Eminem - Backstabber Lyrics

[Police voice:]
Attention all units, attention all units
We have an All Points Bulletin out on a man with green hair
I repeat, we have an APB on a man with green hair
He's armed with a knife, I repeat, he's armed with a knife
Proceed with caution, watch your back fella's
He could be coming at your girlfriend next

[Verse 1:]
There's a joker on the loose from the psychiatric ward
His face is up on the bulletin board with a reward
He'll stab you with a sword don't be fooled by his charm
He's probably armed with intent to do bodily harm
Ring the alarm, look for a man with green hair
Check at your girl's house, he was last seen there
He's has a mean stare but usually crack's jokes
Good luck on your mission and guard your backs folks

I make you think you're a backstabber
Why I oughtta
Hit a bitch snake from the back, I make you think you're a backstabber
Why I oughtta
Stay away from him he ain't no good!

[Verse 2:]
We got the walkie-talkies to keep us all informed
Suited up head to toe in detective uniforms
Our unit storms in, we split the ghetto in sectors
Locking down every block and put up metal detectors
Protectors and be sure that you stand close
Watch each others backs and guard your command post
And most of all be advised that he's wise
He could be disguised as one of your very own guys

I make you think you're a backstabber
Why I oughtta
Hit a bitch snake from the back, I make you think you're a backstabber
Why I oughtta
Stay away from him he ain't no good!

[Verse 3:]
I'm on a solo mission to find him personally
To settle the score and beat then him mercifully
For what he first did to me
It's sure to be the last
Following footprints with a magnifying glass
To drag his lying ass back to his padded cell
I'm mad as hell, on the trail of the tattle tail
I heard a yell the voice sounded familiar
"Give me your girlfriend or I'm gonna kill ya"

I make you think you're a backstabber
Why I oughtta
Hit a bitch snake from the back, I make you think you're a backstabber
Why I oughtta
Stay away from him he ain't no good!

[Verse 4:]
I followed the voice that led down a flight of steps
Sneezing at dust, and swinging at the spider-webs
Inside the depths of his basement
I taste lint in my mouth, then the lights in the place went!
I saw my life flash in front of my eyes
I felt a butcher knife slash at one of my thighs
None of my guys knew where I'm at I was doomed
Then I remembered the flashlight in my costume

I make you think you're a backstabber
Why I oughtta
Hit a bitch snake from the back, I make you think you're a backstabber
Why I oughtta
Stay away from him he ain't no good!

[Verse 5:]
Dealing with backstabber's there was one thing I learned
They're only powerful when you got your back turned
I yearned for the day that we finally met again
So I can give him a taste of his own medicine
He shed his skin, then he promised to come clean
I took his butcher knife and jabbed it into his spleen
Cut him at the seam then dragged the fella home
Beating him over the head with the telephone

[Police voice:]
Attention all cars, attention all cars
Unit 313 has apprehended the suspect
He's going back to the crazy home, I repeat
He's going back to the crazy home, how about that?

I make you think you're a backstabber
Why I oughtta
Hit a bitch snake from the back, I make you think you're a backstabber
Why I oughtta
Stay away from him he ain't no good!
I make you think you're a backstabber
Why I oughtta
Hit a bitch snake from the back, I make you think you're a backstabber
Why I oughtta
Stay away from him he ain't no good!
I make you think you're a backstabber
Why I oughtta
Hit a bitch snake from the back, I make you think you're a backstabber
Why I oughtta
Stay away from him he ain't no good!

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Eminem Backstabber Comments
  1. Nichoals Nastari

    The only thing should live the Latinos and whites in life and that’s only thing I give so get sick

  2. Efreeti

    The story format and flow in this song really reminds me of Slick Rick.

  3. Zakk Bourne

    Fucking tune

  4. L1L B3A5T

    Anyone: No-Nut-November 2019?

  5. Santo niño

    I Love Hip Hop

  6. Joshua Stover

    The joker?

  7. Morocco The 7 Day Theory

    I came here after watching that documentary about Em's life

  8. lesile barber

    Fabulous 👑

  9. Nomex The dawg


  10. Smitty McSmitt

    Soul Intent - Fuckin’ Backstabber

  11. H R

    I came here after the documentary lol

    how like me ^^

  12. Andrew Leonard

    This song is legendary!!!!!!!!!!

  13. York

    Dear lord this is good. Even in 2019, and forever.

  14. the weird one said i was werid

    not the same as the mixtape

  15. Nightbird Flying

    Favorite lyrics of the Infinite era. 👍

  16. Lil Shade

    I like how in infinite he was trying really hard on his album, and it flopped, then he drops slim shady LP with no fucks given and it went platinum

  17. MinecraftPro555

    This is so smooth

  18. quannel quan

    Job well done.

  19. RetroXJ9

    These lyrics are so incredibly inaccurate...

    Nightbird Flying

    Noticed that.

  20. TGS Fade // VoLt Azon

    Who knows it's supposed to be the joker

    Omar Elsayed

    TGS Fade // VoLt Azon its directed at Chaptown, he made a song called “do-da-dipity” where he sings it in a psychiatric ward

  21. alexis_ texas

    the chorus is actually "come here you fuckin backstabber why i oughta hit a bitch snake from the hood"

    ÁUß Code II

    Yeehaw let me ****** your feethaw

  22. Dank Rock

    Been here since ‘96

  23. The2012djwess

    I'm gonna play this over and over again and feel goose bumps every repeat :)

    It's already 2019 and this the first time that I'd heard this. Damn :)

  24. Garfield Burke

    Underrated song

  25. Mark Towey

    Whoever disliked this tune is a fat prick wasted, doesnt know shit about rap music you fucking scumbag##

  26. Emanuel Balca

    too bad this flopped

  27. Steven Appletoft

    the jokers minions disliked this 79 times

  28. Daniel Piggott

    Is there anyone from 2019?

  29. Matthew LaMacchia

    A taste of your own medicine lost begotten you should have known it was comeing......A dream about a wizard throwing fireballs and I couldn't hit him with my sword.....I had to use my sword to hit the fireball to throw it back at him to hurt him....Copy and paste...arts and crafts....Here it is....

  30. Matthew LaMacchia

    Shawn I told you a day one.....Now you know.....

  31. Oliver Crisostomo

    Someone copy this video! https://youtu.be/CzDYLT-h1ng

  32. Dean Erwin

    this so good idk why it floped when it came out

  33. Rawkus

    What a Great album

  34. RetroXJ9

    These lyrics couldn't be further from correct. Just sayin'.

  35. kanZ Kie

    he rhyme so damn good. 👍👍👍👍👍

  36. Nate Chalmers

    This is way Eminem is a lyrical genius

  37. Chad keneth

    no one will ever be as good as em

    Damien Chay

    He's the best

  38. Aaron Baihaqi

    damn , eminem really a good lyricist . i wish i could just be like him,

  39. attAxOfficial

    This is em's first ever signal to be released.
    I am sooo proud of my self that i know it!

  40. Mr Weber

    Amanda green hair nuts with the light what lights that are you mean going into a pub and not in drunken disorder they get snapped up by individual people know thank you and you expect me to join the club so easily when I'm just fixing my face and some medical injection yummy

  41. TheViruss

    Who 's lil pump again?


    Some dickhead who thinks he can spit

  42. E Bishop

    this is homage to the oldschool goofy storytelling raps with a hint of a slumbering slim shady

  43. E Bishop

    he is so on beat on this ep and on infinite but when slim shady ep came out he really stopped caring about being on beat. its like right here hes so focused on being perfect and in slim ep he really just didn't give a...….. haha man love em

    Aries Banegas

    Eminem said that he looked bad on his old albums cause his was off beat

  44. Mike Cuba

    Joker Ending song 2019?

  45. Atmosphere ASMR

    Reminds me a little of Geto Boys

  46. Spooky Kid367

    Still better than Rap Devil

  47. A W

    Deff inspired by slick rick , the grandfather of story telling rap.. love em for that

  48. morgana raffa

    who listened to this before the documentry

  49. jammin will


  50. NoxXV

    anyone hear sep 2018?

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    Here after kamikaze

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    RIP Proof

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    He says "come here you fuckin backstabber" though

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    That's cool I like this

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    don't see any 2018 comments here, was up don't tell me I'm the only one


    No sir I arrived




    I'm here in 2030

    Strangely Sexy Frankenstein girl

    Afraid so

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    Brings me back to when I was 16, ill never not love infinite in totality.

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    Wow, Eminem's first single sounds horribly familiar about things made up about me. I need to holler at him.

  60. Rodney

    You can tell he read a lot of comics lol

  61. Gage Sivils

    Why I never heard this.. smh. Fire.

  62. Tahir Parmar

    Hands down the best Eminem album

  63. Todd Drummond

    Come here you fucking backstabber
    He's a bitch nigga from the hood
    Is the chorus

  64. one H

    Somehow I seem to have failed to recognize the point where music turned into orders for the crowd ... but okay
    still feels like beverly hills 90210 but with more drugs

  65. Ember Betz

    By far my fave rapper of all time

  66. Sticky Fingers

    Is it just me or does the beggining sound similar to The Real Slim Shady's beggining?

  67. Dylan Wicklund


  68. hubert schumann

    Wow Ems first single

  69. ashley pyatt

    Story telling his game and his name isssssssssssss king mathers

  70. Acker. Justin

    this song is ass

    Ember Betz

    Glopinboopin420 make a better one then chode

  71. SilverrShark

    holy fuck this is fire as shit

  72. mlpforever4

    Man. I remember smoking Mexican brick weed Js in my basement with my boys listening to this off a burned CD back in 99 along with sslp. Where has the time gone.

  73. Billy The Penguin

    I think i am retarded bcs i think Eminem's microphone was better in 1996

  74. Toddy Boi

    Come here you fuckin backstabber. Is the chorus

  75. Bob Hollywood

    Ahhh. I miss this song so much.

  76. Austin Crosby

    This was his first song

    andy moore

    Austin Crosby lol your dumb af his first real song was around 88 I think. He talks about a black girl in his first.

  77. Chief Clashofclan

    Mission failed will try next time

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    How bout dah

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    Vill du bli dömd i Finspång, eller?

    Yes, and the Riddler!

    yusuf işlek

    hes talking about champtown

  81. Frank Real

    The "why i oughta" is from "get down" by craig mack

    Mr Sadistik

    I guess they originally used it then, but that is Moe Szyslak, the bartender on the Simpsons, haha. So many rappers have used Simpsons references, quotes, clips, etc in their music at some point, and I think that it's awesome. In the early 90's when rap/hip-hop wasn't the cultural phenomenon it is today, most high profile entertainment outlets wouldn't dare incorporate it into their work, but The Simpsons have been doing it since the very early years, which is probably why many rap artists tend to pay homage to this day. That, and it's just one hell of a funny show, lol.

  82. Donnie : eimaXe


  83. No No No No!

    Prime example of Eminem's storytelling skill

  84. Eugene S

    This doesn't seem like em?

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    "Check at ya girls house" is perfect with the beat

  86. Ashy Moore

    Who's here in 2017!

    Ethan Michalski

    Ashy Moore 2019

    Let's Find Out

    Y’all skipped 2018 smh

  87. Mexican Statue


  88. Grindfather

    For everyone's info, this song was a single released on cassette pre-infinite. He couldn't sell it back then, so they went around different cities and handed them out for free to try and generate buzz. Unsuccesfully


    The cassette had this and Biterphobia on the flip side. They'd be priceless these days

  89. J. Campbell

    The instrumental sounds like New Jack Swing.

  90. LouieLou 152

    i wanna find the instrumental!!

  91. p’mac

    He didn't even swear once in this lmao


    Fuck! Shit! Ass! Bitch! Cunt! Shooby-de-doo-wop!

    Let's Find Out

    The hook has the word “Bitch”


    @jayjayjames2332 97' Bonnie and Clyde has no swearing because hailie is in the story. Genius. And I'm shady has no swearing either. Probably because its supposed to be happy

    Adeet Patel

    @jayjayjames2332 Actually there aren't any swear words at all in "Tonite".


    He did but it was very unnoticable.

  92. Lawrence Romero

    I came here after the documentary lol

    quannel quan

    Same here an it sounds good

  93. T W

    How come we don't even talk no more?Ah i do remember ,your lyrics were wrong. Bye Ps : Good old song by M

  94. Ghostly Gamer

    this is how the line goes *come here you backstabber be the n from the hood*

  95. Jhanvi YJ

    "They're only powerful when your back's turned" :)


    Jhanvi YJ I read this the same time it was said