Emerald, Caro - I Know That He's Mine Lyrics

Three o'clock on a late Sunday morning
The candles have burned to their end
Found the pictures we've taken
And now I'm awaken and
Sleep's my invisible friend

So I'm staring the hands off my wall clock
Seems both of us just hang around
Got no one to warm me
And nothing to hold
My body needs what it don't have

Without him
I really don't mind
A little bit lonely
He'll make up in time
As long as he loves me
He'll answer his crime
The door stays wide open
I know that he's mine

The tracks of my tears keep on freezin'
I'm melting the cold in the halls
I feel like I'm drownin'
There's no one around
And now I'm just climbing the walls

Perhaps if I played the seductress
A passionate woman of guile
He'd be there in a minute
The heat won't diminish
He'd wear nothing more than a smile

Without him
I really don't mind
A little bit lonely
He'll make up in time
As long as he loves me
He'll answer his crime
The door stays wide open
I know that he's mine

Charlie keep singin' that chanson
Your words always make so much sense
And though they're in French
I've got no defense
I know that I'm reaching the end

So, rumors, keep flying around me
It's you I refuse to believe
He's right 'round the corner
He knows that I'm home now
And nobody calls me naive

Without him
I really don't mind
A little bit lonely
He'll make up in time
As long as he loves me
He'll answer his crime
The door stays wide open
I know that he's mine

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Emerald, Caro I Know That He's Mine Comments
  1. Dan wimberly

    Goosebumps every time☺

  2. ishmael nettles


  3. Dan wimberly

    Hard not 2 absolutely LOVE this song & pretty much all her stuff;)

  4. Blie Berriez

    Love your voice, Caro

  5. Second Path

    Such a sad, beautiful song.

  6. A Mimms

    Yes, sing that song! He’s mine! ❤️

  7. Владимир Ф

    Приятная ламповая стилизация!!!

  8. PuffySheepLexi M

    One of the people I adore singing along with. ❤ Of course not in real life. Just along with her songs. ❤ I think I'd die if I met any of my favorite singers at all.

  9. Issaa

    bY dA wAy, sHE'S dUtcH (;

  10. Iraj zuhrevand

    Miss Caro Emerald
    برای چه من صدایت وآوازت رادوست دارم!؟؟؟
    واضح‌ است چون دوست داشتنی ایست .من نمیگم؛صدات میگه‌با همه وجود..متشکرم

  11. Amanda Parnell

    Gets me every time.... luv luv luv

  12. Angel Victris

    this makes me cry every time I listen to it..

  13. Kpop World

    estoy aquí por Primary y Happen Ending

    Alan Ratz

    Kpop World qué es eso? Ahí salió esta canción de Caro?

  14. WWlad на трубе

    просто восторг!
    the best!

  15. Joyce Tan

    Such a sexy song

    Sebastián Hidalgo.

    you seem sexy


    +Sebastián Hidalgo. lol

    Sebastián Hidalgo.

    ignored by Joyce Tan

    Joyce Tan

    +Sebastián Hidalgo. I didn't know what to say hahaha

  16. Antonio López

    COOL !!!

  17. Malle Rups

    Wow... Care to tango?

  18. jc alvarez

    What can I say,I love her voice and her song's,you're unique Caro!

  19. bach3lor3tt313

    what I like about caro is her luvvly clear voice, you can hear every word....she sings like a bird! the only other person I can (scuse the pun) pigeonhole her with voicy-birdie-wise....ella fitzgerald :)

    Egg Salad The Great

    bach3lor3tt313 bratwurst? (Issa joke don't kill me)

  20. Rubén Modesto Ayala Ruth

    Which Charlie is she talking about?

    Static Misery

    Charlie Charlie is she talking about you?



  21. Anna Dąbrowska

    Moja ukochana piosenka,tak pięknie zaspiewana przez Ciebie  ))))))))))))))

  22. vlamir duarte

    Greets from Brazil ! Honey, this girl is pure explosion !!!!!
    Her voice is simply unforgetable !

  23. Yair Koren Koniecpolski

    Love this gal.

  24. Александр Дронов

    Моя  любимая. Я живу с ней каждый день. Как воздух нужна.

  25. Ruben Hulsewe

    We zouden EU Songfestivals in een oogwenk winnen met zangers/zangeressen als haar. Eens?

  26. mmmaumusic

    It's what I said. Hey, you started this discussion with your reply, I never asked for it. Why care about lame "sort of statements" about lyrics in the first place, if it's late. Hope you had a good night's sleep.

  27. yurislapabitch

    3 P.M is the afternoon, 3 A.M may be argued over if it is late night or early morning.

    Either this or either that normally indicate that you are making a sort of statement, but it it late and I really don't want to argue over a dumb lyric that I found amusing.

    Olga Lucido

    She is perfect

  28. mmmaumusic

    What is it then, according to you? Why so defensive. I didn't say I was right. Hence the question marks.

  29. mmmaumusic

    Why is everyone getting all worked up over my comment? I just noticed it. Still like the song, but that doesn't mean no criticism is allowed. And I wasn't even sure if it was incorrect, hence the question marks at the end of my comment. I was just wondering that if it is wrong, how come nobody noticed. It is so easy to check these kind of silly mistakes.

  30. Oi Missus

    Oh, and I suppose you're going to tell Panic! at the Disco that it can't be Nine in the afternoon, now?

    Janneke Van Elst

    Omg you like panic!?

  31. Hani

    Can't believe you are bothered by that. Can't you just enjoy the song ..?

  32. Femelissimo

    Honey it's not a mistake Its just a song

  33. President Aladeen

    In sfarsit un alt roman care nu freaca manele.Respect!

  34. chelle4641

    Went to her gig on Sunday. Brilliant. Beautiful and very talented.

  35. guitarreman

    close your eyes and imagine there's a comma between "late" and "sunday morning". you'll hear a slight rest,(pause). Makes sense now doesn't it? heehe

  36. BelladonnaAutumn

    I've been wondering that as well, I don't know if you had any luck finding out.

  37. mmmaumusic

    I really like this song but the language mistake in it really bugs me... "Three o'clock on a late Sunday morning"? How is that possible? It is either "Three o'clock on a late Sunday NIGHT" or "on an EARLY Sunday morning" .... not on a late Sunday morning... ??

    Jackie Ribs

    I think it means 3 in the afternoon being a REALLY late morning and YES I KNOW ITS AN OLD COMMENT

    Nate B

    // , Ever hear that song "Nine in the Afternoon" by Panic at the Disco? Same sense

    Razvan-Dan Urda

    You don't take "morning" literally and then it's possible.

    Paige Pitcher

    It depends on when you wake up on Sunday...

  38. Joanne K.

    pssss!! lalalala

  39. Ashlee Brown


  40. Ashlee Brown

    it's like 30's reggae.

  41. Dusan Bajic


  42. jorge jauregui

    tsss....Buena rolaa!

  43. zafer çelik


  44. Anandi Houben

    Wow! Awesome!

  45. Monica Soare

    this song it's perfect. :X

  46. Tony Moore

    I love her music It makes my soul smile. Its like 30's reggae if that was possible to mix Jazz and reggae with horns filling in over a rock steady beat....very cool Caro!
    I will get this music played around London on the internet stations!

  47. Rman dG

    Another great (old)dutch music: Supersister

  48. VaporizerBrothers

    it never left though

  49. John LaStrada

    Despite the great Caro Emerald vocals, with its retro-sounding music, excellent musicianship, the recording sound itself is well produced. All made more interesting that it's not American, or English but Dutch. The last time we had something this exciting it was the Dutch rock band Focus -- with flutist Thijs Van Leer & the genius guitarist Jan Akkerman back in 1969. Hope Caro penetrates the hard American wall of today's music scene here & shower them with her excellent album.

  50. rockkelle

    i know seriously

  51. QreaTz61

    Harika Lan. !!

  52. Abdullah S

    This needs to get put on spotify

  53. teasnax

    Ms. Caro, you are amazing.... i don't know how "hip" North America is to you, but before much longer you will have legions of fans [aside from me;^)] there, especially if you go all the way through with the Universal deal ~ best of luck with that and the rest of your career...! i never knew that hearing Absolutely Me on a store p.a. system would equal a new enchantment and adoration [thanks "Shazam"];^) i hope to own Deleted Scenes.... before too long and look forward to what you do next!^_^

  54. TomUK7

    what stopped you?!

  55. OrigamiPaperAngel

    Haha, me too!

  56. William Marler

    This would seem perfect in a Sherlock Holmes movie, just the accordion gives it a feel for that era.

  57. Liu Mingwei

    I almost cried when I heard this song.

  58. nongdongfongdong

    I don't know if I'm the only one reading the video description for all of the cutting room tracks, but god *damn* they're so legit.

  59. Emma

    Dangerous tango music.

  60. chucku00

    Le froid qui enserre le coeur d'une femmene devrait jamais avoir pour origine la disparition de l'être aimé... merci Caro.

  61. João Martino

    graças a DEUS, uma novidade de primeira qualidade......é só curtir....

  62. LemonAfterglow46

    I wish i could ballroom dance, Cause what a tango this would make !!!!!!!!

  63. netto meira

    the best singer, so far!!!

  64. netto meira

    @Napoleon1701 Ela é D+!!!!

  65. chucku00

    @aaadimas Stakka Bo - Softroom... not the same feeling but the mood is close.

  66. Adimas Surya

    2 people are deaf.

    does anyone know a song that have a same mood like this?

  67. Jane S

    Not many songs suck me in on the first chord, but this one just struck me from beginning to end. It's amazing!

  68. Michael Anderson

    as with all of her tracks supurb where has she been hiding that wonderfull voice

  69. 12nunchaku

    Zie die Caro eens gaan =D

  70. POP Dneewah

    Nice Song. <3