Eminem - Jealousy Woes II Lyrics

[Men singing:]
Jealous! [8X]

[Girls voice: (Talking over the singing)]
Jealous!?! What he mean jealous, know what I'm saying?
He just mad cause he got with some ugly hoes, know what I'm saying?
Girls don't buy him no clothes, He bought that ho some clothes!!
He don't buy me no clothes, Nigga ain't got no money, no vibe, no dick
I mean, What do I got to be jealous for?
He ain't gonna make it no where, he ain't got no type of time
He has no career move, I mean...

[Verse 1:]
I come home every single day from working double shifts
And stop along the way to pick you up a couple gifts
I come inside and you pretend you miss me when you kiss me
Then you diss me and we strenuously fight continuously
Again you frisk me, for numbers trying to bust me
It must be only just because you never learned to trust me
Plus we only grovel only irrelevant issues
To many tissues, for my feelings you misuse
I buy you jewelry, you make a fool of me
I bring you diamond rings you say I'm bad at timing things
So what's a man to do when all i hand to you is handed back to me
You act to be this gangsta bitch, that ain't what first attracted me
I used to love your company now you always bugging me
For information and you tell your friends you plan on dumping me
So I'ma wait for your evacuation
Cause every accusation makes me wanna smack your face in
See I've never been so sure, and your just insecure
So my solution to your jealousy presents a cure
I recommend you take your things and check them in
Look at the nervous wreck I'm in, I need my second wind, Say What?

[Chorus: Men Singing]
Jealous, Jealousy, Jealousy [8X]

[Women's Voice: (Talking over singing)]
Fuck you and what you going through
Fuck Eminem, he just mad cause I left that nigga for another man
Me and Eminem don't need nothing but my and his money
Immature, Me? Nigga ain't got no dick, no swang in his thang
Know what I'm saying? He just mad cause I'm getting it all night
Jealous of me, know what I'm saying? That's what I'm talking about
Mother fucker just trying to get his pussy

[Verse 2:]
I used to be a puppet and a sucker for your silent treatments
I used to be intoxicated with your sweet sense
Until the day I started following your feetprints
And tapping in your phone conversations through the heat vents
It made complete sense, there's someone else you like
So I confronted you and asked you who was Mike?
And you was like, (sampled) **I need a new nigga**
Someone rich that I could follow
And you'll be over me by the time you see tomorrow
Leaving me in sorrow, Brandy never felt so broken hearted
I fell apart when you departed then the joking started
I was an open target, you play comedian
And I became the laughing stock. but now I'm on my feet again
And so we meet again, your acting like an ex-wife
All in my sex life, I got a message from Phife
He goes, "You didn't want me to see you then, I don't want you now"
Take a towel, wipe your brow, quit trying to hunt me down
You run me down and now your trying to apologize
For all the lies and everytime you made me ball my eyes
Because I got a bigger wallet size, you wanna swing it
Jealousy is in the house ya'll, Fellas sing it...

[Chorus: Men Singing]
Jealous, Jealousy, Jealousy [12X]

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Eminem Jealousy Woes II Comments
  1. Jerell Collier

    This is a sequel to LL Cool J "Jealousy"

  2. Eneco

    This is by far, BY FAR his best album. It's a shame none of his other stuff sounds like Infinite.

  3. Gerson

    Almost 25 years wow

  4. Gerson

    I always smile when I hear that first "JEALOUS??"

  5. Vicious Feline


  6. Sideshow Bo

    2019 still 🔥🔥

  7. Scott Maxwell

    However good this song is, everyone needs to remember this is *NOT* Em’s best album, or legendary.

    This is nothing compared to the likes of Marshall Mathers LP, Slim Shady LP and The Eminem Show.

    This would fall into the bottom quarter of his discography and is in no case better than his nowadays stuff.

    Just a friendly reminder

    SacSaint 916

    Cool? I don’t care where it ranks im gonna listen to it.

  8. noscope

    is this a nicer replacement for foolish pride? but you know what, both are ill asf, pumping this one while i'm on my skateboard

  9. Evol Punk

    the second E don''t look right the right way lol

  10. Papa Ji

    Dope Af 🔥

  11. Christopher Franko

    still crazy dope, this has a little slim shady vibe to it

  12. 210 kiD

    Who started doing those type of intros with the chick voice impression??


    proof, his best friend who died in 2006

  13. David Quinn

    Sounds like a Too Short beat

  14. TheCrazyGamer 97

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°),

  15. de1eri0us

    so insanely dope

  16. Bobby Bombay

    He was way before his time. I'm happy for his success.

  17. PeepTentacion

    Jealous by LL Cool J

    Compton 5150

    *Xxxtinct fan alert*


    @Compton 5150 so?

    Compton 5150


    so get off the dick

  18. Marcove Charlie

    This whole album is for real an amazing display of worplay

  19. -underground Drifter-

    Still awesome

  20. CoolmanmodePlayz- Gamez

    is every song just good

  21. Onetwothreeabc Calum

    Every accusation makes me wanna smack your face in ...lol

  22. Ury BB

    I'm here because of How Come intro

  23. Carla Bento

    It s fun Eminem projected vibe

  24. Darla Pfenninger

    @ 1:56 he found a way to use the N word in that line without sayin it, Genius.


    Darla Pfenninger with the sample being sampled from another genius... Double genius!

  25. Crazy Jake 1315

    Never forget

  26. Sanja Nackova

    Still listening to this in 2019 😍

  27. BCB _Productions

    I hope he re releases but with better quality

  28. Trolax

    So this is what he talked about in How Come/Git Up

  29. Mert Aksel

    em hardly remembers this but im still listening in 2k19

  30. Office Boys Crew

    I still love this in 2k19 <3

  31. Plazmatic GD

    my top of Infinite songs:
    10 Maxine
    9 Searchin'
    8 Jealousy Woes II
    7 Never 2 Far
    6 Backstabber
    5 Tonite
    4 Open Mic
    3 It's OK
    2 313
    1 Infinite

    Karmit Da Fruge

    Plazmatic GD why Maxine so low? It’s got the most slim shady sounding verse.

  32. africaRBG

    Eminems best song ?

    ElevatorMan5482 ElevExperiencing Productions

    Far from it. The Marshall Mathers LP was his peak

    James The Red Engine

    @ElevatorMan5482 ElevExperiencing Productions agreed

    SacSaint 916

    ElevatorMan5482 ElevExperiencing Productions not his best

  33. Kakashi Son Espantapajaros

    Hombres que cantan: 
    Celoso! (8X) 

    Niñas de voz: (Hablando sobre los cantos) 
    Celosa?! Lo que significa fuerte, celoso, sé lo que estoy diciendo? 
    Él sólo causa enojada llegó con algunas azadas feo, sé lo que estoy diciendo? 
    Las chicas no le compre ni ropa, compró algo de ropa que ho! 
    Él no me compraría ni ropa, Nigga no se tiene dinero, no vibra, no pito 
    Quiero decir, ¿qué tengo que ser celoso de? 
    No se va a hacer que en ninguna parte, no se obtuvo ningún tipo de tiempo 
    Él no tiene ningún movimiento de la carrera, quiero decir ... 

    El versículo 1: 
    Llego a casa todos los días de trabajo en doble turno 
    Y alto en el camino para recoger a un par de regalos 
    Vengo dentro y fingir que me extrañan cuando me besas 
    Entonces me Disertación y enérgicamente la lucha continua 
    Una vez más me cacheo, los números tratando de busto 
    Debe ser porque nunca aprendió a confiar en mí 
    Además de que sólo arrastran sólo cuestiones irrelevantes 
    Para muchos tejidos, de mis sentimientos hace un mal uso 
    Te comprar joyas, hacer un tonto de mí 
    Les traigo anillos de diamantes que decir que estoy mal las cosas el tiempo 
    Entonces, ¿qué es un hombre a hacer cuando todo lo que la mano que le es entregado de nuevo a mí 
    De actuar a este pandillasta perra, eso no es lo primero que me atrajo 
    Me encantaba su compañía ahora que siempre me escuchas 
    Para más información y le dices a tus amigos que planea sobre el dumping me 
    Así que soy esperar a que su evacuación 
    Porque cada acusación me dan ganas de golpear su cara en 
    Mira, yo nunca he estado tan seguro, y su inseguridad sólo 
    Así que mi solución para tus celos presenta una cura 
    Le recomiendo que tome sus cosas y comprobar en 
    Mira el manojo de nervios en que estoy, necesito mi segundo aire, ¿Qué dices? 

    Coro: los cantores 
    Los celos envidia, los celos (8X) 

    Voz de las Mujeres: (Hablando sobre el canto) 
    Vete a la mierda y lo que va a través de 
    Eminem mierda, sólo causa enojada que me fui de negro por otro hombre 
    Me Eminem y no necesita nada más que mi dinero y su 
    Inmaduros, Me? Nigga no se obtuvo ningún pito, no agitaban en su thang 
    Sé lo que estoy diciendo? Él sólo causa enojada que lo estoy consiguiendo toda la noche 
    Celoso de mí, sé lo que estoy diciendo? Eso es lo que estoy hablando 
    Madre hijo de puta tratando de obtener su coño 

    Versículo 2: 
    Yo solía ser un títere y un retoño de sus tratamientos en silencio 
    Yo solía ser intoxicado con su dulce sentido
    Hasta el día en que empezó a seguir a su feetprints 
    Y aprovechar en sus conversaciones telefónicas a través de las rejillas de ventilación de calor 
    No tiene mucho sentido completo, hay alguien más te gusta 
    Por lo que le enfrentó y le preguntó que quién era Mike? 
    Y que era como, (muestra) ** Necesito un nigga nuevo ** 
    Alguien rico que podría seguir 
    Y se le apoderó de mí por el momento nos vemos mañana 
    Y me dejó en la tristeza, nunca se sintió tan Brandy corazón roto 
    Me vino abajo cuando salió entonces la broma comenzó 
    Yo era un blanco fácil, se juega el comediante 
    Y me convertí en el hazmerreír. pero ahora estoy de pie otra vez 
    Y así nos encontramos de nuevo, el de actuar como una ex-esposa 
    Todo en mi vida sexual, recibí un mensaje de Phife 
    Él dice: 'Tú no quieres que te vea entonces, yo no te quiero ahora'
    Tome una toalla, limpie tu frente, dejar de tratar de cazar a mí 
    Usted me deteriorado y ahora su tratando de disculparse 
    Para todas las mentiras y cada vez que me hizo pelota mis ojos 
    Porque tengo un tamaño billetera más grande, que desea que se balancee 
    Los celos son la YA'LL casa, chicos que cantan ... 

    Coro: los cantores 
    Celos, envidia, celos (12 aumentos)

  34. محمد بن صالح .

    Still hard 🔥

  35. Thakul Lawansathain

    รุ่ง 313

  36. Eman Gamer

    I'm sorry, but this album is trash. Em did his part with dope lyrics and flow, but every beat is basically the same, the hooks are mostly awful, and there may be 1-2 good verses from other rappers throughout the album. There's only so much Em could've done with those boring beats and cringy hooks.

    Ryan Jackson

    But they’re beats of the time right?

    ElevatorMan5482 ElevExperiencing Productions

    Idk if i would trash this album as a whole it just didn't stand out in the 90s hip hop crowd cuz it sounded like much of the other hip hop albums at the time

    braxton kelsch

    Eman Gamer that’s the best part... the best artists are free stylist and if your good you can tell a hundred story’s with the same beat using different flows

    Eminem Instrumentals

    This album is a classic


    Nigga please, this is his best album.

  37. Jordxn

    Still bumpin in 2018☑️

    Jerell Collier

    Hell yeah!

  38. Peter Hunter


  39. namilus foster

    Sound like AZ

    ElevatorMan5482 ElevExperiencing Productions

    That's what everyone was saying at the time

  40. Willie Baggett Jr

    jellousy ......youll nevertheless

    Big D

    Wtf are you trying to say?


    Speak english 😂

  41. Willie Baggett Jr

    youractinwantme po .allrightyguyitokay

    Russell deJesus

    I am agree also

  42. Willie Baggett Jr


    Big D

    Uhmm what?

  43. Willie Baggett Jr


    Big D

    Okay, this one doesn't even look like words

  44. Willie Baggett Jr


    Big D

    What are you trying to say?

  45. Kai Takagi-Vlahek

    Ayy only 13 comments, good to know people look up good music to listen to it

  46. Marwan

    "Jealousy woes part 2...and proof did the track" (How come)


    that performance will never see the light of day :(

  47. Ian Tillson

    Real shit , don’t get mad over a chick flick

  48. Razor Rela

    21 years later and im still bumpin it baby


    misunderstood albo well done to you

  49. Mista O

    mad Ill . I brought it wen I was 19.

    PLH 07

    Scott Blight no I was asked him if he heard Eminem before he blew up.


    Mista O vinyl? It could be worth fortunes


    I heard there was only 1000 copies


    @Peen nope, 500. After that they stopped making more copies


    @blank Nobody knows how many there were. Not even Eminem himself. There could've been 500, a thousand, or way less than that.

  50. DecimateGamer91

    thought this came out in '97?

    kosovar spahiu

    DecimateGamer91 1996

  51. love thy enemy

    Jealousy woes too fcukin right grow a pair ;-)


    the time for this is 313...

    Johnatan Trujillo

    Now everybody form the 313 put your mother fucking hands up and follow me. Dude I know that entire rap. That's so fucking cool.

    Nosakhare Obasogie

    What a great coincidence

    By Any Means Necessary

    @Johnatan Trujillo which entire rap?