Emmylou Harris - High Sierra Lyrics

I've been higher than the high sierra
Lower than Death Valley must be
I've been right, mostly wrong
Wrong about you, right about me

The way I feel, can't explain
So much passion turned to pain
The sun still shines most of the time
Did you know the sun shines when it rains

I've been higher than the high sierra
Lower than Death Valley must be
I've been right, mostly wrong
Wrong about you, right about me

I've been cussed and I've been praised
And I've been nothing these days
But I'll come back, time will see
If I'm wrong about you, right about me

I've been higher than the high sierra
Lower than Death Valley must be
I've been right, mostly wrong
Wrong about you, right about me

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Emmylou Harris High Sierra Comments
  1. Marina Anderson

    No one is better than Linda. She has always been favorite fave

  2. Thomas Friberg

    I live here on the High Sierra , always have liked the song

  3. Peggie Green

    The two ladies, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt sounded awesome, and are beautifully natural! The "made up" "fake" person in gold sure didn't!

  4. F Paim

    I wonder how do you gravitate around Emmylou without falling in love with her...

  5. Wolfsky9

    Angelic voices---------it's enough to make you believe God put them together. -----------WolfSky9

  6. Johnny Jensen

    Linda Ronstadt: the greatest pop female singer of all time!

  7. Beaux Lee

    Ronstadt was in possession of a pure, powerful, beautiful and yet tender voice. Nothing else like it. Her musical journeys with many superb musical friends were divine.

  8. Danny Witmer

    This is my fav Trio song but I got the feeling they were lip syncing here, it was identical to the recording. Nevertheless Linda is divine.

  9. Gtorjoe Pontiac

    Linda, my ♥️ belongs to you.

  10. Mary Vick

    Linda Ronstadt was my all time favorite female artist. I saw her in concert three times. Such a beautiful voice. Love Emmy Lou and Dolly as well.

  11. chrisw

    mountain music has a beauty all of its own.

  12. Alastair Meiklejohn

    When Linda Ronstadt sings, around 1 minute into this video... just melts my heart

  13. Gtorjoe Pontiac

    Linda, My ♥️ belongs to You

  14. TJ Wash

    This is one of the best trio songs. That opening moment with all 3 together is stunning.

  15. Dana Flowers

    I love Linda Ronstadt so much. Listening to her taught me to sing when I was around 9 years old. Her beautiful voice still gives me chills. It's so pure and powerful.

  16. Charles Beaver

    These girls were perfection

  17. Keith Klein

    Make me cry...hearing these voices in their prime.

  18. Mama Jacqueroo

    What a great trio they were together.

  19. Lisnageeragh

    Such great singing....Sad to hear Linda sings no more , but her music will be remembered.

  20. blemelin

    IMO one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever recorded.

  21. Diana R.

    I've been a huge fan of Linda Ronstadt since the 1970s!

  22. Mel Strait

    Is that Carl Jackson on guitar and Sam Bush on mandolin in the background?

  23. Steve Jones

    Beautifully done , thanks

  24. Cathleen Valenson

    Absolutely beautiful. Linda you have a voice that will always endure. Beautiful, strong and pure. I’ve loved your voice as long as I can remember, and I always will.

  25. Denny Hayes

    Yep, very best

  26. Glennsten Bergkvist

    Alert: poor sound quality

  27. Alastair Macdonald

    The 3 icon's of country, I have loved Linda's music since my teens (70's ) into Dolly and Emmylou a bit later, each have their own style of singing, together amazing.
    My Heart goes out to Linda and her family facing this cruel illness, I'm sure i'm not alone in wishing her all the best


    Ms. Ronstadt may be an "icon of country", but she is not in the CMHOF.

  28. Ana de Fatima Matias

    Lindas cantoras🎶🎶🎶🎶

  29. Vicky Stanley

    Louder isn't better. Their voices are all beautiful.

  30. thinkerly1

    Dolly CMHOF 1999, Emmylou CMHOF 2008, Ms. Ronstadt -- never.

  31. Tobin Eastwold

    These three epotomize what female singers should aspire to. There was /is never a more perfect union of voices in the industry. Much love and admiration!

  32. hokulealinda

    One of the most beautiful things I've ever heard

  33. Raggadyman

    Sam can pick the small one...

  34. speedtouch106

    When was this recorded?

  35. karol leão

    i drink so much listening this song

  36. Lynn Mcauley

    Just bloody awesome

  37. speedtouch106

    When was this performance?

  38. Josue2018

    Linda, the queen of country rock! Her vocal power gives me the chills. Love Trio. their best work!!!

  39. Daniel S

    The silver lining to the long Matterhorn line at Disneyland.
    It's gradnight 1971... By the ride, We decide to rest, front row, at what looked like empty seats of a small county fair concert. Then people start to gather, and a young woman in a clinging type of tshirt dress, by the name of Linda Rhondstandt, a few yards in front of me, starts to sing..
    And I think I'll remember that night for a long long time.

  40. Scout Finch

    Ronstadt's clarity, power and saddness is serious stuff. Staggering.

  41. Charles Beaver

    When these girls get together I always cry

  42. RLSDW74

    brings the throat to our hearts

  43. fairsherrr

    Who is that elegant fiddler?

  44. Vylken & Zonkk

    Linda is so so very beautiful in voice here...

  45. John Powers

    Linda. we are the same age and I have loved you since I was 17 yrs old. Please loose 50 lbs by intermittent fasting an do a 3 day water-fast at he start of every month and you will get better. It has changed my life.  Research it on google and God bless.

    Lawrence Clayton, USMC

    John Powers Linda is tiny now(Youtube has her most recent interview from September on KTVU) and has been for several years. This is 20 years ago when she was battling Hishimotos disease. All things considered she looks lovely today. What a fine instrument she played!

  46. Brendan Gallagher

    0% ego 100% sublime talent


    Brendan Gallagher ego is the enemy of art imo

  47. Liza Jane

    Love listening to this Trio of wonderful, beautiful and talented women!

  48. Garret

    Nothin out there even close to this today.

  49. Lg mayes

    For all the great singers...Ronstadt's is already miissed...we were blessed to enjoy it...

  50. Diane Owen

    Those three voices...amazing...wonderful....heartbreaking....beautiful.

  51. VivienLadyO

    Just exquisite. Such an inspired idea to get these remarkable ladies together. Their works are things of great beauty.

  52. ChicoDon

    You can tell Linda was brought up singing Mexican music. The strong vocals.

  53. Ibwagwangbe Teisie

    Such a lovely song..pure in meaning with the sweetest voice of the world

  54. Lisa Yu

    Heavy hitters

  55. Ira Lee

    From a wise West African saying: A person never dies if they remain in the hearts and minds of their friends and loved ones. Ira Lee, Ph.D.

  56. Jeremy Stock

    gorgeous song. Linda is a treasure.

  57. Rhonda Boncutter

    These are my ladies! Love anything they sing!

  58. gary slocum

    Emmylou, Linda, and Dolly. The best trio ever

  59. pawsndclawz

    LR the best vocalist ever.. and to see her struggle her is heart breaking..  My inspiration for all time ...

  60. randall scott burress

    Jesus hates Chriatians because they are back up in church Changing money again/ Same difference?

  61. Bill Randolph

    Jeez, where'd you come across all that lies, drivel, Alexander Hutton?

  62. david barnett

    Still think Linda R. is one of the best if not the best singer of the 60's thru the 90's ... Emmylou is a very pretty woman at whatever age this is,,,

  63. Ruby Wingo

    Gets no better than Linda Ronstadt! She has cool she hasn't even used yet!!!

    Teri Mcgarigle

    The greatest female vocalist of all times you may always sing desperado to me

    Rhonda Boncutter

    Got to see her in Concert, with The Stone Ponies, before a Neil Young concert! Loved her the best! Amazing!

    Gtorjoe Pontiac

    @Rhonda Boncutter ♥️

  64. D Jackson

    "Wrong about you, right about me." Killer lyrics and harmonies. Linda's instrument is so clear, so sad - Dolly and Emmy Lou seem to comfort her from such deep heartbreak.

  65. J. Wesley Stevenson

    Makes a lot of these modern singers sound like the inexperienced amateurs they are.

  66. Eleanor Hjemmet

    I have been searching for information about this song. It was written by Harley Allen. Was there a co-writer? I haven't found a recording of him doing it. Nor a mention of this song in his obits I read, though to me it is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. My first encounter was Chesapeake's Moodie Klein singing lead on it, then later the Trio II version. Would love to know which cover came first. BOTH are amazingly beautiful. Did Linda Ronstadt hear Chesapeake's version and fall in love with the song?

  67. Sedghammer

    What a trio and band! Simply marvelous. This song has so much emotion and no one comes close to the way it's performed here. Harmonies so sweet they're banned in rural Kentucky.

  68. Adrian Canales


  69. Matt Rayner

    Oh Linda xx

  70. Jeff Kibby


  71. Don P

    Quite a band behind them, as well, including Sam Bush and Carl Jackson if I'm not mistaken. Very sweet.

  72. Arthur Shatz

    Next to the definition of three part harmony in the dictionary, there should be a picture of these three ladies. Absolute perfection. Absolutely tragic the fate that has befallen Linda. She could sing anything from rock to standards to Gibert & Sullivan. One of the purest voices ever.


    And the Bee Gees.

  73. Connie Wolfs

    So beautiful!

  74. Clayton Peek

    Absolutely love Lindas voice, has to be one fthe best ever. Allthese Girls are unbelievable

  75. Al Blue

    my angels

  76. al webster

    What harmony!!!!! What happened to female singers like them?!!!!!


    Love Linda sorry to hear she's not well....

  78. boatbarboy

    Is that Sam Bush playing mandolin? met him once in Pembroke Castle.

  79. Rusty Plunkett

    The trio of the best female vocals on the planet ⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Paul R

    Very true, Linda being #1

  80. Gill W

    Such heavenly voices, so therapeutic to the soul, both albums worth every penny and more! What a collaboration!

  81. J Burke

    I don't know what year this recording was made, but all 3 ladies are the same age. Only Harris is one year younger than the others and that is by months really. Compare this with their other recordings together at a younger age, in those recordings the volume is set the same for all three and you can tell that Linda's voice is the most powerful. In this recording the engineer has equalized them so they are all level, and Ronstadt still stands out. Parton is a heart-jerker, and is damn good at it. Harris has an angelic voice and singular style and sounds so pure over the top of this harmony, but Ronstadt's voice fills a room and makes it echo, just amazingly rich in the center. I love all three of them but I have to say that this makes me appreciate Ronstadt more than I did before.

    Jonathan Wallach

    Ronstadt's voice would be more powerful than anybody she sang with, no exceptions. The effortless power she had was a freak of nature. And the breathtaking beauty of the sound was as well. You don't get a record deal after 5 minutes with barely any material when you are 18 years old with no connections if there isn't something special going on. Linda also toned herself down when she sang harmony, almost to a fault. But this mix is amazing and hard to believe it's live.

  82. Shane Kaka

    I always Love Linda!

  83. Darryl Mull

    Great harmonies by the greatest voices and an all star cast of musicians including the best mandolin player in the world, Sam Bush. Close as it comes to perfection.

  84. Oona Allen

    yes dolls, so peaceful

  85. Jim Graves

    and there is a Heaven and it has fishing holes, my dad is waiting there for me and listening to the choir

  86. Jim Graves

    Voices of the angels choir in heaven, without a doubt

  87. ricky rigney

    Never another voice like Linda Ronstadt, God Bless her for the music she gave us!

    Paul R

    I would rate Linda as the best female vocalist ever and the harmony she creates with Emmy lou & Dolly is unbelievable :)

  88. Rabbit Fish63

    These women harmonize like buttah!

  89. Sam Hardiman

    Is that Gerry Douglas in the background?

  90. Karen Crawford

    As a musician, the two most heartfelt compliments I've gotten from people are; you made me cry, or you gave me chills..... this one does both to me.

  91. Swen Schröder

    i like it :)

  92. Zdeněk Vrhel


  93. Mark Betro

    The three of them together what great harmony and Linda Ronstadts voice like no others just so beautiful gosh it gives me goose bumps listening to here solos .

  94. Shane Appleby

    I've read a lot of the those words 'wrong about' and 'right about'
    I sort of feel just weird saying thank you.

    Shane Appleby

    No I truly know, you ladies inspire and made people think and shine. You Rock.

  95. Judy Mergel

    Who's all in the band? I see Sam Bush on mandolin.


    Judy Mergel Carl Jackson on guitar.

  96. clarke963

    Thanks for this and Linda is there!