Emery, Gareth - Into The Light Lyrics

Tonight, my eyes and my arms have been opened
You carry me into the light
And I know that without you I'm frozen
You're bringing me back to life. To life.
Back to life. To life.
You carry me into the light
(The light, me into the light...)

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Emery, Gareth Into The Light Comments
  1. сергей мерзавец

    Гид по переводу .жми

  2. Nicholas Hattaway

    Never gets old!

  3. Noctis lucis caelum

    uuuooouuu soy el único k habla español

  4. Joseph Knopp

    Not usually a fan of Alex's remixes, but this one is fucking epic

  5. Montse Cutillas Palancar

    Divina esta canción, creo que la primera que escuche tipo electrónica trance.

  6. 盧思侖

    OM BHARA BHARA SAMBHARA SAMBHARA INDRIYA VISODHANI HUM HUM RU RU CALE SVAHA {HEART OF MANTRAS } ❤ ❤ ❤ I really appreciate the generosity of the teacher, give us for free music and download I swear I will do my best I can to buy and share and support All Super Trance mesasuteless light EP. CD . DVD .Blu-ray discs in Concert and Album , I swear do my best and one day when I Die , I can give really respect All Dj and All Teacher , not for money and want to be famous ...it's truly love & care about All sentient beings and non-sentient ( want to save Earth and All Alma =Soul ) I will give them all I have Trance measureless light music Anthem and EP .CD .DVD .Blu-ray discs (All Trance 100% and Trance classic in concert ) Trance 100% Vegan Trance {ONE HUMANITY MANY FAITHS & Universal Religion} <3 <3 <3 Trance 100% (Y) (Y) (Y) Universal Religion O:) O:) O:) ^_^ Amitabha ~ Amen ~ Virgin Mary~ Allah ~ Aloha ~ Hawaii~ Hallelujah <3 WE CAN LEAN ON Trance measureless light & love & Namo Amitabha + God + All God + Allah + One True God + Aloha + Hallelujah = SUPER HERO ( All Universal Religion In Ten Universe ) <3 Namo Amitabha is meaning ( Namo ) measureless bright + Amitayus = 南無阿彌陀佛意思的是(南無)無量光明+無量壽命 :) O:) ;) (y) (y) (y) SORRY ^_^ PLEASE FORGIVE ME O:) THANK YOU <3 I LOVE YOU ^_^ Four sentences to help you recover pure heart <3 對不起 ,請原諒我 ,謝謝你,我愛你 《 四句話幫你恢復清淨心 》OM BHARA BHARA SAMBHARA SAMBHARA INDRIYA VISODHANI HUM HUM RU RU CALE SVAHA {HEART OF MANTRAS } (Y) Namo Amitabha 嗡嘛呢乏及里吽 (Y) <3 O:) protect yourself body soul mind heart ( All is one ) 大佛頂首楞嚴如來放光如來 O:)悉怛多鉢怛囉 <3 陀羅尼(南無阿彌陀佛) 世界宗教是一體是一家{ONE HUMANITY MANY FAITHS} Trance 100%

  7. AutoFluX NIshad

    who all are after listening it to animegraphy :D

  8. Susan Vuong

    Epic oldies 💕👍

  9. Geovanna Arana

    Est cancion te transmite energia de la buena!!!

  10. Nathan Fittler


  11. Amigo Amiga

    What happend to trance? bring back these days PLEASE.............


    somebody knows moré tracks like this song? please tell me


    JORGEMEX on a good day (daniel kandi remix) - above and beyond
    alone tonight (club mix) - above and beyond
    no inbetween - talla 2xlc (original mix)
    speak in sympathy (mike shiver remix) - solarstone
    black hole (jorn van deynhoven remix) - craig connelly
    calling your name (thrillseekers remix) - jan johnston
    remember love (original mix) - paul oakenfold & AvB


    EuphoricArts thanks man you are the best

  13. Tigerjuhhh

    This is art. I love it.

  14. kegza

    Zyzz army is here

  15. Tomasz Zalewski

    20 fuckin 15 about to be 2016 like this if you are listening!

  16. 盧思侖

    All sentient being & non ~sentient is Bodhisattva and Amitabha & God & Lord


    +盧思侖 (y)


    茅野眞 thank you so much , I love you , we are Trance family forever

  17. 盧思侖

    All Trance measureless light Dj & Singer & Musical are God & Buddha

  18. Júlio Brandão


  19. RkMrn101

    Alex M.O.R.P.H. = GOD OF REMIXES


    @RkMrn101 yes ~ we is Trance measureless light ~ forever

    Benjamin Fosse

    +RkMrn101 photographer are also pretty good


    @Benjamin Fosse I find photographer's remixes to be more similar to each other than alex morph's, but I don't mind photographer. remix of shelter was pretty sick

    Benjamin Fosse

    i love the remix of shelter...but you know, anyone likes what some dislikes. this why we can share our opinions or point of view together


    +Benjamin Fosse exactly :)

  20. Myron Gain




  21. MelvinMoviez


  22. omgitzmelisa

    Albanian eagle

  23. Brian Neves

    alto tracksito trancero jajajajajajajaa

  24. Miscin Brah


  25. Cris Xander

    2:40 Fuarkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  26. Cris Xander


  27. Aziz

    Zyzz Veni Vidi Vici Fuuuuuuuuuuark

  28. braveryedo


  29. candycanebaby81284


  30. Hexecutable

    That was gay.
    Youre gay.

  31. Duo Desing


  32. phil xavi

    its like 2000 again

  33. CésarIn Vann


  34. Luís Almeida

    when he was alive nobody gave a fuck about him and now these zyzz supporters are everywhere.

  35. Slim Hippo

    minted tune !

  36. Aly Fila Az,Fun

    (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)

  37. Ante Starčević

    Would sound better without the vocals in my opinion.


    Let the light show our soul and inner pure light

  38. 88thmi


  39. 88thmi

    Love the Buildup @ 1:00


    otro rollon

  41. GBL90

    I feel better then.

  42. Laszczka

    Dont worry, Zyzz is watching over you.

  43. Marc180sx


  44. GBL90

    Of course, how could have I forgotten about him!

  45. Laszczka

    The god

  46. GBL90

    Who is this "Zyzz"?


    Angel & Amitabha

  47. Alexis Salonikios

    beautiful song!!this is magic of trance music!!

  48. mothmaker

    Preach on brother.

  49. lAesthetic lChannel


  50. Melodic Meerkat

    I Hope my angry, oldman of a landlord likes this song:)

  51. azizsergeyevich

    Fuuaaaaark! is a exoression to say " fuck yeah" or "fuckin awesome" or "yeah" or whatever relationed with that. Zyzz (the Son of Zeus, Brother of Hercules and Father of Aesthetics) used to say FUAAAAARK!

  52. SixtyMAC11

    heard this same damn joke every time... i wonder who the original guy was who posted this...

  53. mario graowac

    brukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa "_

  54. Norbert H.

    extremely loud music *-*

  55. azizsergeyevich


  56. mourntheloss666

    now THIS is trance!!!!!!!!!

  57. green huntress


  58. Gengar


  59. PW GC

    How cool would it be hearing this live if at the 3.05 mark, the sound stop and the lights went out for a split second and then BOOM, flash of blinding light and the song continues. I think I would pass out.

  60. Ardian Marleku

    #respect from ALBANIA

  61. August Tabrizi

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have a jelly hater

  62. Daniel Passani

    fuck yeah!!!!

  63. Taylor LaForge

    I think its a 3 way tie between Gareth Emery, Alex Morph and Armin. Everyones entitled to their own opinion though man! Cheers from Canada

  64. Andre Soares

    It sure is !!!

  65. Martin DeVore

    I'm almost 40, and still find this genre of music to be the very best that music has to offer. It's a way of life, a religion.

  66. daniel allinson

    Lmao i was like lmao!

  67. onetreesaloon

    DAD turn down the music
    ME fuk off asshloe

  68. Ricardo Sousa

    Comeeeee at me brahhhh!!!!!

  69. Gautham A

    Guys tell me do you think this song's bass can match up to Ramsterdam?

  70. SUNisHI

    Just for the reference.... what system does your dad have?

  71. krystalwaters46

    i know right!

  72. jojoGjoy

    i've become addicted to this song !

  73. Caska4

    It's fuckin ZeeeeZ man! u mirin' brah?!

  74. michiel beeckman


  75. Anlaf Cununc

    YESSSSSS!!! Well played

  76. TmanTheLord

    those feelings we get, of love, loss, life, treachery, and others that we cannot really explain with words, are brought into this music. This is the sound of those feelings and more of these songs are out there! To me this is the way of electronic music.

  77. GeminiStrike

    Between 1:00 - 1:08 is truly genius!!

  78. BillyDaAsian

    pretty sure most gays dont condone rape, especially as a substitute for kissing...

  79. LeetDragoon


  80. cédric lefrançois

    95% of teens these days use this formulaic, crappy comment.

  81. zwarteklaas

    Ru retarded lmfao, 5%??


  82. EG Solo

    she was right about the part where stupid teens listen to shit music though and you still have spelling problems

  83. Franc Lipovnik

    lol she's not right AT ALL and the post is very stupid and unoriginal...

  84. LeetDragoon

    unaware, you mad?

  85. Franc Lipovnik

    and deadmau5

  86. Franc Lipovnik

    LOL you really believe that only 5% of the teens listen to EDM and 95% listen to pop and what? 0% listen to other genres? stupid post really...and also very very unoriginal

  87. Daniel Caplan

    deadmau5 isnt trance mate

  88. LeetDragoon

    shutup phaggot, you just sound like an idiot saying that.

  89. LeetDragoon


  90. LeetDragoon


  91. KingKujta

    Fuaaaaark!! <3

  92. g0dLike

    Yes, BUT Don't include Tiest and Van Buuren with the rest. PLEASE.

  93. Max Hood

    Hampton couldn't get his shit together...so we fuckn missed armada nite 2012....yea buddy

  94. Ahmed Tounsy

    Respect <3

  95. 激怒Black Salve - Sten

    Should've put Avicii in there :D

  96. ChickenBreast205

    never heard that one before, brah