Emily King - Walk In My Shoes Lyrics

I just wanna live my life cos I wanna, and I need to
So don't be tryna steal my light cos you don't know me, don't pretend to
Ive been busy on my grind, just like you, I've been trying
Ive even shed a tear or two, I swear to you, I ain't lying

Sometimes I feel the world is after me, tryna, get to me, tryna, stop what I do
Cos I'm the only one that looks out for me, can be me and walk in my shoes
Everyday theres something thats new to me, I just, gotta breathe, I don't, know about you
But I'm the only one that looks out for me, can be me, and... walk in my shoes.

It ain't easy being Emily

But I don't wanna change my name, cos I ain't got to, and I don't need to
So Ima do what I do, cos I ain't gotta live for you
But Ima keep up with mine, keep on striving and surviving no


See everybody's got their own problems that their going through
I take it day by day, its only thing that I can do
So I live for me as you live for you
But you cant be me unless you walk in my shoes

[Chorus x2]

Walk walk, walk walk, walk walk - walk in my shoes [x2]

You gon do you, and Ima do me

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Emily King Walk In My Shoes Comments
  1. 최윤서

    Can you give me the lyrics for this song?

  2. R B

    Vaguely remember the video, but I definitely remember not really listening to her too tough because she was clearly polished and set up, it didn’t read authentic. Her music now seems more genuine.

  3. 2009abailey

    I still love this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Save Robbie

    I’m a fan of the old and new music

  5. Christina Cathryn

    Still Feels!

  6. Marjorie Freeman

    I’ve been an Emily fan for years and her style has changed so much! But it takes some serious talent to totally change your sound and aesthetic and manage to maintain yourself of “self” at the same time. Love her!


    Chaka sent me here...

  8. Sandra M

    Walk in my shoes....yesss

  9. Maret Escarment

    Still sounds good in 2019

  10. gjbap

    Chooooon! 👌🏿

  11. Uchiha Hikaku

    Look how much your style has changed. So cool seeing your earlier stuff.

  12. Harish siva

    Why she's so underrated.. Such a sweet singer she was.

  13. Lakeithia

    I just realized this song used to play on VH1 soul.... I listen to a lot of her latest music, but damn! This video just made me go back into my childhood... Love you Emily. PS, come back to Seattle

  14. Poinciana B

    Still one of my favorite songs in 2018

  15. Michael Stallworth

    I remember hearing this on the radio before i started my freshman year in college. That guitar line kind of reminds me of Use Me.

  16. Spence Halperin

    Kind of an awful video. Glad she got control of her art.

  17. Tj the youtuber Dean



    Amazing ..Perfect! !!!!!!

  19. Jemal Rankin

    I love my girl !! I love how she started off the song with the sweetest hangover by Diana Ross ! For you young cat's .. You ain't knowing !

    Bayyinah El-Amin

    Jemal Rankin “we be knowing” #over45yearsseasoned

  20. Divine Blackness

    This is still my shit. Great song. Where is she these days?

    Barbara Ann

    Check out her latest music of the past 5 years on YouTube. Radio and Distance are highly recommended.

  21. Peace 21696

    I remember to listening her CD when I was 16. Got me through a tough time, especially this song. Love you Emily King.

  22. Jamieyale C

    This used to be my song soulful and honest I don't remember how I first got hooked but it's I love it

  23. bnm zxcv

    Whoa!! She looks so different! and good!!

  24. Ko Tenea

    My theme song

  25. Hazel Chief-rabbit

    I never heard of Emily King until I heard a cover of her song, 'Distance' from her new album. Wow does she look and (kinda) sound different now (I like the change though).

  26. Lawdhabmercy1

    Wow!!!! I remember when this album was released. That U and I joint was serious! I've loved watching her progression. She was beautiful then and she's beautiful now.

  27. YoungBlaze

    damn she changed up her look lol

  28. Naomi Ekpoudia

    This song helps me get threw a lot !!!!!! good words girl!!!!! <3

  29. malekia moffett

    very soulful and Jazzy#DOPE

  30. Krystal Hardwick

    She's so different now, wow. Cool to see her progression. This sounds good, but I'm really digging her new music.

  31. inhwa kim

    wow...her hair.. her style ..singing..just simply perfect!

  32. Curtis Woo

    I'm working backwards through her catalog and it's pretty obvious that this has Sony's A&R fingerprints all over it. Make no mistake, the track is a pretty slick Diana Ross homage, but compared to "Seven" and "The Switch" it's harder to hear and see this brilliant artist through all the gloss of Sony's production. It's not about the hair or the clothes, she's all about the soul and her voice is and should be the focus. Glad she's got her own label and wasn't lost forever among Sony's vast and still growing list of imprints.


    Exactly! I'm basically doing the same thing-- and I remember this song now that I'm hearing it again. I liked it at the time, but compared to the stuff I've heard from her more recent efforts it's not the best use of her talent(s). I'm not saying there couldn't be a little more balance between the two 'styles', but I like the unadulterated raw version of her sound more than the modern/urban one. Either way, it's still good music regardless.


    So true

    F E

    Perhaps I'm judging unfairly but that beat seems so stuck on and forced. Underneath it, you can hear something much more like her current sound.


    Curtis Woo 🙌🏾🙌🏽🙌🏿🙌🙌🏻🙌🏼

    Kathy Gaalaas

    Doing the same. So proud of her!

  33. jasmine watson

    This song will continue to speak to me

  34. Senetisiwe Ginindza

    Hahaha wow. Just wow.

  35. Luke Jackson

    she has matured SO MUCH from this stage. Her new album is very much more true feeling than this. This feels like someone was advising her badly.

  36. Federico S

    Love ya

  37. shalona powers

    Love this!❤️❤️❤️

  38. kprodigy11

    Cute song nice sample of Diana Ross "Love Hangover" nice and smooth..

    Jemal Rankin

    kprodigy11 Fuck ! Finally ! I went through all the comments and nobody gave a shout out for that ! Guess who did tho !? This guy !

  39. samurai392

    Love this song but it sounds too much like Bill Withers "Use Me"

  40. MooCowPoopPoop

    need to
    So don't be trying to steal my light because you don't know me, don't pretend to
    I've been busy on my grind, just like you, I've been trying
    I've even shed a tear or two, I swear to you, I aint lying

    Sometimes I feel the world is after me, trying to get to me, trying to stop what I do
    Because I'm the only one that looks out for me, can be me and walk in my shoes
    Everday there's something that's new to me, I just, gotta breathe, I don't, know about you
    But I'm the only one that looks out for me, can be me, and... walk in my shoes

    It ain't easy being Emily

    But I don't want to change my name, because I ain't got to, and I don't need to
    So I'm a do what I do, because I ain't gotta live for you
    But I'm a keep up with mine, keep on striving and surviving no

    [Repeat Chorus]

    See everybodys got their own problems that their going through
    I take it day by day, it's only thing that I can do
    So I live for me as you live for you
    But you can't be me unless you walk in my shoes

    [Chorus x2]

    Walk walk, walk walk, walk walk - walk in my shoes [

  41. Morpheus X

    Love her soooo much, but I can't lie, she looks so much prettier with longer hair..

  42. Kadi Princess

    Yeah, i just got to breath, i don't know about you?…..

    Rickys World

    You want to know about me?

    Kadi Princess


  43. Fallon Fontaine

    I used to be on this song hard!


    "NEWBE" ALERT!!!!!!

    Well worth a share.....google...

    BREATHE by JASMINE LAMPORT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Corvette Banks


  46. Affordable Taxes

    Love, love, love this song.

  47. Antonio Betancourt


  48. Mark K Edwards

    They have been playing on "Heart & Soul", XM radio lately.  This is a good record with a positive message.

  49. Della Talagi

    JekaJane ! Lol

  50. dhanushka gunawardana

    WOW !! you are true music artist

  51. chelby carpenter


  52. JCQsito

    I heard this playing over the speakers in a store called Ross and had to look up and see who sings this cause I loved it. It was that good.

  53. Kassie G

    She's good!

  54. Emily King

    My name is Emily King also.

  55. frankore1



    Funny story, I actually first heard this song in the radio in Marshall's! I didn't know who it was but loved the feel and the lyrics so I had to look them up on my phone and that's how I really got introduced to her music. I had heard of her but had not heard anything from her prior to last year.


    bi-racial. She has a white parent and a black parent.

  58. athenalong

    @Jazzmine - she -is- Black. google her parents.

  59. internetfan2005

    she also has a song called "Refill", and "Damn Good Friends" is also good!

  60. bloodrayvyn


  61. bloodrayvyn

    This song automatically reminded me of Dianna Ross- Love Hangover. Does anyone else hear it? It's not completely the same but similar in the beginning notes and the groove of it. I like both very much.

  62. Shua o

    I love her growth since this record.. Go Emily!

  63. Jazzmine Pertillar

    I heard this at work today for the first time and decided to youtube it... I expected to see a black woman! lol love her!!

  64. dstxb

    search Emily King - Seven EP and thoroughly enjoy genuine music.

  65. sean rickards

    She's got a very soulful voice for being so young!

  66. JamesMahonMusic

    Amazing voice but the way she moves make it seem awkward and almost hard to watch at times, for me!

  67. Sunyatta Amen

    2 jazz musician parents, one White & one African-American

  68. Jodie Levinson

    Great song and a great portrait of living life in a big hard city. Go emily king, I'm a fan;)

  69. Benjamin Baumgardner

    Also check out U and I, her voice is great in that one, too.

  70. Googie22

    awesome song

  71. jc4zero

    Chick goes hard with this song...love her lyrics...can't help but think of Tupac's "If There's a Cure" because of the beat :)

  72. AnubisPrime

    anyone else think she is dead sexy?

  73. merryhappy95

    I got her autograph on the Maroon 5 gig. Didn't know she was famous :)

  74. Amber D.

    Dang I'm slow...didn't know there was a video for this...LOVE THIS SONG!

  75. divad

    Have you guys heard of this new singer named Elle Varner? Definitely need to check out her first single “Only Wanna Give It To You” featuring J. Cole! ht tp://bit . ly/rh3giP

  76. HitdaBLOCK187

    @demelbee k u went to far

  77. jackieheartsjuicy

    this is her cousin, she has toured with alicia keyss and everything, infact i saw her perform thi song last night in NYC. i love you emily!
    sophie !!

  78. demelbee

    I like her. She's like a more awesome, more real version of Alicia Keys.

  79. Cole DeFord

    This is my cousin.

  80. mel sic

    @mjjcng8958 Its Fergie "Pedestal" Thanks anyways((:

  81. Fly1ofElohim247XD

    DUUUUUUUUUUUUDDDE! =O...I ain't know EMILY KING wuz on youtube!!! =O...I coulda swore I looked B4 and couldn't find nuthin! =O woop! WOOP! ^.^ XD XD XD

  82. mel sic

    @brea23246 lol no its not, still cant find it ahaa

  83. John Smith

    @mddarch2: there "is no God"? Can you prove this?

  84. brea23246

    @TrueBlood171 isnt it this?

  85. 1stblkbarbie

    This is the mother f------- shit.

  86. mel sic

    Im trying to find that god damn song thats played on the hills, goes something like who are you and what do you do to make you think your above it but have you walked in my shoes .... I NEED HELP? LOL. anyone know who sings it or what its called, I've like looked on google, yahoo and youtube lmao!!

  87. Arthur Jankins

    Yeah, it's a shame that she didn't get on, this song is so good!

  88. Sonia M

    this stuff is good....I really like it.

  89. omega Owens

    this song is the truth!

  90. CookyMonzta

    @Masmosaic1 I saw this video on VH1's SubSoul back in 2007, and at the time I thought she would give India.Arie some competition. With her brand of neo-soul, she would have been perfect as a feature artist on Teena's 'Congo Square' album, with Teena having done quite a bit of neo-soul from as far back as 1990. Damn, it hurts to think of the many opportunities that should have been.

  91. theammarali786

    guys this is my musics teacher daughter i swear to everything no lie

  92. Tahlia

    Dude, I liked Alicia Keys better when she called herself Angie Stone. ;) ;)

    Also, don't be an idiot.

  93. Ritsma

    omg!! this is amazing!!! great neo-soul for the soul!!!

  94. geech

    I liked her better when she called herself Alicia Keys. ;)

  95. Jahmod Cook

    She in fact was nominated for a grammy couple years back. Nice album. Yes, I bought it.

  96. ashline1974

    love this song

  97. Masmosaic1

    Is this the new Teena Marie? If so, WELCOME!!!!!!

  98. Jabbar Q Muhammad

    The fact that someone like Kesha can get radio play and sell over a million records, but Emily King cant even get her songs heard really shows how bad the state of music and our youth is.

    P.S. I'm 18, but i know good music and i appreciate it.