Emmylou Harris - Beneath Still Waters Lyrics

Beneath still waters
There's a strong undertow
The surface won't tell you
What the deep water knows
Darling, I'm saying
I know something's wrong
Beneath still waters
Your love is gone

Even a fool could see
That you'll soon be leaving me
But each and every heart
Must take its turn at misery

And this time it's me
And I'll cry alone
Beneath still waters
Your love is gone

Even a fool could see
That you'll soon be leaving me
But each and every heart
Must take its turn at misery

And this time it's me
And I'll cry alone
Beneath still waters
Your love is gone
Beneath still waters
Your love is gone
Beneath still waters
Your love is gone

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Emmylou Harris Beneath Still Waters Comments
  1. Andrew Olayo


  2. Glenda Gillikin

    Loved this long ago

  3. Otilia Taduyo

    great voice.like her.

  4. Dennis Wright

    Love her singing

  5. Dennis Wright

    Love her singing!

  6. Kimmo Kananen

    Beautiful music. Came here to hear James, mostly.

  7. Kenneth Charlton


  8. James Hodges

    I just never get tired of listening to this classic masterpiece by Emmylou Harris!

  9. Peter Degroot

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful

  10. Rose Licyayo

    Sooo relaxing and nice song thanks for alot.

  11. Glenda Gillikin

    Heard this long time ago so many memories

  12. Shirley Smith

    Absolutely Beautiful! Best song I’ve heard in a long time.

  13. Flo Chartingham

    Thanks God for classic country.

  14. David Hudson

    Very good song and very well done

  15. EP Giovannini

    Right wonderful..

  16. Chris Kriek

    Lovely voice singing a lovely voice.

  17. willieboy3011 Jonas

    Two of my favorite singers, George jones and Emmylou, both did the best versions of this song. I alternate between the two versions from time to time.

  18. kamaroway günther

    Still Waters

  19. George Pelser

    This song just soothes one's soul. What a voice this lady has. Stunningly beautiful.

  20. Jordan Ross

    She sings so amazing, that it makes me cry. 😭

  21. Eileen R

    So lovely .

  22. Dencil Dean

    The 16 people who do not like this song must by crazy

  23. Tsulem Tkr

    Oh! God,her voice is magical,wonderful Emmylou

  24. weed wacker

    My mom's song ...didn't say good bye b4 she passed....songs haunt you in the wrong way wen things should of been put right

  25. Ray Warner

    1980 - a very romantic student teacher I was strengthened and encouraged by Emmylou's angelic voice.

  26. Frank Lilley

    She is exquisite!

  27. Tsulem Tkr

    Love you emmlou......

  28. Wayne A White

    This song is so pretty, it just can't sound any other way no matter who sings it, it seems. I melted over Rhonda Vincent's version and here I am now just buttered away over Emmylou's version. Dallas Fraizer sure wrote a winner with this one

  29. venomous sting

    I listen to hip hop but this reminds of my mom love you where ever you are

  30. Barbara Manning

    this song reminds me of someone I lost long ago.

    Ann Hughes

    This song reminds me of some one who walked out of my life mark I still love and miss 💔💔💔💔

  31. James Wall

    Yes baby my name didn't get put up by it is James wall wall 1131 Sadie Drive Augusta Georgia 30909 if you do find one laying around that will be my world right there especially from the one who will donate it to me if you find one laying around lots of love the Lord is with us every step of the way

  32. James Wall

    Yes I say if you find an old guitar laying around you donate it to me Augusta Georgia 30909 I am again but you always been an inspiration to me you are the best and you keep on God bless Yee God bless you and don't slow down just keep moving on moving on if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be moving my left fingers now you are a God sent

  33. James Wall

    Ann Miller after I had a light stroke it was you singing moving on and I got a piece of old guitar and I kept messing with it and I got my left hand was moving a little bit better man if you find out guitar laying around please donate it to me James wall 1131 Satie Drive Augusta Georgia 30909 you are a liar

  34. Collin Gelderbloem


  35. Bill Roberts

    She ranks with Patsy and very few others. They didn't set the bar, they are the bar. Everlasting.

  36. Anthony Moore

    Even more magical in person saw her in Boone, N.C. in 2006. She's bewitching.

  37. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #1 on the country charts in 1980!!!

  38. Leonard Kimaty

    What an amaizing song with with sweetest voice...

  39. Göran Olsson

    The best...

  40. strawman8

    Hell she hits this one out of the park......an awesome rendition.

  41. Tracy LaPointe

    I love this song. Came out a year after I was born.

  42. Fred Bentley

    One of my very favorite country songs sung by one of the most beautiful voices in music. This song with Emmylou Harris's vocals and the instrumentation behind her is phenomenal!--- incredible !!

    Bob Burke

    Fred Bentley This is by far my favorite. The voice and steel are awesome.

  43. B. Troost

    is it met phill everly?

  44. Bill Roberts

    Beautiful woman with an equally beautiful voice. Right up thee with Patsy and that's saying something.


    The BEST :-)

  46. Henry Jacobs

    I love all of your songs they are beautiful

  47. Carney Bowman

    Heaven on earth.!!!!

  48. Robert Wentzel

    Not only is her voice and the song beautiful ,but the lyrics are so true and beautiful!

  49. David Anderson

    This is one of those songs that all other versions will be compared to and found wanting. It is simply a classic, delivered by a beautiful voice with an excellent musical arrangement.

  50. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1980 {April 19th} Billboard Magazine published it's Hot Country Singles chart for the week ending April 19th, 1980...
    And for the first time in Country Singles chart history the Top 5 positions were held by female artists:
    #1. "It's Like We Never Said Goodbye" by Crystal Gayle
    #2. "A Lesson in Leavin'" by Dottie West
    #3. "Are You on the Road to Lovin' Me Again" by Debby Boone
    #4. "Beneath Still Waters" by Emmylou Harris
    #5. "Two Story House" by Tammy Wynette (duet with George Jones)
    The following week Ms. West bumped Ms. Gayle out of the top spot, then Ms. Boone replaced Ms. West at #1, and finally Ms. Harris then moved into the #1 position {all four records spent one week each at #1}...
    "Two Story House" just missed reaching #1, it peaked at #2...


    good stuff

  51. Tracey Grubb

    UmmmmmmmmmmmmmmHummmmm Awesome Voice <3

  52. Christine Fougere

    this has to be my all time favourite Emmy lou song. what a voice....for a beautiful song

  53. Charles Shuler

    Last song, an old friend learned. Pattie Butler. 'til we meet again!

  54. Ruud Stahlecker


  55. jerry hutchinson

    The only one ! No one else even close !

  56. lawmtea Tlaichhun

    Her voice is just pure magic!!

  57. Felix Bruyns

    I'm not country. I've passed by some farm fields and been to some barns in the State Fair. That's the extent of my country cred. I listen to very little country music, and even that would usually be old bluegrass, Western swing or rockabilly. This song, though, is different. Genre's irrelevant here. This song is universal in both lyrics and delivery.

    Mary Plaidy

    Felix Bruyns I think the word you're searching for is "quality". And Emmylou is definitely country, i.e. the steel guitar.

  58. Beverley Wilson

    beautiful voice beautiful song,First time i heard this song i cried.

    wison Carter

    Buetefol song

  59. duncan saint

    Surely Emmylou is up there with Joan Baez in the top ten of gorgeous voices the world of music is so lucky to have

    Marla Barach

    duncan saint Joan Baez couldn't hold a candle to Emmylou Harris. there's no competition, Emmylou sings from the heart and experience. listen to her and Gram Parsons. that's a love story

  60. JoanARC

    Oh Lord...her voice is heaven sent............amazing...

    Edward Peterson

    So beautiful, both the music and Emmy Lou.

  61. Alosio Bogileka

    Just can't explain it...what a voice.....

  62. Silvia Rodarte

    love this song, so beautiful. ..

  63. Johnny Hancock Sr

    One of the greatest voices country music will ever have

    Leif Petersen

    and alwayes beautiful

  64. Michael Catley

    so beautiful.

  65. trevor tranter

    One of the most sweetest voices i have ever heard

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