Emmylou Harris - Defying Gravity Lyrics

I live on a big blue ball
I never do dream I may fall
But even the day that I do
I jump off and smile back at you
I don't even know where we are

But they tell us we're circling a star
Well I'll take their word I don't know
But I'm dizzy so maybe that's so

I'm riding a big blue ball
I never do dream I may fall
But even the high may lay row
So when I do fall I'll be glad to go

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Emmylou Harris Defying Gravity Comments
  1. Linda Martin

    Beautiful song🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

  2. Jennie Anderson

    I Love this beautiful song , So tired of the deep pain and tears that comes with the sickness that has invaded my life... Anyone who is suffering,I pray God give you peace ✨So much peace in Emmylou’s voice 🎶 “I’ll jump off and smile back at you!”...🕊

  3. world oceans

    This song was written by Jesse Winchester. It is one of the most profound and beautiful songs of our age, especially when Emmylou sings it.

    Jennie Anderson

    world oceans I surely agree with you, Simply Beautiful..🌎

  4. Jojo heartspaypay

    *...this ...is why I'm like I am.

  5. Curtis Beard

    This is the way Waylon meant it to be sung. His last goodbye should be sung like this. NOT like Jessie Coultor sung it. She wouldn't even use his last name

    Michele C-F

    Yes, this was written by Jesse Winchester. If you get a chance listen to the 1974 version. Waylon sang it when i saw him open for Neil Young in the 80's.

  6. d kurland


  7. Ray

    She's so awesome with a voice like an angel .. hope I can see her perform live one time in my life

  8. Frank Calderón

    Sweet Emmylou <3

  9. Dan63


  10. Darci Tarascio

    I love this song!

  11. Angelo Greeno

    Emmylou singing this song puts me in a good place. Beautiful lady, beautiful voice and a beautiful song.😍

  12. profcave

    Essa mulher!!!!!!

  13. thereddirtgirl1

    Emmylou Rules!