Emmylou Harris - Prayer In Open D Lyrics

There's a valley of sorrow in my soul
Where every night I hear the thunder roll
Like the sound of a distant gun
Over all the damage I have done
And the shadows filling up this land
Are the ones I built with my own hand
There is no comfort from the cold
Of this valley of sorrow in my soul

There's a river of darkness in my blood
And through every vein I feel the flood
I can find no bridge for me to cross
No way to bring back what is lost
Into the night it soon will sweep
Down where all my grievances I keep
But it won't wash away the years
Or one single hard and bitter tear

And the rock of ages I have known
Is a weariness down in the bone
I use to ride it like a rolling stone
Now I just carry it alone

There's a highway rising from my dreams
Deep in the heart I know it gleams
For I have seen it stretching wide
Clear on across to the other side
Beyond the river and the flood
And the valley where for so long I've stood
With the rock of ages in my bones
Someday I know it will lead me home

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

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Emmylou Harris Prayer In Open D Comments
  1. Matt Thompson

    Besides the writing and the singing which is out of this world, the skill on the guitar is amazing also.

  2. Matt Thompson

    Gram’s deep blue Sea still carrying on and honoring him in everything she does. While his devil had him murdered in a way that would look like it was his fault. Filed for possession of all his assets the next day. Took for herself all the work that Gram and Emmy had done together and raised her children to never speak the name Gram Parsons.

  3. Peter Mc Carthy

    I have looked for a live performance of this song for years thank you for posting this is Emmylou at her magnificent best.

  4. M Michel

    Really this is a prayer !

  5. Christina

    Her voice touches my soul, she's so great ..

  6. Derek Mooney

    There's Emmylou and then some other people who think they can sing...

  7. ItsWaldo (Walter Brinkman)

    Yes....she really is a great performer ! Have a good weekend

  8. ♥Eden 宇山♥

    Stunning Woman, with impressive singing voice.
    Thanks for posting.