Emmylou Harris - Blackhawk Lyrics

Well I work the double shift
In a bookstore on St. Clair
While he pushed the burning ingots
In Dofasco stinking air
Where the truth bites and stings
I remember just what we were
As the noon bell rings for
Blackhawk and the white winged dove

Hold on to your aching heart
I'll wipe the liquor from your lips
A small town hero never dies
He fades a bit and then he slips
Down into the blast furnace
In the heat of the open hearth
And at the punch clock he remembers
Blackhawk and the white winged dove

I remember your leather boots
Pointing up into the sky
We fell down to our knees
Over there where the grass grew high
Love hunters in the night
Our faces turned into the wind
Blackhawk where are you know
Blackhawk and the white winged dove
We were Blackhawk where are you know
We were Blackhawk where are you know

Do you still have the ring I gave you
On the banks of Lake Bear
Where I felt certain that I knew you
My cool and distant debonair
Now we drink at Liberty Station
Another cup of muscatel
Wrapped in the strong arms of the Union
Raisin' kids from raisin' hell

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Emmylou Harris Blackhawk Comments
  1. Josée P.

    Malgré son âge elle est toujours très belle avec une voix superbe! Vive Emmylou HARRIS!

  2. metso grand

    Emmylou"s voice is a beautiful instrument .

  3. Matt Thompson


  4. STUDIO BENCIVENGA Marcus Bencivenga

    Why is this woman always beautiful brown hair, grey hair , white hair she stays emmylou 🤗the girl with the Jumbo guitar 🤠

  5. kizmi axe

    Eggen zee dorphin purfor the clindane
    zegan de zorchus a riddl mac torfu
    Porsom de gonjoes extura lific bee gees
    I can't understand a word you are saying.

  6. kizmi axe

    What in the hell is this? Is she speaking in English or what? I can't understand one word.

    Stink Fistula

    she said you should partake of my enormous richard

  7. Waldemar Rognes

    I really love this woman - she is from heaven! ❤️

  8. Waldemar Rognes

    I really love this woman, her voice and her music! ❤️

  9. helen freeburn


  10. Neil Ladd

    Only one Emmylou, good song about a bad situation.

  11. chuck7

    That Voice , Everything about this Lady is Class ,

  12. Shelby Asch

    If heaven exists it sounds like Emmylou Harris!

  13. Ton Wijnen

    Nothing more important than compassion and love!

  14. Ton Wijnen

    Love hunters in the night.

  15. Ton Wijnen

    What superb voice.

  16. Raye Beck

    Emmylou is a terrific singer. I have listened to her for years.

  17. Don Stanton


  18. Bill Roberts

    Notice how nicely the audience is dressed?

  19. antonio lasley

    a beautiful song sung by a beautiful lady stunning both the song and emmylou

  20. Bill Roberts

    She feels this song and she is beautiful.

  21. Jose

    Bellisimas canciones , gracias Emmylou

  22. city zen

    She's lip-synching!! Or singing to the recorded track. The latter.

  23. jef lynn

    The White Winged Dove , Emmylou

  24. Jose

    Amo su voz , y su álbum wrecking ball

  25. Pascal lemoine

    Pure nostalgie

  26. John Henry Erasmus

    ń Oomblik se onthou
    Van ons Vader se ewige trou
    Van liefde en genade
    Oorvloedig deur al die jare
    Skink die beker van geluk
    Terwyl ons wag en wag en wag
    Want in die silwer jare
    Is daar baie om nog voor te hoop
    Verhoudings verbrou
    Kan herstel word in liefdevolle trou
    Eensame nagte
    In herinnering bring
    Sonder enige berou
    Liefdevolle Heer
    Skenk asseblief genade
    Om my gedagtes
    Rondom U alleen te bou
    Hier in my silwer jare.

  27. John Henry Erasmus

    Vonkelverse, bruisend deur my are
    Vonkelverse, ek kom nader
    Vonkelverse vir middeljare
    Vonkelverse vir aftreejare

    Dit borrel in my as ek dit sing
    Want wie gee vir aftrede
    n Splinternuwe ring
    ń Ring van vriendskap
    ń Ring van trou
    n Ring van net die mooiste in die lewe onthou

    Dan sing ons vonkelverse
    Want daar is bruising tussen jou en my
    Want daar's ń kitaar
    En ons het ń lied
    ń Vonkelvers wat geheime bied
    Ons deel dit met vriende
    Ons deel dit met lang lang ure
    Vonkelverse, mag daar vir ń oomblik
    Net geluk in almal se oë skiet.

  28. Christine Fougere

    this was my late bf Mike's favourite favourite song. He used to make me sing the harmony.

    Jeff Nielsen

    That's quite a story.

  29. pedro esqueracuña

    love your angel´s voice God bless you baby

  30. kikolotru

    Emmylou, reminiscencias del alma en el cielo son sus canciones...voz de ángel con un talento extraordinario.

  31. Mary Jo Johnso n

    she always does a great job with all of Daniels music....

  32. Scottish John

    Haven't a clue what you're saying but I agree!!

    kizmi axe

    Hello Scottish John,
    I'm 70 years old--I think about the same as this woman. I watched her career and could never figure out why people liked her. You can't understand a word she says. You would think that she would notice this but she never did. I can't stand her.

  33. afonso70110

    The music of Daniel Lanois is wonderful. And Emmylou too, with his voice that leads us to unknown places. A true wonder. Emmylou is unique.

  34. antonio lasley

    another beautiful song, by a beautiful lady wow real talent not like taylor swift and the current females

  35. Goldiknecht, Pferde, Horses, Caballos, 말

    einfach schön :-)

  36. Lonewolf

    Whitedove where are you now,....Blackhawk!....Oregon.

  37. Michel Claisse

    si toutes les chanteuses etaient comme elle!......

  38. 8733hans

    Old but so beautiful

  39. rayilvem

    Emmy lou, till the day I die ,and longer !!

  40. Kitsilano Sterritt

    Pure Mmy

  41. myrjer

    Best voice in the universe

    Tom Ryan

    agree.and best everything else.

  42. Lonewolf

    To Whitedove my Cherokee Princess...From Lonewolf with love. {Comanche}

  43. Sergio Bellina

    Emmylou evergreen. Very nice video!

  44. dagny1207

    Very nice, and great video:-)