Emmylou Harris - One Paper Kid Lyrics

Cowboys and indians and trees he could climb
Tomorrow came too fast but he didn't mind
The distance was short so light it again
It don't take no time to get where I am
But one paper kid wasn't really so mean
Just a little bit scarred and a little bit green
And he'd heard of a place it was legal to dream
So he sat with his coffee in a blue Texas wind
And he wrote on a rock
The one paper kid is rollin' again

Driver was drunk or he just didn't see
The future is there it'll happen to me
And all the time that he wasted was his once again
Ah, it never takes long to get where you've been
Broken hearts scattered all over the past
Old bad memories trying to last
Whiskey and women and growing up fast
Fussing and loving and itching like grass
Hell that one paper kid wasn't really so mean
Just a little bit weird cause times were so lean
Now he's gone to a place where it's legal to dream
No camels no coffee no cold morning winds
It was wrote on a rock
The one paper kid is rollin' again

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Emmylou Harris One Paper Kid Comments
  1. siksikaua

    Saw them perform in Jacksonville back around 1978. Was a great concert with front row seats. Emmy Lou was beautiful and Willie was really enjoying the atmosphere as it was totally devoted to country music played and sung by veteran musicians. Only thing that could compare was seeing Bonnie Raitt and John Prine together on stage with only guitars a couple decades later.

  2. TulsaGirlForever

    What a great remaster of such a wonderful song. I guess this is my most heartfelt EH song, I know it backward & forward. Oh to be young again & dream, sittin' & writing good things. NO matter what takes ya out of this old world, it's the music like Emmylous that has made the ride more fun & a somewhat easier. ;o)

  3. Collin Cook

    Absolutely gorgeous! Some of my favorite cover art on this album too. Edit: Just noticed the art work was by Susana Clark. I assume that is Guy Clarks wife?

  4. Tom Thomas

    Beautiful and so very sad.

  5. Puddinhead Wilson

    Nice clarity on this submission; great duet. . . .thanks for posting this.