Eminem - Searchin' Lyrics

[Women Singing:]
Ain't no one special, special like you [4X]
I been searching, but your the one I want in my life baby [4X]

[Verse 1: Eminem]
I'm reminiscing on your tenderness and the snuggling and teasing
Missing what I remember, kissing and hugging and squeezing
Bugging and weezing, I'm having trouble when breathing
It's even tougher when sleeping
But there's a couple of reasons that I'm suffering and grieving
For loving and leaving, you all I'm thinking of in the evening
You got my knees buckling and weakening
Thoughts of nothing but freaking that I'm struggling to keep in
And interrupt when I'm speaking
I got some game that I'm preparing to run
The way your lips sparkle and glare in the sun
You got your hair in a bun, no matter what you're wearing you stun
Cause your comparing to none, I wanna share in the fun
I feel a passionate lust when I'm imagining just us alone at last with a
I see you grasping to trust, but my intentions are good
The seed is passing in dust
I'm not asking to rush and answer immediately
I just wanna be there for you and you to be there for me
If you agree to repeat after me, I Love You (I love you baby)
Cause I just need you to see, how much I'm eager to be
Your man legally wed, your love's keeping me fed
This is easily said, so you can lead or be led
If you care to be down cause ain't nobody Like you no where to be found

[Women Singing:]
I been searching, but your the one I want in my life baby [4X]

[Verse 2: Denaun Porter]
Baby it's all on you, it's you I call on boo
Let's set a day up so you can fall on through
We'll take a spin in a Lexus you can chill for dinner and breakfast
Long enough to see how this gentleman sex'es
We'll start it out with caviar, Don Parigne
And then when it's a fact we are warm, carry on
We'll take it slow, see nobody will hurry things
I got the herbs the Bacardi and Hurricane
If Daiquiris are in debate and not your thing that day
It's still all right cause I got Minute Maid and Tangeray
Your an incredible one that's rare, in bed with edible underwear
You look impeccable, nothing compares
I dream of freaking you, the women that will speak it too so
It seems that there is not an end to things that we can do so
Now we all set to play, only thing left to say is
When you step away, baby but don't forget the Neglicie

[Women Singing:]
I been searching, but your the one I want in my life baby [8X]
Ain't no one special, special like you [2X]

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Eminem Searchin' Comments
  1. Ryan Gomez

    I dedicated this song to the wrong woman.

  2. Artistic IntentionZ

    lyrics are off but good work on ems verse

  3. Donbok Kharkongor

    Ayeee ain't no one special

  4. Michael Tomaso

    Eminem and Pac would be the same age. It would have been cool if Eminem had blown up around this time instead of so late, and we would have gotten to hear more high quality music from this time in his career

  5. Mikayla Banducci

    This makes me so sad, she did him fucking dirty.

  6. ms bitch

    this song make me think of a relationship shit fallening in love all over again , 10 years single could there be a happy couple .. .. fun. silly. love. alittle aggression. in the. bed. .. not controlling on another but trust. .. understanding each other and the words we use too .. magic .. lol love the song ..

    Tom Skywalker

    Same here, you really start missing having someone in your life after a while..I've been single almost a year exactly and I'm starting to get lonely and wanting that one in my life

  7. Anthony Crenshaw

    I’ve been searchin..

  8. Lora Leigh

    Playing4keeps @eminem

  9. ms bitch

    I been searching. ur the one I want in my life ..

  10. Danielle Lynch

    This was always me and my hubbys song through our 10 year relationship #LoveEminem


    Dipshit put the label

  12. Durzo Blint

    Lead or be led not laid m8 hahahahaha

  13. gulnoor brar

    LOVE before the shit goes down, I hate Kim Even more.....

  14. Kris xD

    Infinite is his best CD and this song is dope!!!

  15. Peter Hunter

    Eminem makes Drake look like an empty car boot sale.

  16. Gage Sivils

    Wow. It just keep getting better don't it Slim, Love.

  17. house his

    can some one tell me why the infinity album isnt on spotify?

  18. E Bishop

    One of my favotive em songs. Probably is my fav. This and number 2 on revival.

  19. Caleb Bains

    And then he kills her in a song.. their relationship is a great example of the beginning and end of love

    El Drifto

    Me: Noice

  20. rAs -

    Only positive Eminem love song ever i think

    Colin Mcray1997

    eminem - crazy in love

    Andy Mcvey

    Colin Mcray1997 I don't think that track was all positive bro lmao !

    Bulg Beats


    jew prada

    Colin Mcray1997 literally the furthest thing from positive

    LeeHamill 04

    Remind me?

  21. valentina elena savin

    L era dei balli ..fantastici ..

  22. Wombat 04

    this song is not on spotify shame

  23. A.D. Massey

    Em needs to re-release this entire album. This one of the most slept on album in music history not just hip-hop. The lyricism on this album is mindblowing.

    Private - Private -

    A.D. Massey this shit old bro

    Gage Sivils

    MC Zero Still 🔥 Legends never die🤘 Still bumpin in #2018 but you right it's old😒 we growing up boys

    Communion Wafer

    A.D. Massey everyone knows and no one else ilistens...

    The Hip Hop Channel

    A.D. Massey it was re-released. I own the re-release version on CD, and people just slept on it again.

  24. Kevin Is A Snitch UrFate.

    Eminem’s best song.

    Bryan Enriquez

    Kevin Is A Snitch UrFate. Nah

  25. AKA mathers

    Kim going on insane

  26. THUGSologist

    back b4 kim broke him into the psychotic monster he is today back wen he was innocent & still human

    creative Mind

    THUGSologist yeah


    Fuck, right

    Lemon Ink

    THUGSologist :(

    Durzo Blint

    Never wouldve seen slim shady then lol

  27. Astute Wonder

    Eminem never was better than on this album

    mcquade martin

    Astute Wonder in terms of good in general then yeah he never dropped anything better than this. but as far as lyricism goes he improved on every album


    I felt like this was the REAL Eminem.

    Gage Sivils

    G.O.A.T. no dought

    Jaden Horne

    @mcquade martin In my opinion his lyrics were the best on this album.

    mcquade martin

    Jaden Horne true. he speaks about some real shit on this album

  28. DotsV

    I'm superman,
    Leap tall hoes in a single bound,
    I'm single now,
    Got no ring on this finger now,
    I'll never let another chick bring me down!


    @Ryan Demesme superman ain't saving sh*t

    Ryan Demesme

    @Max girl you can jump on shady's d*ick

    RunDa Mic

    Ryan Demesme straight from the hip, cut to the chase

    Durzo Blint

    @RunDa Mic i tell a motherfuckin slut to her face

    iso 320

    @Durzo Blint play no games, say no names

  29. Eric

    Wikipedia claims the second verse is done by Mr. Porter, which is Kuniva from D12. It does not doing anything close to how he sounded on the D12 albums (for those who don't know, that would be the one on "How Come" who says "don't hate the game or the player, the one that's changing is YOU!"), So different, in fact, that I am almost inclined not to believe it. Can anybody verify it?

    the fucking backstabber

    Sorry but mr porter is kon artist


    Erocktyle nah yo its really eiy-kyu on this joint


    Erocktyle kuniva and mr porter isn’t the same person and the dude on the second verse was eye kyu


    the fucking backstabber yes he is tf?

    1st Class Ent.

    It’s Eiy-Kyu. Same artist that’s on “It’s Ok” doing the hook.

  30. Johnny Graza

    Sick ass flow!!! Damn

  31. Rita White

    Kim is insane

  32. Tionaa Unfiltered

    He sounded like he was in love with kim on here.


    Tiana Nesbitt yeah, he was at this point of his life but yanno... we all know it went downhill from here lmao

    Tionaa Unfiltered

    Ryan & Phoebe yea your right.

    The Hip Hop Channel

    Tiana Nesbitt he was

    Lemon Ink

    Yeah I wish they were together and happy

  33. Tommy Fomine

    Dedicated this song to my Ex in 2006, I'm 28 now and still reminisce

    I F55 I

    Tommy Fomine have you talked to her since?

    Mr. J

    Rape her

    Bob Turner


  34. Illn Incomplete

    This is pure fucking killings you do with your profits,no,or are they tied up to keep your own company moving,yeah sure there no such thing. As other. Greedy people with different names

  35. Illn Incomplete

    Fuck yourselves Miller's is that who you are,or the gates kid!!!!

  36. Illn Incomplete

    This could be some fakers this could be some little suckers!!!!But the Illest is always Illn and iller than all these suckers,this will be my pleasure my my treasure and my reserve to own,you can have yourez but not 1% of mine like I told before,its just because your greedy,you never helped me one bit,but tryed to take me over!!!Becauz that one will z always be my part of my name and my z to smoke!!!Not to the singers to the people trying to control my music,nerds

  37. Illn Incomplete

    Hey this is probably just some little sucker like that kid fence with them humbuckers!!!

  38. Dylan Weeks

    Assonance. that's all i will say

  39. 12345 678910

    not one to complain but there are a lot of incorrect lyrics here

    12345 678910

    Zak Prokop read the lyrics

    12345 678910

    Zak Prokop example: wen i imagining just us alone at last with a touch, I see you grasping to trust, my intentions are good, the seed is passing in dust
    correct lyrics: wen I imagine just, alone wen it's us, i see you grasping to trust, but my intentions are good, just need to pass in the dust
    the mistakes here are clearly mistakes

  40. Chris Meard

    I remember always listening to this a few years ago. Good times (:

  41. dime lo Bori

    eminent one of the greatest out there. keep doing your thing Slim

  42. Some Random Guy

    this song makes me depressed.... but it shouldn't

  43. evel❤❤

    Eminem than : love girls. I am in love with the one and onlyEminem now : I will always treat woman bad. I fuck every woman next to mexD xD xD

    cool user name

    Eminem then*

    Ethan Chaney

    He "probably" went through a big heart break, lmao, *cough, cough* Kim.

  44. PeepTentacion

    It went from serchin to Kim shit


    cannibal murder it's a whole story. Searchin' to Kim to 97' Bonnie and Clyde

    Daniel Borsellino

    bonnie and clyde was before kim

    Simon S.

    yeah but considering the chronological order of the story, kim comes first. gotta kill someone first before you can dumb their body in the lake.

  45. Pranav Pillai

    my favorite Eminem song!!!! Eminem hip hop legend fuck gayne gayke and future Eminem top 25 rapper of alltime

  46. Fanny Peere

    You make me.. crazy