Elvis Presley - You Gotta Stop Lyrics

Baby you've been lying to me now I'm onto you
It's the same old song but it doesn't ring true

That's right you're wrong again
Time to change and put you on your own again
You've had your way too long
Time for me to be moving on

You gotta stop, you're wrong again
Stop ... that song again

You've been steppin' out wild and fancy free
Now you've had your fun and you're running back to me
It just can't be if there's no harmony
Then stop!
That's all let's break it up
You've had me fooled now I'm wakin' up
I see right through your lies
You made me open my eyes

You gotta stop, you're wrong again
Stop ... that song again

It's too late now I've made up my mind
Being here with you is just a waste of time

Nothing to say so I'll be on my way

You gotta stop, you're wrong again
Stop ... that song again

It's too late now I've made up my mind
Being here with you is just a waste of time

It just can't be if there's no harmony
Then stop! Stop! you're wrong again
Stop that song again
Stop! you're wrong again
You gotta stop that song again

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Elvis Presley You Gotta Stop Comments
  1. Ananya Das

    indescribably COOL!

  2. Aaron Henley

    last movie for paramout pictures

  3. Gary Giampa

    hi that's why they call him the king

  4. Gary Giampa

    hi great movie song I love it thank you the best

  5. MEHMET Möhsin Bey

    I miss Mr. Elvis. 😢😭

  6. Nigel Wilson

    ELVIS PRESLEY You gotta stop from the easy come easy go

  7. Gary Giampa

    Hi great song I love it thank you

  8. Kevin Judy

    This was the slightly weird Elvis songs..definitely for the 60's

  9. Gary Giampa

    Hi great song

  10. Gary Giampa

    Great song the king that what makes him

  11. Azza Paterson

    Elvis Presley playing a Gibson SG, Angus Young's guitar of choice excellent ....

  12. musicmatty67

    It's looking real cool here ..Hair is just right, weight is perfect.. he must've just sneezed pussy anytime he wanted it🤣

  13. cami

    how hot (,:

  14. Louis Galine


  15. jennifur sun

    Musicinas for the soundtrack: Guitar-Scotty Moore, Tiny Timbrell, Charlie McCoy. Bass-Bob Moore. Drums: D J Fontana, Buddy Harmon, Hal Blaine, Percussion-Emil Radocchia. Trombone-Butch Parker. Sax-Jerry Scheff. vocals-Jordanaires

  16. mlongpre100

    you gotta stop takin all those pills !

  17. Joselyne Lachery


  18. john robertson

    not a classic, kinda misses something

  19. Iben Marie

    😍so good

  20. elvicare35

    Rockin' song!!!!!

  21. hfrank64

    He lives!

  22. cut1986

    Accidentally cool!!

  23. soad soad

    Elvis playing real metal guitar mmmmmmmmmm it is amazing

  24. Anna-Lill Brundin Bogren

    Very good music,Thank you

  25. Elis ls

    Lindo, sensual, sexy em tudo!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  26. Serhat Birgil

    fantastic very beautiful <3 <3 <3 cheerful, happy, good night, sweet dreams, angels, always, in addition, whether, God, you, your family, bless,kisses my dear friend

  27. rosana hamilko


    bernadette primault

    daccord avec vous fantastic

  28. Timothy Wright

    I need to learn to play the guitar!!

    jennifur sun

    sadly his first guitar player was the late Scotty Moore

  29. Mirito

    Charming...handsome..great singer...the best!!!

  30. Saleh el edwan


  31. Liz barbier-szafranic

    love it love it

  32. colin tapp

    Strange to see Elvis playing Angus Young's guitar.

  33. E.P.

    Elvis bleibt immer die Nummer 1.

  34. jerry jones

    somebody unleashed a tiger u got the full elvis experience

  35. Esat Saciloğlu

    Never place will be stuffed.

  36. Stephen Stone

    Great voice, so diverse and charismatic that he could sing anything.


    You gotta stop-Elvis P

    Steve Lloyd

    all never stop  is my fan

    Steve Lloyd

    oe da  je kent deze niet


    True I shall never stop being a fan too!

  38. George Vreeland Hill

    I will "Stop" for any Elvis song.

  39. Julien Vermierdt


  40. Meredith Hornbuckle

    I ❤️this Song

  41. Peace Bro

    if col. parker was hep, elvis would be singing "touch me" right here....

  42. elvisgirl aşkım


  43. tenniscollector

    Elvis "chipmunks" Presley...  Dude this upload is playing at a fast speed. What went wrong?

  44. Margaretha Rydberg

    Great Gloria, thanks. From what movie is this clip from?


    +Margaretha Rydberg Film Called Easy come Easy Go.

  45. Kel Risk

    Never mind the sound! Damn he was sexy!! :)

  46. Alan Falk

    A really god song, but the production could have been better.

  47. john vaughan

    Terrible, dated sound when released.The production was especially poor.