Emmylou Harris - Rollin' On Lyrics

Been kickin' sawdust
In these clothes
For a blue moon
And a red nose
The boys will put 'em up
And tear 'em down
We'll wash away
The dirt
Just a glass a day
Ain't gonna hurt
Pretty soon we'll move on
Out of town

We pass them by
Across the plains
We don't even try
To catch the names
It's supper-time and their kids
Are home from school
They draw the shades
On their shops
While we go a'checking
Through the props
And putting on the paint
To play the fool

Then we're rollin' on
Rollin' on
Feeling, better
Than we did last night
Rollin' on rollin' on
It's hard some times
Pretty much it's alright

I'll go soft shoe
When it rains
I'll go shuffle through
The aches and pains
Mr. young at heart
That's what I try to be
They all laugh
And cry
They get to feeling better
And that is why
If it was good for you
Truly it was good for me

Then we're rollin' on
Rollin' on
Feeling better
Than we did last night
Rollin' on rollin' on
It's hard sometimes
Pretty much it's alright

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Emmylou Harris Rollin' On Comments
  1. melody jean


  2. Javier Fueyo

    Siento romper el capîcua.... pero YE muy guapa APASALOBIEN

  3. Fred M.B.

    very nice song

  4. Peterkufner

    Wunderschön. Danke

  5. Yuyun Yuningsih

    Mark is our (my husband and I) music heros, we a friend in FB and he like all our books page too.

  6. Olisio Crema

    è un piacere ascoltarli...grazie.

  7. Paul Correia

    2 magical artist, playing magical music,tks!!!

  8. sean ahmed

    why no live performance for this?

  9. Roland Hauer

    What a fantastic Song. Mark and Emmyloo are the best the world of Music has

  10. Sante Pasotti

    Fantastic song ..never heard before..and perfect performes as usual..efaristo from a snowy Italy...and nice weekend to all


    Ciao sante ! Mille grazie ! Saluti dalla Grecia !

  11. dave lastman

    these guy's are like milk and chocolate chip cookie----SUPERB

  12. Amedeo Filippi

    Wonderful duet for this awesome song.

  13. SirTaco

    the healing makes you stronger rely on that

  14. Sidy Demba

    My favourite

  15. Sidy Demba

    My favourite

  16. czsd Mao

    so wonderful song

  17. Vlad Corabean

    This is magic,words can't describe the real beauty of this song.
    Mark and Emmylou work so good and perfect together,golden voices.

  18. Myra-Seagal

    I cant wait to be Rollin' on rollin' on with you...

  19. Danielle Villanueva

    I love this song, they sing beautifully together.

  20. William Pelttari

    A shame I can not find this album on spotify.. it is excellenté!

    Paul Nilsson

    William Pelttari
    Now you can find it on Spotify.

  21. michael elton

    What a wonderful song ! Emmylou and Mark's voices are a perfect foil for each other


    Almost 50000 views for my all-time favourite  song !Thank you all ! I really hope music have the same  healing effect to you to ! Peace and love  !


    Thanks Sakis. This is my 1st time hearing this and it's wonderful. Loving the lyrics you supplied as well.


    @JivinJane Thank you Jane !you are very kind ! I take pleasure whenever i make someone happy ! Be well !


    It IS a fantastic song  - Thanks !!

    Dan Miller

    such a great duo - thanks for posting


    Damm,This is good

  24. Shakeytunes

    Glad I found this. Beautiful

  25. nicole breton

    Quelle harmonie...sublime ! Que du plaisir à les écouter......... indéfiniment .........!!!! Grand MERCI à ces talentueux artistes !!!

  26. looselatigo

    An inspired pairing.

  27. a khan

    love and affection and most all Respect shines from them when they are together.

  28. giulia kotori


  29. catman306

    This album is a great discovery. Two of my very long time favorites, together. Thanks!

  30. poivredamours

    Mark and Emmylou,just to say......love you for all my live.lou

  31. Lord Jock

    Ive been an Emmylou fan forever Im a blue's player but when Emmylou comes on I stop and listen . Her voice is so soothing , partnership with Mark works very well .

  32. alinutzafair

    I love the song!!