Eminem - Low, Down, Dirty Lyrics

Warning, this shit's gon be rated R, restricted
You see this bullet hole in my neck? It's self inflicted
Doctor slapped my momma, "Bitch you got a sick kid"
Arrested, molested myself and got convicted
Wearing visors, sunglasses and disguises
Cause my split personality is having an identity crisis
I'm Dr. Hyde and Mr. Jekyll, disrespectful
Hearing voices in my head while these whispers echo
"Murder Murder Redrum"
Brain size of a bread crumb
Which drug will I end up dead from
Inebriated, till my stress is eleviated
"How in the fuck can Eminem and shady be related?"
Illiterate, illigitimate shit spitter
Bitch getter, hid in the bush like Margot Kidder
Jumped out (Ahhhh!) killed the bitch and did her
Use to let the babysitter suck my dick when I was little'er
Smoke a blunt while I'm titty fuckin Bette Midler
Sniper, waiting on your roof like the Fiddler
Y'all thought I was gonna rhyme with Riddler
Didn't Ya? Bring your bitch I wanna see if this dick gon' fit in her

[Chorus: Eminem + (Redman Sample) - 2X]
[E] I'm low down and I'm shiftee!
"And if you hear a man that sounds like me smack him
and ask him where the fuck did he get his damn raps from.."

I lace tunes, I'm out this world like Space Moons
With a bunch crazed loons dismissin brains like braze wounds
Nothing but idiots and misfits, dipshits
Doing whippits, passed out like Sanford snippits
Where's the weed, I wanna tamper with it
I'ma let your grandpa hit it
Mix it up with cocaine so her can't forget it
Fuck it, maybe I'm a bum
But I was put on this earth to make your baby mama cum
So what I'm on is way beyond the bomb or any alcoholic beverage
Losing all of my leverage
Went up inside the First National Bank broke, and left rich
Walking bio-hazard causing wreckage
Smoked out like Eckridge
Band just making my neck itch
What the fuck? Gimme the tech bitch
You just lost your tip, there's a pubic hair in my breakfast
Got shit popping off like bottle cap tips
Get your cap peeled like the dead skin of your mama's chapped lips
Slap hips, support domestic violence
Beat your bitches ass while your kids stare in silence
I'm just joking, is Dirty Dozen's really dust smoking?
If all your shit's missing, than probably one of us broke in


My head's ringing, like it was Spider Sense tingling
Lit it like Green Bay did when they shitted on New England
I'm out the game, put the second string in
This Brandy got my swinging
Bobbing back and forth like a penguin
Delinquent, toking microphones with Broken English
Make your mama be like "Ohh! This is good! Who sing this?"
"Slim Shady, his tape is dope, I love it
It's rugged, but he needs to quit talking all that drug shit."
It was predicted by a medic
I'd grow to be an addicted diabetic
Living off liquid Triametic
Pathetic, but I don't think this headache's ever vanishing
Panicing, I think I might have just took too much Anasin
Frozen Manaquin, posted stiffer than a statue
I think I'm dying, God is that you?
Somebody help me, before I OD on an LP
Take me to ER ASAP for and IV
Motherfuck JLB, they don't support no hip hop
They say that's where it ends, the closest they gon come is Tupac
It's politics, it's all a fix
Setup by these white blue collared hicks
Just to make a dollar off of black music
With a subliminal ball of tricks
But those can kiss ass and swallow dicks


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Eminem Low, Down, Dirty Comments
  1. Brett Cross

    U know it


    The old school rap is better and everybody know it (im 15)

  3. J Chaz

    Somebody help me, before I OD on an LP / Take me to ER ASAP for an IV 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. Sandile Ngwenya

    I'm bumping my head like lice are coming off in 2020 🙌🏽

  5. Corynthius

    This song makes me wanna fire my boss

  6. Bee Capp

    Ooh this is good! Who sings this?

  7. Chris Andrade

    Am I here alone in 2020 anyone?

  8. Roma Knafel

    So happy i heard this when 15... now im 24 and my imagination i fcked up

  9. Dale Smith

    2:33 best part

    Mark Beckford

    Yup lol 😂

  10. Ashley Quintanar

    Starting 2020 Jamming this have a good one 🍻

  11. Jacob Salinas

    2020 baby!

  12. Logan Amodio

    im low down and im shiftingggg

  13. Hi Mynameis

    Why the fuck cant I get this song on spotify????

  14. n L.

    i miss the Bass Bros

  15. JoshToanyaBarela Fizzydickles


  16. JoshToanyaBarela Fizzydickles


  17. I am Gilgamesh

    I got a couple t shirts from this record release party.

  18. Khaleel Lott

    best Em flow!

  19. Petey Pizzillo

    Now this is shady he definitely got two different personalities for real shady had a different flow then em

  20. Crayn

    the entire slim shady ep is so fucking good

  21. I Do Monologues

    This is what I wanted for the Bang feature from Em. (Griselda for anyone wondering)

  22. Tyler Smith

    I got shit poppin off like bottle cap tips, get your cap peeled like the dead skin on your mama's chapped lips 🗣🗣

  23. Robert Dingle

    If you take every out-of-place capitalized letter of Lyrics in the Description, it spells out "Eminem is fucking shit".

  24. freemoto riders


  25. The Daily Rage

    I listen to this whenever I feel like I’m fucked up

    Edit: so rn I’m fucked up

  26. illoomis Loomis

    slim shady > eminem

    the drugs gave us great music.


    He's a better person now he's healthier mentally and physically

  27. Angry BlondE

    *Beat your bitch's ass while the kids stare in silence*

  28. Christian Ibarra Hernández


  29. joseph hernandez

    "Which drug will i end up dead from" heard that.

  30. Kevin Jeigh

    Ask em where'd you jack that damn app from

  31. Justin Lee

    good year


    I spit on a bitch why she in the water i pop molly just to start shit i take a shit on a bitch

  33. Bone Man

    Too whoever thinks slim is wack I'll buy you this album 😂💯

  34. Robert Callaghan

    What the fuck?! Give me the check bitch, you just lost your tip, there’s a pubic hair in my breakfast.

    Slap dips, support domestic violence, beat your bitches ass while your kids stare in silence...

    Crazy lyrics

  35. Andrew Boland

    I'm in a Slim Shady sorta mood so I had to put this on

  36. Your super sexy boogeyman slayer

    as a blue collar jerk i approve of this song.

  37. Professional Meme Enthusiast 1

    If they ever make a proper Eminem biopic (8 Mile was inspired by his battle rap career but was mostly fictional), the last scene would have to be Dre listening to this

    Roger C

    Not a proper Eminem biopic but Dr Dre and Eminem are in it and they talk in detail about when he discovered Eminem. Lookup The Defiant Ones Dr.Dre Discovered Eminem

  38. Lee Warries

    The Birth of Slim Shady

  39. LittleRedRhuari RRR

    Why do all the out of place capital letters in the description spell out "EMINEM IS FUCKIN SHIT"?

  40. east syde 4eva

    That's a hip hop beat. Something he hasnt had in years.....

    Professional Meme Enthusiast 1

    I'd go crazy if he ever made a song with a '90s style beat again


    Catepillar maybe?

  41. JAKOB Richman

    this the rawest shit ever made

  42. Chris M

    Support domestic violence beat your bitches ass while your kid stares in silence . Lmfao

  43. Marsh 130

    This is hard as fuck

  44. proof685 iese

    nice song em

  45. water myplants

    ems best song

  46. Jon Freakin' Moxley

    0:23 "Morning, This Shit gonna be rated R."

    LittleRedRhuari RRR


  47. Jake Dee

    Used to bump this back in high school everyday lol dope af!

    Jon Freakin' Moxley

    I put this in school now

    Jake Dee

    Jon Freakin' Moxley haha nice I graduated but yeah this song was always on

    Jon Freakin' Moxley

    @Jake Dee I get bullied but i tell stop listening to mumble pump

    Jake Dee

    @Jon Freakin' Moxley very nice!

  48. par73 goldengod90

    I thank the world I hear this track come on after my track and some 8 or 9 years later it shows up in recommended... maybe it did 7 or 8 years ago I forget... this jam city



  50. N R

    Nobody could away with a song like this these days.

    LittleRedRhuari RRR

    Have a bit more faith. I think in a bit some rappers with an old school style are gonna come on out of the blue.

  51. Jay Chantha

    my favorite track from this EP is no one's iller, dope ass track

  52. Bucky

    that beat is so much insane uknow

  53. L G

    Where my 2019 peeps at?!

  54. Ragga Dan

    This is rap . That mumble rap shouldent even be put in the same catogory as rap . Mumble rap doest have the same elements as rap . If you a true rap listener you will know what im going on about

    Ragga Dan

    And who ever try saying im talking shit . Go look up ya bludclart history on rap or listen to rap from when it 1st start and through the generations .


    I hate when kids these days be like “Old school hip-hop had the same boring beat in every song.” Believe me I like new school rappers like Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Joey Badass, Schoolboy Q, Joyner Lucas, Logic, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Conway the Machine

  55. Oesman

    This song is straight fire. oh my god. Rip slim shady

  56. 5thmindset LLC

    Who still bumps in 2019?

    Thomas Foster

    No one gives a shit wat u listen to



  57. Romario Desrosier

    Shady's a low-down dirty motherfucker...

  58. Jsinhiphop

    who produced his ep


    Denaun the bass brothers and him

  59. Lux 01

    Young Eminem, is like a fusion between a dictionary and a machine gun.

    Also im high

    Ray P

    He left it

    10 Shpots

    Ray P ahaha I would’ve left it too

    joni liiti

    No nothingless thought and fighted years to make universe and now all creatures that have been here have thoughted something and thats the reason we are here

    Death to all honkeys!

    Why a dictionary? His vocab is average at best.

  60. Michael Jacobs

    Old Shady better than new MGK, who would've known

    Edries Gardezi

    Michael Jacobs everyone

  61. Mr Weber

    You see this bullet hole in this next bus from 53 needs to go ahead and send to stop sucking black cock because the only thing which is fantasizes and on his mother when he decide to have a give you a hug for the very first time I will know somebody needs to get him off his cock because somebody's going through a lot Joe crisis as he ever discovered that is reaching his 40s reaching cramp for the very first time he cannot go back on his knees sucking 50s cock

  62. paul berent

    Lotta energy in this one

  63. Oaser

    Arrested, molested myself and go convicted

  64. Ghost Face

    He actually admits hes off beat during this part of.his life and even tho we love it most of raps public doesn't but were white an say fuck it cuz its the first white guy to rap who didn't suck it (his rhymes probably made up for us not realizing this fact and his style slowly changed to being on point even tho I prefer the old school shady

  65. Tubzy Wilson

    Public hanging for anyone disliking this classic.

  66. rickard storholm

    first verse is easily top 10 eminem

  67. Naked Shitting HOBO

    Did he predict denace in the course?

  68. Kevin Thomas

    I listened to eminem since 2000, but didn't listen to stuff this early until later. And chilling in my backyard in 2011-12 going crazy to this early stuff while I was all Robo-ed out, drinking and smoking or on whatever stuff; was magical. This plus his album with Royce that was new around then. Good times...

  69. The Daily Rage

    I showed this to the brain dead side of my brain

    My dick uncircumcised itself

  70. Loaded L.V.X

    2019. Love from South Africa

  71. Project K

    Remember this video everyone,this was the first time the creature known as "Slim Shady" was spotted

  72. AlexLeKomik

    2:34 Slap dips, support domestic violence
    Beat your bitch's ass while your kids stare in silence 😂

  73. Kevin Thomas

    Remember listening this in my backyard on DXM way back in day. Ah, good times.

  74. d t

    Rick and Morty is this where thay Got the low down and shifty thing

    oscar castro

    You are beyond retarded

  75. Gunasekar Desaiyan

    ok i will get into high definition to listen to ... next rap song

  76. Christopher Diaz

    Yo where the lyrics at though lol

  77. Tommy Doepel

    It sucks this song isn't on spotify

  78. Gunasekar Desaiyan

    and then YOU ...

  79. Gunasekar Desaiyan

    ok then comment about everyone ...

  80. Sly N Shifty

    Remember kids, if somebody heard a song before you that means they are intellectually superior in every way. Dickheads

    Anthony Hutchins

    Lol I know right?

  81. Anthony Noel

    Bet no one here in 2019

    Sad Jeans

    Anthony Noel I’m here don’t you worry. 😉 we both have that love for the old Eminem.

  82. Carla Bento

    Dirty Beats...

  83. wowbow3203

    Straight up people describe me as some of the shit he says in here

  84. PatsFan89

    👌 Beat! Straight head bumping type shit, LOVE IT!.....90’s HipHop will never be beaten! Greatest era ever! Slim “Rap God” Shady....one of the greatest Mc’s to ever grasp a Mic.

  85. The Toony Temple

    Back when I was a teen this was mainstream..p.s fuck lil.wang.

  86. CenaStingfan4life

    Nothing will ever touch this kind of rap ever!


    Went up inside the first national bank broke and left rich

  88. 360 Kay

    Thus slim shady was born

  89. lakersfanisaac

    Mgk made 174 different accounts and disliked this with every one

  90. Shawtoonz

    The last line of the last verse was legendary

  91. Shawtoonz

    "Fuck it, maybe I'm a bum!"


  92. BrooklYN

    Redman influenced this white nigga

  93. PTL FG2

    0:57 how is Eminem and Shady relate it 😂

  94. Gunasekar Desaiyan

    Listing to Slim Shady is very energetic.