Emanny - I Messed Up Again Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
This wasn't what it suppose to be
Found myself right back with the woman I was suppose to leave
And even with all the pain and drama she find herself back to me
And I let her in
And we right back where we ended
I know that what we are ain't right
Thought I'd leave her after one night
Heading right back in her bed
She all in my head and I ain't think twice
Said she love me but it don't show
And she with a nigga while I'm on the road
And if she fuck around with that fuck around
He gonna fuck around and get smoked

Cause I gave this girl my life, put in all my time
Even when I knew we wouldn't last
Still stuck around and I try to make things work
Through all this hurt but we get bad then get worse
And with everything I learnt before sad to say that...

I messed up
I messed up
I messed up again, [X2]

And it's just the way the world turns
Some people don't learn
Its to late to change it, it's too late

I messed up
I messed up
I messed up again [X2]

And it's just the way the world turns
Sometimes you got to crash before you learn

I messed up, I messed up again

[Verse 2:]
Feels like I fucked up a plan
Like I'm less of a man
Because I was once here before
Swore I wouldn't be again
Last time I fell for your lust
And put my heart in your trust
To regret what we were
Just to go back and mess up again



[Verse 2 Repeat]


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Emanny I Messed Up Again Comments
  1. Michael Don

    Where did you go Emanny, you were so talented.

  2. lovelycheryl

    2019... still fire!! One of the hardest tracks ever!

  3. Nakia McCollum

    God Blessed you voice never stop

  4. candaus youngbae

    He has a good singing voice, but he sounds EXACTLY like Trey Songz. Emanny, you need to try changing your tune up. Because people are going to assume someone you're not.

  5. Jimmy van Vogelpoel

    i suck dick forf free call me

  6. Rain

    classic forever!

  7. Samira Murphy

    my boyfriend put me on 😍😍

  8. BeyondFabulous 2o6



  9. Luna Moon

    I was looking for breakup songs and ran across this :o sooooo gooood

  10. Sarah Christina

    loving his music but he sounds like trey songz on this hit

  11. Maurandis Berger

    It's funny cause messed up again also. This weekend went from sugar to shit in a matter of seconds....

  12. lasalle2407

    I can relate to this song nice

  13. ashleigh rodriguez

    Lyrics is fire

  14. Michael Brandon

    Any Instrumental to this ?

  15. d Miguel


  16. keith moore

    They still sleeping on emmany and he better than most deze mainstream dudes

    Brasi novic

    What about now I haven't heard from him since this ep?

    keith moore

    Brasi novic heard he still signed with jadakiss.he needs a debut album for the masses to hear.the talent is apparent

  17. Tykeem Singleton

    Love it

  18. erik walker

    Dude be makin smashes

  19. jbird09

    You and trey songz should make a song together!

  20. B. Mason

    fuckin of the hook Love it