Emmylou Harris - Luxury Liner Lyrics

Luxury liner, forty tons of steel
If I don't find my baby now
I guess I never will
I've been a long lost soul
For a long, long time
I've been around
Everybody ought to know what's on my mind
You think I'm lonesome, so do I
So do I

Well, I'm the kind of girl
Who likes to make a livin' runnin 'round
And I don't need a stranger
To let me know my baby's let me down
You think I'm lonesome, so do I
So do I

Luxury liner, forty tons of steel
No one in this whole wide world
Can change the way I feel
I've been a long lost soul
For a long long time
I've been around
Everybody ought to know what's on my mind
You think I'm lonesome, so do I
So do I

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Emmylou Harris Luxury Liner Comments
  1. Michael Berg

    I only hear sound on the left channel! What am I missing?

  2. Warren Lambert

    Albert Lee .... absolutely the Greatest underrated guitarist of all time. The man is funamimal on any instrument he decides to play... and he clearly doesn't get enough credit for being a great guitarist.

  3. Adam Smith

    Emmylou said, "When I look back on my career, I'll can say that I played rhythm guitar for Albert Lee".

  4. Jim Bezich

    No better

  5. Ray Holden

    There is a reason they were called the HOT BAND.

  6. Thomas Glenn

    Absolutey love this, there would be no other female singer around who carry this song like EmmyLou. She is the greatest

  7. Ferlin Getty

    Two words: Albert Lee!

  8. Ben Helsing

    Best picking I've heard in a long time.

  9. Matt Thompson

    Albert is amazing.

  10. Pat Downs


  11. Gary Paquin

    Albert Lee and Roy Buchanan... they could make the telecaster sound like a symphony orchestra. Where does such giftedness originate from?

  12. STUDIO BENCIVENGA Marcus Bencivenga

    That girl and this band = awesome

  13. DH Benz

    THAT is a hot band. And Albert Lee is one of the greatest guitarists ever.

  14. Brian T

    When country ROCKED!

  15. Andrew Hayes


  16. Freeda Peeple

    She told them she wanted to cut an album. They told her she'd have to get a hot band to back her. So she went out and got THE hot band...

  17. george ridner

    somewhere in the afterlife, Gram Parsons is saying -"darn, did I mess up"

  18. Margaret Ross

    GP told her to hire the best musicians. Emmylou was listening.

  19. Circus Midgets

    What a sound! Greatness.

  20. Elizabeth Linsay

    Hey! They're all all great!! No lie.

  21. Freeda Peeple

    They told her they wouldn't record her unless she found a "hot band" to back her up. She brought THE Hot Band.

  22. Richard Wielgosz

    Albert Melted everyone's face off with that one.

  23. sonicbooomboy

    This is Top Trumps in several categories

  24. Richard Harris

    F-ing Albert Lee! My God, he wears me out!

  25. Abbott Micheal

    Love Emmy lou

  26. Bill Hilliard

    Scorching. So many people have never even heard of Albert Lee. Or they say " oh yeah, the guy from Ten Years After". Never mind friend! Such a kick-ass song. If that doesn't get you going, you're already long gone.

  27. Floorshop Carlisle

    have a listen to Nicky Blaum

  28. Chris Browne

    Albert wrote the book!

  29. William Yosef


  30. mnesmith1962

    Man this was some kind of band.....

  31. roadie3124

    Wow. That was more than special. I'm stunned by Albert Lee's playing. Sustained, high-speed, playing with clean notes and it's totally musical.

  32. Cindy Olson

    Wonders why so few actually watched this video. She is such a great icon!

  33. Terry Swanson

    Albert you are FUCKING genius on that guitar!!!

  34. William Nelson

    Best country rock musicians ever, and at their exact prime. Lee is incredible. But one thing everyone should know, this was Gram Parson's would-have-been band if he had lived. He wrote this song. He and Emmy Lou could have been the greatest duo, but really-really tragically he OD'ed right before this. Emmy Lou took over like Dickie Betts taking over for Duane Allman, they were both equally great. They probably would have gotten married too if Gram had kicked the habit and lived. Heroin killed both Duane and Gram plus many others. Stay away from it. But thank God for for Emmy Lou, and Dickie Betts too.

  35. John Regan

    Albert Lee, man. Albert Flipping Lee.

  36. charles forker

    This is so good,last few years seen Rodney a few times ,solo, 3 guitars,his band, also with Emmylou. She and Rodney did a bunch of Gram to start ,total Bliss .Albert also played the www.mim.org with his band , tore it up! So much great music !

  37. Pablo Pinto

    Why did the guys in the band outcasted Harris when soloing? she's been outcasted in almost every live video on youtube. I mean, she's the country star, play and connect with her!

  38. Marlin Griffith

    You know there is a lot of theses ppl that played and maid her fav,,,,that ppl dont even know about.....They where great at what they done..

  39. matt bluesmain

    watched albert open for eric in heads,hands,and feet
    '78 or so..then he came back out and joined eric in his set
    saw him in vegas in a club 2000 or so
    we are both RD50 freaks (music man)
    NAMM in ernie ball booth
    touched my life/mind YOU BET

  40. Kevin Onorato

    Hearts. Hearts. Hearts. Greatness. I wanna dance, I wanna swing. Goodness.

  41. Riccardo Giacomelli

    Pablo Escobar n Pedal Steel Guitar!

  42. William Nelson

    And homage to the big Burrito in the sky Gram Parsons. THis would have been his band with Emmy and him singing duets.

  43. William Nelson

    Apologies,Albert Lee is not from Ten Years After. But who cares? Watch it again. what a video, what a moment. The best of the best in country musiac hands down, nobody ever beat this.

  44. Jamie Jones

    Albert - the "Telecaster king" - Lee!

  45. A.J. Arciaga

    Albert Lee is one of the reasons why I try to play with a cleaner sound, his accuracy and smooth string acrobatics are inspiring.

  46. William Nelson

    makes me wanna pop a benny and get them big wheels rollin' all night long through the nevada desert

  47. William Nelson

    Country music never gets any better than this, right here, and ode to Gram Parsons who wrote it and would have been there if he had lived. yes and Albert Lee is the best Bakersfield picker ever, though influenced by James Burton. CLarence White and others. he was the head of Ten Years After the British rock band I liked as a 13 year old. Then he just went country and boy did he nail it. But Emmy Lou, this is Queen Of The Rodeo all right.

    Alistair Officer

    William Nelson Wrong Lee. It was Alvin not Albert in Ten Years After.

    William Nelson

    Got it. I always wondered about that. Both super fast guitarists though. What are the odds? Albert lee is a true freak of musical nature. He outpicks the Scruggs, doc Watson and James Burton and is a Brit.

  48. Richard Harris

    Holy Shite! I hurt my neck watching This! Awesome!

  49. David Baker

    Have seen this several times, and all I can say is...Wow...if you want to see the definition of Telecaster playing at it's best, watch Albert Lee in this video...even Emmylou was reacting with awe and joy to his performance here

  50. roknfnrol

    Jesus, absolute perfection.

  51. Chris Spracklen

    What a band that was! Fabulous!!

  52. richard V.

    Albert in his prime..

  53. Melissa Sharplin

    Love this lady so much! A real beauty and song bird!❤️❤️❤️

  54. Ken Boi

    I was listening to this in the background (rather than watching) and the guitar lead came on and I thought "'Albert Lee". Sure enough. Hot stuff.

  55. William Nelson

    THis proves the best country artists ever are long hairs. Especially this band, the best ever.

  56. Martin Man

    I still love this....the greatest band there ever was...love them all...albert lee is the best guitar picker there ever has been....the hot band is the best ever.

  57. fabianoborges

    Albert Lee is absolutely amazing!

  58. Shakey Pitt

    Don't you get the impression that Emmy Lou is just the Warm-up for Albert? Not that I'm complaining........

    Paul Perkins

    Most everybody recognizes her talent; less recognized but just as important is her good taste. Emmylou Harris knew who the great musicians were, and she got 'em.

  59. Brooks Hughey

    Ladies and gentlemen, that's how a band is supposed to sound. A.L makes it looks so easy, there ought to be a law.

  60. Ulrich Rohde

    Emmylou´s best band ever: the "Hot Band".

  61. Alberto Costa

    Fantastic Albert Lee!

  62. Robert Marcotte

    The HOT BAND apropos named, & as good as any then & now. Smokin'.-!!!

  63. Kyle Barnett

    God damn that is some fine guitar playing

  64. Ferlin Getty

    Al Perkins?

    Ferlin Getty

    Hank DeVito. Ooops.

  65. Ron Harper

    Caught her with this band backing her in Santa Barbara in 1977! Eat yer hearts out kiddies haha!

  66. Bruce Schuman

    stand back, lovers!

  67. eftipef2

    Wow! Such a great performance. Love the music

  68. Frisbieinstein

    Is Albert really that skinny?

  69. Charles Barber

    Jaysus, that is good

  70. Dave Richardson

    That kicked ass.

  71. druid Serpent

    Just curious: What kind of "liner" is "40 tons"? A cruise ship is WAY heavier than that, an airplane is way lighter... a truck would be lighter...

  72. önder Alpugan

    emmylou living country music legend and another legend albert lee

  73. sonicbooomboy

    How many categories is this Top Trumps in? I'll start off with male seventies hairdo (Rodney)

  74. Blossom Russo

    What planet is Albert from?! Oh yea.. England. Doesn't make sense to me but the proof is in the blood pudding.

  75. Andy Weis

    My favorite Emmylou performance. It's got everything going on to make it perfect. Albert Lee's guitar solo is outstanding.

  76. Bruce Schuman

    i was on the road in those days. this song kept me alive...

  77. Charles Barber

    Wow, jaw-dropping still after all those years, saw them live many times, so glad we can see it now.

  78. Sharon Zamarka

    I'm an old hippie heavy metal rocker but damn!!!! this is the shit!✌💜

  79. Robin Johansson

    WTF albert lee is fkin insane!! Easily in top 3 best guitarists ever?!?!?

  80. Tito Battaglia

    Jayyysus, it’s got to be the most amazing country guitar solo ever! Mr. Albert Lee!

  81. fusion2000

    And Albert is one of the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet...unpretentious, a real gentleman.....one of my favorite musicians of all time

  82. Jim Payne

    Who are the 13 morons who gave this a thumbs down 👎

  83. En3usiast

    Fabulous ensemble performance....voice, harmonies, pedal steel and Albert's terrific Tele.........

  84. Ken Arms

    Albert Lee is THE MAN!

  85. hotajax

    Are Albert Lee and Alvin Lee ( Ten Years After ) related? Food for thought, eh?

    Sprank Dank

    Yes, they are both cousins of Spike Lee and Jason Scott Lee


    I knew it. You are a walking encyclopedia. Thanks so much


    He's also related to Pornstar Floozy Lee

    richard V.

    Your all wrong it's the cake queen,Sara Lee.

  86. stephen weir

    Albert Lee, world class

  87. Jim Bezich

    best ever

    Jim Bezich

    beside Glen Campbell and roy clark jerry reed

    Ken Yount

    What a freaking joke! None of them can tie Albert's shoe laces.

  88. BBB

    I used to love the Old Grey Whistle Test. All live with no auto tune, miming or dancing about half naked! Just pure musical talent!

    maltloaf legrande

    Not so sure about the miming; there was plenty of that. Not this excerpt of course but many of the "live" acts which did a couple of numbers on an episode were often suspiciously over-instrumentated (such as rod clements of lindisfarne playing a violin solo whilst the bass round his neck which he's taken his hands off continues to pump it out - and many more) It was a good show overall but not quite always what it seemed.

  89. John O'Connor

    Catch up with Rodney on NPR-Tiny Desk Concerts! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjqQLTCU5fU

  90. Brad Hicks

    Does anyone know where Dave Boust is? He can hang with Albert Lee.

  91. Jim Bezich

    Jerry Reed Glen Campbell and Albert Lee SMOKIN GUITAR

  92. Dave Hayes

    How about that old Hagstrom Bass!??

    lying to the moon

    That's Emory Gordy Jr... he ended up marrying Patty Loveless.


    @lying to the moon I thought that that bass might be a Hagstrom. On a side note Hagstrom made the pickups for Guild for their Star Fire basses.

  93. CJ carp

    If you have not listened to Gram Parsons version please do so , it's a bit slower and a bit better , well at least I think it is after all he wrote it plus the fact it only has under 11,000 hits is just plain wrong.

    Peggy Miller

    Yep, I did. And I meant it.

    I know of her album titled "Gliding Bird" (I think) that was before Gram. She hates it. I used to have it, but gave it to someone for a Christmas gift (long story).

    I don't know if there's another one before that - if so I wasn't aware of it.

    I tend to think she might not be as well known  as she has become without Gram. I was under the impression these gigs she was picking up around DC were mostly coffee shops or bars, that type of venues. I don't know if she could have made enough to support herself and her daughter.

    I also think she was the one that made their tour successful. She made them practice, insisting on setting times for it.

    You've mentioned B to B and Tulsa Queen, both of which I love. But currently I have The Ballad of Sally Rose in my car CD player. It's been there for about 6 months now. I absolutely love just about everything on it. She has admitted that it was a concept album based on her relationship with Gram. I think it's just about her best work but was a commercial flop. I have a feeling though, that it might be coming around again.
    Maybe when it was released in the mid-80s it was just too soon.

    Peggy Miller

    I just looked at Amazon and found "Gliding Bird" on vinyl for $5.99. There are apparently two album covers. One is the blue background with her picture on it (the one I gave away), the other I've been seeing a lot lately, where she had on a big red hat with a feather.

    Just FYI.

    CJ carp

    @Peggy Miller Is Gliding Bird the Folk Music Album she released that never went anywhere? I'd really like to hear it. I'll look for it on Youtube but you would think I'd have come across it in all these years if it was. To bad you gave the Album away especially if it was the Original Press from her first Label it would not have been worth a Fortune but probably worth more then $5.95 that's probably a Re-issue . Thanks. Cj

    Peggy Miller

    Yes, it is. I haven't run across it on YouTube but it could be here.

     I'm kind of sorry now that I gave it away. It was during my first marriage. We had a very good friend, he always gave us and our children something for Christmas.

    My ex didn't/wouldn't ? work so I had no money to buy Christmas gifts. This friend was a bachelor at the time and a huge E. Harris fan. It seems I ran across the album in a used record store and our friend was so impressed with it because he'd never been able to find it. So when Christmas came, I wrapped it up and gave it to him.

    CJ carp

    A BIT STRANGE that I'm listening to this almost 1 year to the day I was last year....must be my yearly Emmylou Luxury Liner Fix......Great Song but can be a bit overwhelming during Lee's Solo and I get a tiny bit embarrassed for E.H. when she pulls out that Tambourine ......She should leave that instrument to Stacy Partridge or one of the other Legendary Tambourine players...There were So many !! Maybe Josie or whichever Pussycat had one....Can't be 100% sure but one of em' must have....Davey Jones? Betty?

  94. bateriadepetaluma

    Not called "The Hot Band" for nuthin'!

  95. a cain

    Goodness gracious, now that is what a Telecaster is supposed to sound like!!!

    Darb Renrag

    a good guitar sounds like the driver. Both Albert Lee and Jeff Beck drove it well.

    Alan C

    And of course Jimi.


    If you know how to use it ;-) (There's a reason Julian Lage still plays a '54.)


    It’s easy to miss between Emmylou and Albert Lee’s brilliance but Emery Gordy is serving up the low end hot as well.

    Philip Klug

    Those old tele maple fretboards just have a snap that other guitars lack.

  96. Hedgehog's Right of Passage

    Albert Lee all talent, no ego

  97. Dom Brace

    what is wrong with Albert here...there is some thing wrong...no one is that good...seriously, he is on fire,  I don't think any one has seriously come close since....genius


    +Dom Brace He's been practising a bit since then...