Emmylou Harris - I Dug Up A Diamond Lyrics

I dug up a diamond
Rare and fine
I dug up a diamond
In a deep dark mine
If only I could cling to
My beautiful find
I dug up a diamond
In a deep dark mine

My gem is special
Beyond all worth
As strong as any metal
Or stone in the earth
Sharp as any razor
Or blade you can buy
Bright as any laser
Or any star in the sky

Maybe once in a lifetime
You'll hold one in your hand
Once in a lifetime
In this land
Where the journey ends
In a worthless claim
Time and again
In the mining game

I dug up a diamond
Rare and fine
I dug up a diamond
In a deep dark mine
Down in the darkness
In the dirt and the grime
I dug up a diamond
In a deep dark mine

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Emmylou Harris I Dug Up A Diamond Comments
  1. Anna R


  2. Bill Cleveland

    Sure sounds nice

  3. Frankie four Fingers

    Beautiful guitar work but MK and RB

  4. Jim Lovejoy


  5. mario coscia

    compare mio, per sempre !

  6. 1ktb1

    What can be better off Gibson LesPaul sound in hands od Mark Knopfler? Can anything be? Surely yes, seems that it is sound of two Gibson LesPauls in hands of Mark and Richard

  7. James Dees

    The Best !!!!!!

  8. Naratine Sagidon

    Thank you Mark Knopfler for your kind of music which never bored me listening to you!

  9. Екатерина Кулигина

    Mark is the world treasure

  10. Abigail Hamilton

    Sorry Emmylou Harris but, Mark will always be best on his own , x

  11. Gary Hunter

    Mark Knopfler is a genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. brian weber

    WOW ! Just wow. I’m speechless. Thank you for this.

  13. Christoph Gruber

    Thats real music!

  14. Gary Hunter

    The hair on the back of my neck always rise and I get a tingling sensation down my spine when I listen to this song version. MK is the Master of the Universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Don Rackley

    I think this is pure class, especially the part about 2:35 where the lovely and super talented Emmylou relinquishes her place in front to let the great Knopfler and Richard Bennett be the real feature. We all know Knopfler is one of the all time best at any type of music, Richard deserves a lot of respect for his ability and body of work.

  16. Tom Marvan

    1:12 the shivers, beautiful vocals

  17. -69-

    A beautiful song; one without Emmylou Harris would suffer dearly.

  18. Gonzalo Pozas

    the best

  19. José Mauro dos Santos Maurao

    Mark nofller timbre único o melhor guitarrista da atualidade estilo próprio jeimis Burton guitarrista do Elvis outro estilo único Jimi Hendrix outra fera da guitarra Eric Clapton ...Brasil

  20. Пламен Ангелов


  21. lowri spooner


  22. Krešimir Nekić

    Great song!

  23. Gonzalo Pozas

    Simply the BEST

  24. Nick Zivanovich

    I'll listen to Mr. Knopfler every damn day until I die, he's truly the best of his era and one of the most powerful and thought-provoking lyricists of our time.

  25. Toni Stoian


  26. Jessica Lin

    Why is the camera not focusing on the right instruments??! Feeling confused! Wanna just stick at Mark's hand :)

  27. Vincent Pressicaud

    I think that at 3:45 he is himself embarrassed by his talent

  28. Brenda Benoit

    I Dug Up A Diamond...Soooo Great

  29. vicente hernandezhernandez


  30. G ZH

    Touching voice❤

  31. 刘为伊.



    sem palavras que show que musica que musicos !!! melhores não ha !!

  33. 이현주

    멋진 노래와 기타 연주네요. 알게 되어서 행복합니다

  34. Franca Gagliardi

    can't stop to earing your songs , yours song , music and voice are always close to me wonder magical moments thank you Mark

  35. Domenico V_versus37

    Yeah Mark, you have dug up a beautiful diamond. Legendary songwriter.

  36. carol andersen

    Maisie this alwaŷs makes me think of us on the gemfields...loltake up the stance head down bum..so many fond memories

  37. Td Thomas



    Вот это музыка вот это душа вот это рок вот это все. Марк просто легенда слов нету Assalamaleikum from Kazakhstan 🇰🇿👍

  39. Joan Turner

    Haunting! So much meaning.

  40. Hanabang Irawan

    cool banget main gitarnya , emmy bisa pas bnr ya , bedua ini bikin dengernya terbang di awang2 , gmn kalau main bareng jj cale ya ?

  41. Gary Hunter


  42. Jenny Angelee

    💖🎶🎶🎶I dug up a diamond... ❤
    Maybe once in a lifetime
    You'll hold one in your hand! Once in a lifetime in this land🎶🎶🎶💖

  43. drummarr61

    The unmistakable sounds of a.........SONOR drum kit.

    Rene Piepenburg

    See " Right Now". The drummer o Sonor takes it completely away from Mark.
    Not to mention the beauty of Ms. Harris. Astonishing takeover of second artists on stage.

  44. Alain Deroi

    Quel magnifique duo ! Sans oublier Bennet à la guitare en duo avec Mark. J'adore 😎

    Momo Ser

    A écouter impérativement au casque c'est encore plus beau Mark à gauche et Richard à droite malgré que ce soit 2 guitares identiques on les distingue parfaitement quel grand moment !!!

  45. Blues Bird

    The Best

  46. Claire Craske

    I love his pirate shirt and her beautiful hair....

  47. Neil Kitson

    2:42. Unleash the Gibsons. Love it.

    Iosif Dura

    I read it as "unleash the gibbons" :)). Great song anyway

  48. Brenda Wright

    MK and Miss Emmy. Gods Blessing

  49. Karen M

    Amazing, amazing guitar solo at end😇

  50. Michael Shell

    Pure magic.

  51. Jens Toka

    It simply does not get better.......

  52. Paul Correia

    Fantastic, strings!!!

  53. Rudimar Savi

    ""🇧🇷🇧🇷Linda musica, Adoro esse som de guitarra e curto esse cara a muitos Anos, PARABENS!!!""

  54. Vichede


  55. Iracema Mirão Lima

    It's just wonderful!!!!

  56. Iracema Mirão Lima

    Only someone totally heartless can pass unharmed over the work of Mark Knopfler. Maaaark!!!

  57. Iracema Mirão Lima

    Mark, this your song is enthralling!!!

  58. Thompson Wei

    I Dug Up A Diamond

  59. Samko D

    Excellent performance !...

  60. Glenn Parsons


  61. LongJohnSilver

    I dug up a diamond in a deep dark mine, but somewhere, somehow I lost it along the line

  62. Juan Olmo

    He make a Les Paul talk, tell her feelings...

  63. cflsuarez

    Great song . . .

  64. Julia Thamm


  65. Franca Gagliardi

    I love this song

  66. Ron L

    Mark is the greatest, Emmy Lou is the greatest, Richard is the greatest, they are simply beyond GREAT together!! I Thank God for them!!

  67. Sam Crittenden

    If someone were to ask me what my favorite guitar is, I would show them this video. I have nothing against the Strat, Tele, SG or anything else, they all sound lovely. But a Les Paul just has a full, warm, silky smooth sound that is out of this world. And put one in the hands of Mark Knopfler and Richard Bennett......unreal. Love this song.

    Denis Chernyshov

    Sam Crittenden
    I once had the pleasure of asking Les if he’d let my pal from Vermont Kip Meaker ,sit in at his gig at the Iridium room in NYC. Les asked “ does he have his axe? “ when I replied no, ...the inventor of the electric guitar handed him his own .
    Kip proceeded to tear the house down. Les Paul called his invention, “ the super beast”.

  68. Florian Rauscheder


  69. jongu71

    The sound of double les Pauls in the hands of Knopfler and Bennett gives me goosebumps! Stunningly beautiful.

  70. Stranger Traveling

    This song is beautiful. Thank you Mark Knopfler for posting this. When I have money, I will be buying this CD.

  71. thistimenextyear77


  72. Bart Janssen

    little lick at 0:40
    so soulfull

  73. grossy25

    Never grow tired of this song!

    Casey Nevell

    Play it continually 10 times love itx

  74. Tarek Rabei

    How can someone dislike this....


    Must be a gen Xer or a millennial...

  75. Luca Dosi

    FANTASTICA pura emozione thanks for this song  Mark

  76. Amine Boularas

    this man inspires me to pick up the guitar

    Kenny Hsu

    Amine Boularas 我也是。pick up my guitar

  77. Kevin Shaughnessy

    roll on geordie boy roll

  78. Tomasz Kurzawa

    The most beautiful song,in my humble opinion,of the album ! Listening the song I think about The BIBLE...and LOVE...which is over gold...

    ANAND R Thomas

    Love the Bible
    Love Jesus 💐💐

    Karim paul Rifaat

    Pour. N'importe quoi ❓

  79. Dennis Schulmeister-Zimolong

    Best version of this song ever. Richard and Mark playing solo at the end is epic.

    Bart Janssen

    true, so!


    10000 times and more, and again awesome


    Undoubtedly The Greatest Guitar player of his time.


    Couldn't agree more.  The guitar isn't merely an instrument for him.  It's an extension of the man.  Every note is wrapped in passion!  Lastly, something I've said many times about his playing........He makes his soul audible!

  81. Oleg Orlov


  82. Сергей Окуневич

    Выше облаков!

  83. Balyous Abbas

    you are the best all time ))

  84. Samo Moment

    one of Mark's best, fantastic Les Paul finale...

  85. Youness Bouzelfane

    Great as always .

  86. Lachlan F

    Straight fire again. Its infallible!