Emigrate - Eat You Alive Lyrics

I've got a feeling got to
Take this damn world apart
Burn through every single night

God-speeding bullet got to
Become a brand new star
Head straight for the light

Eat you alive!
Ripped right from the hands of Heaven
Better keep on running
Eat you alive!
I'll eat you alive!

Go numb in dumb devotion
And though I always knew
Lonely girls they don't survive

I'll keep my head exploding
I'll keep on loving you
Feed me
I'm your Parasite!

Eat you alive!
Ripped right from the hands of Heaven
Better keep on running
I'll you alive!
Eat you alive!

Get ready…
There was a time
I was up in it and and I was all ready to go
Was feeling divine 'till I was bitten
Get on the ride for the new show
Was taking me high, taking me low
But I'll take it over
And so I'm digging a ditch
Where I can put it
Getting it deeper than hell in a hole

There was a time
I was all ready to go
It was divine
Gotta get on with the show
Don't ever say die
Get set ready go
Listen to what I bestow
There ain't a city
Standing me sitting
Getting me going
The stronger my hold

Eat you alive!
Ripped right from the hands of Heaven
Leaving goodbyes
To find their way, 'cause no one's standing
Always keep you're running
Eat you Alive !
I'll eat you alive!

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Emigrate Eat You Alive Comments
  1. Adam D Bowden

    Absolutely in love. How have I just discovered this band? Lol, to say I've been living under a rock would be an understatement.

  2. Alicia Holder

    OMG! Why have I only ever listened to this? I should have been watching the video, ugh. I have no idea what it is about Richard shirtless but it's too good for words. Also even though he's singing in English I can still hear a little of the German accent which is perfect.

  3. thetrial

    Omg I love it 😍 Didn't know he had another band.

  4. Claudia Schönegge

    Ich glaube weiter ganz fest daran,daß,alles,was u dir wünschst sich auch erfüllen kann&wird-solange du deine Zweifel begräbst&wir BEIDE der Liebe vertrauen&glauben&den Willen haben,sie zuzulassen&zu leben.

  5. Mr. Nugglas


  6. Little Miss Ginger Nugget

    Kind of reminds me of Death Stranding

  7. Becky Kühnel

    Einfach nur H a doppel-m e r

  8. DJ AMP3X

    Lost points for english, be true to your heritage

  9. Anony Mous


  10. HzEh

    love richards sound , you can tell where he infuences rammstien

  11. Anna Wisniowski

    When are you guys coming to Chicago Il? I want Till Lindemanns autograph. 🌹

  12. Anna Wisniowski

    He's so cute, Mr. Kruspe.

  13. GeorgeFoyet

    Putain ! à voir le corps de Richard tout mouillé avec ses vêtements, j'ai envie de le bouffer tout cru ♥

  14. Ihor Z


  15. CommandoPlayer

    That Bass Girl looks badass

  16. Susan Walter

    Richard 😍😍

  17. Jared White

    I had no idea Richard knew English

  18. Мэвис Клэрр

    Какой же у него голос 🔥✨

  19. Aya667

    OMG, I AM IN LOVE <3

  20. GrundGenug

    I only came for her.

  21. musicccc

    scheiss stimme..

  22. xblyn

    This song is better than most of the first album. Between the second and third, he's come a long way

  23. марат мамаев


  24. Edwin Almaraz


  25. Kay iSticki

    Mag ich. Grüsse aus Krebsförden

  26. Maria Demidova

    Omg, Richard has a great voice 👍

  27. Leon Bernhofer

    Rammstein x SEEED

  28. Kristina Bokova


  29. Till Lindemann

    Включите на Rammstein коменты пожалуйста


    ВОТ ИМЕННО !!!…

  30. Jo the crazy cat

    00:12 looks like Corey taylor haha

  31. Tolsto Koshka

    Richard, it's really great that you did a solo project. I've been a fan of yours for 20 years, and my dream came true. You sing fantastic  .

  32. Natalia Pribelova

    please, dont sing english........ :(

    Royal Elite

    @Natalia Pribelova why?

  33. ALEXPROFAVTO - Aleksandr

    почему я раньше это не слушал!!!!??????? это великолепно.

  34. kusiola13

    From a week , this song replaces my morning coffee to have energy for the whole day :)
    In job complementing this energy is a Rammstein , I love U Richard ! <3 ~~Your loyal Fan

  35. Elena Vazquez

    Hola, alguien me podría informar, si es solista, o fue un descanso de Rammstein?, Apenas descubrí éstos videos y me a encantado.... saludos cordiales desde México

  36. Anne Rodriguez

    Richard is such a snack 🤤🤤😍😍

  37. Canissa Green

    Geil <3

  38. Albert hans Tecay solis

    El toque femenino de tanta hombria genial

  39. Iga Pałka

    This song was published on the same day my dog was born. Is it destiny? :D

  40. вася пупкин

    у Рихарда реально просто охрененный голос!!!

  41. Tetra Sequence

    Великолепная песня!Столько драйва и мелодики,а особенно радует вокал Рихарда Круспе и дико прекрасная басистка-этакая холодная техничная госпожа!))

  42. Eddy Rod

    this songs recalls me of personal jesus

  43. Evg_Mih Kremlev

    Richard, you are a very talented person.
    But your image in Rammstein has always been an example for me, you were the first in my life who discovered heavy music for me, personifying freedom, confidence and perseverance.
    I wish you success and long life .. with deep respect!

    I apologize for my English, translation of Google.

  44. Sakura Tsukiyomi

    Oh Richard your voice is Wonderful

  45. Jeff Capell

    Emigrate ROCKS. Rammstein also ROCKS. Emigrate is not Rammstein. Rammstein is not Emigrate. Das ist Alles.

  46. Mary G

    *My brain:*
    Wow great song.
    Wow Richard is hot!
    Wow the bassist lady is REALLY hot! She looks like if Lara Croft was a rockstar.

  47. Tornike Dzirkvelishvili

    მაგარიხარ შეჩემისაააა❤️

  48. Sonya Zarova

    Amazing Richard..

  49. Bobby Hamilton

    Bad ass!


    3:14 = Al parecer, Thanos le copió a Frank Dellé xDDDDDD

  51. HG GM

    Great collaboration great production and song

  52. Настя Старостина

    Рихард поет просто отлично. Немного непривычно видеть его в таком амплуа

  53. Daniel Prince

    Nice appearance by the Spirit of Jazz.

  54. bojan pejic

    So Voodoo :) Me like it

  55. DJ KO

    bassist has a nice rack

  56. felix fortunato

    reichen die millionen nicht oder warum müsst ihr jetzt alle englisch singen?

  57. Ling Wan

    Spiteful '' Unhappy Deceitful Ulisses Santos tthe brasilian RJ is charalatan ' falsifier.

  58. Сергей Паньчишкин

    Круспе ты молоток! Кто знает что за девушка на гитаре?

  59. ЧП МУНЬ

    Очень зашло. Richard ❤️❤️❤️

  60. Andrej Hrušovský

    Fok me this is sick. Love the english style. I feel Rob Zombie slash Marlin Manson in this.

  61. Michael David Schmidt

    Today i`m in Berlin. Started a little experiment about NWO. Test about Apathie. I have enough supplies for myself. But test out if there are still enough empath people or not! I`m prepared. My bank acount is almost empty right now. Hihihi. Just to get 30-50€ to drive back home. Will be very funny.

  62. Polizei Frau

    Richard,warst du auf dem neuen wacken beim dreh, wo ist es,ich besuche dich und hol dich zurück!Spass,mach wat du willst aber komm wieder her bitte!!!

  63. Екатерина Н-ва

    Матерь божья, как же заколебали дебилы, пишущие, что Раммштайн лучше. Хули вы не поймёте, что это разные проекты и их нельзя сравнивать в принципе. Творчество Рихарда в раммах охуенно. Творчество Рихарда в собственном проекте не менее охуенно. Но это не Раммштайн, блт. Это Эмигрэйт

  64. Jim Sinister

    fucking great song.

  65. Timothy Mueller

    Ugh. So. Freaking good. And I had no idea Richard could sing this good. Especially in perfect English.

  66. Zyklon 1488

    Great stuff!

  67. Camera On Wings

    Love the look of the video

  68. FOX HILL

    A+hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh soooo end geiiiiillll

  69. Riley 56

    Кнопка повтора была изнасилована ))))

  70. Сергей Мигурин

    По моему женщина гитаристка стала выглядеть ещё прекраснее)

  71. Martin Emes

    Wait, how were the rest of the band able to play while they were still under the oil?

  72. Supernagato

    He is actually doing great as solo.

  73. cozywithsarkozy

    This shoulda been the way Rammstein had gone with the new song. Cause its still bangin

  74. Alina Polynzeva

    Сколько уже смотрю, а всё до сих пор мурашки по коже бегают!))) Я БЕСКОНЕЧНО ГОТОВА ПОВТОРЯТЬ, ЧТО ВЫ, РЕБЯТА, МОЛОДЦЫ!))))))

  75. Ede Jaime

    Clipe foderoso

  76. William Thomas

    This song sounds like heavy metal Duran Duran. I like it.

  77. deadpool

    best music !!! 2019

  78. Dmitry Landel


  79. GameZZZ revolution

    Ich fünde dich

    (Du rechts so gut)


    Ich finde dich - du riechst so gut

  80. ED Mac

    I like Emigrate so much. And this one is one of their best 5 songs.

  81. Romilda Green

    Michael anthony zven lachmayr kruspe wurde 1979 geboren . He is gothic

  82. Patrick Wenzel

    I'm Old Gregg. You ever drunk Bailey's from a shoe?

  83. Julija Zemaite

    круто супер спасибо

    kirill black

    Не зачто

  84. Mister Ed

    Seichtes Gedudel, Herr Kruspe Richard...

  85. учитель физики

    ну ка, есть ли здесь русскоговорящие ?

  86. Jorge Reyes

    At least we can comment here, not like in Rammstein Chanel.

  87. Диас Маслов

    2:19-2:48 на это можно смотреть вечно

  88. Диас Маслов

    Я извиняюсь,потому что я тупенький,но ... в чём смысл клипа и песни?

    kirill black

    Я тебя съем

  89. Babaziba

    Awesome stuff. The new album kicks too.

  90. Trey Stephens

    I finally got this CD a few month's ago. The delay was due to my dad's ban on Marilyn Manson...

  91. PirateAngelPL

    I'm girl, but I love your bass player! <3

  92. Sh4dow

    Richard hat einfach die besten Features!

  93. Илья Брусникин

    Рандомный коммент.

  94. Raymond Jamieson

    Johnathan Davis 2.20

  95. DucErzi796

    What bass guitar is Margaux playing in this video? Someone knows? Looks like the Heavy Bass Epiphone Thunderbird Vintage Pro Ebony or Thunderbird IV Gothic, but not 100%

  96. Thierry Cyr

    Fucking love the yin yang aspect of this video

  97. MiSta BlackJack

    What an unreal collaboration! And even more unreal how well it works!

  98. Rodrigo Rabelo

    Nostalgia Da Porra ❤️

  99. I7 ANIMAL

    2:49 !11111111!11!!!1!!!1!!!!1

    Everytime I cum ^^