Eminem - Framed Lyrics

Feeling kinky, lip syncing to Too $hort's "Freaky Tales" (Biatch!)
Having creepy visions of whiskey drinking
And envisioning sneaking into where Christie Brinkley dwells
I know this is risky thinking but I wanna stick her like she's decals
But when murdering females
Better pay attention to these details or you could be derailed
Better wear at least three layers of clothing or be in jail
If you get scratched because your DNA'll
Be all up under her fingernails
Man, he hears you, I don't think he cares
He gives a fuck, even his pinky swears
Three personalities burstin' out of me, please beware
Her TV blares, can't hear the creaking stairs
She's unaware in no underwear, she's completely bare
Turns around and screams, I remember distinctly
I said "I'm here to do sink repairs."
Chop her up, put her body parts
In front of Steven Avery's trailer and leave 'em there

But hey man, I was framed
I know what this looks like, officers
Please just give me one minute
I think I can explain
I ain't murdered nobody
I know these words are so nutty
But I'm just here to entertain
How come your shirt is so bloody?
There's a missing person, so what? He's
Got nothin' to do with me
I'm almost certain I was framed

Woke up, it was dawn, musta knew somethin' was wrong
Think I'm becomin' a monster 'cause of the drugs that I'm on
Donald Duck's on, there's a Tonka Truck in the yard
But dog, how the fuck is Ivanka Trump in the trunk of my car?
Gotta get to the bottom of it to try to solve it
Must go above and beyond, 'cause it's incumbent upon me
Plus I feel somewhat responsible for the dumb little blonde
Girl, that motherfuckin' baton twirler that got dumped in the pond
Second murder with no recollection of it
Collectin' newspaper articles, cuttin' out sections from it
Memory's too fucked to remember, destructive temper
Cut my public defender's jugular then stuck him up in a blender
Another dismembered toddler discovered this winter probably
'Cause the disassembled body
Was covered up in the snow since the month of November oddly
I'm wanted for questioning
Them son of a bitches probably just wanna pin this on me

But hey man, I was framed
I know what this looks like, officers
Please just give me one minute
I think I can explain
I ain't murdered nobody
I know these words are so nutty
But I'm just here to entertain
How come your shirt is so bloody?
There's a missing person, so what? He's
Got nothin' to do with me
I'm almost certain I was framed

Still on the loose, they
Spotted me inside McDonald's Tuesday
In a Toronto Blue Jays cap, lookin' like your college roommate
With Rihanna, Lupe, Saddam Hussein, Bobby Boucher
Or was it Cool J? The cops is on a goose chase
Just escaped from the state pen
For [edited] eight women who hate men
Don't make it no weirder, I'm naked
When I break in your basement
Under your baby's play pen, I lay in, wait adjacent
Facin' the door, remainin' patient while stayin' complacent
Blatant sexual implications are continuin' to get thrown
Insinuations are placed in little riddles and poems
Left on your pillow in hopes, that when you get home
You'll get the hint, ho: I'm in your window
But it never occurred to me I could describe a murder scene
In a verse and be charged with first degree
'Cause it just happened to match up perfectly
With the massacre or the Burger King burglary
No, officer, you see...

I was framed
I know what this looks like, officers
Please just give me one minute
I think I can explain
I ain't murdered nobody
I know these words are so nutty
But I'm just here to entertain
How come your shirt is so bloody?
There's a missing person, so what? He's
Got nothin' to do with me
I'm almost certain I was framed

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Eminem Framed Comments
  1. Jem Ozgur

    Justice for Framed....

  2. Cenius

    Looks like police finally caught up to him since 3Am lol

  3. shadowmohd

    Framed > 3 AM

  4. youmix fraisse

    Darkness have already more views than this master piece.

  5. Christopher Johnson

    "Trump in the trunk of my car". Funny how em makes a career off of being offensive, yet is clearly offended by trump. Don't listen to these celebrities, they are all fucking hypocrites...

  6. كرار المحلي

    Wtf i though this was a lyrical video

  7. Hell Boy

    Pretty sure if Em was trialed for murder he could plead insanity

  8. A 2 A

    I like how each verse really sum up every eminem persona

    Verse1 : Slim
    Verse2 : Marshal
    Verse2 : Eminem

  9. Bobby Princeton1901

    i need more of this horrorcore!!!

  10. Jorgie Boi

    Incredibly underrated song

  11. SUMA phones Kingdumb over HARTS

    Sure but I mean they pooped right in the cup dude icup cam I'm out

  12. Vlad L

    нетвоё нетвой стиль неберись попробывал гавно даже не пробуй провалишся твоё высмеивать чтонибудь смешное не навясчивое но не серьёзные темы как мой дед говорил не можешь срать не мучий жопу

  13. SensitiveSoci3ty

    such a underrated song, smh

  14. Hansen Says Take A Seat

    2020 anybody

  15. Virginia Cobble and Hardscape

    Revival was a lyrical masterpiece, so many bars!!

  16. Oriedeis Okinawa

    The last know sighting of Slim Shady if you have seen him since please notify the shady police or Marshall Mathers.

  17. Bruh Moment


  18. Islamic Light

    A song with slim,eminem and Marshal
    all three

  19. Alexis Shiroyasha b-rabbit

    3AM pt 2

  20. Vano 678

    Who's 2020???

  21. Genaro Rosas

    Well you can arrest him now,

    He murdered the music.

  22. Sam King

    Nice Illuminati

  23. Indri Iriana

    just 25m views? hell! this is masterpiece

  24. Juri Witkin

    00:30 "We won"

  25. Hlenz


  26. Samuel Michaud

    Eminem should be a gamer, cause with him glitching so much, I think he just beat reckawrelf. This is also one of my favorite songs of the album Revival.

  27. I'm normal

    I love how this is a continuation of 3 a.m.


    "I murdered no one"

    Liar, you murderedus all on MTBMB

  29. Carollynn Grooms

    A lion is people not gray some times spider webs come out of me. Am I real

  30. Carollynn Grooms

    When I'm high on the roof I fly up can you do that Marshall I land back down can you also craw side ways like a spider on a roof the higher I climb the lighter I am to not fell my body you marathon to marshell


    What the fuck

  31. OrbaStudio

    The Evonka trump is a little bit to far and to much


    It's Eminem he always go far

  32. snikoksi

    This shit is ass


    It's awesome

  33. Kathi Murphy

    I'll be your " Alibi " sexy! 😉💖💕💕♥💋♥💋♥💋♥

  34. D. Puia Official

    2020 anyone???

  35. Александр Устинов

    2:57 Is it a reference to "Forgot about Dre - 2:54"?

  36. Xyme INC

    Shes unaware in no underwer 😂

  37. Kevin Zimmer

    I wish he just took the best tracks from revival and switched them with a few tracks on M2BMB.....than we wouldve had a really good Eminem album....fuck he coulda scrapped Kamikaze too minus 2 or 3 songs

  38. Hugo André Córdova Suárez


  39. Aid Hasimovic

    I was framed

  40. Ritik Dalal

    Most underrated song of all time. PERIOD

  41. Atharva Apte

    Finally a 3AM sequel

  42. Vincenzo Barra

    2:45 🤤

  43. Cherish lov Love

    Cherish Jones's

  44. PoopStinkPie

    It's a touch back to Relapse vibes... my favorite fucking album ever. Relapse is a masterpiece with the exception of some sloppy writing. Idgf.

  45. Ethan Payne

    See they got it all wrong eminem didnt do it slim shady did lol

  46. Arthur Greve


  47. Arthur Greve

    Who r chu son

  48. ktri

    3am - Revival Edition

  49. The2012djwess

    Oh yes, the sequel to the song 3am

    I was waiting for Jane Yamamoto

  50. The Wu-Cepticon

    This beat reminds me of the American Horror Story theme music.

  51. JIMBOmusic

    I only just realised that Em put out 3 videos showing all sides to him
    Walk On Water - Marshall Mathers
    River - Eminem
    Framed - Slim Shady

    Genius 👀

  52. Bless Bima06

    Lets be honest. This aint the first time y'all bumping to this

  53. Black Roman311

    Nobody paying attention to the floor !!! Hidden Messages Em tryna expose somebody know why industry aint like revival smh so slept on

  54. Malka D

    Is this a sequel to 3am?


    prequel actually

  55. Andy Ellis

    "I murder nobody"

    Completely lying

    You just killed Nick Cannon


    and Man Bun Jelly

    Alex Haynes

    & Lord Jamar 2!

    Ayman kh

    Without doing anything

  56. Ajay Kazami


  57. Gent Ramadani

    Eminem mumble rappers killer

  58. HiTmAn ThE TrAsH pAnDa

    3am part #2 didn't any of you see the time on the pocket watch? 😎

  59. Tom Hutchcraft

    This is underrated af

  60. Slip

    People dont like things they dont understand thats why this album was so slept on

  61. David Flores

    This best album. Eminem on top👌❤️

  62. Kerr Hamilton


    Part 2

  63. it's Song

    such a shame he's not shirtless again :P

  64. ItsWarGamer 4231

    "I murder nobody"
    Completely lying you just murdered Nick Cannon without even addressing anything about him


    We came to monopolize the game,
    Illuminati Is here..

  66. shark boy

    Only 3 personalities? I got 6

  67. Colby Black

    I’m in ya window/ innuendo Wow. That whole
    Lead up to that was ridiculous

  68. Jay Bali

    Did MGK tell this guy to run on treadmill. I mean he has like a six pack

  69. Ned Kelly

    I know how ypu feel did ten months for nothing...... I didnt do that particular one. And fucking idiots in a bar is hardly a crime. They couldn't produce no cctv footage. Ten months later.. Get the fuck out.... Fucker, i was FRAAAAMMMMED

  70. OG Twitchy

    3.a.m 2.0 confirmed

  71. Izzul Salihin

    Is this the last of the funny Slim Shady that we know and love?? Maybe, but tune in for the next album release "Music to be Murdered By"

    Izzul Salihin

    Okay,I really like the album, its really good, it could be better if there was a story. Not for the whole album, but maybe for one of the song. Like Brain Damage. Just my opinion, you do what you Eminem. In the end you still dont give a fuck

    قوڵپەی ئـاگرین

    Sslp2 coming y
    This year


    He is here after his death

  73. SMX

    It’s songs like this that remind me Eminem’s still got some great new songs left in him.

  74. Malo Tielemans


  75. Zaza Zazaki

    Fucking iluminati....

  76. zeus 9532

    3 a.m. part 2?

  77. Thomas Houghton

    Damn i think this is his worst viewed music video, sucks cause this videos wild

  78. Steven D'silva

    Joe Goldberg type beat

  79. tech Kanakesh

    Music to be murdered by

  80. elma tancica

    Perfect 💖

  81. insanity

    Framed could be the best song to fit "music to be murdered by", think about it.

    Cam Gee

    @insanity he rubbed ppl the wrong way with his topics but i liked it too cuz i seen the lyricism but ppl act like he fell off like he aint got harder shit in the vault...personally i dont think he can pick songs out well lol but he's the best

    Cam Gee

    @insanity i only say he carried it cuz he was on his real slim shady shit..thats what most fans want


    @Cam Gee its not just the shady persona that made us love em right? He spits his heart in these songs thats why i like them, cause we see the soft side of marshall and thats beautiful


    @ED thats so true

  82. Haaga

    Eminem 💖

    -his wife cheated on him

    -his mother hated him

    -he was a drug addict

    -his best friend died

    -failed 9th grade 3 times and got bullied in school

    -and now, he’s the most successful rapper of all time


    gae skoolbus

    stop copying and pasting

  83. Tactical Crocs

    I get it now..... Eminem was framed.

  84. kas scutt

    #Trump2020 #KAG2020 #BESTPOTUSEVER45 #MAGA

  85. Alexander

    Mind boggled how so many people think this is good ‘music’

    Flying Ace

    Mind boggled why you're here in the first place.
    "My music taste is superior to yours. If you don't like what I do, you obviously have bad taste in music. I'M BETTER THAN EVERYBODY."


    never said such a thing my guy

    Flying Ace

    I know. It wouldn't look good if you did. You just implied it.

  86. xZen

    3 AM remastered

  87. Aaron Lozano

    Did eminem just shoot shots at hopsin? Looks like he's imitating his song video lol

  88. Maxie Pattie

    Eminem and Trump are so rich they could just fuck off but they don't... and you are smoke'n off on the GTA hub

  89. ColorBlindArtist

    At 5:02 if you pause you'll see the squares on the ground hes talking about being framed. Now heres the thing ladies and gentlemen the secret message in this song you wont understand if you stay in the box lets litterly think outside of the box eminem is known for having double meanings in his music of course. Take a second to observe your surroundings. Your windows your doors your flooring your walls they are all squares the injection into em is a representation of the poision they are feeding us a culture that can be painted and directed towards a certain agenda a lab of mouses that can be tested and manipulated we are living in a frame all of his personalities wouldn't exist without the frame of society he has a logical side of himself where he speaks of him not being the one who's done all of this culture will try and shape us into these things

  90. Sam David

    Love his flow in this

  91. Giannhs Tsarnas

    this is after the 3A.M????? lol

    Pro Jey96

    Part before
    Part after
    Its hard to tell when the video is intentionaly in mind of a crazy guy