She stooped as she reached for them and said "it sure is nice to see you again Terry."  I couldn't answer her as I was momentarily tongue tied.  I never saw her again. Sniff

    Tim Nicholas

    That's a nice story, Spanky. I'm real happy you were able to see her again and speak to her. Very nice story.

    joanie jeet

    Spanky McFarland well what a precious memory for you 😎

    bill chew

    A trip down Memory Lane

    The Naked Truth Report

    What a story

    jim rock

    great story if true.

  33. Allen Hadden

    Beauty of the soul is eternal, and her physical beauty has lasted too....

  34. Ashley Bell

    Emmylou. Love you. Grew up following you.Thanks for a lovely life.

  35. My Desert Cali

    Such Passion in Her Voice...
    She gets more Beautiful every time I see her.....


    +Lindy Lu Erickson She has aged quite well, Linda.

  36. LaMoine Hill

    Love your voice,,,truely Country.

  37. Stacey Cabral

    catman916, Thank you for posting.  This is a beautiful version of Sweet Dreams.  I've always liked Emmylou Harris. Never heard this before.  Love it!


    You're welcome, Stacey. I'm glad that you found it. Please subscribe to my channel.

    Creeper 77 Gamer

    Stacey Ca

  38. G Norwood

    This version of "Sweet Dreams" does justice to this Patsy Cline song!


    Considering that Emmylou is one of the best performers of country music, that is not surprising, G.

    joseph roache

    This is a song written by Don Gibson. Listen to the version by Tommy McLain, it’s on the Jin label.

    Meade Vlog channel

    It's not a Patsy Cline song. It's Don Gibson. And he did it best !

  39. Lyegk

    sweet and I dedicate this one to my dad too.

    Dante Manfredi

    Assolutamente emozionante... Unica... È il suono Dell universo che giunge fino a noi... Grazie Emmylou

  40. Kara Morassco

    I like this version a lot.  But Patsy's version will always be number 1 to me.

  41. alfie7of7

    To my dad. i miss you so much...from your"baby girl.xxxxx

  42. BestCustomer

    Great upload. This was recorded with Rodney Crowell.

  43. catman916

    You're welcome, B.