Emmylou Harris - Jersusalem Tomorrow Lyrics

Man you should have seen me way back then
I could tell a tale, I could make a spin
I could tell you black was white I could tell you day was night
Not only that I could tell you why
Back then I could really tel a lie

Well I'd hire a kid to say he was lame
Then I'd touch him and make him walk again
Then I'd pull some magic trick I'd pretend to heal the sick
I was takin' everything they had to give
It wasn't all that bad a way to live

Well I'm in this desert town and it's hot as hell
But no one's buyin' what I got to sell
I make my lame kid walk I make a dumb guy talk
I'm preachin' up a storm both night and day
But everyone just turns and walks away

Well I can see that I'm only wasting time
So I head across the road to drink some wine
This old man comes up to me He says I seen you on the street
You're pretty good if I do say myself
But the guy that come thru here last month he was somethin' else

Instead of callin' out for fire from above
He just gets real quiet and talks about love
And I'll tell you somethin' funny He didn't want nobody's money
Now I'm not exactly sure what this all means
But it's the damndest thing I swear I've ever seen

Well since that time every town is the same
I can't make a dime, I don't know why I came
I decide I'll go and find him And find out who's behind him
He has everyone convinced that he's for real
Well I figure we can work us out a deal

So he offers me a job and I say fine
He says I'll get paid off on down the line
Well I guess I'll string along Don't see how too much can go wrong
As long as he pays my way I guess I'll follow
We're headed for Jerusalem tomorrow

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Emmylou Harris Jersusalem Tomorrow Comments
  1. ken krausse

    If this doesnt Touch you, you aint


    Good version, but i prefer when David sing it.

  3. Memories Are What Make Us Who We Are

    Last Saturday I heard this song over the radio and I fell in love with this Emmylou Harris' song. And then I found out that David Olney, who wrote this beautiful song, had died on stage and while clutching his guitar till the end. Another light dimmed in these troubled times of ours.

  4. Eddie Puce

    Rip David

  5. Alayna Pezzuto

    With all he gave us his last words were "I'm sorry" and he closed his eyes

    ken krausse

    Alayna Pezzuto yes sir

  6. Pedro Lopes Ribeiro

    Why do we so frequently know about excelent song-writers after they passed away? I didn't know that David Olney existed, even though i knew his songs! Looking at the bright side, what a beutiful way to depart to another dimension doing what he loved the most?
    David Olney died a couple of days ago. We all are fated to. But very few in a peaceful and lovable way. David Olney's heritage will remain within us, I am very grateful for his presence in my life that brought me so many joys and comfort in days of pain.


    Exactly, I'm still aching over the loss of Neil Peart and along comes a story of a Brilliant, yet remarkably lesser known, singer/songwriter like David. I'm going to enjoy discovering his catalog.

  7. Steve Bailey

    Is the narrator reformed or is the song a satire about how followers of organised religion are a corrupted version of the real thing?

    ken krausse

    You have to make up your own mind, i dont think it is about organised religion, but that is just me, ill say this it does stir something deep inside, peace

    Steve Bailey

    @ken krausse Yes, I agree Ken. It's an amazing piece.

    Tom Fowkes

    To me the song illustrates how Jesus loves sinners. The narrator of the song is skeptical, but is about to have a front row seat at the passion of Jesus. Amazing song/recitation. RIP David Olney.

  8. Wolff Bachner

    David Olney, who wrote this song, died yesterday on stage. A gentle and talented man, he will be missed. Godspeed and good journey, David.

  9. sauquoit13456

    David Olney, the composer of "Jerusalem Tomorrow", died of a heart attack during a performance onstage at the 30A Songwriter Festival in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, on January 18th, 2019...
    He was 71 years old...
    May he R.I.P.


    Thanks for the reply and the good catch, I've been careful in using 2020 instead of 2019 when writing checks, but this one got by me. Thanks again...

  10. Nicholas A

    RIP David Olney, the fantastic writer who wrote this song

  11. Norma M. Atchley

    What a great story teller, takes so much talent, I am 63 and have had this on repeat ever since it came out.

  12. Bruce Jones

    Great tune. This version is not bad but I still prefer the Paul K version.

  13. Duibhlinneach

    David Olney wrote this beautiful hymn, Emmylou does such a good job of it.

    Brenda D

    Just heard he died so I had to hear this one.

  14. Berliner Stadtschloss

    People who are able to present a song like that in such a convincing way are Special.Kind regards, Emmylou !

  15. wallyman1948

    Share the light

  16. Conny Holmström

    it is the best i swear and so funny

  17. BTheKim

    Fantastic tune! Seems to be one of few albums not available on Spotify...


    Buy the CD. It's superb.

  18. Jim Little

    One of my alltime favorites after loving music for over 50 years . . . thanks for posting!

  19. Betsy Foster

    Awesome old tune 

  20. Emily Stockard

    check out the david olney version on youtube. he wrote it.

  21. roseskyschmolesky

    where can I buy this song ? I can't find it other than on an album


    Why not buy the album? Every track is superb!

  22. Becky Haines

    Thanks for the great find!! Been looking for this!