Eminem - Stepping Stone Lyrics

Take me to the river
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

It's 2002, everything was totally new
We were globally huge, watching sales go through the roof
We wrote and we feuded, Runyon Avenue soldiers included
A multitude of homies who would bounce for no good excuse
We were so bulletproof wrote, souped and soaked in our youth
Thought we was running shit 'til we lost the sole of our shoe
The death of Doody broke us in two
We were thrown for a loop, ain't none of us know what to do
And at the time I was going through my own struggles too
So I wasn't in no condition to be coaching us through
Everyone tried to go solo, really nobody blew
I was hoping they do, so I ain't have to shoulder the crew
The plan was put everyone in position so that they knew
How to stand on their own, and I don't wanna open up wounds
I just noticed that oomph was gone when we go in the booth
'Cause the truth is, the moment that Proof died, so did the group

If I could leave this all behind
I could open up my eyes and walk in a straight line
Down to the river with you
Help me leave this all behind

I'ma wash away my sins
I'ma rinse away this dirt
I forgot to make amends
To all the friends I may have hurt
I better stop and say my grace
From it I pray that I don't fall
'Cause on the way back down I may
End up running back into them all
I never meant to use you all as my stepping stones

It was never the same, and it's bothered me since
And the farther we drift apart, the more awkward it gets
The more time goes by, the more life happens
And we gotta be men, we got responsibilities
Plus we don't say how we feel
And I feel like this is what got us in the debacle we're in
Been with you guys thick and thin
But it's almost as if sometimes we're not even friends
Which reminded me Biz, "Rockstar" was the shit
Y'all coulda got you a hit without me on the shit
If you woulda put D12 on it, wish I coulda did
More than try talking you into coming up off of it
I know it wasn't my fault, but part of it probably is
I think of all of the trips to BET
And the rappers I wish that we woulda politicked with
Maybe y'all coulda clicked and got you some features
But that's water under the bridge
But I'm washing my sins in it 'til my conscience is cleansed

If I could leave this all behind
I could open up my eyes and walk in a straight line
Down to the river with you
Help me leave this all behind

I'ma wash away my sins
I'ma rinse away this dirt
I forgot to make amends
To all the friends I may have hurt
I better stop and say my grace
From it I pray that I don't fall
'Cause on the way back down I may
End up running back into them all
I never meant to use you all as my stepping stones

Bacardi and Hen', never thought the party would end
One minute you're bodying shit, but then your audience splits
You can already sense the climate is starting to shift
To these kids you no longer exist
Went from rainin' cats and dogs in this bitch
To tiny drops, little drips
And by the time your reign is over, you'll hardly be missed
You start thinking of all the artists you dissed
All the carnage you left, is this the kind of karma you get
For turning your fucking back on Bizzy, Kuniva and Swift?
A Freudian slip, subconsciously, I honestly wished
I ain't feel so much guilt and y'all didn't harbor resentment
But it's hard to pretend that y'all ain't got none
I just wish I had words, but I guess there just are none for this
To my partners, I can't say how sorry I am
This is not how I planned for our story to end
I love all of you men
But I just can't be the guy everybody depends
On for entire careers 'cause that's not even fair
I will always be here, but that spark isn't there
And I don't know how to recapture that time and that era
I've tried hearkening back to, but I'm fighting for air
I'm barely charting myself
Feels like I'm on the descent, but it was not my intent
To treat y'all like a stepping stone
Though I ain't left no one behind, but we been down every road
Done all we possibly can, I know we kept our hopes up
But the longer we spend living this lie that we live
The less is left for closure, so let's let this go
It's not goodbye to our friendship, but D12 is over

I'ma wash away my sins
I'ma rinse away this dirt
I forgot to make amends
To all the friends I may have hurt
I better stop and say my grace
From it I pray that I don't fall
'Cause on the way back down I may
End up running back into them all
I never meant to use you all as my stepping stones
I never meant to make you feel like my stepping stones
I never meant to use you all for my stepping stones

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Eminem Stepping Stone Comments
  1. Brookelynn Boswell

    "It's not goodbye to our friendship, but D12 is over" 😣😢😭 that hit a soft spot, ain't going to lie, it made me cry. I grew up to this, it can't be over...

  2. leonhard schnagl

    Little girls cried because 1D broke up.
    Real men cried because D12 broke up.

  3. Samuel Michaud

    This song is deep

  4. steviei2k8

    Been a fan of shady since 1999 but reading the quote from this video ''I know that they have things they wanna say to me and I have things I wanna say to them, so this is kind of how I wanted to tell them, like, you know, I love you guys, like forever, like I’m here, it just… doing a D12 album just doesn’t seem… in this climate right now, I don’t know how that would even work."

    Wow, i still remember when it was Eminem and D12 all over music channels back in the day, for him to say, its hard to picture them doing work together now is a tough pill to swallow and a dark reality we have to live with., It reminds you that anything is possible whether its good or bad. Respect to both Eminem and D12 for giving us great music back in the day!

  5. B Rabbit

    Em still got his old 2002 flow to his songs ❤

  6. Taha Farid

    Damn this song is deep

  7. Mamudapao

    My favorite song from Kamikaze. So emotional and the hook :O

  8. Brian Korir

    This song deserves millions of likes

  9. Cuba Lopez

    Crazy how years later his songs all are clues and testimonies to his skill and craft!

  10. Benjamin Martinez

    Why did he use that hook if I could leave this all behind. The words work but that song doesn't work. It sounds so weird & ruins an otherwise great song. He should've just kept it where he says I'ma wash away my sins. I'ma rinse away this dirt. I forgot to make amends to all the friends I may have hurt. Also this would've worked better on Revival & not Kamikaze. Put this song with River, Arose, Castle & put Framed on either Relapse or Kamikaze and it would work so much better

  11. Razan S

    “the moment that proof died, so did the group” 💔

  12. TastefulMusic

    it`s goodbye to our friendship, but d12 is over :( childhood d12 ♥ we love u em ♥

  13. Ano Nym

    Der Stolperstein ist sich mit jemand zu vergessen der nicht erkennen werden wird was du vergessen willst....NÄMLICH DICH.





  14. Efensie music

    and here the legacy dies

  15. DnD Ulitharid

    Listen to this after toy soldiers

  16. Ivan A Ruiz

    We’ll never get that salsa single😔

  17. Ivan A Ruiz

    Is it true he’s barely chartin himself

    Juan Barahona

    Kinda. He's trying. But these days people don't appreciate greatness.

    Ivan A Ruiz

    Juan Barahona yeah I don’t get how people like mumble or autotune shit my lil bro likes some of tht shit but I don’t get how🤦‍♂️😅

  18. Ryan Russell

    Is all I can say

  19. Rquesta101

    Sound like old Eminem, which, not gonna lie, 10x better

  20. Coroana

    that d12 verse was more painfull than my dad's belt

  21. Adrian Mendez


  22. Hazardbone

    Why didn't he mention con artist

  23. Shisui

    Listen to the song Difficult if you want to know more about this song also made by em.


    bro how did you destroy your bodu

  24. kelly stone

    Well bust a word open!

    kelly stone

    Our constellation is among Corinthians

    kelly stone

    1corinthians 1:10 give me two pair I need to pair 1corinth 2:7 do you smell me?

    kelly stone

    Automatically I'm focused. ..if you wanna ride get your side 2:10 how heavy do you think I am?

    kelly stone

    It left off telling me I was vain.

  25. SlimShady v2

    Man this song makes me sad💔

  26. Dalton Young

    This sounds like fire 🔥

  27. Hajal Ali

    Baby I'm a Rock star

  28. Hajal Ali

    This song is so deep. All the members must’ve felt emotional when they heard this

    Hajal Ali

    @Strange Simpson You seem to be a proper D12 fan. Man I remember when D12 World came out and they were making another album but Proof died and the rest was history.

    Hajal Ali

    @Strange Simpson I still listen to both their albums and keep up to date with the members on Insta and twitter. They have all grown up and matured makes me feel old and so reminiscent about how they used to be

    Strange Simpson

    @Hajal Ali i personally couldnt care less bout a Nick diss track. He's a troll, and the best response to him is to not respond. He wants clout for his show, and a diss track will just do the job for him. So it's better if Em doesn't respond. But coming to jamar, gucci mane, joe, it would be awesome to see how D12 handles them. Also, Ja made a diss track again recently in 2019 if u didnt know, targeting 50 and Em. Felt like we were going back to 02-04, coz this ja thing happened and Benzino also started attacking Em on twitter.

    Strange Simpson

    ​@Hajal Ali Honestly I absolutely love Em coz of his skills and the time he devotes to songs, but I hate how he treated D12 and Royce (with his BME stuff). D12 made a reunion mixtape, at least he could've showed some kind of involvement in it. He goes to Drake, Skylar and all these people, but never D12. He makes songs with Royce here and there, but ignores him when it comes to BME (as Royce said in a recent interview. He said that he asked Em for another BME album, but he ignored it coz he's 'busy'). I barely see him doing songs with people that he should be around with (D12 members, Royce, Crooked, Kid Vishis too if he's with Royce, Griselda). Crooked showed us a song one month ago that Em produced for him. If he can produce, how hard is it to actually make a song with him? You saw Royce's new album's tracklist? That's how it's done. Good MCs should be featured, not these fckin joyner, logic and all those corny MCs. Give me some features of K Dot, Cashis, TI, Jada, 3 stacks, Royce, J Cole, any member from Griselda and D12, Crooked. That's the shit

  29. giorgi2211

    Oh, man my heart is broken <3 R.I.P. Proof, without you we wouldn't have Eminem

    Strange Simpson

    without proof, ICP and Em would still be beefing. Same for Royce and D12's members -- they would be beefing too. So we wouldn't have got the BME album without Proof

  30. gin thianmung

    Rip proof 😭😭😭😭😭

  31. Alex Avila

    This song always hits me in the feels just because he is gonna die although we wish it wouldn't happen since all these kids are listening to mumble rap and thinking it's fire just cause the beat of the song. #Emlivesinourhearts

  32. Minto 11870

    The flow on that last verse is a comedic mess, ruined a Above average song

    Strange Simpson

    yea, except no. u're wrong lmao it didnt ruin the song. it's still great

  33. JosephDaBest

    The emotion by 3:42 till the end is crazy

  34. Inks Bo1

    I can kinda relate to this a little

  35. Hajal Ali

    Wish next album he keeps this pace. But for real as a long time Eminem/D12 fan this song hits home

    Strange Simpson

    Lord Above shows that he's doing what he should be right now. A comfortable and relaxing flow for him. Good signs

    Hajal Ali

    @Strange Simpson Yep. Listen to it everyday!


    this is the music which really never end!! whos agree?

  37. Aj Sisty

    Deep down... I know d12 will make another album...throw dre kendrick Joyner big sean... hes getting old I k ow hes gonna start pulling tricks outta hi sleeve. God damn. If any deserves to retire it's this guy but he knows he cant... trying to keep rap alive.... eminem..marshall is the fucking man... hands down.

    Nicky Krystals

    Nah not without proof. Like nwa can't make an album without Eazy.

    Strange Simpson

    nah no D12 album now. Been with us long enough, now we gotta let it go. Never the same after 06 when Proof died. We got Griselda..hope they blow tf up soon

  38. Tyestor

    best track eminem has done in over a decade

    Kira X

    You clearly didn't hear "legacy" did you?

    Strange Simpson

    @Kira X bad guy, berzerk, music box, groundhog day, evil twin, rhyme or reason, legacy. so many off of mmlp2. then from recovery we also have cold wind blows, going thru changes, not afraid, space bound, cinderella man, 25 to life, space bound, no love, untitled. Then so many tracks from Shady XV. In short, this track, although its really great coz its bout d12 finally, isn't even close to being the best of this decade lol. The guy who commented this clearly doesn't listen to enough Em to even comment about his best track.

  39. Cole Brillinger

    he's speaking from the heart here and you can tell

    Dat Hombre

    I just finally listened to this song/album and yes seriously. I havent been into Em for like 8years and this song absolutely blew me away. Can't believe he made a D12 tribute song, it seriously had me in tears when I was telling my dad about it haha.

    Cole Brillinger

    @Dat Hombre ya it's a very moving song

    Strange Simpson

    @Dat Hombre u werent into Em when he made mmlp2? Damn

  40. Ricky Laws

    God that sounds like Em from 2002-2006... I miss how he use to double an tripple up his verses..

  41. C92

    Wtf didn't he do a music video of this it would have took over the charts ffs. Ems to many yes men making him put out the wrong music videos.

  42. Lil-yung GunnaVEVO

    This is some real ass shit


    BEST SONG ! Smh

  44. SuperSayanBlueDread

    This probably one of his best songs
    At least the refrain

  45. xFeuerstein

    Nick's diss is shit

  46. Anthony Tox

    I love em and this is a dope ass track, but when he says “on the way back down I may, end up runnin back into them all” means that when he dies they might all meet up again in hell cuz they sold their souls? Just a lil thought 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Oliver Reyes

    I think he meant that as he is falling down as an artist and they are rising up they'll run into each other again.


    He means he should get things off his chest now, and clear the air, because his reign will soon end, and he’s so high up and full of ego, that he’ll eventually fall down and lose it. What comes up, must go down. D12 is at the “bottom” in terms of popularity, and he will soon meet them there, one day.

    Strange Simpson

    @theepowerful the death messed everything up. If everything was ok and they were on schedule, I can bet they would still be around, kickin some ass. except biz maybe, lol


    @theepowerful you used the word "soon" twice.

  47. joelsolomon42

    *"I never meant to use you all for my stepping stones"*

  48. joelsolomon42

    "I better stop and say my grace,
    from that I pray that I don't fall,
    'cause on the way back down I may,
    end up runnin' back into them all"

  49. E-Lane

    If the last verse of this song doesn’t make you cry idk what will 💔

    Delores Hillary

    Made me cry too. This song is heartbreaking.

  50. Javier Yagual

    The nostalgia on this song is so high ❤

  51. Korean Vidéos

    The beat is so dope

  52. Gregory Hembree

    Love eminem and if you don't then fight me

    unanimous anonymity



    your pants

  53. Damon Moles

    Wish proof could have heard it R.I.P


    If proof was alive this song probably wouldn't exist and d12 would still be making music.

    Damien Coldt

    You can be damn sure, where ever proof is he heard it dawg

    craig kemp

    He heard it

  54. Ano Nym

    Why i love shady'S WHY WAAA WHY :)

  55. Stan Shady

    Eminem = The Ultimate Rapper!!!
    Kamikaze = The Ultimatet Rap Album!!!

  56. Μπεσμαλ Ντοσλανι

    That 8 pool game got proof killed that fucking cheater got proof killed em fucking sent him shady

  57. Taylor Huntington

    Reminds me of like toy soldiers

  58. BillyJack85

    So he's saying he used Proof to get higher up in the industry.

  59. Alex Ander

    this is garbage pop

  60. Matheus Henrique Lemos de Oliveira

    Recovery is asking the music back

  61. Terry Sigmon

    Every member of D12 are Super Stars. It sucks so bad that Proof is gone. I still would love to see D12 make it. Maybe Royce or Obie can step in and make it happen but without Proof it will be hard. Some artist just can't be replaced. R.I.P. PROOF.

  62. Kyle Ortiz

    Humility First, God is my Shepard.
    Selfless in all my intentions.

  63. Shurry Ma

    I just did this today too.


    Shurry Ma did what

    Shurry Ma

    @FVMS had to listen to the song again, anyways here it is 1:08 - 1:28


    Shurry Ma oh good news dude

  64. Silvergaming W

    Rip proof.. u are missed😞

  65. The county’s Finest

    To the real ones this will always be how come part 2

  66. Jose Manuel

    My eyes started watering...

    Dat Hombre

    Me too!! Im glad I'm not alone haha. So sad.

    Jose Manuel

    @Dat Hombre you're an OG I thought I was the only one

  67. Bird

    what the fuck

  68. Bird

    fucking nuts "hook"

  69. Jordan Ortiz

    This beat and the tone of the song reminds me of The Eminem Show. I love it.

  70. Grey Matters

    so good
    he's top lyricist
    underground or mainstream
    this man single-handedly changed the game.

  71. Gavin W

    This track is a masterpiece must of been heartbreakin to write..eminem the 🐐

  72. Andre Henderson

    Did he say “by the time your reign is over, you’ll hardly be missed” or... “by the time your rain is over, you’ll hardly be mist”? This dude is a genius.

    DnD Ulitharid

    Reign missed

    Juan Barahona

    @mikel garland yeah a double entendre...em can write these in split seconds lol. Goat


    Its called a double. Entendre its a bar with both definitions meaning two different things but used in the same bar. He's the lyrical God

    Yarin Al

    @JayDee lol

  73. Just for Fun

    Let the haters talk but this song is one of the best rap songs for good few years and who do not agree go listen to that bullshit that this new kids rap about money and cars 🚗 live the like if u agree if u don’t you already know 😎

  74. Andrei Dumitru

    And by the time your reign(rain) is over, you'll hardly be missed(mist).

    This wordplay is beyond amazing...

    Sai Korrapati

    @Andrei Dumitru Ok jeez I just didn't want people to give you likes for something you stole. It's stupid and so many people nowadays post stupid comments like "2019 anyone?" for likes and it works. I don't think I did anything wrong but I'm sorry if I offended you. Also you watch NoLifeShaq too?

    Andrei Dumitru

    @Sai Korrapati yeah, NoLifeShaq is one of the best Hip-hop reactioners and I like his content

    I also don't like these guys with posts like "2019 anyone". They are very annoying...

    But I assure you I don't do it for likes. I don't give a f*ck about likes.

    I *support* and *promote* real rap... *lyrical* rap and I was trying to highlight that wordplay u know? Bcz there are a lot of people that don't notice things like that ( especially new generation) and I want to show them how interesting and genius is actually real rap

    Andrei Dumitru

    @Sai Korrapati Stepping Stone it's so fcking underrated like many other lyrical and storytelling songs like that one

    Sai Korrapati

    @Andrei Dumitru Yeah, It's hard to find good rap but there are a couple of really good ones like Joyner, 50, Em, and Royce. It's unfortunate what the past couple of years has done to rap.

    Andrei Dumitru

    @Sai Korrapati unfortunately yes
    but I still see a hope in rappers like joyner, logic, kendrick... even If they don't have that storytelling ability we all miss in hip-hop
    Maybe in the future will appear a rapper that will do it well

  75. Andrei Dumitru

    Only true Hip-hop fans will *understand* and *appreciate* this song at it's true value 😣❤️

    It's not for everyone!
    Respect for Eminem ❤️

    Swaffy - topic

    I completely see the significance and power and this song but the 3rd verse is on a stronger lever tbh

  76. Aarush -


  77. chocobo child

    Whos the 90 year old chick singing the chorus??

  78. Sharmila Thapa

    Old is gold

  79. Sensei Six

    that mixing at 1:38 - 1:41 is a major turn off


    yeah and the chorus has some weird shit mashed together


    @ebins that chrous is horrendous lol this song was perfect until I heard it

  80. Teboho Makhalane

    How come, we don't even talk no more
    And you don't even call no more
    We don't barely keep in touch at all
    And I don't even feel the same love when we hug no more
    And I heard it through the grapevine
    We even been beefin' now
    After all the years we been down
    Ain't no way no how
    This bullshit can't be true
    We family
    Ain't a damn thing changed
    Unless its you

    Asmita Patil

    Get up?? That song is magical

    Daniel _

    @Asmita Patil Nah it's How Come.

    Asmita Patil

    @Daniel _ Yaa i got confused cause in the video title there is a slash "/" between the two song title

    Daniel _

    @Asmita Patil No Worries Have a "Shady" Christmas.

    Dat Hombre

    Such a good song ahhh

  81. Minute Maid Content

    D12 was the shit man. 💔 love you big proof, no homo brother ✊

  82. Rayce Waltenbergg

    One of my favorites

  83. Remus Pirsan

    Fuck you, no! D12 is NOT over! Pleaseeeee

  84. Kevin Bugg

    Straight love and truth.. I love em because he brings reality to his music.real shit.. also he can be funny..a great artist.. probably the best in my opinion since Tupac

  85. John Smith


  86. Greedy Joe

    should been a single

  87. ashley strongarm

    Why is D12 over bring dem back word 100rd

  88. Fajar Suryadi

    Sounds like old em

  89. Lytnin Stryke Rapper

    People will listen to this song and not even understand what he's talking about unless you know about D12 lol

    Ryan Kasik

    Sadly but hits deeper for the ones who do so worth it

    Nour elden Gomaa

    @thimo voragen me too man

    Ano Nym

    Aufstellung...Umstellung....fehlstellungen....Meinungen.....und interpretationen von erfolg und enttäuschungen Begleiterscheinungen geprägte Zeiten....von Unterhaltung bis persönlichen mass an mass mess ing S X ......team on team off ...... D12 ...i dont k.now...but i think it sounds clear er than ....


    That’s the majority of Em’s songs unless you know the history behind it. That’s why he’s still popular now, simply for being still here but his music is not because the newer generation has no background knowledge of Em. They can’t put together the meaning and lyricism of his songs. He’s been doing this 20+ years, so long they’re just so many phases of Eminem/Marshall/Slim Shady it’s almost weird.

    Jon Doh

    Word..... I know all about D12 & their history. This song is sad 2me. PEACE

  90. Andrei Galang

    Went from rainin' cats and dogs ( heavy rain ), to tiny drops and by the time your reign ( rain ) is over, you'll hardly be missed (mist) . Em nailed it, DAMN

    John Mitchum

    It took me 5 months to catch the Reign (rain) (mist) comment. That's how fucking deep Em's lyrics are.

  91. Sunkhrist

    This has that "When I'm Gone" feel. I love this.

  92. Asmita Patil

    I just love this part so much

  93. The236 Cuber

    This is not Marshall Mathers
    This is not Slim Shady
    This is not Eminem
    This is not B Rabbit
    This is not that guy who’s beginning to feel like a rap god
    This is not that’s guy who chooses guys over fear
    This is a true friend
    Love you Eminem! And also, RIP Proof

  94. Ano Nym


  95. Just for Fun

    The song is dope as fuck