Emerson Drive - Light Of Day Lyrics

I can't believe you're here with me
Inside this dream come true
I'm so gone, so far lost
In your arms, in you
Here we are again between the darkness and the light
Hopin' that this moment could be frozen in time

I don't want this night to slip away
I just wanna lie in your embrace
And never see the sun come up
Stay lost in your love
I wanna feel you brush against my skin
I don't want this feeling to end
I wanna see the moon dance on your face
I could lie here forever
And never see the light of day

Dawn is closing in, stars surrenderin'
And I'm still giving in to you
As the light arrives, peeking through the blinds
All that's on my mind is you
And I'll have to start the day like all my other days begin
Waiting on that moment when
I can say again

[Chorus x2]

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