Emmylou Harris - Juanita Lyrics

No affection were the words that stuck on my mind
When she walked out on me for the very last time
Oh mamma sweet mamma can you tell me what to say
I don't know what I've done to be treated this way
In a cold dirty room that's where I found myself
With a bottle of wine and some pills off the shelf
Oh mamma sweet mamma can you tell me what to say
I don't know what I've done and I'm feeling so ashamed

Then an angel appeared she was just 17
In a dirty old town with a conscious so clean
Oh mamma sweet mamma can you tell me what to say
She's brought back the life that I once threw away

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Emmylou Harris Juanita Comments
  1. brian Comeskey

    Like a beautiful old Chevrolet.... keeps on giving , these two brilliant musicians are super stars in my opinion 🎶

  2. Matt Thompson

    Emmy might be the only person I have ever seen in any field of endeavor with the capacity to either lead, follow, or get out of the way and showcase others better than anyone else has ever done it. There will never be another. She towers over all the rest.

  3. Steve Jones

    Wonderful , wonderful

  4. Renzo Boso

    Canzone bellissima....Gram , quanto mi manchi.....

  5. Susanne Sutherland


  6. sonoran rain

    Classic cover sung by a beautiful woman that was with Gram and the FBB when it was written. Emmylou's voice and beauty are timeless. Kudos to Sheryl Crow as well. I live near Joshua Tree National Park and always play this when I'm driving through this incredible place that Gram loved so much.

  7. norman fossli

    Love it. Great memories .Classy Lady's

  8. Mikk Schleifer

    amazin on the point second voice from Emmy

  9. werner maverick

    well;) very nice;)

  10. pat coffey

    Just Wow! I think Cecil would approve of this.

  11. Gerhard Werner Schlicke

    Two voices, two musicians who harmonize perfectly together.

  12. Wild Bill


  13. thinkofme14344

    All i can say is WoW!! Great singers of all time.

  14. Sandy Mattingly

    They do a beautiful job on this great ol song...

  15. Dj Robinson


  16. H nick H Hobbstweedle

    one of my eternal faves

  17. Jolenesong

    Des frissons me parcourent le corps quand j entends cette chanson ....

  18. galgalrobas

    This was the best version since Gram and Emmylou did it...

  19. brad dovel

    It shows his sad heart , great song

  20. Mark S. Seghers

    one of my favorite Gram Parsons songs.

  21. jeb419

    Thanks for the reply! I really thought it sounded like a gram parsons song. Such great lyrics and melody. Love gram.

  22. CrowVideoTV2

    Juanita was written by Gram Parson and Chris Hillman (Flying Burrito Brothers) in the late 1960's. This cover was part of a tv tribute to Gram Parson. I personally love it! Great vocal harmonies by Sheryl and Emmylou.

  23. jeb419

    Wow! Who wrote that song! I looked it up and it says Cheryl crow wrote it but it just sounds like an old country song. Love it. Only gripe is why did it have to only be 3 minutes long! I want more.

    Maritza Harper

    Grahm Parsons

    Mike Jenkins

    Grahm Parsons AND Chris Hilman!

  24. Azareel1964

    Awesome,This song really touched home.Thanks for sharing. <3

  25. A65Bill

    Brilliant! Magic harmonies.