Emmylou Harris - My Songbird Lyrics

Songbird in a golden cage
She'd prefer the blue
How I crave the liquor of her song
Poor bird who has done no harm
What harm could she do
She shall be my prisoner her life long
My songbird wants her freedom
Now don't you think I know
But I can't find it in myself
To let my songbird go
I just can't let her go

O lord, when your jeweler's eye
Peers into my soul
O lord, I am overcome with shame
Take me lord and purify
Heal me with a word
Lord, I beg a gift I dare not claim

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Emmylou Harris My Songbird Comments
  1. Christopher Gust

    So elegant and sophisticated. Emmylou harris has the voice of prayer.

  2. Antonius Mommenthal

    Ich danke für diese wundervolle Musik......... Danke.....

  3. susanpeak48

    I always have this song as my main ringtone on my phone. Beautiful!

  4. Tony Aisosa


  5. Pat Culpepper

    Listen to this song. Songbird.... When she was about 30 years of age. Her voice is stronger on it. She is a wonderful singer. God bless you Emmylou Harris.

  6. Heather Seamons

    My favourite song of all time. To be played at my funeral. Emmy Lou or Jesse Winchester I won't care!

  7. Solomon Simfukwe


  8. John Henry Erasmus

    Emmylou Harris

    I hear YOUR voice in the morning
    YOU'RE the ONE who cares
    YOU direct my way through the day
    My path everyday
    I listen to YOUR voice
    So gentle and soft
    Speaking to me
    Oh my child, this Way
    HE leads and directs me
    No need to go astray
    LORD, YOU know my heart
    YOU have searched me
    A long time ago
    And this is my desire
    Just to obey

  9. John Henry Erasmus

    Emmylou Harris

    I love you with the love of the Lord
    I will always pray for you
    That's my open door
    Because you used your gift
    HE will bless you with more
    Inspire others
    Proclaim His Name
    Never forget the stranger
    Always keep him in sight

  10. Ruth music

    Love you Emmylou!!You'rethe best!Beautiful song!!

  11. Dan Sjögren

    Spy boys är kanon

  12. Kathy Many Horses

    The most heartbreaking song I ever heard. Reminds me of my mom and dad.

  13. Shoot info

    sweet piece, at age. 7 i wuld play it over and over again each day...wanderful woman

  14. Michael Whalen

    she makes me cry...

  15. breffnipark

    Emmylou Harris = Amazing Woman  !!

  16. Cory Broussard

    My lord, that guitar is gorgeous.

  17. Monica Torp Engen

    I wish I could perform this song with you,

  18. alberto jurado romero

    que maravilla

  19. Frances DeMers

    I woke up today with this song running through my head. Found it, thanks to you. So beautiful.

  20. Jan Fast