Elvis Presley - Wild In The Country Lyrics

A rose grows wild in the country
A tree grows tall as the sky
The wind blows wild in the country
And part of the wild, wild country, am I
Wild, wild, like the deer and the dove
Wild and free is this land that I love

A dream grows wild in the country
A love grows tall as the sky
A heart beats wild in the country
And here with a dream in my heart
Part of the wild, wild country, am I

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Elvis Presley Wild In The Country Comments
  1. helene4397

    That voice... 😍left the world too early😭

  2. Jennifer Napoli

    The Most Handsome and Beautiful Man Ever😊💕I Love Him So Much..
    Wild in the Country is my Favourite Elvis movie too💗

  3. Michael English

    What more can you say just listen

  4. Chris Guy

    John Lennon said before Elvis there was nothing I'll say after Elvis there's been nothing

  5. Linda Hetzel

    I loved Wild in the country. One of Elvis' best movies. It's interesting to know that Millie Perkins played Elvis' girlfriend in this and later would portray his mother Gladys in a TV show on ABC based on Elvis' early years.

  6. Clara Mele

    Questo è un film meraviglioso. Uno dei miei preferiti

  7. Corry Broeken

    Super song memory one AB VAN ZIJL ...GIJS

  8. elvis78ale

    One of my favourites movie..

  9. Monika Cabadajová

    This is nice good movie and beautiful song.

  10. Mona Gaw

    Another winner it is a beauty

  11. bernadette primault

    superbe chanson ainsi que le film j'adore

  12. May McCracken

    Elvis could sing the phone book and it would be a hit.. the impersonationers spoiled his reputation

  13. Robbie Linden

    A song to listen to with a 💚 one🥂🥂🥂

  14. loretta mann

    I love this song===and Elvis

  15. Sean Fitzpatrick

    Who can hit sweeter and prettier notes then Johnny Mathis and play a rebel better than Brando and Dean only young Elvis what a beautiful song and the Beautiful movie Elvis was fantastic in this movie Elvis played as sensitive Tufts Rebel in this movie and he did an outstanding job in this Tennessee Williams type drama great movie great song Love You Elvis

  16. Mona Gaw

    Love this song and the movie too.

  17. Kl Fitzgerald

    A love grows tall as the sky ..A heart beats wild in the country ... xx

  18. Bob Smith

    A bit heavy-going and melodramatic but a clear step up from the majority of the puerile pish that followed.

    Peter Wood-Jenkins

    Totally agree BOB SMITH A sad end to a wonderful Talented Man, who fell foul of The Scum Of Show Bizz

  19. ANTOO Loca


  20. Aileen Lightbody

    Elvis's greatest attribute was his ability to sing foot-stamping rock'n'roll songs as well as beautiful ballads like this, which was his first one, and one of the reasons why he outlived many singers of that era who never managed to get beyond the 'rock' stage.

  21. Louisa Camilleri

    My dad used to play this song to get me to sleep at night my lullaby X now i have a Elvis tattoo in memorie of my dad X

  22. Ron Harclerode

    Hey even if that song been forgotten it never been forgotten I'm still singing and inside my self as well and I hear them it's like I never left

  23. Chirleni Soares

    Amo este filme ! só lamento o corte de algumas cenas ,e tb foi excluída a música Lonely Mam , pelo menos aqui no Brasil houve estes cortes .

  24. Sean Fitz patrick

    great vocal great movie should have won award for both elviis in his eary years great was great at singing sweet balads and play tough rebels wish he could have reached his full potential. any how still the best

  25. Sean Fitz patrick

    early sixties elvis was at his best he was in good shape just out the army his voice was at his best allso he could sing anything ih this period. good movies allso flaming star wild in the country. follow that dream kid galahad all great acting performances by elvis 60 to 63 elvis at his best

  26. Roger Forsman

    Maybe the greatest voice of all time....wasn't any computerized studio gimmickry in his day

    Marilyn Milne

    Not maybe.... IS the greatest voice of all time!!

  27. KingGeorge

    How can you not love this?

  28. Thomasll Bryant

    Love this movie

  29. Thitaporn Phaitong

    this song chase me from city to wild country already.

  30. Michael o hanlon

    Don't forget the awesome vocal backing by the fantastic Jordanaires!!.

  31. Dave Wiseman

    I am 50 years old and an Elvis fan since I was 6 years old in 1971. Elvis was, still is, and always will be the greatest entertainer of all time and the one and only king of music. No one else will ever come close to being as great as Elvis and we will never see anyone like Elvis ever again. I love this beautiful song Elvis's voice is total perfection.

    Dave Wiseman

    @Michael Yates I totally agree about Elvis's vocal prowess, Michael. Elvis had an incredible vocal range and he could sing any type of song. Elvis will always be the one and only king of music.

    Agenor G. Oliveira

    I totally agree with your words. Hugs friend.

    Morito Matsuda

    I’m a Japanese fan, 73 years old. And perfectly agree with you. Lucky we live in his prime days.

    motomichi okura

    Here's another old man.  I've been singing Elvis' songs since 1962 when Blue Hawaii movie came to my high school town.  This is one of my 429 favorites.

    Ron Grover

    I'm 64 and I'll say it to my death bed!!!

  32. Lars Hansson

    A forgotten song but still one of his best.

  33. Володимир Володько

    Я балдею, слушая Элвиса Пресли!

  34. Suvi Hintikka


  35. Keith Galliford

    What a voice - if you love this then listen to Lonely Man which is even better


    And Just tell her Jim said hello

    Stephen Heath

    yes i did and you are right it is good but i still favour wild in the country

  36. Anthony Coleman

    hi Anna, I love ELVIS too so I recorded LOVING YOU...................please let me know what you think.Tony

  37. D J

    A truely beautiful man that ever walked this earth.

  38. Stephen Heath

    absolutely wonderful thanks

  39. Sylvia Yates

    Absolutely fantastic!! Who else could sing this song with a guitar only?? What a voice!!!

    Alexander St. Hill

    Sylvia Yates me

    Alexander St. Hill

    Sylvia Yates it’s an entire band and back up singers are playing , are you deaf ?

  40. Albainos

    "Part of the wild, wild country, am I."

  41. PIERO

    Love this song. AlwaysElvis.

  42. Lienie Staal

    Love this song ..forever  ELVIS!!!

  43. Tali Faatoafe


  44. cactuseli

    1962 song? Thanks for posting

  45. Edward Lock

    this song is close to my heart makes me think of my young life growing up in the country wild and free.

  46. Jana Vejnovič

    So beautiful.

  47. Ray Adkins


  48. Odile Ghier

    trop jolie chanson

  49. Mark Blitzer

    Presley's best ballad.  Great song from an equally great movie.

  50. simon holdsworth

    it doesn,t matter who is singing, its so beautiful, i first heard this on my way to the lake district with my friend colin, listning to radio 2, sounds of the 60,s on a saturday morning, we were both listning, and never spoke a word, we had never heard this elvis song, its so beautiful, god bless elvis.

  51. william allsop

    hi anna ive just subed your channel great to see another elvis fan

  52. Vicky Page


  53. motomichi okura

    One of my 429 favorites.

  54. sylvain vertez

    beautiful song

  55. garrie kleinhans


  56. Salvador Dali

    The music of the world. Feel the notes of Elvis voice, with your heart ok?

  57. peetjemuilwijk

    If there was a modern bible...Elvis would be in it as The Messiah.

  58. Rosi Angel de Dios

    a parte de ser el rey del rock, fue blanquito mas negrito en su voz y forma de cantar

  59. tony ryan


  60. Ray Adkins


  61. Templarmy


  62. Margaret Dennis

    I have always loved Elvis I never tire of his beautiful voice

  63. CBSEye

    Well done. Nice selection of stills from the movie. Great Elvis song.

  64. Joaquim Niza

    uma voz privilegiada a cantar e com inúmeras possibilidqades a cantar uma bela composição. Elvis é Elvis e tudo está dito.

  65. 1wolfiesLady

    cool!!!!! :)

  66. 1wolfiesLady

    amazing, soft as satin! <3

  67. mesmerizeme

    A guy i knew once worked with Elvis when he was a truck driver in the Jackson / Memphis area. All those years ago.

  68. June Farmer

    one of mine, too. I want no other music at my funeral.......only Elvis.

  69. ronaldo meirelles

    Hoje,13 de julho é o dia internacional do ROCK,enfim,éo dia do Pai do Rock,Elvis Presley.Parabéns e obrigado por tudo Yhe King.Congratulations Elvis,today is the day of Rock and Roll International.Elvis forever!!!

  70. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1961 {June 15th} "Wild in the Country" had its world premiered in Memphis, TN
    "Surrender" b/w "Lonely Man" were featured in the movie; "Surrender" peaked at #1 {for 2 weeks} on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart, while "Lonely Man" reached #32...
    R.I.P. Elvis...

  71. mkl62

    This hit by Elvis Presley was the 91st #1 song of the Rock Era in the United Kingdom.

  72. anamar23601


  73. Olof Skötkonung

    My funeral song!

  74. usranger76

    Ron Paul 2012

  75. Denis Lessard

    for anyone who cares this was also a hell of a movie.

  76. 59cadcoupe

    That song just chokes me up !

  77. Hans Lodder

    These calm, modest simple 3-chord songs of Elvis, I like them so much. Lonely man is also such a beauty!!!

  78. Hans Lodder

    Elvis at his best.. these modest calm simple 3 -chord songs .. I. like them so much. Loneley man is also such a beauty.

  79. larryjoan123


  80. keetonplace

    Just beautiful. No voice on earth lke that.

  81. Luiz Fx Silva

    Lovely! Simple and Beautiful! Elvis voice is so sweet in this song. Thanks for the video. Luiz Fx, from Brazil...

  82. Bitmongol

    This song moves me SO much. He was THE greatest singer in the whole world.

  83. Peter Kirwan

    just goes to show the man could sing anything and make it a hit

  84. tessymessy

    im with you, HeyRingworm2008.

  85. ss m

    Thank you for honoring Elvis especially today for his birthday. I lost my heart to him in 1960 and have loved him ever since. I visited him last June in Memphis.

  86. Teddy Børgesen

    Sjældent hørt. Men en vidunderlig lille sang.

  87. glamstarlight

    omg, too beautiful =') <3

  88. Willi Stohner

    Great, great, great - he was the greatest.

  89. John Androulakis

    fantastic movie and video.and dont forget this.ELVIS 4-EVER!!!!!!!!!!

  90. AJC3577

    Very beautiful Anna. Elvis IS so handsome.

  91. Elvis86100

    Elvis, vous nous avez quitté trop tôt. Quand je vais mal, j'écoute the King!!! Tout va bien après. Elvisly yours

  92. jeryd2003

    by 1960 elvis had honed his craft into as exquisite art, if thats not singin i've never heard singing

  93. donn409

    His voice is so beautiful it brings a tear to your eye to quote another great, Ric Flair.

  94. Zoe ob

    Beautiful! Brilliant movie! ♥

  95. RuthTCB

    Such a beautiful song and video! Thanks.

  96. pattarasila kantamara

    Beautiful song and nice video. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  97. Phil Silverman

    Really sensational video - sound is great & the photos are actually from the movie!
    Wish the picture was as good as it could have been - haven't watched it through more than maybe twice.

  98. Célia Regina Pereira

    Maravilhoso... Simplesmente... Beto/10

  99. Rock History Channel

    I love this song.