Eminem - Bad Husband Lyrics

We never saw from each other's sides, or eye to eye
Just eye for eye, lie for lie, fight or flight
So much baggage, need a luggage rack
But we carry on with our public spats and our feuds
Up back in the news, love taps when I dissed you
Like it was fun, actually used to run back to the booth
Jump back in the studio, give you a tongue lashing, then you
Laughed at a stomach tat with the tomb stone
It was funny back in our youth
But then it wasn't after we knew
That we were done and actually through (and actually through)
But if there's one fraction of truth
If it could be spun back I would do
So many things different (things different)
'Cause it was such a dumbass excuse
You hit me once and that I would use
To continue the pattern of abuse
Why did I punch back? Girls, your dad is a scumbag, I'm confused

[X Ambassadors:]
How come you can be a lord and a loser?
How come, how come, you can be a liar and a good father?
A good dad, but a bad husband
Why are you a good father?
A great dad, but a bad husband

You were the beat I loved with a writer's block
The line that's hot, that I forgot
We laughed a little, cried a lot
I'll never forget when you came home and you held Hailie
Day before you went to jail and daily
How we'd wait for that mail lady
Or by the phone for Mom to call
And I watched you pull yourself up and we decided on
Givin' it one more try despite it all
You're my lightning rod when my sky gets dark
I'm your shiny rocks in that tiny box
When we tied the knot, when we broke the knot
Every line we crossed we were supposed to not
Every time we fought, the insults, they got… thrown too far
Words that we said that we didn't mean
The words that we meant that we didn't say
The ones that we thought that we shoulda said
Letters written that we coulda read
Which maybe woulda lead to some good instead
And had this put to bed
But I'd be lyin' still if I said I wasn't sittin' here askin' myself

[X Ambassadors (Eminem):]
How come you can be a lord and a loser?
How come, how come, you can be a liar and a good father?
A good dad, but a bad husband
Why are you a good father?
A great dad, but a bad husband ([Hailie:] Dad) (you said)
Forever be a hero in my eyes (I reply)
But there's always another side to a good father
A great dad, but a bad husband

We brought out the worst in each other
Someone had to make the sparring end
'Cause I loved you, but I hated that me
And I don't wanna see that side again
But I'm sorry, Kim
More than you could ever comprehend
Leavin' you was fuckin' harder than
Sawing off a fuckin' body limb
Once upon a time where all we had
Maybe that's what drew us
To each other, it was true love
Shit, we never knew was possible
We might have loved each other too much
And maybe that's what made us do what
We did to each other, all the screw-ups
'Cause you always thought that you was
More in love with me
And I was thinkin' I was more in love than you was
For all the times that we thought it worked
'Til we saw how wrong we were
When the dust settles now and all the dirt
If I touch the rawest nerve
All I want is for us not to hurt
And it's been an exhaustive search to find the words
But I just heard "Mockingbird"
And got the urge to jot some verses and thoughts
The purpose was not to stir up or open wounds
I've caused a few and so have you
Or argue whose fault it was
Partly yours, partly mine, but really no one's
This is so tough, I'm gettin' choked up
Oh fuck it, we both suck
We broke up, got back together
We both thought we had forever
Not bad people, just bad together
We were so nuts, backstabbed each other
Another blow struck, but there's no duckin' this blow
'Cause it's over and it's closure
But I'm not so sure how to close this
I just don't know how some people can be so good
At one thing and so fucked at a whole nother
Shit, it's no wonder

[X Ambassadors (Eminem):]
How come, how come, you can be a lord and a loser?
How come, how come, you can be a liar and a good father?
A good dad, but a bad husband
Why are you a good father?
A great dad, but a bad husband ([Hailie:] Dad) (you said)
Forever be a hero in my eyes (I reply)
But there's always another side to a good father
A great dad, but a bad husband

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Eminem Bad Husband Comments
  1. FishingStix 610

    Where the fuck is slimshady??? Tired of this corny ass flow feels like the new rappers took a shit and eminem stepped on it

  2. PMcFarland

    "Leaving you was fuckin harder than sawing off a fuckin body limb" 💔😭 and that's where I lost it till the end of the song

  3. The Zanel

    Can someone please explain? Why is he apologizing, this girl cheated on him. I watched the lyrics but I can’t find an actual apology it’s just him saying sorry.

  4. Robert Tam

    This album wasn't trash itself, as a fan for 20ish years, I just could not stand his flow on this album. I couldn't bring myself to listen. Even this song, I love the lyrics, but I hate that flow he tried for this whole album. BUT that's just me and at least he is always trying to mix it up and it's what makes him great. Hell, I loved Relapse and a lot of people despised that.

  5. Cameron Heaton

    Just like offended, stepping stone, till I collapse etc this song is one of Eminem's most underrated songs

  6. Hajal Ali

    He mentioned Mockingbird. One of his best songs in the Encore era

  7. Abdiel Aponte Castro

    Not sure why but this song has made me cry like no other

  8. bigair3211

    This song chokes me up. Because a lot of us has had those relationships where you absolutely love your partner and do everything for them. And you may mess up and they may mess up and on both ends going at each other's throats. And have the feelings like em had on the song "Kim" (whether your Kim is male or female) but obviously don't act on it but that rage is bottled up inside. And when it's all said and done and one of you walk away you still feel that pain everyday because that person you loved is no longer there and you wonder and wish you would have said the right things and done more. This is why em is considered one of the best if not the best. He can bring you Joy with comedy, he can he can bring you something to vibe too when you feeling angry or distressed and relate to. He can open your eyes on what's going on around you. And he can open your eyes on something relatable like this or headlights, even beautiful. And many other emotions. Now I'm going to hit repeat and listen again since I've felt this way the last 5 years, before this song came out.

  9. skyla arruda


  10. TitanFaller 12

    This sounds like me and my Mom 😢

  11. The Dragon lord

    This has been the most complicated song that I've ever had the pleasure of learning I'm still not the best at seeing as I'm only 15 but the third verse has been the most difficult but I'm getting there this song is bloody amazing and probably the only rap I'm gonna learn

  12. Mariah Bedell

    This song totally hits home for me.......💔💔💔 8-18-18

  13. Dimitri Marras

    ''Leaving you was harder then sawing off a fucking body limb'' That was deep

  14. Big boy Beilly

    I said it once and I’ll say it again, revival was Eminem’s redemption album

  15. M M

    im proud of u em. youve come a long way:)

  16. Walking DNA

    More subscribers please👍

  17. PunN1

    whiche anime is that in the picture ?

  18. Aj Sisty

    He will get back to kim after he retires...I know it..he's been giving her subliminals for years.. the love he has for her is like romeo and juliet shit... they doe for each other... she knows it. He knows it.. your almost there Marshall

  19. brazin lee

    On your account... I love you, Brandon. 11 years.. 3 kids. 1 stillbirth. Through richer or poor. Sickness and health... Ive never really thought about what those vows meant.. I thought they were only words. Seemingly meaningless . we're not even engaged.... Yet those words are true. It doesn't pertain strictly to those who are married. Its for those who are immensely in love. If God really did make Eve from Adams ribs, i understand.. We're apart of each other. Even before we knew eachother we were always so close to eachother.. Somehow it took us years to officially cross paths. Just when we both called it quits with the ones we were with.who were shady assholes..... We swore to work on ourselves after that. Then we met. Before i was due to catch a plan 24 hours later to Ohio to stay.. I missed my plane.. You and i barely knew eachother. Yet you offered me a home and another ticket if i desired. Idk what happened. But it was as if we were best friends. Talking for hours.. Never getting bored. We couldnt understand why this was happening now.. Why were we so fluent together? Why did it feel like second nature? Never in my life have i kissed someone and witnessed the entire world stand still. Time stopped. Everything moved so slow. We both looked at eachother at the same time and said " woah." Just staring in utter disbelief and terror... Terror for me at least. Idk about you ... I didnt want to get close. I didnt want to fall in love. I knew you would be the one i would experience a soulful connection with and it petrified me...

    I wish i could let you into my head. I wish my memories were accessible.. So you could see the tragedy that has befallen our world isnt what you believe it is. It's going to and is already starting to deeply shatter me. If it breaks us for good, forever, i can't describe the darkness that will eventually return to my soul. The darkness you chased away... The remaining bits that you accepted, nurtured,and loved. Understood. Related with. I feel as if its a sick cosmic joke... If our lives together ended and the reasoning wasn't as it seemed.. You are too precious to me. To ever betray you in that way. Never in that way

  20. umair khan

    Mind blowing verses

  21. 123GaminG

    Em did this perfectly and i felt how he put his soul in to this song.
    Plus X Ambassadors did very good with the chorus.

  22. i don't know

    Am I the only one that thinks that chorus sounds so much like NF?

    Slice N’Dice

    i don't know more like Imagine Dragons

    i don't know

    @Slice N’Dice Idk, maybe, sounds like both actually 😂


    Doesn’t sound like NF at all

  23. Ebunny Bonney

    "I loved you and I hated that" damn

  24. Hajal Ali

    When he mentioned Mockingbird it brought back memories of Encore era 💗

  25. Yousef Haggar

    not bad people, just bad together

  26. Ninja Pro gamer

    But I just heard mocking bird❤️😘

  27. Alex Chavez

    I'm a bad husband and father

  28. pendejoguay

    "I just don't know how some people can be so good at one thing and so fucked at a whole nother"

    So many people can relate.

  29. disstroy 223

    the only songs that i dont listen to on revival are Untouchable, remind me, need me, heat,in your head. the rest of the songs are great imo.

    Strange Simpson

    Revival is underrated. Not liking an song/album is one thing, but hating the whole MC as if he's trash ain't it. "Fans" who do that should just ride on mumble rappers' dicks. But yeah I agree with you, some songs in it are really great. WIshed people realised this too

  30. caydence Filipetti

    He is choking up on this song when he is apologizing to Kim, and I also choking up in Lose Yourself

  31. TheWarDropperBG

    Amazing song! Greets from Bulgaria ! ❤❤🔥

  32. kavirajan Shady

    nothing But Marshall Love ❤️ u Sir

  33. alexmaster99100

    i dont really like this song, imo hes falling off, but i do love the message and him becoming this better forgiving person

    kelvin ikechiunor

    @alexmaster99100 anyone that knows music will know that the flow isn't good ? Lmao man stop, I called you crazy in a funny context but okay, you mentioned " dickriding "which doesn't correspond to the topic and your ass also called me a Stan for disagreeing with you, boi 👋🏾.


    @kelvin ikechiunor dude, listen to when he talks about mockingbird, maybe its just me, but i like my flow to stay on point, reason why i like Em is almost all his personal songs are amazing, although im not the biggest fan of his horrorcore stuff

    kelvin ikechiunor

    @alexmaster99100 it's cool man but I don't hear the flow going bad I think it suit the song/beat but it's cool you think differently.. peace 🤞🏾.


    @kelvin ikechiunor peace bro

    kelvin ikechiunor

    @alexmaster99100 🤞🏾

  34. Andrew Perkzy

    How can people say eminem have no content but sleeping songs like this the content the facts and the related lines eminem is not overrated or underrated he's overunderrated

  35. Si Thu Soe

    come here after listening to Kim lol

  36. Rw sports online debate

    This guy is garbage

    kelvin ikechiunor

    Your brain cells are garbage

  37. ronald bowles

    g+g 2be 2gether 4ever

  38. Cameron

    Still don’t understand the hate for this album🤷🏼‍♂️

  39. Zulkiflee Abdul Rashid

    2:01 x ambassadors: Hook

  40. Anz3j

    Bas ti hvala za ovo!

  41. Zero 21

    I can definitely tell he completely regrets making the song "Kim"...

  42. A Lost Mind

    This makes me reflect on my past relationship nd how i couldn't of acted differently. Made me realise maybe if i had payed more attention to my woman rather than taking her for granted nd putting all my time and energy into our baby girl maybe things wouldn't of ended the way they did but its a lesson life threw at me and i failed..but i learnt. I was young and naive. If! Lol the next woman in my life...i wont make that same mistake

  43. Shailesh Rana

    Oh man. This man bared his heart out and we impaled it with a knife and shat on it

  44. Nigel Kotahatuhaha

    Can anybody tell me how many flow he spittin’ in this song?

  45. Neil Gregory

    People don’t like the album because of its sound. It’s totally different. I’m not into the sound but the content makes up for that to me.

  46. Aiyen Stand

    The living legeng , Eminem is the greates poet alive today.

  47. Kelsey Mcgavic

    been listening to this for years and it describes my previous marriage so perfectly

  48. Joe Reymundo

    This song means so much to me! Damn Eminem and nf always here for me to not feel like there’s not someone like me!

  49. Luke Hatt

    the bruce lee of loose leaf

  50. Justin Bruce

    Whoever said revival sucks that was rape to my ears and I hate them no joke

  51. nichole Roberts

    This reminds me of my ex husband.

    I was a great wife.

    But he was a bad husband .

    He wanted to party and run the streets and abused me and doing drugs and lied to me all the time and cheated on me ...and throw me out of my home .

    And coming home late not answering his phone.

    And come home thinking it's okay to act this way. Treat me like a door mat. And taking advantage of me .

    And walked out on our marriage and abandoned me. Make me figure out shit on my own.

    A Lost Mind

    People like that dont deserve love. You do...and one day you'll find it again. But its up to you to figure out who deserves your love


    When you've been hurt, you subconsciously put up walls. Good men respect your walls. Bad men ignore them. And the bad men make you feel good when you felt rejected by  the good men who respected your walls.

    A Lost Mind

    @Himaryous vicious circle


    Yes. Breaking that circle is the challenge.

    A Lost Mind

    @Himaryous i dont think its about breaking the circle, i think its meeting the right person who you can grow with together but love one another for who you are

  52. WatchDog 85

    chorus is sickkkkk

  53. Kora D. Jess

    I'm crying just had a fight with my husband n remembered this,it hurts to think it can get this bad

  54. survivor geek

    underrated track. gem af

  55. Juan Aguirre

    This song hit me hard bc I was in relationship were my sister didn’t accept my girlfriend and for the first three months it went well then in January it started going down and we always thought that it work bc we love each other but I felt I was a bad boyfriend bc of my anger and after we lasted one year we both talk say that we should break up bc she was having problems with her parents and me with my sister and J I’m truly sorry but I’m glad you decided to be good friends. Trust me breaking up with her was the hardest thing to do and overcome bc she was the one girl I really loved but I’m sorry J

  56. It's Gadfly

    You're a good husband. Constant fighting means you are not equally yoked.


    He really wasn't.  She wasn't a good wife either, but this song is about what he did. He cheated on her, hit her, wrote songs about killing her and beat her up in effigy onstage. Good husbands don't do those things.

  57. Maverick Bean

    why do people say this album is garbage this song is fn good

  58. Jordan Kedie

    I love you stacey I'm sorry


    I think it's beautiful that this song enabled you to say that.

  59. vinny jackson smith

    most people dont like eminems music because they don't understand his music. with us its different because we feel like we have been part of him his whole life.

  60. Jovan Krstic

    Hvala majstore za objavu!!! Isto me udarlio,, not bad people just bad together" such bad shit

    Nikola Petrovic

    Živ bio!

  61. M. Rohwr

    Came here after listen to „kim“


  62. Flame Dragon

    “not bad people, just bad together” god damn this hit me hard

  63. The bad guy's evil Twin

    Tbh his flow is ass on this track 😂

    kelvin ikechiunor

    Nah it perfect for the song

  64. Benidict Cumberpatch

    If we are on the hit me hard 3:30 and 2:00

  65. Cory Cacioppo

    best song on album

  66. Fritz Espina

    So deep man..

  67. RL Jakovasaur

    This album kinda sucked IMO, but I still love this song since the X Ambassadors give it a nice feel to it

  68. It's Gadfly

    Em, you are a good dad/father. You were with the wrong person. I'm a good mother, but I think I'm too strict for people. People have said I would hate to be your child. Just realized...that is why Islamic people put me in a cage/tie me up. They know if I was let out of the cage, I'd probably do some damage. Wow..if you have to tie someone up to be with you...you got problems.

  69. Derek HudnallV2

    This song hits harder than my dads belt

  70. John Sandypoint

    I was a good husband and a good father but she wasnt a good wife great mother and a liar

  71. Jokers daughter DeLuca dent

    Hits home for me my daughter I'm sorry honey

  72. Omaima Koroma

    Beautiful Music. Still love you loads Eminem <3

  73. Glynn Heenan

    I been listening to Eminem for 14 years

    Tyata Samrat

    you life is filled with great art...

  74. Fernando Pulido

    It's been an exhaustive search to find the words
    But I just heard "Mockingbird"
    And got the urge to jot some verses and thoughts
    The purpose was not to stir up or open wounds
    I've caused a few and so have you
    Or argue whose fault it was
    Partly yours, partly mine, but really no one's
    This is so tough, I'm gettin' choked up
    Oh fuck it, we both suck
    We broke up, got back together
    We both thought we had forever
    Not bad people, just bad together


    Ninja Pro gamer

    Fernando Pulido Mockingbird is one of Ems saddest songs


    My favorite part.

  75. pendejoguay

    How come you can be a great dad but bad husband....that is the unanswerable question. Makes you question your morals, yourself, and who you should be

  76. Emma Weir

    Not bad people just bad together. Put that together perfect Got me. I’m relating to this song.

  77. littledude 21402

    How did people think this was a bad album?????

    Jake Martinez

    Cuz he stuck with rapping about real shit. You cant be real anymore for the masses

    Markel Scott

    @Jake Martinez true

  78. Zana Eris

    I lowkey cried every night while listening to this song.. Ppl that said revival is a bad album can succ on my non existing dicc

    RTW Iceorb

    I never heard a bad EM song and its a fact well for me that is

  79. Dead Wrong

    Мда , Слим оказывается , алень обычный

  80. Juho Pirkkalainen

    If someone like football videos subcribe my Channel now

  81. Ashley Ritchie

    Awe. He's finally seeing the one woman that loved him before he had anything he done really wrong. All the girls he's seen wanted money or spotlight. Hope they get back together. This is a better song then when he was rapping bout killing her.. Hopefully they work it out.

    stan shaud

    Nah they're done

    anna niddya beauty

    She did just as much to him tho they were both bad


    Yeah. Kim and Marshall still see each other. They have an on again/off again relationship.

  82. Sajfex

    Ajde makar neko s balkana da ovo sluša
    Pozdrav kreatoru!

    Nikola Petrovic

    hvala buraz!

    Hrvoje Peičić

    @Nikola Petrovic ma sluša ovo dosta balkanaca ali ne reperi jer su smeća koja ne podržavaju taj eminemov album dok nije izbacio kamikaze...šta lik ne može napravit normalan emotivniji album gdje pokaze da je od krvi i mesa nego mora opet bit slim shady i jebat mater svima da bude zanimljiv...vrijeme prolazi i on sazrijeva s vremenom...

  83. stan shaud

    Not bad people, just bad together.

  84. Elizabeth Laughlin

    That third verse tho.

  85. Nava Music

    I thought he hates the choppy flow?

  86. Tosha

    This song breaking me same like headlights

    RL Jakovasaur

    This is quite depressing

    Markel Scott


  87. Tosha

    Svaka cast nikola za ovo

    Nikola Petrovic

    hvala buraz


    @Nikola Petrovic Mng underrated pesma

  88. Louisiana Life

    Why doesnt this have 40 million views 😡

  89. MoonfallX

    It's so hard.

  90. TALKSiiCK

    Reminds me of me and my ex
    We were so toxic
    I’ll never know if it was real
    Or Fake
    Just Lonely ppl settling
    Bad timing?
    Was she good? bad? or misunderstood?
    Co dependent ppl
    Guess I’ll never know
    All I know is I loved her
    And I don’t see how I’ll ever truly let go
    Couldn’t be friends
    Enemies sadly is what we ended up....
    But I don’t hate her


    Keep a little piece of her in your heart and move on. You don't have to stop loving someone 100% to find love again.

    Jason Ashley

    Dude. I feel the fuck out of this. Mine was a good relationship until the last month of it. Last couple weeks were real toxic. Shit was unreal. I feel you on all of this. I feel like she was the only person I ever gave a fuck about.

    RTW Iceorb

    Funny thing is you aint the only one that had it. It happened to me 7 years ago after we broke up we didnt speak or heard each other up untill last year I found out she got married and has a kid I was so fucking happy about it but I didnt showed or told her any shit bout that. I had nights staying up talking in the dark just how I want her to be as happy as she posiblly can and that I dont really give a shit what happens with me. Well I turned my hart to cold ice feel no pain no happines nothing just stoped caring about my life and shit. I guess my thoughts got fullfilled she is happy I hope she is and I dont care bout me. Again after that talk we had and few mesages I left her again so I wouldnt remind her of us or that time. As far as I can remmember we never broke up we just went different ways and even today I would still go to her in a matter of seconds if she needed me or some shit. Feels so shit that you can open up to guy or people you dont know eazier then to one you know.

  91. AntKen Soshlhzrd

    I think most of everyone in here listening to this song can relate, wether it's happening to us, or we are the children watching it happen, amazing song, as much as it hurts, it's good.

  92. Jokers daughter DeLuca dent

    When you're a bad boyfriend and a bad father to the girl you call a daughter

  93. Zuber ali

    Easily best song from revival 😢😢

  94. Ryan Deane

    Hate to rain on the parade, but the mix is dogshit

  95. Marcus

    "I'm sorry Kim." I'm buying the lottery.

  96. Dj Boswell

    im raising two kids that arent bioloically mine.. me and there mum broke up but im still there and always will be.. family isnt blood its about whos williing to give all they can :) keep your chin up peeps xxx

    Jokers daughter DeLuca dent

    @Dj Boswell yea never seeing ya seed

    Dj Boswell

    @Jokers daughter DeLuca dent i hope you get to see yours soon

    Jess M

    Dj Boswell can I just say that people like you are amazing. As someone who didn’t have either parent (they were there, but didn’t want to be. BOTH abusive) I’ve lived my whole life with such jealously of people around me. Everyone I know at least has a mother but if not that, a father; but for me not having either is a Hell not many experience.
    When I hear stories of people who are actual parents to their kids and fight for them, it makes me emotional but in a good way. Like I’m rooting for them. It shows me a different side of the world. But then, the most amazing deed someone can do (in my eyes) is being a parent, fighting for a child(s) and being everything they need...even though they’re not biologically theirs...still to this day, I can’t describe the emotions I feel when I hear stories of people like you. It sounds corny but it makes the world feel a little bit smaller, and reminds me that there’s people out there that give 100% as a parent EVEN if the kids aren’t there’s. Wow. To make a choice like that, you’re a hero. I don’t think you grasp what an amazing deed that is. For you, it seems like you just made a choice for the sake of the kids, almost as if for you it wasn’t even a choice, they’re your kids in your eyes so for you, it’s not even a choice. You just do it for those kids, but even then, it’s a no brainer for you. Almost no thought goes into it. You don’t praise yourself, or think you’re some Mother Theresa type individual because you’re just doing what’s right and what your heart tells you, almost like you didn’t even get a choice, if you know what I’m saying ?
    But to people like me, you’re everything some kids pray for. I know I sound whiney and possibly have made this abt me, which I really hope I didn’t as it wasn’t the intention, I just wanted to draw a parallel so you can see what an amazing parent (and person) you really are.
    I just want to say thankyou, on behalf of those kids in case they don’t realise yet what you’ve done for them. And to still be there after a breakup. No words. That’s a phenomenal act and shows your heart. So thankyou, on behalf of those kids, and for showing me a real life case where parents are exactly what they’re supposed to be.

    Sorry for the long answer, I can’t even articulate what I’m trying to say properly so my comment is probably mumbles, but trust me, those kids are so fucking lucky to have you, and these stories give me faith. All the awards to you sir.

    Jess M

    Jared Leto Joker I’m so sorry you’re in that situation. My words mean nothing but as someone without either parent, when I see a father who is actively trying to be a parent but the mother selfishly refuses, it hurts. So many people pray for people like you, but many mothers are selfish and think what they’re doing for their child is “the best” when in reality they’re creating wounds for their child that won’t heal, all because the mother believes she can decide her children’s lives. Women like that are some of the worst kinds of parents. Denying a child a father when he is actively trying to be in their lives is one of the worst acts a mother can commit in my opinion.
    I’m so sorry both you and you’re children are suffering due to the inability for the mother to have the foresight to see the unreversable damage she’s inflicting upon you as a father and the children themselves. Now, even when they’re older to make the decision themselves, they’ll hold resentment (possibly towards you and/or their mother) because of what they were denied.
    It’s not fair. Idk if you’re religious, but just know I’ll pray that someday soon your wish will be granted and you will be able to see your beautiful child(ren). Kids all over the world pray for people like you, so I’m sorry you’ve been wronged in such a diabolical way. I wish you the best and hope you get to see your kids, as coming from someone who didn’t have either parent, you fighting for them is much more than others get. And that’s a phenomenal deed. I wish you and your kid(s) the best. I’m sorry they had a mother who can’t see what she’s doing is so wrong, but at least they have someone fighting for them. One day, they’ll appreciate it so much they won’t be able to express it in words. Please know that.

    Dj Boswell

    @Jess M im sorry you went through what you have. that response has literally put tears to my eyes. you are an inspiration to everyone, you didnt have the best upbringing from the sounds of it but you can say something so meaningfull. thank you, i hate to say things have taken a turn for the worst since i wrote that message but ill never give up, i cant i love those kids to much. thank you for those amazing words and i know your not making it about you, every child deserves parents bioloical or not it doesnt matter ive raised them and i will never give up on them, i might not be blood but those children are mine, i love them so much and couldnt live without them. xx