Emeli Sandé - Pluto Lyrics

Baby, you've been patient, try to explain this:
My heart's been trapped too many times by Venus.
Neptune, hurt me bad but no where bad as Jupiter, go figure.
Baby please don't wait for me to fall

But babe you keep on asking, "What happened?"
I gave too many of my tears to Saturn, it's tragic.
The final blow, it had to come from Mercury, end of me
Baby there's no way I'm gonna fall,
Cause I left my heart on Pluto, Pluto, Pluto

I left my heart on Pluto, Pluto, Pluto
I left my heart on Pluto, Pluto, Pluto
I left my heart on Pluto, Pluto, Pluto
I left my heart on Pluto...

You keep on insisting, you're different.
You say you're from another solar system.
Listen, before you buy your house and sell your spaceship, yeah
There's something you should know

I traveled in a rocket, I dropped it,
Saved you from some other form of damage, abandoned.
I see you're a hopeful kind of planet,
But baby, I just think there's something you should know


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Emeli Sandé Pluto Comments
  1. crayton2004

    This was one of the best performances I have ever seen.

  2. Marte Polak

    Przebijam 69 komentarzy 😉

  3. Christopher Moore

    that dude got great pipes. love it all

  4. Сархан Исаев

    бля почему она целиком не спела(

  5. Kita Kouture

    This song is so gorgeous.

  6. Sheila Pritchett

    Emeli come to USA on tour.... I’ll have front tow seats!!! Love you and your music!

  7. Sheila Pritchett

    My favorite of all time.... The badest Sista ever! Gotta see her in concert, my dream!

    moi aussi

    She rocked the 3 in dublin, despite sound engineers best efforts to ruin it lol


    10 million views in my opinion.

  9. NetRolller3D

    BREAKING NEWS: New Horizons discovered a heart-shaped formation on Pluto's surface! What a coincidence! :)

  10. Nikos City

    Emeli Sande Voice AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. David Duban

    Super voix Bravo les choristes! !

  12. Jolanda Resoort

    very good song

  13. Tels Kelly

    Love ES. Great metaphoric love song

  14. Sewuyew X

    Beautiful Adaptation

  15. pivotdx11

    Why the fuck has naughty boy not released this as a single yet?

  16. pacia48924

    genialne  :D

  17. Francis Powell

    Amazing and uncommon lack of ego. Allows each of her backing vocalists the chance to shine. Beautiful woman!!!

  18. Leah Revis

    Great voices! I like the alto and the spranos! 

  19. BuddyAckerman1

    I wish she'd left her F**ing voice on Pluto !    How many times can you repeat the same word??


    I wish you'd left your comment on Pluto.....actually no cause that would've polluted Pluto way too much.....maybe you never should have commented.....


    Now you didn't really think about my name did you?!

  20. Tatyana D

    Great song, love it, Emeli Sande's voice is perfect for it! but backup vocalists are disappointing, they are ruining the song for me: screaming, not following the emotion, also missing the notes/tune quite often... hope album version will be better.

    Mrs. C

    I agree somewhat... I think the background singers, especially the guy and the lady next to him, have lovely voices, I just didn't like them at the start of the performance.

  21. Angela Asante

    Amazing instrumentals. Great combination with the voices. 

  22. Kiva Karmen

    THIS LADY RIGHT HERE...is the TRUTH.  Yes Indeed!  Can't wait to get the new album and I will be ready for her American tour.

  23. jasonfouru

    1:21 Aaron Sokell AMAZING!!!

    Francis Powell

    Ooops, just noticed that you discovered it earlier.  He IS amazing!!!


    LOL Thanks anyway mate ;) 

  24. jasonfouru

    Does anyone know the backing singers names? Particularly the guy, he has a great tone to his voice. 

    Francis Powell

    They are all brilliant.  His name is Aaron Sokell.  Pure voice, reminds me of Donny Hathaway.

  25. Olga Siczek

    Who knows the names of the backup singers?!

  26. Richie

    Naughety boy album hotel cabana include this song

  27. MrGlobularity

    I know, but there wasn't when i wrote the comment 4 months ago haha

  28. whenyougo1

    there is studio recording of this song

  29. Katie Robinson


  30. Jill Hayling

    Just stunningly beautiful x

  31. Nyric Rec

    Come to germany bavaria bro ;)

  32. MrGlobularity

    Yeah i've heard it, i was a little disappointed, i much prefer the live performance versions

  33. Lentsoe Mashike

    Her music so clever.

  34. Alice G

    It's a song of Naughty Boy featuring her and Wretch 32.

  35. cat baby


  36. Jarrod Durbridge

    COME TO AUSTRALIA ADELE!!! I need to see you! (her real name is Adele, google it)

  37. Brandon C.

    I just found the songs online. She didn't do More Than Anything, she did Lifted (:
    Thanks for letting me know about Naughty Boy!

  38. SmackDownBrown49

    <--Envy right there. Glad it was as good as you hoped. She's my girl.


  39. Brandon C.

    I didn't know that! Thank you(:
    I can't find the songs on youtube.

  40. itskylestyle

    Just as a hears up about the song Free

    It is on the Rudimental album (so a studio version will likely be available to stream on youtube now). I'm guessing the other song was More Than Anything, which was also on the Rudimental album. This song will be a feature on Naughty Boy's new album, alongside five other songs she's a part of on that album.

  41. Brandon C.

    You don't know how AMAZING it was. If you ever have the chance, TAKE IT. She was flawless. And she did new songs....I know one was called Free... I dont remember the name of the other. We waited outside for an hour after the show and she came out and I was inches away from her and got a quick autograph! Please, if you ever have the chance, go. She put in SO much work, even for that small show!

  42. SmackDownBrown49

    Dude! I am SO jealous! Let me know how it was please. Enjoy and have a great time!

  43. Brandon C.

    She is in America!
    I'm going to her show in Orlando tonight! :D

  44. Ervin Page

    I need this song so i 3 song...

  45. Tino

    Thge Aaron guy has stollen my heart with his voice! amazing

  46. yamatso1

    I really love this song!

  47. SmackDownBrown49

    I NEED NEED NEED to see her in concert. Come to the USA PLEASE!!!

  48. mercy david

    I hope she doesn't give this song away like Half of me

  49. Maxietime

    a true artist!
    I love all of her new songs: This much is true, Pluto, Enough, ...
    An amazing woman!

  50. Imane Bee

    love it <3

  51. Valéria H

    I love the way she starts talking and suddenly sings.

  52. Rachelle Feliciano

    AMAZING!!!!!!!! She is so AMAZING!! Leaving my heart on Pluto from here on in!!!! APPLAUSE EMILE!!!

  53. MrGlobularity

    Love the synth backing, hope she releases a studio recording of this

  54. Megastan98

    Ow, I already know! Ladonna Harley-Peters :) She is f*cking GREAT!!!

  55. natlowlan

    O_o Why does the chorus singers sounds like melodyne'd or auto tune'd when they go solo ??? Aren't they supposed to be... good singers ? Maybe I'm wrong but there is a strange thing (like clicks or stages on their voices) very disturbing because the rest of the band seems really well recorded. The drum sounds very nice.

  56. Megastan98

    What's the name of the background vocalist on the most right side??

  57. membrana92


  58. NYCLiveConcerts

    The lyrics are posted in the video description

  59. Clara Hap

    Emeli is the best !! I Left my heart on Pluto!! :))

  60. M. Boz

    No one is better singin as emeli. She is the best ever!!!!

  61. mtycritt

    LOVE HER !!!!

  62. Krieger Fever

    I'm in love with this song ♥