Emmylou Harris - Orphan Girl Lyrics

I am a orphan
on God's highway
But I'll share my troubles
if you go my way

I have no mother
no father no sister
No brother
I am an orphan girl

I have had friendships
pure and golden
But the ties of kinship
I have not known them

I know no mother
no father no sister
No brother
I am an orphan girl

But when he calls me
I will be Able
To meet my family
at God's table

I'll meet my mother
my father my sister
My brother
no more an orphan girl

Blessed savior
make me willing
And walk beside me
until I'm with them

Be my mother
my father my sister
My brother
I am an orphan girl

Be my mother
my father my sister
My brother
I am an orphan girl
I am an orphan girl

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Emmylou Harris Orphan Girl Comments
  1. Lazy I Ranch

    I would have LOVED to hear your precious five-year old lil' darling singing this. I would have melted into a blubbering heap, doing the "ugly cry" with snot bubbles and everything. That sounds like one of those beautiful memories you will cherish for the rest of your life.

  2. Lazy I Ranch

    This is one of my favorite albums of all time! Her beautiful voice and Daniel Lanois's haunting, ethereal guitar work are pure magic.

  3. Michael Reynolds

    While this is an excellent recording, my favorite version is by Aoife O'Donovan and Crooked Still.

  4. Neil Primeau

    The ultimate female music artist of the last century....and imo that is no overstatement....Emmylou is the true definition of a musical artist, explorer....She never did the easy thing and just played it safe and made music that would sell big numbers......Love Emmy forever....

    Joe Farley

    I agree. She is in a league above the rest.

  5. Robert Laidler

    Just perfection in song


    joss63 Yes. I appreciate your time in commenting. My best to you, Moppet

  6. Robert Laidler

    Wonderful voice singing an outstanding song

  7. Agim Omeri

    I'm asking words to describe you and this song but I can not find any letter
    this song has to travel through space


    Agim Omeri, Yes, sing it to the other ones across the campfires, across the universe...

  8. fetermcblues

    One of the very first songs introduced me to Gillian Welch's music ..this is a nice version of course ..thanks for sharing !


    I hadn't heard the song ever. My daughter had the cd & was a Gillian Welch fan early on. David, my grandson, wanted to sing his "favorite song".I had taken my mom, his great-grandma, for a visit. We were expecting a preschool or kindergarten song. He started in with this & it was horrible. He had a big smile. He looked so tiny. He must have sung 3 more verses than Emmylou did here, & it was devastating! My mom was in a chair sobbing but trying to hide it. I was trying to keep from crying. He was so proud. But to hear a baby singing about having no mother, father, etc was one of the experiences I could have done without. I hugged him at the end, so he couldn't see my face & mom went to the bathroom to compose herself. She asked me to ask my daughter to not let David sing that again when she was around. I answered, "I already did mom. I couldn't take it either."

    Later at Christmas, he snuggled up to me saying he wanted to sing me a sad song. It was in the "I want to tell you a dirty joke" time period. "A pig fell in a mud puddle". Well, I kept waiting for the punchline. He never got to a funny part. It WAS a sad story...He told me the story of "1913 Massacre" from Woody Guthrie. The kids dying by a Christmas tree made a big impression on him. Later I told my daughter she might want to watch what he hears, since he was so young. She said she had a Woody Guthrie album on during the 5 hour drive, but waited til he was asleep. I told her he loved the 1913 Massacre. Guess he takes after his grandma with music. :)


    I know the feelings Old Timy music definitely reflect too much reality of that time we are not aware of . I thank you for sharing the story and it brought back to me many of the kids I used to teach back in the days guitar and singing and I had some moments as yours as they were singing me whatever they thought to bring to their Turor (me) ... but I was smiling to think this is a step for good music taste for their future (I thought) ... ;-)


    You have many of the same memories as I do  then. I wrote so much cause didn't think many would read so much. Think it's pretty private if it's long. lol. Going to my nap now. It's a great day if I can do music, get a nap, & have some trukey. :)