Emma Ruth Rundle - Shadows Of My Name Lyrics

I've come here wasted and with selfish, saddened things
So that they'd de arrange the shadows of my name
Unfazed that I'm unfazed
Unveiled that I unveiled

What you've gone and done
What you've gone and done
What I've gone and done

I lay back in salt
Please forgive my name
I won't speak at all
Just to sing again

What you've gone and done
What you've gone and done
What I've gone and done

I lay back in salt
Please forgive my name
I won't speak at all
Just to sing again

I lay back in salt
Please forgive my name
I won't speak at all
Just to sing again

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Emma Ruth Rundle Shadows Of My Name Comments
  1. Линчи

    навевает walking dead the game season 2. шикарно. эмоционально. печально.

  2. A. IM


  3. Marc Hoebel

    Can't wait to see you performe at Neue Kantine Augsburg on Thursday.. LOVE MARC ❤️ 🎸..

  4. Blood Wizard

    yerin çok ayrı.. çok özelsin

  5. Dusty Tanco

    Best talent of my time.. !!

  6. Daniel Navarro

    Emma ...you have given new life to the rock and roll!!!!

  7. Barbantus

    Incredible. We are very lucky to still have music this good. Full of emotion.

  8. sophie

    continuously returning here.

  9. MetalomaniaC \,,/,

    ERR is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists and its so cool that she is working with Thou!! So talented!!

  10. Giselle Nevarez

    anyone know what tuning she’s using?? she’s so amazing!!

    Yoda Zemunski

    I would like to know too!

  11. Pacific Monkey

    hello from 2k19

    i open this only now...

  12. M.J. Music

    Amazing Voice, great song

  13. Emme Cee

    I keep coming back to this version. It is so haunting and beautifully dark.

  14. EVSGirl87

    Here she reminds me of Anna Ternheim. What a beautiful performance!

  15. tpresler

    Wow, unique and deep!

  16. meghan o'donnell

    One of the most beautiful songs ever written


    Nah! Chan Marshall is way cooler!

  17. Luis Fonseca

    This song. This song...even four years later...damn!

  18. HottyHelen

    Saw her live, opening for Alcest at the Southbank as part of Robert Smith's meltdown, very impressed. Reminds me of early (pre Mitch Froom) Suzanne Vega. I am going to have to start buying her entire back catalog :)

  19. Serina Isabelle

    i want to learn this on guitar sooooo bad

  20. airlockengage

    I'm digging her. She showed up in my 'Chelsea Wolfe' recommended related artists. I can see some parallels.

    Erich Groti

    Try "Marriages" too, it's Emma's another music project.

  21. Ari As a Ghost

    söööölt. spikin öööl

  22. aen sleezey

    I just love your voice, the emotions, the music and i love you since forever Emma 💯❤️

  23. Mr. Echo

    The studio version is so lovely n polished...and this one is so raw and vulnerable. it blows the studio version out of the water. for a moment, i forgot i was not in the same room as Emma.

  24. Peighter

    who is this Emma girl? I think I like her.

  25. xentan

    This is nothing short of brilliant

  26. psyjager

    boring ... play some psytrance ftw.

  27. Nana Wolf

    Marry me.

  28. Það er engin von

    ı am crying...

  29. Rosario Phillips

    She reminds me of 'Daughter'. They both move me so much.

    luis lopez

    Absolutely ! my two favourites

    Li anne

    i love Daughter!

  30. Dance_with_me

    This voice.... I can't get enough of it.

    Tony Wyman

    It is haunting, isn't it? I hear her singing in my head all the time.

  31. Tony Wyman

    She is simply mesmerizing.

  32. greatpoochini1

    Bloody hell. Wonderful.

  33. Rania El

    This song gives me chills everytime. It makes me so calm, I love you! Thanks for making this music and existing.

  34. Kamil Kamiński

    she's incredible:) I don't have a word to describe her singing:)

    Emme Cee

    Kamil Kamiński Here’s a few; emotional, pained, raw...

  35. GreenRabbit243

    Woww so good siging

  36. Luis Amador

    amazing how her voice sounds just as good as the studio version

    Igor Ferreira

    sounds better

    s f

    Great voice! Reminds me a little bit of Alanis Morisette so that's a compliment :) Emotional.

  37. Diogo Rivers

    september, amplifest, let's go

  38. Дарья Щеглова

    voice look like  Dolores O'riordan

    aspero anhelo

    Дарья Щеглова yes, great voice :)

  39. Vincent Desbordes

    ouf ! cette claque !

  40. Randi Andrew

    She is incredible.

  41. Andrew Tatusko

    Her music punches me in the gut. Damn.

  42. Thomas Acord

    She's really good, but I'm not digging the guitar tone

  43. Joe Testa

    Reminds me of Right Away Great Captain

  44. disgraceland uk

    Emma is on a whole other level. She and Chelsea Wolfe need to do something together...

    Maybe throw some PJ in there too. 

    Tyler Parsley

    Add Mamiffer into that collaboration 66/6 would go straight to hell and see heaven at the same time. Glad to see Chelsea Wolfe pull them onto a few shows. So many feels. All the bad ones. All the good ones.


    Have you guys followed Emma or Wolfe on Instagram? These chicks follow some seriously heavy ass bands and great artist in general. I could see pretty much any heavy, dark, or drone artists wanting to collaborate with these ladies. They also post gear/pedalboard set up porn mmm

    Sara Rey

    yes yes yes

    Daniel Navarro

    Nahhh ,... Emma is very unique!!! Don´t mix up the things !!!

    Beth K

    I know this was from 5 years ago but it looks like sargent house has plans for them in 2020

  45. LA TONE

    I made a remix of this song. You won't be disappointed.

  46. Ricardo Andres

    Enamorado de ella

  47. Deividas


  48. Hal Conick

    She's the baddest. 

    Hopefully we get a new Marriages record sometime soon too. 

    Andrew Hernandez

    We will, spoke to Emma and Greg on Sunday, mastering is in its final week. They played 5 new songs and they all sound badass!

  49. Leo Arévalo

    Me enamore <3