Emanny - I Messed Up Lyrics

This wasn't what it's supposed to be
I went from having fun to having fantasies
And I had every chance to get you away from me
But now I am just coming back like a feen
You went from a slide to a friend
Then a lover now you're everything
Tryna lie and tell myself that you ain't anything
But I'm in your bed with my phone off
Should be out the door but I doze off
When I know I should be leaving
But I can't control how I am feeling

I messed up I started to care
Wish I could leave her right after we finished
But I stay in it
I messed up I feel in love with her
Not what I wanted or needed
But found it now tryna lose it
I messed up I messed up I messed up yeah

Never did it occur to me
That one night of passion could ever
Lead to you being the one for me
Can't believe I let you get close to me
I am out of my mind to ever think that I could
Keep this up without getting caught up with the reality
Try and lie and tell myself you don't mean anything
But I'm in your bed with my clothes off
Should put a condom on but we go raw
And I know I might be tripping
But I can't ignore how you're feeling

I messed up I started to care
Wish I could leave her right after we finished
But I stay in it
I messed up I fell in love with her
Not what I wanted or needed
But found it now tryna lose it
I messed up I messed up I messed up yeah

[Joe Budden:]
I mean... we all do. Check this...
I mean we started out respectable
Was just a good time but it opened mind when she was bisexual
And now I am confused as I stare at the ceiling
While laying in bed with you no senses like a vegetable
You the type of chick that I tell my niggas I'd never do
Was supposed to be the pop off
Top me off every time she got dropped off
Somewhere in there all morals got lost
Looking like assault without a weapon
Shorty with her guard down and me without protection
Was thought that you can't tame a ho
But if you should try and get denied you shouldn't blame a ho
That's the only game she know but I keep a poker face
Cause With all the shit that I hear about her
It be ashamed if niggas knew that really I cared about her
Started out respectable
Was just a good time but opened my mind
When she was that flexible
And changed the whole set of rules
Now instead of calling shorty a cab I let her stay
And honestly she might be the best mistake I've ever make

I messed up I started to care
Wish I could leave her right after we finished
But I stay in it
I messed up I feel in love with her
Not what I wanted or needed
But found it now tryna lose it
I messed up I messed up baby
I messed up

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Emanny I Messed Up Comments
  1. Amirah’ Beautiful Creation S

    2020-I literally listen to this song at least 10 times a day. 😍 Love Emanny’s voice and the message is sooooooo real!

  2. Wealthiest Success Successful

    She pull the Condom off and we go raw. Still blazing 2020

  3. BadMan Mo

    2020 let’s go 🔥

  4. 165 165


  5. Tosin Lufadeju

    This was and is still a jam! Joe was slept on!

  6. Jeff T

    Big glasses Joe was a sick era

  7. N. B.

    This was my shit, came back to end 2019 *12.8.19*

  8. dayle. Johnson

    11/28/19 still listening to this now 💯💯💯

  9. Marxman 001

    Big tune! Wtf

  10. Sonia Sanchez

    Patricia vinces ?

  11. Tony Rich

    Ayisha 😍

  12. Shawn Collar

    2019 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. Ras Shanbo


  14. Samantha Rosario

    2019 and still listening to this song

    Michelle Vasquez

    Yes never gets old

  15. Rashid Emcee

    I remember when this came out lol still fire

  16. NoJustice5 0NoPeace

    My situation right now.

  17. christopher serrano

    2019? 👀

  18. Chardai Adams

    2019 🔥

  19. INTJ Savagery

    2019, this shit goes hard. Where’s dude?? Should be killing the scenes with “singles, ep’s, albums, collabs, tours, etc”. Can someone remind this man of his potential, please?

    INTJ Savagery

    Shaqueda Hamilton
    True. Agree 💯.

  20. melissa atkinson

    Joe Budden - BROKE, and, YOU and I... and this song are the probably best songs he did. him n Emanny are so good together

    Peebo Rice

    Short summer as well.

  21. melissa atkinson

    ~>2019~WHOS STILL FKN WITH JOE BUDDEN??? a lot of ppl sleep on him, joe always speaks from experience he is the realist out there 100!!!!!!!!!,

    NikNak PattiWac

    heck yea!


    Right here shorty ! This man saved my life , iv been rockin wit mouse since 02. The realest to ever do it . PERIOD !!!!!

    Marxman 001

    Yhyh put it straight mate like it

  22. INTJ Savagery

    This joint is one of the best shit I’ve heard. I enjoy it. As men we all know this feeling.

    NikNak PattiWac

    I hope it's true for my dude!

    INTJ Savagery

    Niki Walker
    He Probably does.

  23. Nikola Tasevski

    Joe had sicko mode activated in this nasty video

  24. Tony Scott


  25. Tony Scott


  26. Money Motivated

    Twizz I 👀 you

  27. TruthFLA

    First time hearing this. He sounds like Trey Songz

  28. Mandeezy Fosheezy


    NikNak PattiWac


  29. Allen Watkins

    This shit go hard...2018 n beyond!!!

  30. Phuti Gift

    A friend of mine brought me here...It's deep....I'm sure most of us can relate.

  31. Shalamar Smallwood

    I never knew there was a video!!

  32. Natasha Mack

    Dam baby

  33. Glendy Brea

    Ayisha diaz😍😍

  34. Dicas de Beleza e Saúde

    Nice song,but you're two naked are disgusting lol

  35. Jennifer Craig

    My cousin is really talented

  36. Ashley Johnson

    This song so real

  37. Mio Diaz-gonzalez

    The girl with Emanny looks like Aiysha Diaz :O

  38. jrcmr03

    Drake remix needed asap


    2018 still jamming

  40. Kim Kim

    That boy can sing. 🔥

  41. Kesha B

    ❤ this!

  42. Demarco Diaz

    i feel this song all the way :-)

  43. Pat Witte

    I went way to far sorry for my life

  44. Arm Garnett87


  45. Shooter Mamo

    Thhhhhhhhhhhssss look at this bitch Ass Nigga 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

  46. Vierka Almestica

    still my song.... yess

  47. Nastassia Queen Assassin

    Jay said I should listen to this.

  48. Dadda Murray

    i still rock this this track!

  49. Breezy Takeoff

    love this song

  50. LALA

    this track is #Life October 2016

  51. Andrew Matewere

    Too many people sleeping on this dude for real

    melissa atkinson

    you are 100% right!!!!!!!!!

    Nii okaija

    Yes both

  52. Anissa Good

    Current mood

  53. Stephon Turner

    now i cant afford one .99. soda i messed up

  54. Fineeyes Barry

    this song is fire

  55. jah sincere

    shit as a man, can we honestly admit our wrongs/or do it only get mentioned n a love song/the do's n donts don't really matter/the consequences of actions is a factor/all them late nights putting that work n/now situation done change and realize that I messed ul

  56. LladeeAnnasJurnee

    I love the song. And i believe he talking about kaylin in the song

  57. Jusafren

    This still my shit to this day 💯💪🏼

    Shalamar Smallwood

    Jusafren still listens to it

  58. Stephany Mariah

    dam he so fine😍

  59. NYCHog147

    Damn ... I messed up 😞 now what do I do ?

  60. Keiona Alexander

    this song is on fire I'm loving it bout to hear more music by him mmm

  61. Trizzy Tv 401

    This fire on dogs

  62. Vanessa Vieira

    my ex was the best mistake i ever had😂😍

  63. Jason White

    He is a much better singer then Trey songs.. and he is Like a Danny Boy of R&B..point Blank Period

  64. big balls nigga

    I'm always messeding up when it come to the booty

  65. Ieisha Donnell

    i messed up😩.. love this song and video

  66. Shomari Lambert

    i think hes actually a better singer then trey

    Christopher Brown


    Shomari Lambert

    Not at all. I've seen emmany live. Dude has chops ...not taking anything away from trey. He makes dope music

    Ibrahim Audu

    you're free to think so. I don't.


    Trey Songz with weeknd kinda voice !!

  68. Gianna Neal

    He sounds like a young Trey. Better go sexay self.

  69. Makayla Faith

    Baby usher

  70. jenn S.

    f'kn' love these two together joe and emanny compliment each others work nice duo

  71. imdatgirlmims

    Love Joe Budden! I def. would like to hear more of him on the radio!! His voice is sexy & thugish!!!! DAmnnnn!!! Best of Both Worlds!!! <3

    lacky c

    eminem still kills him

    Michael Baidoo

    lacky c nah

  72. London Etc


  73. Vern R Jonez

    you he kind of sounds like Michael jackson

  74. Sloth baby

    whoa I Looove This!!

  75. Oyabun Mariaud

    he looks like Margz

  76. Lashay Randall


  77. Richard maldonado


  78. aintnobodygottimefadat

    he kinda sounds like alil fake trey songs


    I'm a huge fan of Trey Songz! But I don't think Emanny tryin to sound like him, he has his own style.


    I said kinda

    Sloth baby

    +aintnobodygottimefadat yes I thought the same he does kinda sound like Trey Songz.

  79. Warren Cunningham

    Ya Kaylin bad AF she does look better than Tahiry.

    NikNak PattiWac

    Yea ya don't see Tahiry in any of his vids!

  80. thadawerk

    First time hearing this.  Amazing song.

  81. Philly Hop

    I took this girl named Octavia Davis down Texas with me to get our lives together and she run off with some guy and married him but she still acting like we going to get back together again that's why I like this album it got me through the storm songs about her thanks emanny

    SIMPanzee Ripper

    Ran off with an alpha Male



  82. Michael Conley

    He's never been to a gym

    Mbada Yenyu

    Michael Conley thats when he was on drugs heavily

  83. Arturo Williams

    U Understand  Me

  84. prince134

    song is fire

  85. atlsong byrd

    I was dealing with this guy for 9 months and didn't know his ass was married with a baby on the way. This should be his theme song dumbass smh.

    atlsong byrd

    @The Greatest Troll Ever Thanks that was a very painful experience for me. I'm still healing from it. I actually told his wife everything, but he told her I was lying. She believed him and stayed. In the back of her mind she knows the truth smh. He ain't got no respect. Then his wife is stupid for staying and believing him.


    Damn u breaking up families nd shit

    Sloth baby

    +atlsong byrd that's good you told her, I would've did the same thing.

    atlsong byrd

    @Ava Ali She is so blind she stayed with him smh. I tried to meet up with the girl and show her the text messages he had been sending me. I told her not to bring him and she did anyway! Like they were gonna set me up, but it didn't work my friend saw his car in the parking lot before I got out the car  to meet her:)

    Sloth baby

    @atlsong byrd wow .. well at least you tried to tell her because some women wouldnt even care to. Hope you find someone better than that .

  86. Chukz Taylar

    Loved this song, didn't even know it had a Video. Did not disappoint. #MoodMuzik  all day!

  87. MsBossy2UBustas

    Like the song but idk how I feel about the voice. Maybe I need to hear it on something else???

  88. Dwanise Thorpe

    Damn! Reality! And such a good song, you killed it luv.

  89. alex fransua

    This is my shit

  90. Felipe Banks

    Fuck what anybody say Kaylin is sexier than Tahiry

    Nina Mtz

    Fuck yea kailyn fine ass hell, tahiry old and used up lmao

    Nina Mtz

    @Mark Thomas yes aren't we all just like yo ass

    mark thomas

    @Nina Mtz ???

    Loyd LeeBee xxvxk

    +Mark Thomas's


    nah she is nowhere near tahiry

  91. Krissy Fierce

    I wish I could take the joe part out.


    I completely agree

  92. Tyeisha Perkins

    i love this song an i like the video

  93. Theresa Ramos

    I love this....

  94. starlight1447

    Great beat and voice, better lyrics and meaning would have made this song so much better.

    I Gaza Duppy I Menace

    @***** TALK TO HIM!