Emiliana Torrini - The Wolf Song Lyrics

Some say the wolves will change this time of year
Their skin shed on the snow but they're not there
Don't you fail
Down that endless dream when you lay

Fickle as it seems, the sun will rise tomorrow
Grains of sand keep carving out the rate
Sleep, the day will soon be ending
Sleep the day away

No, don't you waste your tears, someone's love will come to catch you
Save them, you and me, as many as you can
So you'd better hitch that ride, you better take it
'Cause if you don't the wolves make you mad

Sleep tonight, my tired love
Yes, I will keep your toys and keep them safely
Underneath the mattress of my bed
And if you ever come back, I'll be waiting

So don't you despair, no you can't, no you can't
No you can't, oh no you can't
No you can't, oh no you can't

Remember all you ever cared for
School would never end when we were here
Take it now, be happy as a flower
I'll see you there beyond the clouds
I'll see you there beyond the clouds

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Emiliana Torrini The Wolf Song Comments
  1. Prometheus1st

    Emily Torrini = Audrey Hepburn

    So classically beautiful....

  2. Dae' Tom

    Beautiful ♡

  3. NeverStoppedSinging

    a year ago I used to listen to this precious song over and over again..
    in some way, I think it saved me
    Emiliana, I love you!!

  4. LittleDreamer

    I love her voice!

  5. NeverStoppedSinging

    It's been almost a year since I heard it for the first time. Still having goose bumps while listening to it... moves me so much! This song is... magic... I cannot describe how much I love it... God.

  6. Gerardo Arriaga Cervantes

    Hermosa canción.

  7. NeverStoppedSinging

    I must have listened to this song a thousand times today! My heart just vibrates while listening to it..

  8. NeverStoppedSinging

    I love you, Emiliana!