Emmylou Harris - Pancho & Lefty Lyrics

Livin' on the road my friend
Was gonna keep you free and clean
Now you wear skin like iron
And your breath's as hard as kerosene
You weren't your mama's only boy
But her favorite one it seems
She began to cry when you said goodbye
And sank into your dreams

Pancho was a bandit, boys
His horse was fast as polished steel
Wore his gun outside his pants
For all the honest world to feel
Well, Pancho met his match you know
On the deserts down in Mexico
And nobody heard his dyin' words
Ah but that's the way it goes

All the Federales say
Could of had him any day
Only let him any day
Hang around
Out of kindness I suppose

Lefty, he can't sing the blues
All night long like he used to
The dust that Pancho bit down south
Ended up in Lefty's mouth
The day they laid poor Pancho low
Lefty split for Ohio
Where he got the bread to gop
There ain't nobody knows

Well, the poets tell how Pancho fell
And Lefty's livin' in a cheap hotel
The dessert's quiet and Cleveland's cold
So the story end's, we're told
Pancho needs your prayer's it's true
But save a few for Lefty too
He just did what he had to do
And now he's growin' old
A few gray Federales say
Could have had him any day
Only let him go so long
Out of kindness I suppose

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Emmylou Harris Pancho & Lefty Comments
  1. Francis Bidault

    Très belle femme une voix magnifique bisous emmylou

  2. Margaret Adler

    P.s. my wife would be pissed if she knew! But I won't tell her Ha!Ha!

  3. Margaret Adler

    I saw Emmylou in 1977 when I was 24 and fell in love with her! What a beautiful woman and a talent to match. I'm 67now and she still floats my boat!

  4. Jack Killough

    I’ve loved her music for 50 years. She’s my all time favorite singer. Linda Ronstadt in my second. I was surprised to read that Ronstadt is worth $150 million while Emmylou is worth $15 m.

  5. Mike Rucker

    Best voice ever

  6. Nicholas Lawlor

    Cannot be beat!

  7. Ian Sinclair

    Beautiful musically speaking for sure but TVZ kills it - moved to tears by the end of the last verse in "heart-worn highways" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zprRZ2wFQD4

  8. Ralph mac Donald

    Townes and emmylou, can’t get any better. Magic!

  9. Allen Finn

    Come back to me, Mija....

  10. DouchedByDemocrats

    grams girl(yes she's so much more than that,I'm just giving props to gram )

  11. cbscherger

    One of the most beautiful women in the world, with the voice of an angel.

    annamal pete

    cbscherger Totally agree, that’s why I’m here. She was second to my wife. I’m married 45 years

    Carma Morford

    cbscherger zzwx

  12. Reif Adam

    One of my favorite songs ever!

  13. Brian Reed

    Emmy is Awesome



  15. Dijaan Hooijmans

    For me the Queen in all here grace and status with an voice like an angel 🌈👑✌

  16. Barry Ferrell

    Chances are good your children need to hear this...

  17. Don Seib

    I listen to music like this and sit and wonder what the hell ever happened to great music like this. The stuff now days is just plain crap. So glad I grew up with this great music and talented artist.

  18. Ethan Weeter

    Definitely one of the prettiest country singers I have ever seen and not sure if it is close. Maybe Olivia Newton-John in her heyday.

  19. norman fossli

    A popular song by many artist. Emmylou Harris sang these so lovely.

  20. James Bertrand

    If I don,t hear her voice if I get to heaven I may as go to hell

  21. wayno johnson

    Now that is the definition of a beautiful woman.

  22. Stephen Mason

    Nice inclusion of the song's writer Townes van Zandt at the end.

  23. Al Fin

    Are you here, Mija?

  24. Herb Matis

    If she can get along with Mark Knopflershe must be doing something right. Beautifully done

  25. Brian Riddell

    Emmylou can make EVERY song sound like it's hers. A true angel, she is!

  26. Larry Francis

    Sorry all my Male friends & maybe Female? Emmylou Harris,Allison Krause,Alice Dement,Nancy Griffith &Linda Ronstadt are hopelessly in love with Moi. :-)

  27. german sestopal

    Brilliant!!! Magic!!! thanks God for this.from Mexico

  28. Steve Johnson

    Oh my....can't believe I've never heard this version. I've always loved Willy and Merle's version, and of course no one sings it with as much emotion as TVZ. But wow...this is amazing.

  29. Stuart Dabney

    Perfect country song cowboy steel guitar with the voice of an angel

  30. Nawaf HH Al-Taher

    I respect all opinions, and would like to learn from others. I am not trolling honest. Can those who placed a thumbs down please share why?

  31. Jacek Szukała

    Piękna w swoim stylu i wdzięku

  32. john morello

    one of my favorite lullabys.

  33. Al Fin

    "Hallelujah" isn't directed at you, Mija. It's about the person who you replaced. She's a pianist beyond Alicia Keyes, I hope you meet her someday....

  34. Al Fin

    The tears are here again, you're watching and listening aren't you? What is it in your eyes? I'm so scared for you, Mija.....

  35. Jeannie Nichols

    I grew up on her music and sang a lot of covers of her songs in a southern rock band I was in in the 70's. I love everything about her. wish she could come and sit in my living room and sing along with me.

  36. al berg

    many years past I was browsing thru Tower Records when the angel Emmylou swept by me. I quickly grabbed one of her albums and shyly asked her to sign it. She talked to me about music for 10 minutes and signed my CD "sweet dreams Al, Emmylou

  37. Al Fin

    Why does this song always make me think of you, Mija, and cry?

  38. Tom Bigelow

    Such a beautiful and talented woman!

  39. Allen Finn

    Why does this song always make me think of you, Mija?

  40. Douglas Stewart

    How could 173 shit-for-brains down vote this???

  41. jean spaulding

    Love it did she and Willie sing this ever

  42. Josue2018

    Who’s singing background on this song?

  43. Game Bud

    I’m live in Birmingham Alabama born in Alabama where Emma Lou was born I’m 48 I’ve always loved her sweet angelic voice IMHO I find her music and singing more country western and folk.. just noticed a lot of y’all comments stating just “country” 💕 Emma Lou

  44. Joseph Carpenter

    Ah Colleen voice of an Angel

  45. YesSirNoMam

    My 2nd favorite artist in the whole genre. Such a gorgeous soul. Loved her with Conor Oberst too. If I ever have two daughters names will def be Emmylou and Clementine.

  46. David R Bayez

    And now I'm growin old...Adios Pancho,Carnale'...

  47. Tina Stanley

    I saw her sing this live. In 98. What a peaceful memory. 🎧🎵✌

  48. miguel rafael alonso calatrava


  49. tom enger

    Marvelous voice Emmylou Harris is fantastik Country queen

  50. marty spittler

    At her best. Her voice can be thin but she opens up, stretches on this and gets some range. A little sugary but good phrasing (hard to beat Willy at that game)
    I'm sure Townes would approve.

  51. Bill

    Blessed are those who hear her sing. I've been listening since the 1970's.

  52. Paul Hyde

    Glenn Campbell,s daughter does a brilliant version of this song,check it out.ashley Campbell

    Dan -n- Duke

    Sometimes i think there's something special that goes on in the etheral realm that causes so many of us to collect at the same time at such beautiful songs and voices, and people, may I recommend seven Spanish angels also?

  53. Al Fin

    Oh Mija, with tears, please come back to me.....

  54. Al Fin

    Ms Harris reminds of Brigette, especially her eyes. I've known very few people who come anywhere near to being as talented as you, Mija. My ex-wife is one of them, but with art rather than music. She can do anything with a paint brush, a wood burner, pottery, photography....

  55. snakebte1

    Easily the BEST version of this song!


    Have to beg to differ. Watch the version by Townes himself in Heartworn Highways.

  56. felicia zhang

    Outstanding track

  57. Edward Spearing

    Sang lovely tunes from other North Americans.. Them bein Canadians.. Kate n Anna McGarrigle.. Rodney Crowell Houston East Texas... Wish Emmy had sang some Mickey Newbury tunes.. Cisco Mabel Joy.. East Kentucky sorry Frisco not Cisco Mabel..... Frisco Depot... What a record.

  58. Pablo Wheeler

    Good sweet voice. Shes something else.

  59. Roy Howard

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFM87MLc4Oo MOVING LOVE SONG

  60. Jonathan Canavan

    No matter what Emmylou sings, it turns to gold no matter if it's a Willie & Hagg classic or a Springsteen classic she manages to make it sound unique. Really hoping that I get to see her live sometime in 2020. Amazing voice.

  61. Rick Cameron

    Awesome job such clarity and soul Only two people can do this number you and willy thanks for this

    DJ Regnier

    Both are great. But Roseanne Cash has a live version that she did in 2010 or so. It was for a Willie Nelson tribute type event. It is flawless and it was done LIVE. It is on YouTube.

  62. Peter Kay

    God I love her voice lol

  63. ACD429

    Yes, she's great, but she didn't like Country music when she first started...There have been several like that who jumped on the band wagon (npi)...I prefer the artists who were Country from the beginning...

  64. Manny Badabing

    After Loretta, Emmylou is the greatest woman country and Americana singer.

  65. Srfotog

    Goosebumps all over my body. She's a genius. Much as I love Hag and Willie...

  66. DH Benz

    Best version of this song of anyone's.

  67. Jason Nabors

    Ken Burns explained that one of Willie Nelson's daughters had an Emmylou Harris album, and that's how Willie found out about it. Woke Merle up in the middle of the night for him to hear it.

    Clint Vincent

    And record it. Merle did and then woke up again later the next morning wanting to do his vocals again. Willy told him the song was already on its way to New York. There is another Merle video where he tells that he doesn’t remember doing the recording the first night. And there you have it.

  68. Jerry Schneider

    She is the kind of woman that almost persuades me to like country music.

  69. Mike McDonald

    Who are the 160 unfortunates who gave this a thumbs down? Poor bastards have no souls.

  70. Robert W.

    She was the first one to sing this song, then Willy & Merle did

  71. Vejo Vagula

    Beautiful...crisp...clear...melodious and just stunning voice! Stops you in your tracks!!!!

  72. Lucas Flanders

    So many years have gone by. I just can't believe it. Seems that the 1970s were just yesterday. I remember meeting her after a concert in Seattle maybe around 1980. I will never forget that moment. She signed my ferry card. I still have it.

  73. Jerry W

    WOW is what I say! My favorite female singer! She has no peers! When God created her he knew what he was doing!

  74. Recka Wuyts

    The Gods took GP but they left us Emmy. I guess they did what they had to do. Outta kindness I suppose.

  75. Skip Drake

    Her voice is so Angelic!

  76. Mike Gloss

    Emmy Lou can bring a tear to a glass eye with song and a broken heart to all men who have had the privilege to hear her sing

    Mud Man

    Lmao fukn eh!!


    Truly. The High Priestess of Twang.

    Mike Gloss

    @mwduck yes she is

  77. Grace Adu

    so sweet and beauty song that i ever heard

  78. Martha Cain

    wabi sabi life of a hero

  79. Christian Sibbald

    Coffee with Jack Daniels smoking Weed against Loneliness at Home Farm at Vlissingen By The Seven Seas Ocean Boulevard Rembrandt Lane 88 The Netherlands 23-8-2019

  80. Christian Sibbald

    I'm Walking alone with My Saint Bernard Dino Dog Playing Guitar Singing The Blues Hank Williams

  81. Christian Sibbald

    Please come Home as Tears Go By Walking on The Beach having a Lot of Fun Love is Great

  82. Christian Sibbald

    Good Old Days 1975 Emmylou Harris-Sibbald Guitarist singer Songwriter Amsterdam Paradiso Live on Stage Christian Sibbald

  83. John Bruce

    What an amazing talent! Real music for real times!

  84. Dan Flisser

    .... and "Emmylou" on her guitar strap .....

  85. Yves Le Huerou

    Que de souvenirs ou je pensais que le monde irai mieux, j adore la voix. Cela fait 30 années que j aime

  86. Tina Braxton

    My favorite version of this song. But I'm a Birmingham-to-Boulder girl, too.

  87. kdeltatube

    Thanks for Townes' pic at the end. He deserves to be surrounded by Emmylou, the Goddess.

  88. Kaj Lindorf Sørensen

    Ja, ring til mig skat. Så kan vi snakke om gamle dage. +4524496307.

  89. FaerySeeker

    Emmylou is one of favorite singers! Nobody sings this song like she does! Absolutely beautiful! Sung with such feeling and really touches the heart.

  90. Ainemz Pat


  91. Nigel Goulding

    So many different renditions of this great Townes song.  This is the first one that I heard and no others have come even close to perfecting it as Emmylou has done here.  One of my favorite songs of all time.  How 149 people could dislike this song is just unbelievable

  92. Mr. James Edgar

    Oh Emmylou. All these years. I do love you.

  93. Steve C

    The great TVZ. Fort Worth born and bred. Buried near Eagle Mountain Lake. Planning a visit to pay respects.

  94. Steve C

    Nobody like her since.

  95. Chris Frazier

    It doesn't matter that "no copyright infringement is intended." As you acknowledge, "I do not own the right to the song, audio, or images contained in this video." You also say, "The purpose of this upload is for viewer enjoyment and education not for monetary gain." The only legal way to upload this without infringing is either (a) to have express permission from the rightful owner of the copyright or (b) to invoke the "fair use" doctrine. "Viewer enjoyment" (and royalties on sales) are why the owner released the song. It's not a defense to infringement that you are receiving no "monetary gain." The owner of the copyright would otherwise receive pay but for your posting it free of cost to the viewer. "Education" is also no defense. No one is being educated by this performance on YouTube in the sense that the law defines "education" as something else entirely. I taught copyright law, and you are infringing. Infringement of intellectual property is theft punishable by civil and criminal penalties. I suspect you already know this. Every DVD opens with a warning about "piracy."

  96. rafdecc


  97. Steve C

    I didn't mind the bad teeth so much. You guys?

  98. MrKeyboardCommando

    You can't get better than this, it's impossible.

  99. Fortu Corredor


  100. Ron Roesener

    Love this song! Willy Nelson gives it more life.