Emerson Drive - I Should Be Sleeping Lyrics

I never knew there were such great movies
on TV at 3 AM
I'd never guessed that at midnight Tuesday
I could have pizza ordered in
I've never been a real night owl
But these days I'm all turned around
There's only one thing I'm sure of right now

I should be sleeping
'Stead of keeping
These late hours I've been keeping
I've been pacing and retracing
every step of every move
even though I'm feeling so right
I'm so happy still I know I
should be sleeping
instead of dreaming about you

I never knew that I was funny
'til I went and made you laugh
never liked a girl to call me honey
but you did and I liked that
I keep thinking about your smile
trying to read between the lines
looks like I'll be up for a while


After just three dates
and one great kiss
it's way too soon
to be obsessing like this


Dreaming about you
I should be sleeping
dreaming about you

Well, I'm dreaming about you

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Emerson Drive I Should Be Sleeping Comments
  1. Daniel Hulme

    Please tell me why this inst on spotify! love Emerson Drive but can't listen on the go!

  2. erikjp92

    Not bad for some Canadians

  3. Cory Nielsen

    When I first heard this song I thought the lead singer was suffering from insomnia.

  4. Michael Kaufman

    I love this song. I'm a country boy. Born n raised. Don't listen to any other music but country

  5. Alex Ludden

    Love this song. The lead singer looks like bill hader

  6. Brandie Kay

    Still great

  7. Collin Martin

    Underrated songggg

  8. J.R. Lobinsky

    Great song by a great band.

  9. Grace Hartman

    The keyboardist, Chris Hartman, is my dad lololol

    Adkins Clarissa

    Your dad is hot.

    Grace Hartman

    Adkins Clarissa he's 41 now but if you wanna hit on his 20-year-old self then be my guest 😂

    Grace Hartman

    Matthew Rinderle yup

  10. Sean Hazell

    My teacher is the keyboardist

    Cristine Pequeras

    Sean Hazell does he have the number of the lead lol. I had a huge crush on him

  11. baragermyrna579

    Great band!

  12. Ash allen

    I have been listening to this band seen high school

  13. Melle

    I kept hearing this at work but it took me forever to find out who sings it. Love this song!!

  14. Amanda Weaver

    2018 and still listening who else???? April 29 2018

    Kyle B

    Oct 12, 2018

    Nadine Colbath

    Dec 2018!!! I have always loved this song!!! So upbeat and true when you fall in love.

    Vandy Webb

    Amanda Weaver 2019 and still loving it.

    Jacob Rietveld

    Me, from Holland, of all places. Love the song

    Tyson Holt

    Amanda Weaver 2019

  15. JoDee


  16. JoDee


  17. Brandi Farleigh

    I love Emerson drive

  18. MistressNaw

    I should be sleeping and would if my daughter woulda let me

  19. zachary skabowski

    emerson drive come tour 2018 upstate,ny

  20. zachary skabowski

    i big you guys emerson drive

  21. Lance Thompson

    Great song

  22. Lance Thompson

    emerson drive is one of my favorite country band

  23. Lance Thompson

    emerson drive is one of my favorite country band

  24. Alan Niebergall

    I just found my song baby love my boys

  25. Janet Lambert

    An old boyfriend used to tell me that this song reminded him of me. Well, we split. He went to prison. Now, I have a wonderful husband. Really dodged a bullet.

  26. Vanillite YT

    I’m not a country fan. At all. But my autistic son LOVES this song! On his worst days, we play this (on repeat, sometimes) and his moods get happier! Thanks!

  27. max patterson

    *Watches at 1.30 am*

  28. derek west

    i would beat the breaks off that guy! total hottie!

  29. LeapOf Faith

    perfectly describes the situation right now

  30. zimbarujane

    still can't believe they come from my town in Alberta.

  31. Eliza

    Heh. It is currently midnight on a Tuesday. Unfortunately, I have no pizza.

  32. Knight1255

    Good song and band!!

  33. alisha kornegay

    i met these guy years ago two times a year and i know all theirs song by heart and i miss them so much wish they would come out with a new cd

  34. j d

    He has a great voice and the whole band is the BEST! Please come to Fargo, ND!! :-)

  35. That1Baguette

    Epic song and band

  36. Wesley Bass

    LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Sandra

    i love this song great band!

  38. dan b

    love love love

  39. Mickie Rp James

    I love Emerson Drive <3

    Eliza Purvis

    Is this Mickie James in this comment

  40. TheHuskymania

    Great Jam!!! How does this song not have a million views?


    +TheHuskymania Likely because it's garbage, right

    Sean Hazell

    +dauer50 HARSH DOOD

  41. Ren

    Oh, high school. lol

    Autumn Buckeridge

    hi c st Ihukjz x u us tdod bc sp NJ h
    idhjsjnss km ss bj s in ddlksid I ssosjhsjdusius no ssiisss oh s up s g iss j s hi shoudss hi dussobdidb0! £!&!&! ¥!*! ¥&**₩¥^:hlxl ga

    LeapOf Faith

    straight out of high school here

  42. austin duckworth

    Heard it on the way to fish

  43. bad74maverick1

    I know I should be sleeping, but I can't.  I can't get her off my mind.  :)

    Mj S


    Ryan Santkuyl

    I am the same cant keep stop thinking about an ex.

    Robyn Rhode Photography

    LOVE this statement!!! Lucky girl!! :D

  44. Alex Lawrence

    You shold

  45. Aly9315

    This song reminds me of my guy. He has my heart in his hand, and he doesn't know it. He doesn't know that I am falling for him so much the more and more that he talks to me. He winks at me and hugs me and says and does the sweetest things. I don't think he knows how awesome and amazing he is. I love how humble he is. When people tell him how nice and sweet he is, he says that he tries. He does more than just trying though; he succeeds and has me falling for him so much. He is the best and sweetest guy I met in my whole life. It is just not fair how much I am falling for him. He is seriously the best.


    What finally happened with you and this guy?

    Kayla Henneman

    Aly9315 yeah I am curious now too


    Kayla Henneman and Just1Bum, we ended up going out, and now we have been together for a little more than two years. ❤


    I hope you guys got married it sounds like the real deal ❤️

  46. TFrail

    I heard this on my way home from school yesterday and could not remember the name of it til this morning. I should be sleeping instead of trying to remember this song haha.

  47. Ashley Anderson

    total hottie good voice and great song

  48. tropo clark

    Good band thanks for comeing to maq

  49. OneFineStallion

    Kdpflanders1 that's a cute thought

  50. William Fonseca

    3:52 a.m, you know...



  52. Jill Stonesifer

    God I love this song!

  53. Kaela Shaw

    Love this song! I use to listen to it everyday on repeat when I was younger! 3

  54. Dylan Baker

    This is my favorite band besides rascal Flatt's

  55. sportsman908

    The song of my childhood :)

  56. Evvan Bodin

    He is!!

  57. Saberina Mayum

    chris hartman is our music teacher now!!!

    Sean Hazell

    Hello fellow Wildcat

  58. rampage335

    See like all this omg he's so hot comment really helps those guys that aren't supermodels this is why people think most women are shallow..

  59. Angie Joseph

    I saw them In concert at the Tulsa State Fair 3 Year ago and I loved them got front row seats and they are so awsome and the lead singer was so hot I got there cd and they all
    autographed it for me

  60. Maddie Fox

    This deserves so many more views, not just mine.

  61. Griffin Wacker

    love almost all of theyre stuff. especially she's my kind of crazy

  62. Emily Moore

    Brad's so hot! Like wooow

  63. Terra Maree Eden

    Reminds me of my Koa. He's currently stationed in Korea and I miss him A LOT but I know he'll be home around Thanksgiving time. I can't wait!! Best holiday surprise ever!

  64. thirdcoastchic

    The lead singer is ridiculously hot. More points because his voice is so good. Wow.

  65. ThePR3D4TORs

    i can't get her out of my mind

  66. Evie Medina

    I can't sleep can't get him out of my mind!! :-)

  67. kasey t

    they are so young lol. new song "shes mind of crazy" is great too

  68. Katsi'tsenhawi Diabo

    Thought Of This Song Because Of All The Dreams I've Been Having! Very Appropriate For My Situation!!

  69. Nicole Czarnecki

    I love the Christmasy Bells at the beginning (Sleigh ride, anyone?).

  70. terryann mapes

    Love,.Love this Song..and Video..Great Band..Such a Fan..:)

  71. Lijaskurzeme

    uber HOTTT :D!

  72. minimonkeyoo

    I have to get up in 5 hours. I should be sleeping, but instead, I'm dreaming about you <3

  73. Cadet Coale

    Dude this is me and my girls song

  74. xXlovelostXxHD

    I worried about that too. I found my love

  75. SouthSweetTea

    I've been awake 21 hours. I should be sleeping.

  76. brandonsg123

    Look gay but great songs....if they see this Wear some boots like a man. But continue with the music :)

  77. jane pusecker

    i wish these guys would come back they where a great band

  78. Cheyenne Montgomery

    love this song, i wonder if he thinks bout me like this

  79. hightimes1976

    heh i used too party with em

  80. Dave Wollenberg

    I don't know why, but they buried the fiddle in the mix. I can't hear it! Oh, well. ACC's #27 song of '02.

  81. Kristi E.

    Haha no...I actually think he looks a little creepy :/

  82. hayescraze721

    I love this song

  83. Laura Green

    This is soooo wet

  84. Víctor Botía

    mmm... seems a little bit of the other side

  85. Megan Callahan

    because it's awesome!

  86. kev38115

    funny how his voice changes lol

  87. Christopher Johnson

    I love to listen to this when I can't sleep!

  88. yourgirlJT

    i'm so thankful frosted tips are no longer acceptable on guys!

  89. lyndyb88

    @WarrantGirl27 he's gorgeous here :D but i especially love him with short hair :D like in the moments video!! :D

  90. Erin Thomas

    @BarebackRider01 Yep it definitely is. I'm working on fixing things.

  91. Spencer Kellogg

    @CollegeBoy1990 Hm sounds like a you problem

  92. Erin Thomas

    @BarebackRider01 well i'm here a week later than you and 10 minutes later and I'm not wondering if she likes me. I'm wondering how to get her back, i thought karma was a bitch but love sucks when it doesn't turn out right.

  93. Adam Derkum

    @00TMonkey same here man :)

  94. Spencer Kellogg

    2;30 a.m I'm thinking about her and hoping she likes me as much as I do.

  95. animallover5326

    im listing to this when i should be sleeping!!!