Embrace - The Finish Line Lyrics

I've got a twist for our life story
End it with a high speed chase
As the buildings crash before me
Battered by your tidal waves

And all along our luck was frozen
Secrets stole, the chance we had
All our lies are interwoven
Keep them whole or watch your back

For the finish line
Is out there waiting on the other side
Is this the finish line
That I've been waiting for all my life

As you run and duck for cover
I'm just gonna raise the stakes
You look like the last of summer
I know winter's on its way

And all along our luck was frozen
Secrets stole, the chance we had
All our lies are interwoven
Keep them whole or watch your back

For the finish line
Is out there waiting on the other side
Is this the finish line
That I've been waiting for all my life

Is this the finish line
That I've got waiting on the other side
Is this the finish line
That I've been waiting for all this time

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Embrace The Finish Line Comments
  1. ShinjiIkariFTW

    Put this shit on radio 1, let’s celebrate embrace

  2. Anna Timmins

    What a song sure there’s plenty more before the finish line

  3. jojo

    Glasgow march 2020 cant wait

  4. James Timmins

    It’s only getting better

  5. 1giffer

    To think Coldplay used to support this band before they made it to the big time. What an amazing album, keep it going.

  6. poocer cooper

    I am so happy to know that they are still making a great song.

  7. Dáithí Ó Pléimeann

    Brilliant song and only 47 thousand plus likes? Peoples ears are out of tune today because the crap that one hears on the radio is so bad that it beggars belief how anyone could listen to it.

  8. Akira Tetsuo

    I have loved these guys since 'come back to what you know' 1998 I know so long ago and you know what I really like this song, echoes of old embrace mixed with new beginnings, class

  9. Paul Grosser

    Reminds me of Keane (can just see Tom singing it) who are also awesome!

  10. Jason Gabb

    Rock City tomorrow night and i can't wait! Sanke Oil blows me away, needs to be the next sinle. Hope they play 'Keeping' and 'Spell it Out'

  11. marty gibbo

    best music since the good will out album..every song on new album are epic.....

  12. Travis Rabble

    Here are the lyrics: ohhhhhhhh hooooo ohhhhhhh hooooooo ohhhhhhhh hooooo ohhhhhhh hooooooo ohhhhhhhh hooooo ohhhhhhh hooooooo ohhhhhhhh hooooo ohhhhhhh hooooooo

    lmao what a shitshow

  13. XBOX 1 James

    Oifgggghnl JH oklpoooopolol

  14. Den Morales

    Amazing band and music. Feel as though they're underrated. Carry on and keep it up guys! Fan from Manila, Philippines.

  15. Øu†is [NEMO][Nadie][Hallie]

    No sé que pasa con la vida, en serio, no sé si es la vida o la forma de vida que se lleva o que se tiene que vivir. Es demasiado tonto caer en lo mismo todo el tiempo. A veces, sólo a veces, desearía tomar una mochila e irme a un lugar donde pueda perderme un momento. Tal vez en busca de la vida, tal vez, tal vez, tal vez,....tal vez se busca iniciar o terminar una etapa...
    Hay canciones que no necesitan presentación, solas se bastan.

  16. Øu†is [NEMO][Nadie][Hallie]

    Me volveré si puedo...

  17. Robert Darby

    This song is growing on me, can't wait to see them live again.

  18. Anders Herrmann

    cant wait for the release! Embrace saves my Life every now and then

  19. Gustavo Galindo

    I did not like to much the other single, but this is beautiful. Congrats guys!

  20. andrea Casu

    Just what i'd like to hear running to the top of an english shire's hill....absolutely british!!!!!Embrace at their best!!!

  21. Malcolm Corrigan

    This is Embrace, at their very very best! Congrats guys!

  22. Tamryn Swart

    obsessed with this.

  23. Jaimito Jamaica

    Embrace, será extraño ver un comentario en español, pero tengo que agradecerles, por todo, me han hecho tanto bien con su musica, y estoy tan orgulloso de escuchar una nueva canción, tan feliz, gracias por todo, me han sacado de momentos muy dificiles, son sencillamente una gran parte de mi. Gracias

  24. skidco1

    It's nice to see you back - the kings of melody!!

  25. DJ Grim

    Youtube. When I type into the search "Embrace" "The Finish Line", the video that should come up top of hte search is this one. Not any other Embrace videos. If I just wanted to see whatever Embrace video you choose I would simply type "Embrace" in the search and not bother to enter the title of the song.

  26. Peket10

    Another beautiful song from one of my favorite bands. This is the way guys.

  27. Morten Jensen

    Great song as always. I look forward to the new album!

  28. 22ivj04

    Simply beautiful! x

  29. Chris d

    Amazing as always .....see you at keele

  30. Christopher sykes

    Good job. Well done. Another beautiful tune. Actually it is awesome.

  31. Manzar Ditta

    Love it

  32. CaptainOatwright

    Marvelous. The verses and bridge are beautifully melodic in particular.

  33. chippyjo123

    Much awaited album. I look forward to hearing more from you guys XXXX Its been too long!

  34. Souper Human

    Love it lads! Well done!

  35. 128-192

    i got bored after 2 minutes and stopped it. Embrace are a band, in my opinion, that should have just broken up after "Good Will Out". I want to like this but it just doesn't have any flow, sounds forced, contrived, and just doesn't have any gut feeling in it. Danny seems like a good fella but it doesn't sound like he is even into what he's singing.

    Dylan Withnell

    Jeff McNamara I thought i heard the name Eve? Not 100% though


    Yeah but look at that magnificent hair...

    George McKenna

    I disagree that they should've broken up after TGWO, as This New Day and s/t are both excellent records, plus the Refugees EP. But this new material is lacklustre, and that's being generous. I happen to think this is the least bad of the three opening tracks, but my word is "Never" appalling

    Hugh Letford

    128-192 Jeff if Im not misraken were you not one of Embrace’s best contibuters to their forum many years ago and sung their praises at every oppurtunity?
    What’s happened? Has Danny pished in your Cornflakes or something??
    Very bitter

    Akira Tetsuo

    Like you, an avid fan from the.Good will out, and in all honestly I love their songs, when you have to listen to a new song a few.times it can make.sense. epic album

  36. James O'Mullan

    Headlining Shiiine On Weekender in November (www.shiiineon.com)

  37. PuckaMucka

    A great return to form, I'm eagerly anticipating the new album! ❤️

  38. Ian Naylor

    fantastic as always

  39. Gonzalo Diaz Nieto

    Nice new tune!

  40. Viviana Noce

    Fabolous coming back for the guys. Great anthem and great video. Can't wait to see them live and for the new album.

  41. Carl Schönbeck

    Best band in the world!


    Carl Schönbeck No, Oasis

    Timothy Dannenhoffer

    Carl Schönbeck No, Elbow / U2 / Radiohead

    Carl Schönbeck

    No Embrace, Feeder, Keane, Kent, Prodigy, Cure, Depeche Mode, Suede, Strip Music

  42. Simon Gray

    Love it!

  43. LoveSwag Brand

    Facebook is a Love Vacuum Machine

    Grant Cameron

    Definitely. Too many elitists on there. Thinking they're better than everyone and if anyone says anything they don't agree with they get a baby army sagging them off. It's pathetic. Just have to remember to block every nasty you come across eventually it gets to be sensible! ;)

  44. Jaja serimas

    Thank you

  45. Big Al

    Danny arms!!

  46. James Fisher

    I love Danny so much, he looks good, and has an amazing voice

  47. James Fisher

    I've ordered my signed copy of the new album

  48. Pablo Alexander Saravia

    I swear I'm buying this album when it comes out. This song definitely grew on me and I just love it now. The hype is very real now and I can't wait to hear the rest of the album

  49. Grant Cameron

    Really beautiful. 🙂

  50. WestcountryJess

    Love it x

  51. Tish Stevenson

    its growing on me

  52. Yvonne Brown

    Amazing guys!!... Just luv it!!... Can't wait 4 the new album n the gig n Preston sn!!... Bring on the OBF Party!!... Yeah!!... Y x :)

    Jackie Firth

    Yvonne Brown hi

  53. Ashish Chauhan

    Awesome..It is amazing track and video kind of remind of video from "Gravity"..Keep working and hooked up for future songs and the new album.A fan from India

  54. Zake and Zach

    I am so honored to be the first to comment on this masterpiece. You guys are amazing! Thank you for making awesome music!

    Sarah Ledbury

    I saw them in Bristol amazing group glad there back with great music